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Mrs. Lucyna 6

The next day, I was awakened by a strange noise. When I opened my eyes caressed Lady Mrs. Lucy Kate. The former is a beautiful sight. Two comely woman with heavy breasts sucked the pussy. When I picked up slightly to get a better look, but they smiled, and Mrs. Lucy said, and as little zboczku like it. For a moment the two ladies somehow coalesced into a hug and started to rub pussy on pussy. My stick at this point was already at attention. I went to a fight and started banging on my cock. When suddenly stood up I saw Mrs. Barry was wearing plastic dick strapped. His eyes came back to me. She ... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter II

Chapter II

Thumping the snooze button on her alarm clock, Angela with bleary eyes registered the time as six AM in the morning. As much as she would have loved a sl**p in that morning, it wouldn't have made a for good first impression turning up to her new employment late and flustered.

Stretching her long slender arms and rubbing the sl**p out of her deep brown eyes, she slowly arose from her bed and made her way over to the shower and commenced her morning ritual of getting ready for work.

With the toileting and showering done, she wrapped a flimsy gown on and breakfasted on some ce... Continue»
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Paula Chapter Six

From Laredo we took a plane to Louisville, Ky. Paula laid her seat back and went to sl**p almost as soon as the plane left the ground. I let her sl**p knowing she was going to again be in for a very long night. She was dressed in heels and a blue business suit that had a very short skirt. After the seat belt sign was turned off and people started getting up and moving around the cabin I noticed guys were sneaking looks at Paula while she slept. Her short skirt was giving them fits as they were trying to get a view up her beautiful legs. Last night at dinner Paula had dressed in a very revea... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVI

Chapter XVI – My General (based on All True Romance No. 2 cover, Comic Media, June 1951)

Being a army wife it’s not easy. Not at all. Being wife of a high ranked man like a general is even more uneasy. Other than dealing with someone who has a high power inside the Army, the fear of of being wounded or even dead frightens me everytime he has an assignment anywhere. Not counting, of course, the time I spend without him by my side, without hearing his voice, without feeling his touch, without kissing his mouth, without m... Continue»
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Dicklette Stamina Training

So, a couple of weeks had gone by. We again were in the routine of work, social and generally busy life. I had been looking forward to what she had in mind, but since it never happened I had kinda forgot - well at least I had put it out of my mind!
However, suddenly as I got home from work on Thursday, she greeted me in with a wet french kiss, and grabbed my balls through my clothes.
"Go and shower" she said, and then paused, "No I had better make sure nothing happens by accident" she squeezed my balls, "I will supervise you, go on get undressed and into the shower".
We both went upstair... Continue»
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A First dinner date with a Lovely Woman Desire

First date :
The day was finally here. She was going to meet the man who had captivated her imagination and who had driven her nearly mad with desire. This is her story, the story of lust and longing brought to fruition, finally, after months of cultivation. She could only hope that it would be as good and memorable as she dreamed. She could only hope that she’d be able to relax with this man and make her steamy promises come true. It was so easy to be sensual when distance separated you, would it be easy in person. Could he pierce the wall she had built so carefully around herself? Could he ... Continue»
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My Mistress punished me because of my temper Part

After I was fucked good, we went to the living room so that I can hook him up with my girlfriend as promised.
Sue came out 10 or so minutes later, she was all dressed in a tank top and some really short pajama shorts, and was looking really good I just couldn’t wait to see my new friend fuck her brains out. She sat with us and I introduced them, she still didn’t know what was going on, she asked how we met? And I told her we were hanging out at the club and decided to hang out at home after they closed.
We sat and chatted for a bit, she seemed to like him but didn’t really seem interested ... Continue»
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After the Show Names were changed

I had been making the rounds going to pubs and night clubs putting on hypnosis stage shows, I was doing 2 shows a night 3 nights a week usually a show at one club just around 10 and then another show at another club around 12 or 1 am.

I had just finished my last show for the night, it was a lot of fun had a good crowd of people everyone clapping whistling and cheering as the people on stage reacted to the suggestions they were given.

The show was over the volunteers were brought out of their dreamy haze, re oriented and let back into the audience, I told everyone thank you for your par... Continue»
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Perle d'Amore (Pearls of Love)

It doesn't matter if I was bad or just naughty.

It doesn't matter just how bad or naughty I am.

It doesn't matter if my being bad or naughty means anything...as long as it was delicious.

All that matters is that I am naughty.

That's the only reason she needs. The justification for her desires. To punish me. To hurt me. To love me with pain.

She leads me down the hallway. Dimly lit with soft lamps, a dark carpet giving way to my heels as I walk behind her. Her hand holds my leash. A thin and bright chain extending to a lock on my collar, black leather, musk reaches my nose, a com... Continue»
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36 dicks for me to ply my tricks

Yea, I had a great party! Thanks for asking. It was
unbelievably wild. And yes, those guys filled every hole! They
knew what they wanted. Too bad you weren't there! You might
have enjoyed it.
The best man called Thursday evening to confirm and give
Jack directions and set the time. Like I told you it was set
for Saturday and I was to arrive at eleven. I couldn't wait!
Saturday I worked out, washed my hair, shaved my
pussylips, and trimmed my pubs a little. I loved to show the
guys my bare, smooth pussylips; I think it turns them on more
than if I didn't shave there.
Of course, wore ... Continue»
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My favourite right now is, to walk into my office at work, my boss sitting at her desk, her legs encased in knee high leather boots, I can see her bouncing her leg and circling it, the toe moving my eyes dazed, following it round and round, my cock urged to grow but I managed to quell the sensation in my shaft, sitting down, as she pulls a chair up so close to me, I can feel her breath, I could have sworn her boot touched against my leg, my breathing quickened was it accidental or not, it didn't matter, my mind was hot with thoughts of things she could do to me.

Reading out my jobs for the... Continue»
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My oral lust and secret sperm swallowing sessions

When I was 18 and a freshman in college I lived in a dorm on campus which sat up in the hills above town. I had meet a guy who was 24 and had a place in town, I fell in love with him quickly and couldn't wait to be out of class so I could go to his place and fool around for the rest of the day. We were amazing together. One day though I did something i never thought I would do and it led me to be open to the type of person i truly am.

I had just gotten out of class and called Jake to tell him I would be there soon and really wanted to have him cum in my mouth, I had been thinking about it s... Continue»
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My Virginty taken by MOM and DAD

I was in a f****y that I thought was really boring and we went to church every

single Sunday! We never missed it and to tell the truth, I was bored as hell with it

and didn't like going at all! Everybody seemed fake to me and I was always day

dreaming when we went. We had one alter boy that was pretty cute and I would

stare at him during mass and I would think about what it would be like to fuck the

guy sometimes! I was a virgin though but always fantasized about sex. I had

never been with a boy before except for playing doctor with my older b*****r

and all we
... Continue»
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Lisa at last

My phone buzzed “in the parking lot” was the text. “Meet me at the side door” I quickly texted back. It was dark out as I opened the door and Lisa slid past. She followed me in silence as we went down the hall and I opened my room door. As I closed the door we paused looking at each other. She had long dark shoulder length hair, dark black eyebrows. Her brown eyes were sexy circled with dark black mascara and eyelashes. her lips were a mild pink, her neck had a dark black choker and she wore a necklace with a black heart. She was in a cute black dress that just covered her small chest with sh... Continue»
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Guess ...about who is this story???

"I am fantasizing about you!"

Mmmm! They say a picture of beauty can speak a thousand words of pleasure...

Well every time a picture of you comes into my mind...damn I find myself getting lost in so much pleasure and desire...that without hesitation I feel my cock getting excited for you...

Wanting you, needing you...and when you're not here I find myself touching myself for you...

I get lost in the realms of wanting my lips pressed against your lips...as our tongues begin to explore the hidden pleasure zones...

Damn just sitting here with my eyes closed I can feel how soft and... Continue»
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Me & Teasyme, Kitchen fantasy

I started this story , because she promissed me a dinner , cooking naked, and having some fun in the kitchen, so i hope everybody wil be happy especially you....Teasyme

With intent of surprising you I quietly open front door and slip inside. The house is very quiet making it difficult to sneak up on you. Just got back from work, making my way through the house coming to the kitchen door finding you standing in front of the window staring out. Sunlight coming through the window makes your light sheer shirt that barely covers your ass and a nice apron over that. Unaware of my presence, I enjo... Continue»
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double play

You have a dream about being abused. So you see a Ad on Craigslist about women wanted for party. You answer it . They hit you back you back with a address. Your nerves because they just sent you a address but your also excited. You go to the place. They gave you a time to be there.
You get there and its a old run down warehouse. Its about dark and your scared. You turn around to leave and walk around the corner and someone grabs you and holds you tight while someone else ties you up. They blind fold you and carry you to a cold damp place and put you down. You hear them leave and a door s... Continue»
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blind date

I have a Ad on line for a blind Date. I but on my Ad everything I want to do. Its real kinky stuff. I get a email from you replying to my Ad . We talk and Your 23 and Im 45 and you agree to Do whatever I want to do to you. I give you a Address and tell you a time to be there.
I tell you to bring more close with you to change into afterwards. You get your things together and your all nerves and excited about our Date. You bet to the address an its night . All you can see is a candle flickering in the window. The blinds are pulled and its the only house around. You really nerves now. We ha... Continue»
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Public Shame of BBW

I got stripped a couple of months back by a gang of girls. I was walking home along a wide alley where garages backed onto houses one dusky evening. I thought it was quiet when I looked down there bearing in mind it runs for a good quarter mile but generally there’s no trouble. It was quiet until half way when a group of these girls appeared from a side gate ahead of me. Loud music came from their house so I’m guessing there was a party in full swing. There were five of them in all, probably aged between eighteen and twenty, all in little hot pants and crop tops clutching bottles of alco-... Continue»
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Tutor and Her s*s

It all started in my freshman year of high school in my culinary class I took just to get chicks, I met the most beautiful girl ever and her name was Maralee. She was a year older than me but I didn't care and I luckily partnered up with her and got to know her really well. She was 5'6", had 36 C tits, a great set of legs that lead to an amazing ass, I also have a small feet fetish and she didn't dissapoint with her size 8 feet with the cutest little toes ever and what looked like the softest soles I had ever seen. She was also Native American like me which also allowed her to have a naturally... Continue»
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