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My first time was a threesome!

I lost my virginity when I was 20 years old while I was on Vacation at the Bahamas. Already sounds great doesn't it haha. But I went on vacation with three other girls who at the time were my co-workers. We eventually became friends and decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas. Once the day came for the vacation we packed up and got on our cruise ship and set sail for the Bahamas. As it was our first vacation on a boat we wanted to let loose really quick so we ended up ordering a lot of alcohol. We all ended up having a lot to drink and we started to play truth or dare. My friends, Hannah, Alli... Continue»
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MILF B and B

MILF B and B

This is a true story and I’ve changed the name and not fixed the location to protect a lady.

I travel throughout Britain and carry out land inspections. It’s very weather dependant. If it rains I can’t work. I travel to this part of Britain many times a year. I’m going further north than usual so I decide to book a hotel as close as possible to my projects. I didn’t like the hotel and so after a couple of days I asked the barmaid if she knew of a B and B she could recommend. She said no but if I could give her 15 minutes she may be able to fix me up with a widow who coul... Continue»
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ceva de neuitat

Buna .. ma numesc elena si nu de mult am intrat pe acest site . .. mi-am facut cont si m-am pus pe lecturat… sper sa nu ma acuzati pentru lipsa de talent, dar ma straduiesc sa descriu cat mai bine aventura mea ce o traiesc .. si sigur va spun ca este realitate nu doar fictiune sau fantezie neimplinita... deci.
Am 28 de ani, sunt maritata cu gabriel locuiesc in Bucuresti si am o relatie de i****t cu tatal meu, totul a inceput acum 2 ani, in vara anului 2014, cand impreuna cu tata am hotaram sa mergem in vizita la mami care lucreaza de ceva timp in Germania, plecam cu avionul din Romania si a... Continue»
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18yo Aussie Tom's First Time

As you guys may expect, I get a lot of emails from random people. Most of them are fantastic, like one I got last week from a Surf Life Saver who loves speedos (he sent a photo, I’ll see if he will let me post it). Some emails I receive are weird, some are vague and I still get some hate mail mostly from religious nut jobs.

I am propositioned for sex nearly daily from all over the world.

I wish I had the time to reply to these emails but unless you are a member, I’m usually not able to.

What I wanted to share with you guys today is a recent emailed I received. I’m not going to dis... Continue»
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Late Night TV

It was after 11pm, my best friend and I snuggled up on the couch to watch some TV since everyone was in bed. She was four years my senior, shorter than I but a bit stockier. She sat upright, the TV remote by her side. I stretched out on my back, my head on a pillow in her lap. I turned only my lazy head to watch our favorite late night talk show. Every light was off, so the blue glow of the screen seemed like an otherworldly haze in the living room on that spring evening.

She brushed my hair, a sensation I relished. Then she began to slowly make one long braid in the back. It felt soothing... Continue»
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First Time Gay Club

I wanted a gay club. A club where no woman could enter. I wanted to walk in and smell sperm and see couples pumping in the dark corners. I wanted sticky floors and locked stalls. I wanted my version of a gay sex addict's Shangri-la.

It took me five weeks to find the club, located in Manhattan and accessed from an alley door, lit by a single naked bulb. I knocked. The door opened into darkness and I stepped in.

"ID." A voice barked the question, a light shining in my face.

"I don't have one."

"Then get the fuck out of here."

"Wait!" I begged. "Please. Tell me how to get one."

... Continue»
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First time seeing a big black cock

So this starts in Georgia I am about 23. It was a Saturday myself and a whole bunch of friends decided to go to the beach. We went to the store we got ourselves some beers got everything ready to go have fun in the sun. Spend a good portion of the day drinking beer we rented some jet skis played some volleyball talked to some women. Funny as it was starting to get dark we decided we would go back home get changed and go out to the club. It was there I met this dude, me and my buddies spent the night drinking dancing women just shooting the shit. my buddies decided that they wanted to go, this ... Continue»
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How I made my hubby a cuckold

I am an asian girl.
Well, you know how I look like!
If you don’t this is me:

I love sex, and I am naughty. I am in couple now, but we are swinger’s couple. We enjoy fucking sometime in swing club. Sometime we invite couple in our home. Sometime we take some hookers for play too. But what I prefer of course is to have new guys….
I love my guy, and I don’t ant another for me. He is nice and gentle, open mind and tender, and he fuck me so good. However, I cannot have only one dick in my life! I love to ... Continue»
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Wife Try's a Black Man

My husband shocked me to my core when he asked me to fuck a big black cock. I couldn't believe he would ask me to do this. Didn't he want me? He told me it was just a fantasy that he wanted to try but I said "NEVER!"

I thought it was over but our relationship struggled over the next few weeks. He clearly was upset with me as I was upset with him. Why did he want this so much? I started to worry about what this would do with our relationship long term. What if he never got over this? Could I be with another man to please my husband while he watched, especially a black man? What would a big ... Continue»
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Coed Turned Bad 3

Kate rubbed her larger tits against Karen's, their nipples growing even more as they touched. Leaning down for another kiss that only two women could do. Their long tongued darting back and fourth in each others wide open mouths. Karen moaned with excitement slipping her fingers through the blondes silky hair. Her first kiss with a women was so romantic and so sexy, she loved Kate kissing her. Knowing what the older woman was going to do excited her even more. She wrapped her legs around Kate's back grinding her pussy against her wet, slippery cunt lips.

The kiss lasted for quite some time,... Continue»
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Mr Randles

Mr Randles

In my short lifetime I've never really had a girlfriend to speak about. I remember having a bit of a fumble about a year ago with another girl the same age as me, it was on holiday in Benidorm.I remember being very frustrated as we both wanted sex but our position behind a large rock on the beach was too public even at three in the morning. I've never thought of myself as gay either. I admired men's bodies and tried often to build myself up with my dads old weights to replicate the fine young bodies on show during the summertime. This last year however I've grown to admire the mo... Continue»
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Father And Daughter Share A sl**per

“Goddamit”, Naresh murmured, “I asked you this very morning to keep a double sl**per.”

“I am very sorry Sir,” the guy at the ticket counter said, “I thought we had one remaining, but later I checked that there was only a single sl**per left.”

Naresh and Priya were standing at the makeshift ticket counter of the private bus agency. Priya had an exam on Sunday morning. She shifted uneas
... Continue»
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Erotic Journey With Father-In-Law

I am a housewife from Bangalore. I used to work as a software engineer in a reputed MNC but I’ve left the job now. I don’t wish to reveal my name here. I am 28 years old and I got married 5 years back. Feels awkward to praise myself but I am a decent looking lady and many men admire my beauty.

This incident happened two months back when I was returning to Bangalore with my Father
... Continue»
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The Unexpected Virgin Gangbang

Hello everyone,

This is Gaggana Joddati from north Karnataka. This is my first story and my age while this incident happened to me was 18. I had completed my PUC and had been selected for civil services in Delhi.

My parents had a flight back to Bengaluru, they had arranged me a 2bhk flat in new Delhi which was leased for entire two years.

Everything was set right for me from mess to maid , they also had informed the society manager if possible and good people meet up they can share the flat with her and only with
... Continue»
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His First Big Cock Gay

"Ow, ow, stop, please stop, it hurts too much."

"Relax Jason stop being such a baby, take a deep breath, and relax that ass hole of yours."

I always love to hear them whine when I give it to them the first time. Oh most, like Jason have had plenty of cock up their ass but not as big as I am.

"OK, quit crying, I'll put some more lube in you."

I was already wearing a lubed condom and that alone should be enough but this guy was just freaking out and if I couldn't get him calmed down, his back door would shut like a clamshell. Jason reached forward to his nightstand he pulled a tube ... Continue»
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Cheating White Wife

"Thanks, but I'm waiting for someone." Well that is the third guy I've blown off so far. He was cute enough, and confident, but not really what I am looking for. And I am looking for something special. But I don't blame him - or the other two - for trying. Sitting at this hotel bar, I certainly don't look like I want to be alone.

I also don't look like I want to stay long. I squeezed my body into a gorgeous little leopard print strapless mini dress, stepped into a matching pair of 5" spiked heels, and wore my hair down. Hell, I touched up my garnet colored lip gloss often enough to arouse ... Continue»
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We went to a wedding and got fucked

As I write this it's Sunday morning, November 20, 2016. The clock on the end table reads 1:45 AM. Jodi and I are in a room at a hotel where we attended a wedding last night. Right in front of me are two queen beds. One is undisturbed... in the other Jodi is on the left side. She's wearing a silver satin nightie and full back baby blue nylon panties. She's lying on her right side... the covers are at the foot of the bed.., her legs are positioned as though she is riding a bicycle. The part of her panty covering her pussy is pulled to one side and her cunt is looking straight at me. She's s... Continue»
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Abby brings me a surprise

Found this on literotica - credit to Lovesitwet - I was practically cumming reading this

My Wife Abby has an insatiable sex drive, from our first date to our wedding and through our first year of marriage to today I can't recall a day where she hasn't tried it on with me at least once. I met Abby after work drinks in a bar. I'd gone out for drinks with a colleague from work and Abby was friends with a girl he was dating at the time.

I vividly remember being stunned by her raw sensuality when I shook her hand for the first time, her mischievous smile hinting that she was not as innocent a... Continue»
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Dreaming and Hoping my Phantasy becomes reality

I have writen different sex sides looking for the woman or Couple who has the same Phantasies or some what like mine and would really enjoy meeting up with me and having a great time. Some of my wishes which I also write on my sex wish list are ( even though I am a straight male, I still have these Phantasies and will try to live them through

-Crossdressing, After a year of dreaming and phantasizing about it, 6 Months ago i started secretly trying on different garments and I love the feel of the Dessous, high heels , short tight skirts, all woman's clothing. When ever I am dressed i... Continue»
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Playground Tales Chapter One

There was an eerie silence over the ground floor of the office building, he and I were the only ones there this late on a Saturday night, our footsteps in the hallway and the buzz of the lightbulbs in the Exit signs the only sounds. We chatted in whispers as we climbed a few flights of concrete stairs up to the third floor, down another hallway and into an office, closing the door behind us. Two large windows faced a parking lot so the room was illuminated without needing to turn the overhead lights on, we could see well enough to note three desks arranged around the small office, but a large ... Continue»
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