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My Wife's introduction to other men

My wife was 49 years old and we had been married 14 years. She has always been slim and sexy, 5'4" 130#, 36C-24-32, a natural exhibitionist she always showed her panties to other men under short mini skirts in public. I had been after her for years to suck and fuck other men in front of me. She finally agreed to meet a younger man I had ran into online, so I invited him over to the house one evening.

He was a younger Mexican guy maybe 15 years younger than my wife. She dressed in a thin, almost see through black teddy. She was nervous when he arrived and was in our bedroom. I invited him i... Continue»
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Our first meeting

I reached the hotel we had arranged to meet at, heading straight for my room I dropped the bag on the bed and opened it out plenty of things to get ready before we would meet in the bar.

Stripping of and jumping in the shower getting nice and clean and fresh for him if he was going to take me tonight for the first time I wanted him to taste my clean fresh skin. I had brought some very sexy new underwear I knew from his messages he liked thongs so I had brought a new set pink lace thong and bra set with a matching suspenders and black nylon stockings. I checked myself in the mirror before ... Continue»
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Message leads to Massage! And More? [1]

Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name in the original version of this tasty tale of tease and tough treatments
Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name because I wanted to surprise her with my second sexy series of stories

Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as I felt sure, confident of my cunning capabilities to get her hot and wet
Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as a Jenny is as juicy between beautiful legs as a no-name young yummy

Jolly juicy Jenny will be hotly humiliated by my
... Continue»
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My first time with a man

I was 18 my parents were out of town for the weekend, I got home around 11 after partying with some friends. I was a macho type guy had girlfriends was six one and 185 pounds with long black hair (it was the 80's) I had the x rated paper. I think it was Hollywood Sun back then and I would look at the ads. I would always seem to fantasize about older men. I decided to drive to Hollywood. It was after midnight when I got there and I must of drove around for an hour not really knowing what I was looking for. I was driving down Sunset and I see a guy walking/ so I turned and went a street up and c... Continue»
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T'was the night after Thanksgiving

Twas the night after Thanksgiving, and Taylor and Skylar Hamilton had fallen asl**p while watching a marathon of The Twilight Zone. Skylar awoke first because something was tickling her ear. She had fallen asl**p with her head in her b*****r Taylor’s lap and quickly realized his cock had hardened in his sl**p. At first she was aghast, but she stopped short of screaming when she noticed how big it was. Skylar was no stranger to dicks, she looked like Brooklyn Decker except with a bigger nose. Guys fawned over her everyday, and she indulged a and full of them. But none of the cocks she encounte... Continue»
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Long Loves Lasts Longer

Automatic timing is best done by lovely long lazy listening - to this fine fam!ly tasty thrilling tantalizing tune
for four fortepianos, fine females - have highest hot heaving heavy heartbreaking nice notes right at right hand
calming constantly comforting composer - your yummy yearning - naughty nerves - by far the best - ever even
surpassing seven-teenth centuries' Sweelinck as best composer: SIMEON TEN HOLT's CANTO OSTINATO
Sweelincks name crowns the current Conservatorium of Amsterdam, Simeon will som time surely be the second

Recorded less than ten kilometers from the place whe
... Continue»
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Mary Ellen Jakowski sat in her kitchen with her good friend Dana Carter having their usual morning coffee. The two women had been friends since the Carters moved into the neighborhood five years ago. Their husbands, Richard and Drew, had become buddies as well. They were "backyard" friends, as their privacy fences were connected. In fact, they rarely went to one another's house through the front door. It was a one-block walk around the neighborhood to get to the front door.

The two women normally shared a lively morning conversation but today for some reason, Mary Ellen seemed quiet. She h... Continue»
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How It Started For Me

I know this may seem tame compared to many things on here, but the following is a real experience shared with my wife, and this is what started my fantasies of wife watching and cuckolding.

It was Christmas Eve, my wife Ann and I were having a special night in, by special I mean getting dressed up, having a nice dinner, a few drinks and some fucking.

These 'date night's' have always been special to us, and have helped our relationship stay strong.

Ann was wearing her best purple basque, stocking, heels - the works, under a very sexy dress. She looked fabulously sexy.

We had finis... Continue»
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First time giving the BBC to a Vegas Craigslist Co

A little bit of background for those who are new to my stories. The stories are all true stories of experiences I had. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty.

This particular story isn't that exciting. However, it was my stated goal to document all of my early experiences. These stories are key to understanding my transition from a shy virgin to a dominant BBC bull. If you haven't read my earlier stories, recommend going back and getting some of the back story.

I was still living in a small town in Utah. One of my coworkers was raving about a website called Craigsl... Continue»
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First Time In Panties With Room Mate

Panties have always been a love of mine, the way they feel and look against a nice round ass just drives me crazy. They were the first thing I ever masturbated with, stolen from a female relative of course, and they were even part of my first sexual experience with a woman, it wasn't long before i was wearing them while jerking off. I loved the way the tight material clung against my stiff cock, the way they shaped my ass and the thrill of doing something most people considered strange or wrong.
I kept up my love for wanking into and wearing panties into my college years, as most people know... Continue»
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Friendship Forever

Hi I am Madura from Chennai and this is my story which is happened when we are at 10th slandered. I am from orthodox f****y. We are too much poor’s. We are living in a small rented house. My mother was and teacher and by earning our families are running. I attained puberty at 9th slandered and there is lot of differences were come out of m... Continue»
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Threesome Lesbian Sex In Spa

This experience happened in the beginning of 12th grade. A new student joined our class in the 11th grade and we were close friends till now and her name is Ashna and she had whitish skin and brown eyes. She was so slim and petite like me. We will share everything to each other except the lesbian experience. I haven’t told my lesbian sex experience to her. She is so pretty and gorgeous. She had light brown eyes and white skin and small breasts and huge curvy ... Continue»
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Innocent s****r In Her Dreams Of Top Film Actress

Hi, this is Neethu again.

After reading my previous story one of the readers came to chat with me.

After few days of chat, he said he has one girl and she is also looking for some good deals to make some huge money in need. I initially don’t know who she was and I referred her to some of my known sources.

This went for a couple of weeks and she was there around for 5 nights in 10 days and I got a very positive feedback from all those who fucked her.One among the men who fucked her was my husband, the deals were to satisfy my husband in return of the sources I shared.

My husb
... Continue»
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3rd Session, First Oral

Hello all, and thanks for your continued reading and comments. Again, this is a continuation of “that” summer, our 3rd session.

Well, I decided to hold true and not cum again until Steve & I got together. But I admit I did come close to losing it the 2nd night. With Steve gone I was bored and went and got the porno mag, promising myself I would only play a little. I was looking at one of the scenes where the girl is giving blowjobs to the 2 guys and really noticing the look on her face like she was really enjoying it. And remembering how it felt in my hand when Steve’s hard cock shot h... Continue»
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My trip to the UAE

Recently I was travelling to the UAE for work.

I decided to try Tinder while there.
I started talking to a local girl, I introduced her to snapchat,
She enjoyed the idea of text, video and pictures dissapearing.

I think that made her comfortable chatting openly,
she told me she had never kissed a man, held hands with a man let alone been physical with a man.

We talked for a few days, exchanged snaps, she was inquisitive about sexual things which I happily tried to explain as well as I could. Few days before I had to leave we where texting and I invited her to come see me at my hote... Continue»
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I seduced my WIFE into a threesome.

At this stage in life, married twenty years to the same woman. She had an affair. I found out later. I have always been able to get women. They like me. I treat them with respect. I never cheated. Even after finding out. So many opportunity's. She denied it both times. So life went on. Our sex life was great. She is in her forties. I am older. I usually want it more than her. We fuck three to five times a week. Sometimes she'll just suck my dick and make me cum in minutes. She is good. Sometimes she'll suck me and swallow twice in one day. She always cums. I rub her clit and pussy hard. She c... Continue»
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Dear Diary

This story is papers taken out of Heather’s diary. It is a prequel to: (A Phone Call: You can read the two stories in any order you like.


Dear diary,
Today was my father’s funeral. I’m so sad that he left us. I can’t believe that we lost him suddenly like that! He was caring, tender, and kind. He was the best dad and the best man I’ve ever seen or heard about. How did he work as a salesman all this years just to provide for us! And always when he comes bac... Continue»
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Beginning With Younger b*****r Part 3

We started having sex on regular basis. Vacation was over. So whenever he comes during weekend , we used have sex all night. During day time we used to play with each other like pressing boobs or kissing when parents are not around. Once we were done having sex and lying naked and talking and we planned trip to goa.

The plan for goa was made.So started early in the day. Me and mahesh took a fligh
... Continue»
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Me And My s****r Boobie

Hi everyone, I’m lesbian girl-shreya I’m submitting my first story. Apologise for mistakes. Have a good boob shake and a nice pussy lick for all girls and nothing for boys as now I am a pure lesbian.

Firstly something abt me . I’m a 19 years old and pure Lesbian girl I h
... Continue»
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My Honeymoon – Every Woman Should Have – Part 2 (F

I am Garima here with the subsequent story of our honeymoon.

Keeping them astonished I walked upstairs wearing only panties and carrying 40,000 cash. I knew I have cheated them. I entered into bedroom, saw Rajiv still in the same pose. I kept money safely in my suitcase and laid on the bed beside him.

First I thought, what they would be thinking or doing ?

After Garima went out of sight, Sunil was first to speak,

“Yaar, I think she is cheating u
... Continue»
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