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Freshman hookup turns into a surprise facial finis

I was a freshman (1st year) student at my university, and I noticed a cute girl in my psychology class. I wouldn’t call her hot or gorgeous, but she had a cute innocence about her. She had brown hair and blue eyes, she was 5'3, had a nice curvy body that she was almost trying to hide, but I could tell she had something special there. She also had the cutest pair of librarian glasses, and topped it off with braces on her teeth. The first few times I sat near her in class, she looked over and smiled at me a few times. I eventually made a point to bump into her after class and start a conversat... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII – I am Lover of my s****r-in-Law (based on Love Secrets No. 55 cover, Quality Comics, circa 1956)

Me and Wilma, the s****r of my fiancé, never got much along since I started to date Brad. In my side, I had nothing against but, she was so overprotective of him and treated him like a k** that sometimes pissed me off. And I think she never thought I was the ‘right girl’ for him.

But, after a time, he revealed me something stunning: that Wilma was a lesbian. I never thought that she could dig women, even ... Continue»
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A letter for my lover!

It has been too long since I saw you! I can't wait for the first time we have a house to ourselves. I'm imagining when my parents are getting ready to go on and we know we'll have the house to do as we please. We'll be like horny teenagers teasing each other until it's safe to play properly.

We're in my room spooning. I reach around with my right hand squeezing your pert subtle breasts while I kiss the back of your neck, you are biting the bottom lip in frustration. I slide my hand inside your top and pull aside your white bra cupping your tit. I run my fingers from your under-boob to your... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexuality Awaken Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

All during the next week Josh busied himself working on their internet site. Either taking pictures of Sally or networking on other sites getting as much attention to their site as they could. When she was home from work Sally was able to spend a lot of time at Josh’s feet sucking his cock while he surf the net. This went on for about three weeks and then Josh told her they now had three thousand members of her fan club down loading her pictures and watching her suck him off three times a day.
He told her there wa... Continue»
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Tommy's Play Toy

Tommy's Play Toy" - Part 1 of 2

(M+F reluc va tv toys fist oral anal)

Things all started a while back when I met Tommy. We met at a cafe after
he answered my personal in the newspaper asking for an attractive open
minded male. Tommy was just that... attractive and incredibly open.

I walked into the cafe and started talking to him and we immediately hit it
off. This, I knew, was going to be a great match. After chatting for about an
hour he got up and asked me to follow him, that he was going to show me
how open he was and test h... Continue»
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Soft and Sensual Release...

The Night Out

As I checked into the hotel I was tired but feeling very successful, the day had gone well, so a little celebration was in order tonight. Being away from home was painful but there was scope for a little chance to let my hair down and the locals had invited me for a drink and perhaps dinner later.

I walked into the room, it was comfortable, I knew this hotel well, I had stayed here before. I put my overnight bag down and then proceeded to check the room. I took off my coat and hung it up in the cupboard. Unpacked my clothes and hung them. As it was getting dark outsid... Continue»
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The Inaraa incident.

Ryan put his keys in his pocket, stretched his back and tried to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. It had been eons since he had done something like this and although his nerves were second guessing him, it felt good. He took a deep breath, rolled his neck, strolled up to the porch and rang the doorbell. After thirty two beats of his heart (he counted) the door opened and Ryan smiled.
Inaraa leaned against the door frame wearing nothing but a thin cotton tee shirt with an image of Chewbacca and the words kiss my wookie, plastered across the front. Ryan appraised the outline of her b... Continue»
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A Mom's sexuality Is Awaken Chapter 6

Chapter Six

Josh finished his drink and looked at the clock. It was now 4:30 and she has been in there since 11. Five and a half hours she’s been sucking them off. Looking at her on the screen Josh saw she was a complete mess. She wasn’t showing any signs of wanting to stop. Every spurt of cum she would go for. Reaching with her mouth and out stretched tongue trying to get as much as she can. This woman was a real cum whore and no one could say otherwise. Josh was feeling real proud of her. Time was running out and now was only enough time to get her cleaned up for the ride home. Besid... Continue»
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The white teenage boy who as 2 pitch black moms

Hi everyone im Brandin. My mom name is Kisha and my other moms name is Latosha. Yes I have 2 black moms.
Oh yea they are lesbos by the way. I dont even know my real parents are. any way ill let you read the story now.
It was sunday after noon when my mom latosha walked in with the londry wearing a black spandex dress shirt and black spandex pants.
she had huge watermelon tits and a big round nice hipo ass real thin abbs thick legs and strong arms when she bent I stared.
I dont know why tho she my mom that sick. But then agein my dick started geting hard.
She turnd and seen my hard dick po... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter II

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter II
“Enter Darko”, with Darko (OC), Vic (OC), Theodora, Keila (both from an Erotic postcard), Jean Paul (from Stella’s Secret Nights) and Officer Matthews (from Tom of Finland bi art)

Characters are:
Theodora (redhead) and Keila (ebony): http://xhamster.com/000/017/393/107_1000.jpg
Jean Paul: http://xhamster.com/000/029/217/613_1000.jpg (the blonde man licking the blondie)
Officer Matthews: http://xhamster.com/000/033/386/003_1000.jpg

Walking through the hallways, a black man in a black suit walks to find a room.

This... Continue»
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A Mom's sexuality Is Awaken Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Sally just finished making their breakfast when she called Josh in to the table. Josh sat down and starting eating when His mom said that there were some things she wanted to talk about. Josh looked at her and said, what’s on your mind this morning mother?
You know it has now been three days since you whored me out to those k**s at the college and I was wondering if you had made anymore plans for whoring me out. Josh just looked at her wondering if this was her way of proving to him she is the whore he wants. Or could she be wanting the cocks of other men for... Continue»
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2. Getting pregnant and almost busted!


Joey and I had been secretly having an affair for a little over a year when we had out little accident.

It was the spring time, John and I were having our cuckold dates pretty regular now. One day when john was helping one of his other friends fix plumbing I had one of my big dick cravings so I called Joey up and had him swing by. We did this a lot because I liked the risk of not knowing if we would get caught or not. But john has left me alone with Joey before ... Continue»
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A meeting with a woman who has a high heel fetish.

une 19, 2013

An Erotic Meeting with two Sexy Goddesses

Today I attended business meeting and to my surprise is was with two beautiful women.

The first was a young girl was in what I estimated to be her early twenties. She was tall and slender but no tits talk about. She wore slacks which hid her legs and a sexy pair of red leather high heels, I estimated the heels to be about 3 ½ inches .The toe of the heel was long and pointed and the heel, from what I could see, was a very thin a stiletto. The vamp of the heel was a little rounded and low enough to some toe cleavage but nothing wor... Continue»
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Nice GH Experience

After last night's self-pleasure session on web, I had a full day of client service today. Having closed out the business day, I took a drive to a neighboring city. There's a suburb of that city that has a nice, clean, well-managed adult emporium. I've visited several times in the past 3 years, so am familiar with the "toy store" on one side, and the video arcade on the other.

Some of the video booths have glory holes. I try to get into one of them, in case a "connection" can be made. I tend to expose myself well as I watch a selection of videos. This gives a "neighbor" opportunity to catch... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexuality Is Awaken Cha[ter 4

Chapter Four
A Mom’s Sexuality Is Awaken

Josh awoke slowly the next morning with his mother gently sucking his cock like it was the first time she ever had it in her mouth. She never seems to tire at what she was doing. Josh said to her, good morning whore. How is the world’s best cock sucker this morning? Loving what she’s doing his mom replied then got back to sucking his cock. Today, Josh told her, we are going to find some cocks for you to suck off. I want to see... Continue»
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Mr CraigsList Ad

What is submission? It is a place where you are free to explore your innate sexuality without confusion, fear, or inhibition. Being submissive doesn't equate to being dumb, weak, insecure or having low self-esteem-- you can still be beautiful, intelligent, driven, and confident. It simply means you have always felt the need to give yourself and your femininity when around a strong, confident, genuinely Dominant man, an inherent need to serve his pleasures. Now you seek to express this feeling erotically.

Through submission, you will find freedom and comfort by "letting go" and giving i... Continue»
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First Date Domination 2

At first I gave you a ton of attention, either I'd tease you and be sarcastic, or give you compliments until I couldn't think of any more. We both knew why; I wanted you to hang out with me, and I wasn't going to give up until you said yes. And you did. We decided to see a movie together. I'd pick you up beforehand and we'd watch it and see where the night went.

I show up at your place a little bit early so you have to invite me in while you finish getting ready.
"Take your time," I tell you. Grabbing a seat in the living room. When you emerge I stand up and tell you that you look amazing... Continue»
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Mock sexual attack

Jay knew my fantasy was to be ****d.I knew it was wrong, but hey, you like what you like.Obviously I didn't really want to be ****d,definitely didn't, but the thought of it made me so wet.
So we tried a few times to do a mock ****, Jay pretending to be a stranger.It was very good the first time,after a few drinks,good the second time,and not worth the bother the other time we tried.Jay had annoyed me by obviously not making any effort.
Jay told me recently that it was also Elaine's fantasy too.Elaine was Jays buddy's wife.I asked him how the hell did he knew.He said Frank told him.I said I ... Continue»
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Giving Gloria the Details

It was Saturday, and I was going to cut the lawn before the heat of the day. As I walked to the garage, Gloria called to me from her yard next door. "Hey...you owe me an explanation...remember?" I walked over to her patio where she was sitting reading the newspaper. "Sit down and tell me who tampered with me and what happened," she said. She was wearing a loose-fitting short yellow nylon wrap robe, and it was obvious there was no bra under it. Her hair was, as usual, neatly brushed, and other than light red lipstick, she wore no makeup. A pair of high heel mules covered her bare feet, as she s... Continue»
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A Devilish Fairy Tale

A Devilish Fairy Tale by Paddy57

Let me tell you a tail of two little devils called Sparky and Brandy.

The Sparky-Devil was not worldly wise and he like all male devils scurried around with massive pair of horns on his head, a little forked tail and a massive erection, ever upward in his mind. He sought one thing - sex. His whole function in life was to make she-devils squeal with pleasure.

The Brandy-Devil was a she-devil, and like all she-devils she liked to Brandy poor he-devils. She would lay traps for them and Brandy them, make fun of their horns, tweak their tails and fi... Continue»
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