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Not Gay Natural Cocksucker

You never know someone until you live with them... or in this case spend a few days in a hotel together.

And even if you think you know yourself, situations will test that knowledge and even redefine who you are.

To explain what I mean I'll tell you my story of a few days in Seattle that changed everything.

Tyler was married, with a couple of k**s, like me, although his were younger. Well, truth be told, he was ten years younger than me, and had a ridiculously hot blonde wife... although she hadn't lost all the baby weight from having two k**s in 27 months.

He was a very good looki... Continue»
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Dream come true

I had always had this fantasy of being tied up and men having their way with me. Well, one evening before my husband Louis set out to run some errands, he instructed me to slip into something white and sheer. He wanted it very see through, as if I had nothing on. He wanted me to wear my favorite most seductive perfume. I was also told to wear a pair of sheer pantyhose and black high heels. As I was putting on the items Louis told me to wear, I realized that he hadn't mentioned panties. So, I went to the drawer to pull out my sexiest pair of panties. I started getting all creamy inside thinking... Continue»
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Pregnant indian hijabi slut with white cock

It had been just over 7 months since Robert claimed me in the prayer room. I was now happily married to Robert and very pregnant. Robert impregnated me the night of the prayer room but we have continued to fuck more than 3 times a day since. Robert has matched my insatiable appetite for sex and perversion.

Robert bought a house outside of the city that provided a lot of privacy due to the vast land surrounding the house. We married within the week and I finally told my f****y. My f****y were not happy and I broke off contact with them. I was happy to have my freedom and my new life with Ro... Continue»
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Mother and Son Ballbusting Vaction

Adam and his mother, Sarah, were taking a summer vacation across the county visiting f****y and friends. They were going to drive to save money and enjoy the scenery as they drove around. They left the day after Adam last day at school. They knew that they would take the drive easy and only spend about six to eight hours a day driving.

After the first days drive they got to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel was sold out of two bed rooms and only had single bed rooms available. So they had to take the single bed room. While they were bringing their luggage in the room, A... Continue»
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Things Bulls Like

Things "Bulls" Like

• I like fucking a married woman if her husband has no idea. It's great knowing I can convince her to cheat.

• I like watching the faces of husbands as they deal with the emotions of watching their wife get fucked by another man.

• I get off rubbing in a husband's face how slutty his wife is with me.

• I love seducing a married woman and making her husband a cuckold for the first time ever.

• I enjoy Cumming all over a married woman. It's like I'm marking my turf.

• I love keeping a married woman out overnight or taking her home with me. I know her hus... Continue»
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Consoling grieving Mother

Consoling in strange circumstances
Consoling friend’s grieving mother

Life is more dramatic than drama

Chapter 1

t was Sunday early morning, hearing loud noises from the Hostel corridor, I came out of my room and learnt to my shock and surprise our classmate Mohan was found dead in his room, obviously committed suicide. An empty arsenic bottle and a suicide note were found besides the bed.

He hails from a wealthy rich landlord f****y, the only son of his parents and doing well in studies. He married six months earlier Madhusmita. No one could imagine th... Continue»
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Library is full of adventures....

As the cold weather begins to roll in I find myself spending more and more time in the library because…well I love books and I love to read and you never know who you will meet but there are always bound to be intelligent good natured people.
In this particular library I was browsing away one day when I spotted her for the first time. I could not take my eyes off of her as she seemed like a goddess to me. She had just begun to work at the library and I would find myself spending lots of time just trying to catch glimpses of her.
Her face is so sad all the time and I think to myself a woman ... Continue»
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Make a Little Wager I win, you let me Seduce your

Recently my wife Tracey ran into an old college friend of mine, actually a girl, and the two of them hit it off. While that in itself might not seem bad, I've tried to distance myself from college and some of the friends who knew my girlfriend and I at the time.

Lynn and I started dating in the last semester at N.C. State and after graduation we both stayed in Raleigh. I was from there anyway and Lynn was from Charleston. I was not Lynn's first lover nor was she mine, but neither of us was extremely outgoing sexually. Lynn was and still is a gorgeous honey blonde with piercing blue eyes and... Continue»
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Pay Day


We were lying in bed snuggled up together spooning. Zelda gently stroked my cock through the sheer panties I wore and I felt my erection growing. Turning around my hand drifted down to her warm wet pussy that I wanted to suck and lick “not yet lover” she said, “have you forgotten what day it is?”, then I remembered “pay day”

What’s pay day? – it’s the day the milkman, paper boy and lawn man come to get paid for the month and I organize the payments. “If your quick you’ll just be ready for the paper boy”

I groaned as her hand left my cock just on the edge of spurting its loa... Continue»
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Wife gets a Thanksgiving creamypie

Wednesday evening my wife and I were talking about what tomorrow will be like. She was going to Charles's house to have sex and I was going to be allowed to watch. As I was laying out her outfit she was showering and shaving her pussy nice a smooth. Let me describe her, she is five foot four, weighs exactly one hundred pounds, she has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her breast are thirty four B cups. We spent the evening relaxing while I asked her how so feels about tomorrow.

She said her pussy is already wet and she is so horny that she could fuck all night. I offered to try bu... Continue»
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My Sex Slave

You know how you hear that people that are hypnotized will never do anything under hypnosis that they would never do in real life. Now, that might be true for most people but I wasn't sure about my girl friend.

Here is our story -

My girl friend, Sherry, and I have been together for a few years and in the beginning the sex was great but has now gotten boring. I loved her and did not want to lose her but I didn't know what to do.

One day, I was talking to my best friend, Tony and asked him how his sex life was since he was married longer a few years. He said his sex life was great. I a... Continue»
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My bitch

Her bitch is running late tonight and she isn't sure why and not sure she cares why ...she is pissed. He will be punished for this . He knows he must never be late without asking her first even if they were to need him to work late he should have called and asked. She goes to get his leash and collar and a whip. Then returns to the living room waiting to hear him pull in the drive way. She could call and see where he is but it is his responsibility to call for permission. So she will just wait. She hears the dogs begin to bark in the yard she knows her bitch is home .she walks over to the d... Continue»
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Times are rough theses days and my wife job just closed down. She is not a well woman and is having a difficult time finding employment. Just flipping through the paper one Sunday I find an ad for a part-time job I can do without jeopardizing my regular job. I don't tell her about the extra job I'm trying to get. I call the number and get the receptionist. She sets up an evening appointment time for the interview. I arrive at the address, it's an impressive office building in a desolate part of town. I enter the building and approach the security desk. There's a huge woman security guard seate... Continue»
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I Imagine you seducing me, if you will, the feel of leather/latex/silk against my skin, the double headed rubber ball filling my mouth as you sit on my face and fuck yourself. I am unable to speak, unable to admonish, unable to protest. As my delicate flesh is ravished, I feel my body betray me, yearning for the touch, the caress of so many forbidden implements. Will I be allowed to reach the pleasure I seek? Or will I be denied, cruelly, again?

I am willing to serve you as your husband an... Continue»
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Tamara Asser lost her virginity after being a good

What can I say? I was a young innocent girl from California. My mom just moved us across the country. I arrived when I was younger and spent the entire year trying to meet new friends. I met a few, mainly older guys wanting me to go out with them. One winter day I met this Mexican guy, I think I was 18. My birthday is in March, so it is a little foggy, lol! He couldn’t keep his eyes off from me and every day he would come by my school and ask me out. He kept bothering me walking home from school. One day he followed me and walked up to me and begged me to go to the movies. I agreed, finally, ... Continue»
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The Special Agent

The Special Agent walked into the imposing office through the huge double doors.

Waiting for him, perched on the edge of her desk was his boss, the imposing Ms Jones. Ms. Jones wore her hair in a tight bun. That, her glasses and dark red lipstick, her dark navy business suit and high heels gave her an air of authority.

She was not one to be messed with.

“Ahhh. Simon." she said. “I gather you’re here for your final test.”

“That is correct Ma’am.”

She walked back behind her desk placed both hands on the leather writing pad, leaning slightly forward. Simon often though the old fa... Continue»
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Chapter 1 Fishing

I was in a restaurant one night in Florida and there was a mature guy sitting at the bar with a woman who appeared to be his wife. Being what I am, I noticed that they were a handsome couple. She was rather short, slim and had long brunette hair. He had an average build, gray hair and was balding on top. I was with some friends sitting at a table behind them.

At one point, the guy turns on his barstool and I notice he’s freeballing! A cock and two balls are clearly visible up the loose leg of his shorts. At this moment, we made eye contact for just an instant. He stood ... Continue»
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the garden party

I should have learnt my lesson not to have to much to drink, after the firms Christmas party when I ended up with two of the younger members of the staff in a back room where I got well and truly fucked by both of them . I got invited to a garden party with a few other female members of staff, our area manager had a nice house and was obviously showing off to everyone at how well he had done for himself, this afternoon was to be a thank you to all the staff for all the hard work they had done over the last year. I got a lift there with three other members of the female staff, I was known as a ... Continue»
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The Train Ride.

The following story is based in one of those old fashioned British first class train carriages. It holds six people, and has a door to shut it off from the outside world. Again, all characters are fictional etc etc.

The train was packed that evening, the commuters all heading home to the leafy suburbs. But luckily Jo had a reserved seat in first class. So there was no rush.

When she arrived at her seat the booth was already pretty much full. Three older gentlemen rather well turned out had already taken up their seats. Two other gentlemen followed her in behind. That’s a full cub... Continue»
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Found this a*****ion story online. Very hot.

A story I wrote for a friend about her own a*****ion, torment and enslavement. Hanna is a relatively normal girl k**napped and thrust into completely abnormal circumstances. But as she is ****d, tortured and abused, something in her begins to stir. Is Hanna really as normal as she seemed?

This story is not for the faint of heart. Though not as extreme as some others I've written, it does contain acts of serious bondage, ****, torture and even my first attempt at b********y (at the subjects request, though I wont say I didn't enjoy writing it.)

Part One

The last thing Hanna could rem... Continue»
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