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The Day Lana Turned Me Into Her Daughter!

When I was much younger my neighbor, Lana, a divorcee, kept an eye on me while my folks went out of town. It was she whom formally introduced me to cross dressing and it was quite to my surprise. Back then I could actually pass for a woman due to my build. My hair was shoulder length and my body was small framed with feminine features.
I used to try on my mother's panties and clothes even though they were too big for me. Lana, on the other hand, had a great body. She was athletic and did not have a huge chest or big ass. She had great curves and was well defined. When my parents asked if ... Continue»
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Her first flashing experience aka why a man should

The boss has always liked to tease me, 'accidentally' flashing her knickers or stocking tops when we were out in the car or having a coffee in Exeter so when discussed her doing it to total strangers.
Here's what happened...

A nice bright but breezy Saturday morning and R decides she needs new shoes so into the car we jump and drive into town..R is wearing a smart black mid thigh skirt and hold ups, a tight black v neck jumper and her black 3/4 length mac - looks sexy as hell.
Stuck in traffic i notice her skirt is quite high up her thighs and that anyone in a higher car, bus or truck cou... Continue»
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Inside of me (forgive my english)


It is not easy for me to remember this story.
Every time, I seem to walk near a ravine dark and mysterious, a place without carefully avoid, a corner of the mind that scares me even after so many years.
I've never been afraid of this man, in fact, I felt sorry for him. Today when I remember I think he had big problems. The fear I feel is really my only!
Of the past remember that when I returned home, full of pain and unhappy, I felt great fear of my ability. I dreaded to... Continue»
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My First Fuckbuddies Pt 2

I'm Jonah H.S. freshman, and I followed my P.E. classmate, Harry home from school after some intense locker room oral activities. I've just introduced rimming into his life, and I want him to introduce his dick to my ass.

"You want me to fuck you?" Harry seemed stunned. "I told you I was only interested in getting my dick sucked. Now you're licking my asshole like a demon, and begging to get fucked in the ass. This is some seriously gay shit you're dragging me into." Harry stood up, and rolled me over. He proceeded to go in his night stand, and pull out Vaseline. "Jonah, you're never to tel... Continue»
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Stella Maris: SM in Spain #3

Stella Maris is in for a new surprise in her sex-life
Stella Maris still shakes from coming as I plunge deep in her pulsating pussy.
She keeps moaning and coming, while her cramping twat milks my mighty member.
I explode harder than ever before. We both need time to regain our breath.
Wow what an awesome orgasm! No wonder the French call that 'small death'!

Stella Maris feels like she's still lost in a new reality of pure pleasure.
Bodily lust, in a half concious state of mind, has taken over it seems.
It inspires me to take our sexy experiment a step further into realms of joy... Continue»
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The Rap Star

Cassie lives with her boyfriend in a house near to where she works. She works as a cashier at the local supermarket.

Her boyfriend Jim works as a salesman in an electronic shop in the city. They don't make that much money together, but they still have quite a comfortable life.

Cassie is a 26 years old brunette. She is about 5 foot 5 inches tall.

Cassie is quite the beautiful woman, she's a real head turner actually. She has always had a slender body. Her nice C-cup breasts fits excellent with the rest of her body, at least according to her boyfriend.

Her butt is as firm as the rest... Continue»
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"Just calm down, Carolyn!" I commanded as she paced around the bedroom.
My brain felt like it was disconnected...I was on the verge of passing out, but I needed to diffuse the situation, and quick.
"Don't you dare tell me to calm down, William! What was Cassie saying? I'm still waiting for your brilliant explanation!" she barked at me.
I sat on the edge of the bed and began to rub my forehead with the tips of my fingers. I could feel a headache cropping up.
"She was recalling something from... Continue»
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My Hot Secretary

Hey! friends…… I am here to share with you all about another real incident of my life..

First let me tell you about my self, i am 25 with a good built body as i keep working out regularly and with a good sized dick to satisfy any women…and my secretary Richa

... Continue»
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Tight Pants

I didn't exactly know how to feel. A date? Instead of doing the usual when I was horny? Most of the time when I was over worked i would just go to a club and go for the girl smiling at me. This time it was different. I met her at my job where she worked for a bit. Her name was Aj. Sometimes we use to drink together after work at a bar near my building. She always sat with me instead of the other line cooks and we'd talk about our favorite movies and music. About three months after she quit i ran into her at the beach. i would always recognize her black hair and pale blue eyes.

i remember h... Continue»
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Sissy discovers (Part 5)

Part 5 of the story about Sissy and her sexual awakening


Night ride

Brad did not hesitate when invited to go over to Lisa’s. Sissy was not surprised. What young male would not want to hangout with a girl who flaunted her nude body in front of him only hours before.

They decided to take the pontoon boat over as it is ten minutes by boat and almost 40 minutes by car. Evening cruses was a f****y specialty and Brad was good at handling the boat.

As they pulled up to Lisa’s f****y dock Sissy stared at the huge house. Lisa’s dad had owned a few busin... Continue»
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In Praise of Older Women

Towards the end of my last but one year at school a new boy joined our class. He had been at boarding school but his father had died a year or so earlier and his mother wanted him nearer home so he could stay with her.

It’s always difficult coming into a new school and more so when everyone else already have long established friends or groups. However as my father had also died a couple of years earlier the headmaster asked me to “take him under my wing” on the basis we’d have this experience in common.

He was a nice guy – Paul – clever and amusing so it wasn’t any hardship to help him f... Continue»
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Stella Maris: SM in Spain #2

Stella Maris submits to sexual serving me
I wake up with a heavy hard-on and see Stella Maris looking at me with a sweet shy smile.
"Hi Stella sweetie, my sexy servant for today. Are you already wet and waiting for me?"
"I waited for you. I know it's your day now. I don't know if I'm wet". I touch her there.
"Wet enough to take you when I want to, but get down on me first!" Sweet Stella submits.

Gobbling up and down the shaft of my big brown banana isn't Stella's preferred position.
She tries her best, but fails to make an impression. "Present your pussy, you precious".
Stella'... Continue»
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Gal-Company Part-II

Anjana at this was excited enough not to let go this opportunity of going ahead with the encounter…..she later told me, that it was a point of no return for her…..she awfully turned on and wet.

Having made love to so many females from across the globe, I had sensed it. “Now go slow” I told myself….take your time…..she’s all yours!

I pulled out a pint bottle of beer from the fridge and we shared the bottle as we sipped the chilled beer on the settee. I drew her towards my body with only my underwear on. The bulge was a little subdued by now as she spoke about her cousin who had peeped and... Continue»
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My First Time

I can’t really say when it started. I just know that I have been fascinated by the sight of cum shooting out of cock for as long as I can remember.
My first attempts at masturbation were pleasurable enough. In the dark, under the covers. I first time I ejaculated in the daylight I was hooked. I could not get enough of that feeling and the sight of that cum!! I jacked off everywhere- home, school, woods behind my house, everywhere. I soon discovered the various magazines that my Dad had “hidden” in his room. Naked women where great to look at and jack off to.
As I was able to talk that firs... Continue»
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The Neighbor

I had taken off for the weekend and when I returned my roommate, Matt, was excited to tell me what had happened while I was gone. Matt told me Dana across the street had gotten laid off from her 11pm to 7 am factory job. Her husband, Joe still had his 11 to 7 job each night. Matt proceeded to tell me Dana in her boredom after her husband left for work, called him and came over. And in a short while they were fucking. Matt looked at me and said "she's going to be fucking both of us". I responded with a sarcastic "right Matt". Matt said he told her that since I worked the 3 pm to 11pm shi... Continue»
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Busted 6: The Moment of Truth

Busted 6: The Moment of Truth

(Continued from Busted 5)

Donna had just left. I could still taste my own cum on my tongue. It really wasn’t so bad since I had been drinking so much juice and water lately. I read on-line that fruit juices tend to make your cum sweeter. I figured I might as well make things a little easier on myself by at least making my cum taste better. I can affirm that it does work! What was strange to me was that I felt myself beginning to think about having trouble with gagging as opposed to swallowing the cum. I didn’t want to choke up and feel like I would th... Continue»
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Best friends 19 year old girlfriend

I knocked on the door and my best friend opened it "Hiya Dave " I said . We went into the kitchen where Tammy was getting ready . Dave had invited me to go out with them to our favourite nightclub a few days before . Tammy said "Hi Jeff" and offered me a drink , she had already opened a bottle of strong liqour and asked if I wanted to share it with her . I poured one out whilst watching her put on her makeup . I had always fancied her and I always felt abit hard when I saw her but I never made a move on her . Tammy is a petite 19 year old blonde with a perfect size 6-8 bod... Continue»
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Gal-company Part-I

As a boss of a staff of about 25 odd employees in my office, I am in gal-company as I always put it. We have 14 female and 12 male employees.

Anjana, my secretary, is in her mid 30s is tall & buxom (nice, round and firm D cup), mild tempered and an issue-less divorcee. Though mild tempered she enjoys bossing around especially, the girls most of whom, are much younger than her. She acts as a mentor and advisor to all of them. She is a kind of a motherly figure for them. She’s been with my company (gal-company) for a very long time now. From the time she was a tall, slim teen with those nice ... Continue»
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My first time

Her is a lil story for everyone during one of my early cross dressing experiences. Both my parents worked during the day and I didn’t feel like going to school so I stayed home but I stayed awake after everyone left and just roamed the house doing what ever and on my roaming I walked into my step s****rs room and was just looking around, I looked at her clothes in her closet and all her drawers just touching and caressing her silkiest clothes. She had this really silky pair of panties that were really sexy I imagined her wearing theses and instantly got hard. While I was seeing her in them I ... Continue»
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Chapter I

I WAS BORN, BUT WOULD KNOW HOW TO SAY NO HOW, when or where, and therefore I allow the reader to accept this statement of mine and who creates it while you think. Another thing is also certain: the fact of my birth is not even an atom less true that the veracity of these reports, and if the intelligent student deepens these pages wondering how it happened that in the course of my journey through life -Or maybe I should have said I jumped for her endowed with intelligence, powers of observation and memory retentive powers that allowed me to keep the memory of the wonderfu... Continue»
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