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LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 2

LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones




NOTE TO READERS: The following events take place
during the invasion of the Earthly plain by the creatures
known only as the “Old Ones.“ While previous knowledge
of the LANGSUIRS comic is not necessary to read this
eBook, having read the comics, will probably make the
eBook much more enjoyable and understandable.

Thursday - 1:34 pm
5 Miles outside Marlin Township - Graydeaux Parish, Louisiana

Stacy Nichols fidgeted in her chair as t... Continue»
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"Go sit down. You look like you're gonna pass out," Cassie instructed as she pushed me towards the bed.
I was trying very hard not to hyperventilate, without much success. I kept my eyes on the floor and stumbled backwards, finally hitting the bed. I sat down carefully on the edge, waiting for her to start in on me. I refused to look up at her, even though I could feel her gaze on me. The bikini was too much for me at the moment.
"Look, we don't... Continue»
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Fucked at the Concert

The fair grounds were packed for the concert that day. It was mid-August and even though night had fallen it was still sweltering hot. Tina was dressed to beat the heat in a low slung denim mini skirt and bikini top, hiking sandals on her feet. She turned more than a few heads in her revealing outfit. At twenty-one years of age, she had a lush yet firm body. Full 36C tits filled her bikini top, her narrow waist flared out gently to her tight round ass, which was clearly evident even though the fullness of her skirt and her long, tanned, athletic legs gave every guy there something to lust over... Continue»
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First time with my teacher

When I was 14, I kind of fell in love with what we call in France, my engineering teacher. I wanted him as a father figure, but at the same time, I would just often touch myself, just thinking about what was underneath those pants. At end of middle school, I decided I would not go and see him again, it was just to painful knowing that we would never feel the same way about me. But two years later, him and his wife moved in the flat just beneath us, and that is where the story all began...

I was about 16 at the time. It was the summer holidays, I had just finished m... Continue»
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My First Meeting - A work of fiction

I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I rang the doorbell of Jane’s house. It was an extended bungalow on the outskirts of Edinburgh and it had taken me 30minutes to drive there, getting more nervous with each passing mile. Jane and I first contacted each other through as online transvestite networking site a couple of months previous. We had got on well, and often chatted in a private chatroom, and exchanged pictures of each other. While I was relatively new to being a tranny, Jane had been doing it for years, going on nights out and meeting people.

Jane answered the door, wearing... Continue»
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Opening up (Getting back on the Wagon pt 2)

Squinting into the thin strip of sunlight perforating the curtains, Andy wearily looked up at the familiar alarm clock. 6:45am. A quick strike of the snooze button, and fifteen minutes sl**p would really help lift the fog of the night before. It had been a late one.

The previous day still seemed a daze, almost a dream. A rather shy and cumbersome man, he was struggling to come to terms with just how much he had opened up in just one day. Or, for that matter, how worthwhile it had been. For once, fear did not inhibit his actions and he had taken the bull by the horns - or she had, more lite... Continue»
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Naughty Granny Part 2

I jumped up from the bed and tried to compose myself. I thought I had been caught! I just stood there for a min waiting for any movement at all and trying to think of an excuse for being in the room in the first place! Her breathing seemed heavy, but she never moved at all. I totally stopped thinking about how her panties got off in the first place and my mind when straight back to how her pill must have really knocked her out. I thought I would put it to a test and I went back outside the room, knocked on the door, and then opened it and asked her if she was doing ok. I talked in a normal vo... Continue»
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Holiday slut fucked

Another good holiday and the best came on the last day when a couple arrived with what I assumed was their daughter. The girl looked young but dressed like a 19 year old, stiletto sling back sandals, very short flared skirt and boob tube, showing she wore a bra but had very little to put in it. I got a lob on just watching her get off the coach as they arrived at our hotel. They looked a bit lost so I started chatting to them, and when the mum and daughter went off to their room I invited him for a quick drink, during which time I commented on his daughter. “She’s not mine” he said, “she’s my ... Continue»
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Buzzed night and my friend fucks my girlfriend

To start let me say that all names have been changed to protect the innocent (ha-ha innocent). Also, this is a true story minus very few alterations which were necessary but none which affect what actually happened. That said, enjoy and please tell me what you think as this is my first submission. I hope the story turns you on as much as it did for me to share it.

Those involved we will call Sam (me), Sarah (my lovely girlfriend) and Jason (my friend). I am about 6 foot tall, dark hair and eyes, and with a very athletic build. Sarah is dark haired, dark eyed, has a perfectly shaved pussy an... Continue»
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My s****r Makes Me To Jerk Off

Although I had only turned eighteen, I had often fantasized about my older s****r. She was much older than me, by a few years but she was so pretty and always had the boys staring at her. Most of them though, it wasn’t her face they were looking at, but the size of her tits. She had such beautiful large tits that bounced around as she walked anywhere. Men drooled over her, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who fantasized over her.

For a long time I used to just glaze over her from a distance. She never knew I watched her, or at least I don’t think she ever found out I stared at her so much... Continue»
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Wife rule

With some adaptation- credit to indentcouple

Chapter 3: At Home

After we arrived home I did a lot of thinking as to how to proceed. It was really fun to control Mike (and Eric) and I do not think we ever made them do anything that they did not want to do. Other than sex, I wanted to have a normal marriage filled with mutual respect and admiration. However, I loved the new sexual energy I had discovered. I particularly enjoyed the freedom to engage in sex with another man, another man with a large cock that is! I could not believe what a difference a large cock could make. I also enjoyed ... Continue»
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Wife Rule #2

With some adaptation- credit to indentcouple

Day Three (the day)

The next morning, we were all at breakfast together. The boys looked incredibly sheepish. They responded to our every simple whim. When Candi and I asked them to go fix us plates at the buffet, they ran off like our personal servants. What fun.

She the told me that after I left Eric was still on the bed blindfolded. "I decided to do an experiment," she said. "I went into the bathroom and returned with some K-Y. I told him to raise his knees and I started to stroke his wet cock. After what he had been through, his cock di... Continue»
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I was in high school and kind of a latch key k**. Both my parents worked till around 7 at night and the bus would drop me off at home around 2:30 every afternoon. We lived in a upper middle class neighborhood and it was generally pretty quiet around there and all the neighbors seemed pretty cool.
One Friday afternoon, I had just gotten home when Mom called me up from work and said the she was going out of town on a business trip with my dad for the weekend and that they were stopping by to pack and would be leaving soon after. When they got home, they packed up their suitcases and headed
... Continue»
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My first time wearing panties in public.

My wife (now ex-wife) was pretty straight-laced and mostly tolerated my variety of fetishes. She knew that I was an avid voyeur and I was always trying to get her to be more of an exhibitionist in semi-public settings. She also knew that I had a fetish for panties and even bought me a pair of satin panties for Christmas once. Her remark when I found the panties in the bottom of my Santa stocking was, "I was getting tired of you stealing my panties and ruining the elastic." I quickly tried them on and she simply told me that I looked ridiculous. I thanked her any ways. I should also menti... Continue»
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One time my mom borrowed my laptop to surf the net. After she used it I locked my room to watch some porn i downloaded and jerk off. When i opened the folder i saw that it was last opened minutes ago..."Fuck my mom saw these". I didn't know what to that instance, I didn't even want to show my face to her. Dinner came and everything was normal, my mom didn't act strange in any way. I was relieved because she might not have saw my porn but accidentally opened the file but didn't saw the kinky part(it has some shitty acting in the first part)

My mom's friend usually comes to our house to have ... Continue»
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My name is Jason and my wifes name is Carla and when I first saw these people (funnsun2) posting on here at Hamster, I thought they were full of shit. NO place that I've ever heard of has all these southern country girls just hanging around naked and drinking beer all day waiting on a few guys to fuck but let me tell's all TRUE!!
I first contacted Hal at his e-mail and he asked if my wife and I could take a look at the trailer park and he invited us over to a keg and naked fuck party they were planning. We of course told him yes and we were really looking forward to it.
When we
... Continue»
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When spending the night with my closest friend.

So I used to live in a tiny little town in Ohio; it was a miserable little village in the middle of farmland. The only thing I cared for there was my friends, well one day I had to move away which nearly ended that very friendship. However every summer I'd return and see them, we'd hang out, do whatever and just enjoy each other's company. Well one of my friends Augustus who I was really close to... still am actually. Anyway, one night when he stayed over I felt a strong lust towards him. It had been there for a long while but this time it was stronger than ever. So I decided that this time wh... Continue»
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Homeless Girl Sex is Fucking Awesome

Does anyone else have a homeless friend? I have a friend that sl**ps in my driveway in his car for the past 2 weeks. Weird shit is, this motherfucker won't come inside! We tell him to come in but he just wants to sl**p out there. I think he is trying to pick up on a homeless girl and he wants to show her that he is going through the same struggle.

I see where he is going with this, I mean homeless girls can be hot. Think about the logistics. Chances are, she's not fat, she's not thinking clearly, and she's willing to do just about anything sexually.

I have to be honest, I think I fucked ... Continue»
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Rediscovering Vanessa

At 26 yrs old I've just finished the last year of my bachelors of fine arts and I'm flying back home to spend the summer with my F@ther, Step-m0ther and my Step-s|ster. I haven't been back since I left for school at the age of 22, preferring to stay in residence and work through the summers to pay down my student loans. When I left 4 years ago my d@d had just moved Carla and her d@ughter Vanessa into our house, after dating her for about 3 months. I remember catching my first glimpse of Carla and her d@ughter, Carla's ample bosom held my gaze riveted for a long moment as I thought`No wonder D@... Continue»
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Strangers by the Pool - part 2

Jane went to bed that night thinking of him; thinking of the afternoon; knowing that they would meet again and wondering what would happen when they did. Her mind was working overtime. Lying there, windows slightly open, cool breeze blowing through the room, her hands started to wander, down her body, the thoughts of his earlier cuming clear and rhythmic in her mind, the taste of his cum still lingering in her mouth. She caressed her breasts, long and lovingly, running her fingers round her nipples, which immediately hardened at the thoughts of her hands being his hands....... when suddenly th... Continue»
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