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Juicy Jennifers first friend #7

Jennifer offers us some more to me at her page which mean a lot to me in all respects here in my longing lines.
I will include all at the start of this third intermediate installment before returning to the theme of my main storyline.
Jennifer offers all of us to watch a tight tiny titted teen looking too young do be impaled and impregnated by dad.
I will include the exciting exchanges of our comments at it, as well as all links of interest to rest at my best by that..

Jennifer's stories do not do always get loads of likes as she deserves.
I guess it is because some readers rat... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #6

Jennifer sends suddenly no more message to me, only some secret signals I try to figure out from my friend.
I feel she tries to talk to me without words for some strange reasons. She does not explain me why for a full day.
Jennifer sends some signals as interesting as intriguing, so I include links to those which taught and told me most.
I feel she tries to talk to me and deserves this story in our series, as the preceding one, an interlude before main.

Jennifer is my muse, be it as a bride, sexy sweet seductive tantalizing tasty teen, or simply submissive spankee
I love to fulfill h
... Continue»
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Wife has a cock habit

Once I had introduced my wife to fucking outside our marriage with a good friend of mine she couldn't stop. During a night of enjoying adult beverages with a wife and one of my best friends he and I got onto the subject of sex. It was summer time and my wife was wearing a white cotton tank top ( bra less ) and her shortest pair of cut off jean shorts. At five foot four and one hundred pounds , with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her thirty four B tits are topped with half inch nipples that seem to be permanently hard. One time after she had crossed the room headed into the kitchen ... Continue»
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Delicate Hearts

I was having an afternoon nap when I felt a soft, warm hand gently brush through my head.
I was so tired that I kept my eyes close and just enjoyed the head massage I'm receiving from my daughter, who must have just arrived from school. After a long silence, I was jerk awake when I felt something wet touch my lips. I opened my eyes to see my wife leaning over kissing me. So I gently laid my hand behind her head and kissed her back. After a few moments she held her face away and saw my daughter's face instead. She smiled and laid on top of me. I held her close. "You looked just like your mom."... Continue»
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Help from IT pt5

Chapter 5

Charlie had been at the store trying to decide what would go well with drinks, so far he had a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine, something to eat was kind of important. He was looking at frozen pizzas when his phone chirped.

"Hey just finished up my tickets, I'm going to get out of here before any more come in. meet me at my place?"

He checked the address and it was just across town, it wouldn't take long to get there.

"Sure thing, I'm just at the store now. grabbing some drinks and food, should be there in 30 or so"

"Perfect, I wil... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #5

Jennifer suddenly is silent for a few days after weeks of writing daily messages back to me.
I wonder why my best bride ever changes her behaviour. Why so shortly before their trip to me?
Jennifer suddenly changing our plan is not possible. She really wants to show her dear doddie.
I wonder whether my time table will work: Jenny's 18th bithday celebration and next her initiation?

Jennifer and I love to make each other horny, hot and happy.
I know she re-reads my sexiest stories to make herself come.
Jennifer and I love our relation, despite the difficult situation.
I know she... Continue»
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How it started (sorry so long)

After my divorce from my wife of 3 years I wasn't really looking to settle down right away. The Internet was just coming of age and chat rooms were where all the fun was. My intent was to go on the rooms and see if I could chat up some women and do some jacking off. No harm no foul fun.

As I lurked in the singles chats nothing really ever caught my attention. Chat was very slow often. I switched back and forth between looking at nude pics of girls and the chat rooms. For shits and giggles I decided to open up the gay men's chat. Holy cow!! The room was nearly full and very active with guys... Continue»
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Fucking My 4th Girlfriend, Donna

This is the true story of the fourth woman I ever fucked, Donna.

Donna and I were soon-to-be-graduated University students on our third date and we were on a moonlit walk down the main University quad. The buildings surrounding the large open grassy area of the quad were silent and nobody was around. It was about 2 or 3am or so on a warm summer night. Because it was summer break the whole university was a virtual ghost-town. We had the entire large open area of the main campus quad completely to ourselves.

We walked hand in hand, which was as far as our relationship had got, so f... Continue»
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An Unintentional Fisting

During the last weekend I ended up being busy, which I hadn't planned since that was suppose to be a weekend of anal bliss for me. I had finally ordered two new dildos and I was rearing to take them for a spin. Monday came and the day dragged on while all I could think about were the two black dildos at home in my drawer, one 11" long, 2" wide, and the other 9" long and 3.5" wide, with a suction cup to ride it anywhere I wanted.

As Monday night was coming to a close I checked Facebook and found out I had no classes in College the next day. "No way...." I muttered under my breath in disbelie... Continue»
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first time watching me and fucking me

I pushed the curtains of the floor to ceiling window to the side and gazed out at the busy city traffic. The sun had set and I admired the view of the bright lights and tiny cars from the 36th floor. I dimmed the lights in the room, eagerly awaiting his return.

I stood wearing nothing but my black high heels, just the way he liked it.

There were many apartments around and anybody could see me at any moment. The thought of being watched sent a thrill through my heart.

I stood with my hip leaning against the glass window when I heard the sound of the door unlock. The sound of footsteps ... Continue»
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More than a Handful - An Adult Story

I had known Mike for about five years. We were pretty good friends. We had almost all the same classes in school. We dated the same girls and hung out with the same group of friends almost every day. I would do anything in my power to come to his house anytime he asked if I wanted to come over. Besides the big pool at his house or his room that had everything you ever wanted. He had the greatest Mom ever. She was the number one thing no other of my friends had? His hot overly developed Mom; she was the hottest looking MILF in town. Mrs. Tia Smalls. I never missed a chance to check he... Continue»
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My wife turned out perfectly

If not for my vivid imagination my wife and I would be living a perfectly normal lifestyle. But shortly after we got married I started planting little ideas in her head about her having sex outside our marriage. In the beginning she would act mad that I brought it up but over time she got to the point that she would actually talk about it.

I found several guys advertising on Craigslist that looked like good candidates and when I showed her I could see the look of interest in her eyes. One guy was well hung and I asked if thought she could fit that fat cock in her vagina? She seemed to come... Continue»
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Proud owner of a tiny penis

My beautiful wife is five foot four and weighs one hundred pounds, she has shoulder length bleached blonde hair and blue eyes. Her perky tits are thirty four B cups and her legs are absolutely perfect. She married me even though she holds all the cards. I'm six foot one , weigh two twenty and my cock when rock hard only measures three and a half inches and is only a inch and a half wide.

My lack of a impressive manhood used to bother me but my lovely wife was absolutely fine with it. Well that is untill my constant hints to her finally made her try another mans meat. She had told me hundre... Continue»
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Rose [1]

Rose and I have a four-fold relation, although she only knows two them: her teacher in English and in birding.
I know I am her favorite by far. She loves language, my lessons and me. Loves to come along watching birds.
Rose knows not I live right behind her. Just around the corner. And I am the only one who can watch her window.
I know she thinks I live in Amsterdam, as my official address is indeed there. In practise only during weekends.
Rose has hardly any idea about the fourth form of our intimate contact: I noticed her stories here. I knew whose.
I know that the matter is delicate
... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #4

Jennifer is my muse in our most memorable series of stories so far about our long lasting love from far.
I love to tell explicity every erotic delicate detail but by abiding rules on taboo subjects I might seem vague.
Jennifer and I have offspring from our first ever erotic encounter when she was only eighteen and a virgin.
I love to keep close contact day by day since the time we live on other continents and time zones far apart.

Jennifer is immensely into pleasure from pain since the first time I spanked her beautiful bell bottom burning.
I love to get a good look at the result so
... Continue»
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Black thug takes my wife , but only after he makes

It all started when I got sent to jail for fraud. At 30 and married I needed the money.
I made lots but was eventually caught and sentenced to four months in prison.
I thought it would be easy for a rich white man like me but instead it was a living hell which was going to change my life forever.
The first day I was strip searched and given prison clothes and sent to my cell.
Not so bad I was thinking. I got a cell to myself and the food was ok. Even got chatting to a few other guys in for the same thing.
That night as I slept I was woken by a load bang , followed by shouting from the... Continue»
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I Never Saw It Coming Gay

I never saw it coming. I am a workaholic, working 60 hours a week in the office and working Saturdays and Sundays at home, mostly online. My wife thought I had an online girl friend, but the thought never crossed my mind. In my position of Marketing Manager for a startup firm, I was coming up with new ideas every day. The problem was I had to implement each of them and from start to finish, it took away all of my free time.

Weekends our entire neighborhood ended up at Jim's house down the street. He would drag his grill out to the front in his driveway and we would cook up some tri tip stea... Continue»
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Queen Shagger

Right after university I found it difficult to get work in my chosen field without having significant work experience - the classic graduate Catch-22. I returned to my home town, and found myself with a big student overdraft to pay off and ended up working two jobs, one a crappy full time admin job and a weekend evenings job doing bar work in the local nightclub/meatmarket. After a while, the crappy data entry job - sitting at an office desk typing handwritten credit card applications into a computer from nine to five along with a couple of hundred drones doing exactly the same thing as me, ov... Continue»
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I don't know if anybody read my last story as it didn't post as a story but a blog? Oh well! After hooking up with our new friend Sergio for a couple weekends at a hotel where I got his girlfriend and he got mine in separate rooms all night where all of us were satisfied. I now was on a mission and eager to continue setting up my girlfriend/future wife Monique with more erotic sex from Sergio. So I asked him to come over and party with us and I didn't have to ask twice. We all drank a bit much and Sergio passed out in our bedroom, you know the one I brought my girlfriends black co-worker in to... Continue»
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Wife takes charge

Having a tease for a girlfriend was both exciting and stressful. For some reason every time she would flirt with one of my friends my heart hurt and My dick got hard. I was always afraid to say anything in fear that she would leave me. I knew I'd never be able to find another girl as beautiful as she was. At five foot four and one hundred pounds she was absolutely a knock out.Her long straight blonde hair and blue eyes always drew the attention of guys when we went out. Her thirty four B cup tits are topped with half inch nipples that seem to always be hard. She goes braless alot and I can te... Continue»
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