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My first man...

Sexual Experiences... as I remember

And then came Rob.

By this time, I was married (didn't turn out very well--was a rebound from Pammy Jane who crushed my heart), had left school and was in the retail business as a sales guy. Another young man (we were both in our early 20s) was hired at the same time. His name was Rob.

Rob was also married. We had an interesting experience once we the four of us were sharing a room during a trade show in Chicago (my favorite US city). As young men, we were horny all the time (not much has changed in that regard--I'm still horny most of the time bu... Continue»
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My First Touch of another mans cock (fictional or

A boy's first sexual encounter with a man

A shiver ran down my back. My knees felt ready to buckle. I was shaking like a leaf but I couldn't stop what he was doing to me.

I was fifteen. He was in his forties I guess. Nice looking. A businessman I least that's what he said as we parked at a rest area near my home so I could go to the bathroom. Actually
there were two port-a-pottys beside a fence that surrounded the small area of tables and benches. I went into the nearest one and began pissing. Then I heard a voice say, "Hey! Let me in. I've gotta go too!"

I knew it was ... Continue»
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New Floozy

I was so angry! My husband never paid attention to me anymore and to top that off it was the "Play offs". He could play all he wanted with me and he chose to spend the one weekend we had together with his friends. A woman had needs and he has not been meeting them! I will just have to make him realize what he is missing! I will hatch a plain that will make me front and center in his life again.

That was my line of thought when this all started. I just didn't know what this would lead to and after it did, there is little chance of going back. I talked with my best friend and she and I went... Continue»
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First Time (Fictional or is it!)

Hello, I would like to share my experience with the bi/gay life style.

I am a small frame male. Older men would hit me on when I was younger, that is talking thirteen years old and on. Let me tell you I was never really scared, but no man was going to touch me. Sometimes when I would hitch hike I would end up some guy sliding his hand towards my leg. I would either say let me out or tell to forget it. I guess I was lucky no one took advantage of me.

I never let anyone touch me till I joined the army. I was only eighteen on temporary duty in a small town out west. I met a very nice girl ... Continue»
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Life on South Beach

I studied hard in college and I’m making a fortune doing web design for some of the best paying clients in the country. I passed on what I know and I’m now able to manage my company remotely. I check in with my employees about once a month.
I never have liked the weather in Boston so I moved to south beach florida. I have a brand new condo on the 16th floor. Nobody in my building has curtains, the windows open to the ocean.
The gyn is on the third floor and the ground floor has restaurants. The pool area has a security fence and the tenants can go through a gate out to the beach.
There are... Continue»
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My First BBC

I've been an active bi-sexual man for most of my life. I knew I liked boys probably before I even had sex with girls, but that's a post for another day. What I knew I really wanted, at least since my teen years, was to be with a black man. I write this as a white male, one who grew up in a large city, befriended and knew quite a few black men in my youth, and the attraction was always there. I just could never get myself to act on it when I was younger, mostly out of fear of my upbringing, coming from a religious nutjob f****y. How crazy? I was married by my 20s and dying inside to have ... Continue»
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Jenny comes home, to stay as sex student (#3)

Jennifer receives a new set of rules for her sex education
Jennifer needs constant observation to teach her obedience and respect for my rules.
Jenny's sexy secret is her longing to be the only lover of her legal mentor Peter.
Jenny isn't allowed to masturbate without Peter's permission, no more privacy for her.
Jenny is too keen on severe spanking and the mindblowing orgasms as a hot highlight.
Jenny will now only be flogged along her love lips as a reward for being a good girl.
Jenny will be punished from now on by swapping any sex lessons for school subjects.

Jenny was sent ... Continue»
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Caribean Cruise

I do not own this nor do i take credit for it i found this story on I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I walked up the gangway, one of the last ones on, along with my friends Steve and John. We flown in on a late flight and rushed like crazy to get to the port. I couldn't believe our luck, or mine, rather. I won this cruise two months ago, in September. A two week cruise for two. I only had to pay for air from Chicago.

Since I had been divorced for five years and no girlfriend at the time, I asked my friend Steve, a... Continue»
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Marriage, Divorce, or Sex? Ch. 03 (The making of a

The week following my introduction to Nicole's secret lifestyle also introduced me to my own hidden desires. With Nicole's help I discovered voyeurism, and the desire to not only watch, but direct as well. My controlling personality wanted control of Nicole's extracurricular sexual activities to satisfy my own needs and I couldn't help but think of the profit margin selling her assets with emphases on ass. My company, although on autopilot at the moment, provided income enough to make a thousand dollars a night seem insignificant. However the thought of some one paying such an extravagant amou... Continue»
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Marriage, Divorce, or Sex? Ch. 01 (The making of a

A good marriage requires stability, security and honesty. The wife said so, it must be so. With that in mind I set out to be the best husband I could be from the beginning. I joined up and after surviving Uncle Sam's boys club, I came away with the ability to provide a stable and secure future for our budding f****y.

Although, I was away more than home, I provided the lifestyle my gorgeous wife required. Happily, I honored her wishes and built a small business capable of supporting her and all her worldly needs.

Our marriage turned out to be a union of convenience, rather than the romant... Continue»
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Marriage, Divorce, or Sex? Ch. 02 (The making of a

Waking up nude cuddling my naked Nicole brought flash backs of the previous evening. My head spun in an alcohol induced haze as I remembered the decadence that occurred in my living room with my wife and her gentlemen callers. My head ached as I lifted it from the pillow pushing my out of shape body to a sitting position trying not to disturb my nasty wife from her dreams of ecstasy. I needed something for my head and time to think before confronting her.

Coffee helped clear the cobwebs, but not the doubt. The insecure sick feeling in the pit of my stomach returned with a vengeance. Until l... Continue»
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Rob & Summer

Part 1.

Rob had nothing but admiration for this girl. The fact she was his daughter made little difference. He gazed upon her with love in his eyes.
She had suffered many tragedies in her short life, many were shared with Rob, yet, she still smiled everyday.
She'd grown up happy, in good health, with loving parents. Rob and Claire had been married since they were sixteen. They bore two c***dren, two years apart. Eddie was the elder, Summer the younger.
The first tragedy struck when Eddie was injured in a school rugby match, leaving him paralysed from the neck down. He'd remained in hos... Continue»
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I gave a blowjob to the taxi driver -TRUE STORY-

It's a 100% true story like the rest of my stories (Although it took 2-3 hours to seduce the young repairman *see: Airconditioner repairman laid some pipe*)

I never really liked clubbing unlike my best friend B. but she was really into that and therefore, i did accompany her several times despite enjoying the scene myself.

I went to clubbing on a Saturday night as usual with my best mate B., it was almost 23.30 when we arrived due to heavy rain that hit the region. Although it was rainy, the club was very crowded and packed with every kind of people - drags, lesbians,gay couples and e
... Continue»
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The accident

Growing up I was your typical nerd. I always had straight A's in school and wore those dorky glasses. I was always home in time and my best friends consist of my online gamer friends.

Physically though I was in fairly good shape surprisingly. I must have had good genes I guess. For the most part I have a fairly broad shoulders, decent face and my dick not trying to brag is bigger than most of my peers. I know because I have seen some during gym time.

Anyways, dances were always the worst for me. My dad I guess was a stud in high school so in a way I was kind of a disappointment. I am t... Continue»
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Village Nudists

Hi… I’m Siddhartha. I am now going to describe my experiences I had in my
aunts village. It’s a really small village with only two buses
travelling through it daily. My aunt’s f****y stays there. She is my
dad’s s****r. She was given married to a poor farmer in that village. We
are now well developed and grown rich, whereas they were as is. My uncle
works as a plumber in city nearby and the rest of the f****y stay in that

The f****y consists of Aunt, Uncle, four daughters. Three of them were
elder than me and only one was younger than me. I often visit their
village along... Continue»
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One Saturday morning, I got a surprise call from Mrs. De la Vega as I was doing maintenance on my pool cleaning equipment.

Hello Tony, How are you doing?", she asked.

With a smile on my face, I replied -“Hello Mrs. De la Vega. I have been good. I’m trying to balance my time between pool cleaning and school. How are you?

Mrs. De la Vega paused momentarily then remarked, “I’m looking at my pond and I noticed something dirty. I know you must be busy but could you help me Tony?

I checked my cleaning pool list and I noticed that I had just cleaned their pond abou... Continue»
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First Time

I have been married faithfully for many years. But I met a man online who sparked my interest. He seemed genuinely "normal" and was in a place in his life similar to mine. We were both missing something that we needed and wasn't getting at home. I love my husband dearly as does he love his wife. There was a mutual respect for that. We both have k**s too and agreed that our home life always comes first. That being said, as our emails continued, so did our curiosity. We decided to meet in a semi private place for our first meeting. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. It was lik... Continue»
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My Nephew

I was VERY wet.

I knew he was looking right at my ass _ and my pussy, barely covered by my panties.

It excited me even more to know the "he" who was looking at my ass was my 18-year-old nephew.

And more still that his eyes had to be roaming over my panty-clad pussy.

His hands already had been roaming over my thighs. Up under my skirt.

I knew he, too, was turned on.

The evidence was quite obvious.

Indeed, right before my eyes when I turned my head.

Hard evidence.

Evidence fairly bursting from his jeans.

I felt his hands high up on my thighs, at the beginning of m... Continue»
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Bag Lady & the Retired Marine

Dave and Susan begin a beautiful friendship over breakfast.

"Nice to meet you Susan Jill Parker. I'm Dave. Dave Ryan," he said offering her his big hand.

Seeing her up close, as if seeing her for the first time, he saw her bl**died nose, her split lip, and the discolored, puffy mouse under her eye. His hero, she took as much of a beating as she gave. Those bastards, if they were here now, he'd beat the shit out of them all over again.

With the odds stacked against her, he was just glad that he was there to help her and to save her. No telling what those men would have done to her had ... Continue»
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Babysitting the Aunt Kay Way

This story takes place back in 1980 and involved a young man named Lance Bowman, an 18 year old lad about to graduate from high school, and his Mom's s****r Kay, who came to babysit that spring when Lance's mother was hospitalized once again for the recurring health problems which would eventually take her life.

The babysitting was actually for Lance's k** s****r Emma, because Lance was a very trustworthy lad who could take care of himself. Lance was fine with that, because he was very fond of his Aunt Kay and the idea of having her around for a few days made him very happy indeed.

Lance... Continue»
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