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Dee Maple - Mr Bob, the dirty Handyman.

Once in about two weeks i had a special private training in coach Mato offices, he praise me as a superb athlete - but you all know what he praised - my naked body and godlike ass. And he butchered my ass every time, we had about 2 hours and he kept me trained like a bitch and i obeyed every command, but after couple of times he became soft on me, my guess he started to fall for me, he craved me more and more and his power appeal started to diminish, i didn’t want him to kiss me and make sweet love - I had Ram for that. But i could not tell him, I also craved his strong cock and how he abused ... Continue»
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a bit of a nervous first meeting...

a smile, a soft but firm 'hello' and an equal hug accompanied with a gentle kiss on the cheeks. Hands feeling a bit cold but I can keep a conversation going like no one else so we start talking and go for a leasurly strole even though its cold this time of the year, but this does not seem to bother us. After the usual subjects, what do you do for a living etc... we smoothly cross over to the more intimate subjects which can be the subject of a conversation between two people.

We quickly discover more than some Mutual intrests and we have an equally cur... Continue»
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Tentacle Party Part 3

You'll need to have read the first two parts for this to make any sense.
Part 1: http://xhamster.com/stories/a-tentacle-party-614489
Part 2: http://xhamster.com/stories/the-tentacle-party-part-2-615925

After a few hours of payback, Sarah decided she'd punished her friends arse enough. She left her and Kat in the abandoned building lying in wide, slimy puddles of cum. She had retrieved her little gold mini dress and was about to head outside when she realized her new tentacle cock was hanging down almost to her knees. She pondered how she was going to pass as normal, her friend had som... Continue»
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lifestyle of choice 3

I didnt sl**p much,my mind consumed,my cock & balls ached.
After showering I was making breakfast Vicki came up behind me & wrapped her arms around me from behind & kissed the back of my neck.
"Good morning my special cuck" she purred
Her hands dropped to my locked cock
"How are you holding up?"
I turned in her arms & we kissed, soft & loving.Her naked body pressed against me & I could feel her heat through my clothes.
Looking up at me she stroked my face.
"Was it everything you expected?"
"It was for me & so much more, we are now on a different level & we have definitely opened pando... Continue»
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This Pillowcase Smells Like Semen

Marci was heading home on a beautiful Saturday night from her girlfriend’s house. It was around 11:00 at night and she was driving her dad’s old ’72 Nova which he had passed down to her. She was the only c***d of her f****y, so it was only natural that she was spoiled at least once in her lifetime.

She was a young Latina woman in her mid-twenties who decided that during her senior year of high-school, she was attracted to women more so than men. It was her choice of course, no one made her choose to love women over men, and no one f***ed it upon her. Her f****y accepted and loved her jus... Continue»
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Opportunity Knocks, Literally

Opportunity Knocks, Literally

Living in the Mid-Atlantic area provided me with a lot of fun as a cross dressing slut. There was the Baltimore and the D.C. area and lots of kinky people in that hugely populated region. I had already made a lot of friends and had started my experience in being a submissive to a wonderful and beautiful dominant mistress. I had also found several bars and clubs where my kind were in high demand. Public sex was easy to accomplish at least from spring through fall.
This particular afternoon I was preparing for an evening out. I was all dressed in my white... Continue»
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Delivery Part One

Part One

It wasn’t long after Mark had appeared at my door that I had considered another opportunity. I ordered a pizza that night and carefully checked out the delivery guy. I casually asked him a few general questions as I was getting the money and a big tip. He had said that he usually didn’t get much in tips, and appreciated my generosity. Over the next week or two I ordered take out from a variety of places to get an idea of what the delivery people were like. Most were young males and they were often in a hurry to get on with the next delivery, or to return to the stor... Continue»
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He circled the young girl slowly

He circled the young girl slowly, taking in the sight of her naked for. She was barely eighteen, she'd told him so, and she looked it too. She was quite slender, but her body was definitely that of a woman's. Her breasts sat high on her chest, melons really. They were quite large, very firm…he would change that. He stroked her slender waist slowly, dropped his hand to her hip and caressing it where it flared out. She shivered a little but didn't move.

"Do you know what I do to girls like you?" he asked conversationally, lifting her breasts from behind and massaging the nipples gently. The g... Continue»
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Fucking my SIL....

For years I've fantasized about my SIL. She's pretty, not gorgeous or anything, but very pretty and she has a huge set of natural tits. She's always been very modest, one piece bathing suits etc. The first time I realized I wanted to fuck her was when she was pregnant for the first time...she was about 8 months pregnant and we went to her house to pick up something and she was wearing a gown type pajama. I quickly realized she wasn't wearing panties when she got up off the couch and flashed her beautiful pussy accidentally. She didn't notice I saw but I kept that image in my mind later than ni... Continue»
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mums lovely body

I always wondered why my mates would be around my house so I had to ask them , their answer were all the same, it was because of my mum, they would say to me she was a very fit woman and if she wanted they would shag her till the cows come home, I could not see the attraction till just before my 18th birthday, mum had said she was going to take me out to a restaurant and show her sexy son to the world, I didn’t want any of it but to keep her happy I went along with her, it was that day I realised what my mates had been saying to me, I was in my bedroom in my underpants when mum came in with ju... Continue»
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in the woods

out walking in the woods, wearing my plug and sheath under my spandex when i happen across a couple having sex in the woods i walk on past them, but listen to the sounds of their passion turns me on, so i turn and creep back through the brush to watch them.
now that I'm really turned on, sitting there watching them, i slowly peel off my shirt and tight shorts, and begin to stroke myself through the rubber sheath
they finish up and pull their clothes together and leave, as i sit there, unnoticed, pleasuring myself with my hands and my toy unaware that someone else is watching me
i am lost in... Continue»
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Wife to have Blackman before me

I have to tell you what happened on our wedding day in 1962. My wife lived on a farm in Wisconsin that was 75 miles from any town. She was home schooled and her Dad had hired me to help out on the farm. I lived in a farm hands living quarters on the property. When I met Kim his daughter we hit it off real good no sex just good company.
Once I brought up the subject of sex to her and she had said my Mom says not till I'm married. So for months we just dated on the farm we never left. Then came the day I asked her to marry me and she said yes. Well her dad had a preacher come to the house a... Continue»
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A black Mistress at Helena's house

My sweet loving Anita had been gone for a long week end out of town, to visit some friends some three hundred miles away.
So; I was home alone very bored, no paper work to complete; just a little bit of sun in the back yard, enjoying my favorite whiskey…
On Saturday late afternoon Helena called me; she said laughing:
“Hi, bitch… I know your slutty little wife is away from town now… She must be enjoying a huge black dick between her hot legs right now…”
Then she asked me to pay a visit to her. Jorge was not home and she told me she had a nice surprise for me.
I told her to wait for me ful... Continue»
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Life Wish

A heavy sigh rent the air as Vicky Sullivan languidly turned the pages of a magazine. The standard who was screwing who, who was now gay, who was now straight, who was in, who was out type of magazine, aimed at two sorts of women; those who live the life and hope to see a friend being brought down, and those who aspire to be in that position. Vicky, however, was one of those rare women who fitted in neither group. Married to an obscenely wealthy husband, she did not care for the gossip of the few women she bothered to socialise with, and as for aspiring; she could have anything she wanted. Onl... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #6 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

My relationship with the Nymphs had been developing quickly. We got on well, enjoyed chatting and shared common interests. The main interest was sex. Lot’s of hot, wet, energetic sticky sex anywhere, any time. Debbie a... Continue»
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My fantasy wife my wife's best friend.

This is for my wife's best friend whom I've loved for over 10 years now.

The text came through as I was peeling potatoes. I knew it was you by your special tone I had assigned. I finished the last two spuds, dried my hands and grabbed for the phone, curious as to what you may want.

"Apparently you've wanted me for a long time! Be at my place by 2:55 or you'll never have me."

2:55? It's 2:52 now. I've wasted 2 minutes since the text came through. Racing to the bathroom, a swig of mouth wash, quick look at the hair and a glance down checking I'm wearing good undies. Done.

Grabbing th... Continue»
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Wife Finds Out if True or Dare is Real

A little something about myself, my name is Ellen, I am a 32 year old from Pleasanton, California.. I'm a very petite white woman about 5'4" in my heels with deep dark red hair. I am obsessive about my body having battled extra pounds through my younger years. I now have a slim body due to all the time in the gym doing cardio w/ 32D thanks to Dr. Ostrander's fine work. My body is very curvaceous, 34D-24-32 and I get many looks that my husband gets very jealous about. My husband Mark and I meant in college & were married 5 years ago. We have an average life and we hangout on the on the club sce... Continue»
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Jack of Spades PT1

I'm a white promiscuous cocksucker, meaning I've sucked so many cocks that
I've lost count, and never pass up a chance to suck another.

I have sucked a few black guys, and have loved it. My favorite porn
pictures are of white guys sucking black cocks. I have several online
friends I chat with regularly who suck black cocks exclusively. I would do
the same if I could find enough of them, but I've had to take whatever I
can get. Just the same, I give about 3-5 blowjobs a week, though I would
love to do that many every day.

I also chat with a number of black guys online. I'd love to b... Continue»
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Playing at being a Sissy Schoolgirl

I had been serving Bill and Jane for several weeks when they told me that they had volunteered to put on an evenings entertainment for their local fetish group. They told me to come to their house early on Saturday where they would prepare me.

I was met as usual at the station by Mistress Jane and was soon at their house. Once inside I was led to "my room" and told to prepare myself. I entered the on-suite bathroom and went through my by now will practiced transformation. I removed what little body hair had grown since last week and then got out of the bath and onto my hands and knees on th... Continue»
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I live in Northern California now, but a few years ago I was living
in L.A., land of movie stars, traffic insanity and loads of awesomely
cute young dudes, in a small house in West L.A. proper. At that time
I considered myself bisexual, but hadn't had nearly as much sex as I
wanted (with either gender). It wasn't that I was bad-looking. In
fact, I was flirted with by both genders nearly every day. I was
well-tanned, and worked out enough. Green eyes, buzzed dark brown
hair. I was kind of on the slender side, but toned enough. A little
chest hair. I was worried ‘cause I was 25, ... Continue»
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