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Sara's Awakening Part 7

Sara cracked her eyes open and found the sun blazing through her window, warming her naked skin the next morning. She did a long full body stretch, her arms over her head, legs pushing away from her body and her back arching up. Sara let her mind wander back to the events of the night before. Daddys mouth on her's, kissing deeply and hungrily. Her taking his cock cock into her mouth and sucking him till he shook from his orgasm. Then his mouth and tongue licking her, tasting her. The building sensation that made her both want to laugh and cry with joy. Her plan had worked perfectly. She had go... Continue»
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Forbidden Love

Elizabeth was a 20 year old who was married to a man who cared more about his video games and friends than he cared for her. He spent all of their money on those things so they weren’t able to have a place of their own. Instead they lived with his mother and two siblings. During the week she would get up go to work then come home cook and clean while he would sit on the computer and play his games. On weekends he was never home. He would drop her off on Friday afternoon then not come home until early the next morning. Elizabeth really didn’t mind it because she got to do what she wanted for a ... Continue»
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First panties,first cock

My b*****r and I grew up in a rural area so we didnt get much interaction with other people after school so we entertained ourselves by riding dirt bikes and doing what normal country boys do.My b*****r was a yr older then me so he went to high school first which was a 1.5hr bus ride to town.He would tell me how different people were in town and how it was so much fun.One day he came home and came into my room with a bunch of magazines.I had never seen a dirty magazine before.He said his friend had gave them to him.He left them on my desk and told me to hide them.I tucked them in back of my dr... Continue»
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My aunt mandy, a Mistress

It was the summer of my eighteenth year, I was out of
high school and heading to college in the fall, and I
wanted this summer to be one I would never forget. Oh,
I will never forget it but not because it was fun. The
first weekend I went to a party with friends, we all
got d***k and on the way home, we were stopped and
ended up arrested, the only good news being no one got
hurt and I wasn't driving.

The only thing the police did to me was make me call my
mom to come get me. She was furious, in fact, so mad
she didn't say a word all the way home. Once inside she
went to... Continue»
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We had now left the hotel and as the road from Davo to CDO was pretty good as far as traffic and weather problems were concerned we made good speed and Renelyn sat as close to me as the front seats would allow for and just made sure that her new mini skirt was showing as much leg as she could manage without me seeing her new pink panties too LOL I was doing my best NOT to become distracted by the way that was sitting? but it was difficult to say the least.

Her hand was running up and down her right legs and I could see that every so often it would go right up under her mini skit then rest t... Continue»
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Attacked in the woods

This is a story my master wrote for me, printed with permission from zerocal xxxx

A walk at night, even in the best neighborhoods, isn't a good idea for a lone female. She didnt care though - the danger just made her walk faster, and she was enjoying the new tone to her legs. The men at work seemed to enjoy seeing the shape of her legs too, and she made a point of wearing increasingly shorter skirts each day. Tonight, however, as she quickly strode through the dark pathway through an isolated nature preserve, she was wearing workout clothes; a tight, spaghetti strap tank that didnt hide her... Continue»
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The beginning of life

At 16 years old my school life came to an end, I'm a fat, lonely boy leaving school with no life experiences of merit to speak of.
Here begins my voyage into the unknown, adult life.
Luckily for myself, my father was friends with a local electronic retail owner, who happily took me on as a trainee floor worker. Not great money but at my age it was more than enough.
My first day began with Dean, the owners son and lead salesman to show me the ropes.
I picked it up quickly and began to make the company money. Sarah the owners wife was my
boss, she was well dressed and always polite, con... Continue»
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Old man thomas

It was just a normal story day, me and my s****r sunbathing in the front garden letting lads ust stair at us, felt good, the next door neighbor came up hes about 50-60 plus walking his dog wearing joggers and a top, any way my s****r and i was talking to him saying we look sexy and that then i noticed that in his jogger pants he was getting hard, i was inpressed and i couldn't blame him for that, but what got to me the most is that it never stopped growing i mean it kept getting harder and it came down his pants, i mean it was serious length, so i whispered to my s****r kayleigh and told her b... Continue»
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An Unintended Seduction (pt 2)

Donna gets to look around my house.


Monday came around and I found myself, rather to my surprise, somewhat excited by the prospect of showing Donna around the house. I wanted her to be impressed and to like the place and I even spent some time helping to tidy up over the weekend.

I had seen Donna again at the shop since arranging for her to come around and we had agreed that she should visit before her usual trip to the shop after lunch. I could even help her with the bags afterwards if she needed a hand.

My wife went off to work as usual and I settled down to some ... Continue»
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My First Times

This is a work of fiction. In it, a young girl relates her 'first time' sexual experiences.

My First times:

I won’t give you ages here as these were first times and we were younger and I don’t want you to think I’m trying to pass along k**die porn or anything. Let’s leave it that at the time of these experiences I’m relating, we were old enough to do what we did and we were all about the same age – no older people were involved. I'm 20 now, and most of this relates my experiences in high school, so you can figure out how old we were. How old were you in Junior year of high sch... Continue»
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An Unintended Seduction (pt 1)

An Unintended Seduction (Pt 1)

This is a story of an accidental and unplanned seduction and of a man’s struggle with his feelings. It is, I hope, a sensitive yet erotic tale of unlooked for passion and irresistible desire aroused when two kindred spirits meet.

Meeting Donna.

About 70 yards from where I live is a convenience store, very useful for those little things you forget when you do the main supermarket shop or items like milk and the daily newspaper that you need on a regular basis.

Bottom line is that I am normally there at least once a day for something or ... Continue»
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This is a gay/college fantasy. It involves males, nudity, anal play, oral sex and charged sexual circumstances in a college setting. If you are offended by any of these elements, please don't read this story or complain about its content. All involved are adults.


Thao was more than nervous. He was frightened and filled with anxiety and yet, this was something that he really wanted to go forward with: pledging to the college fraternity that his Dad and his Grandfather belonged to.

His Frat b*****rs had told him to come at midnight to the fraternity ‘dungeon’ – the nam... Continue»
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Fantasy Come To Life


We lay on the floor in the middle of a nest of pillows and blankets in front of the TV, playing Playstation 2 games. It's very interesting how many different ways you can find to flirt with someone using only an electronic car. Eventually, through wins and losses, we ended up d****d over each other, a tangle of arms and legs. I tried not to get too distracted by it, but it was so hard to press buttons on a little controller when all you can think about is how warm her hip is where it presses against your side, how soft her hair is where it falls across your shoulder, how smooth her sk... Continue»
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Girls night

So I have to share what happened last night. It started out like every other last Friday of the month, girls night. Every month on the last Friday, my wife invites a bunch of her girlfriends over to hang out, watch movies, and drink. I also look forward to these nights because I get to go out with the guys to a bar and don't have to worry about what time I come home. I also like it because my wife has some really hot friends.

My wife is about 5'2" and very petite. She has a great rack and an even better ass. I have been wanting her ass since the first day I saw her! My wife has fri... Continue»
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Happy 2013 Newyear

by Peter Leo.
approaching the door of our suite, with key in hand, i think with a frown how late business took me and that you’ll be fast asl**p. so knowing my fate, with the stealth of a cat burglar, i quietly slip the key into the lock of the knob. pushing the door open i enter soundlessly. wanting, but not wanting to wake you. i listen in hopes that you aren’t sl**p. but as i make my way into the darkened room, i see your cloths strewn over a chair near the bed. making out your soft steady breathing, that of someone lost in dreamland. “damn”, i mumble.
... Continue»
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First College Girl

It was my first weekend at school, a Saturday night if I remember correctly. Me and a few of my buddies were out and at this point we were pretty cocked, we had all gotten some jager, so the night was going to be interesting. While we were walking around, getting to know our way around campus we would stop and talk to girls, some would flirt, some would just keep walking. Well I walked up to this one girl, she was tall, maybe 5' 10", blonde, a little thick but the right kind of thick and her face was gorgeous, I will admit that I got lucky on this one, she was out of my league haha. Either way... Continue»
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Beautiful Brunette - Sexy Start - Fast Forward
One night, completly unexpected, cute Kristina wrote me a message: "Do you like tee girls?"
T-girls? ... "If it's teen girls you mean, yes please dear! Why do you ask me here, now?
How did you fish my profile out of this ocean of weirdos? You know, you make me curious!"

We started to talk a lot, like a hundred hot lines in two hours time. I like her honesty.
As always with all girlfriends, I do most of the messaging. She reacts fast. I like that.
In between she uploads a few more photos to a gallery of five photos I started to comme... Continue»
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I take you in the shower (a story for women (and g

I would love to have you in there with me, standing just in front of me, my back to the water, its spray gently crashing over my back and dripping down my chest and abs.
I grab you tightly around the waist, and pull you in tight with me. Feeling the warmth of the water finally hit your sexy body, and the warmth of my cock, pressing between your legs, just touching the outside of your most beautiful pussy.
We hold each other close for what seems like an eternity. Just feeling the water, feeling the warmth, feeling the friction building between our legs,.
My cock has slid now perfectly bet... Continue»
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Tami and her b*****r discover their love for one a

She came bouncing down the stairs all ready to go to the gym, and god, she looked stunning. I'm talking about my s****r, Tami. She's been after me for a month to take her to the gym with me so she can get in shape for the summer, not that she really needs to. She looks great to me the way she is, although, at 18 and a senior is high school, she is a 'late bloomer,' as mom constantly says, which drives Tami crazy. She's a little on the thin side, but still looks great. I think it's her face that sets her off. She has a beautiful face with the most appealing blue eyes I've ever seen, and an awes... Continue»
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Amanda's First Time

When Matt's parents go out of town they have birthday sex.
First Time
Authors note: The characters in this story are all legal and consenting adults.


I lied to my dad and told him that I was going to stay at my girlfriend's house. I had plans that night. My boyfriend's parents were out of town and it was our joint 18th birthday. It was stupid, but we reveled in the fact we were exactly the same age.

Matt and I had been dating through all of high school, and about a year and a half ago we almost had sex for the first time. We decided against it, but that we would on our 18th birt... Continue»
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