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Exibitionist gets caught

At the age of 35, I had developed a penchant for staying in an old motel
in a major city in the southern united states. The owners were a older man
about 65 and his 55 year old buxom straight laced wife......

I would check in late after 10 pm and take a room on the back, take a shower
putting on a cock ring and position the blinds so that anyone walking by that
were out for a late night smoke could see my large 8 inch hard cock between
my face down naked ass as I pretended to read a porno magazine ....

I was always careful that the curtains were arranged in such a way that only
s... Continue»
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Slave to Gina

Slave to Gina

Nicky was a small time thief. Primarily his speciality was breaking and entering, and Gina’s house seemed the perfect candidate. He had staked it out for weeks, and it seemed like quite a good setup. Obviously the owner was quite wealthy and the house was huge, over 8000 square feet. No dogs around to cause problems, and, other than Gina (who Nicky thought was quite hot) noone else appeared to live there. From his hiding place in the woods out in the back of the mansion he cased the joint with this binoculars. He was obviously going to make a mint here as he noticed lo... Continue»
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Finding out my girlfriend is a whore

I've been dating my girlfriend for 4.5+yrs now and I'm getting ready to propose soon. I'm 26 she's 25 blonde hair big butt 36dd's. When we first started dating she told me she had 10+ partners, has had some one night stands, and had done a few 3somes, and use to let the guys on the football team in highschool eat her out in the locker room before their games. That all was a red flag to me that said she was a slut but this girl was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen and tried to block it out and not think about it and see where this relationship went.

She's always dressed pretty slutty... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter V

Nearing Janet's apartment in the cab, the ladies slowly feeling each other's bodies in their soft leather gloved hands, rubbing their booted legs against each other, their faces connected by soft kisses.

“Well you know what they say”, Janet said releasing herself from Angela's greedy mouth.

“No, what do they say?”

“Good things come in small packages.”

Arriving at her apartment, Janet led Angela up the stairs hand in hand with the brunette beauty, the echoing sound of their booted heels reverberating through the quietness of the suburban apartment block.

Leading Angela inside, sh... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter VI

“After pain comes pleasure. Hope your bottom isn't too sore”, Janet said while nibbling on Angela's ear lobe.

“My ass stings like crazy but I feel so good. Mmmm, the release of endorphins through the pain is something else.” Angela replied back in a whisper while caressing Janet's slender back with her leather gloved hands.

“Mmm, that was some work out!”, Janet giggled “How about your other cheeks, not too sore?”

“No they're fine. I must say I was more taken with shock than the pain to be perfectly honest. Now I know what that dickhead in the bar must have felt”

“Oh you poor darlin... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter III

As Janet and Angela walked into the building lift lobby, their presence was acknowledged by many double takes of office workers waiting for the lift to their respective offices. Both ladies enjoyed the feeling of power which their manner of dress exuded, as if they were a pair of leather goddesses surrounded by inferiors. Every so often, they would meet the steely glance of some jealous female but more often it was the lustful glance of an executive stud eyeing them both up and down and concocting some rendezvous of fantasy in their puny one track minds.

“How long have you been with the fir... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter IV

Janet led Angela to a cosy, intimate wine bar which had been transformed from a musty basement of an old sandstone bank building to a chique establishment. The owners had tastefully decked out the interior of the bar in keeping with its heritage. It was one of the few places left in the city where one could enjoy a quiet drink along with a cigarette. Most of the other watering holes enf***ed a strict no-smoking policy within the premises which meant one would have to leave the building in order to enjoy a cigarette which was quite inconvenient.

Moving through the bar amongst the other patr... Continue»
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My wife and I were going out for the evening and asked our neighbor, Paul, to baby-sit. Marny said she was driving so I sat in the passenger seat and settled in for a nice ride.

Marny looked younger than her actual age, she was thirty eight but looked twenty nine, her body is as firm as ever due to a rigorous exercise program, and strict eating habits.

Like I said, she's thirty eight, she's five feet seven inches tall, long jet black hair that falls to her gorgeous firm ass. Her tits are firm, full globes size thirty six c.

We arrived at the restaurant at 7:00, had a nice dinner with... Continue»
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The shop Keepers wife

When I was 17 I got a part time job working in our local corner shop .The shop keeper was a nice guy in his early 40s ,his wife was perhaps a few years younger but still a very attractive woman.The shop was one of the old sile places with shelves where the goods were stacked ,to reach the top shelves you had a ladder which was great for me sa when the wife, Pauline climbed up I would bend down and get a look up her skirt .This became the object of my wanking sessions .
I will describe Pauline ,she was 5ft 7 inches abut 9/10 stone ,34d tits ,good sturdy legs due to lots of walking ,mousey blon... Continue»
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My sex slave

"I was sick of not getting pussy" thats all I could think of at 3 am couldnt sl**p and feeling sorry for myself I just went for a drive. I was driving several blocks and I stopped at the red light I noticed on the other side of the street I could see a young woman sitting at the bus stop all alone. The light turned greened and I slowly pulled up to the bus stop and the young woman was distraught I asked whats wrong she had just gotten to a argument with her mother and stormed out the house she said. She asked for a ride home and the thought just hit me!!! I would never get a chance like this. ... Continue»
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Dominant Black Tales and Submissive

Did she have a hidden agenda? Was her desire to dominate white men driven by some racial hatred or need to seek revenge for her enslaved ancestors? By all outward appearances, that would appear to be the case. Mistress Desire was far more complex than superficial appearances would allow. Black, strong, confident, and proud, there was no mistaking that the Domina was proud of her African heritage and took pleasure in reducing her white submissives to whatever it was that they feared the most. There was a certain subtlety she possessed that could not be defined by labels.

She chose to meet hi... Continue»
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Coveting my Fathers Wife in Church

I opened the door to the confessional and could smell that the load I shot all over the darkened wood had not been cleaned. It had been 48 since the priest ran out with a pecker swollen from years of celibacy. The thought of a woman who gets on her knees less then a foot from his celibate cock and then closes her eyes and trusts that he is only going to place the body of christ in her waiting mouth, has caused him two sl**pless nights. At first Father Mothcock, was going to cancel the evening confessions afraid I would tell him the details of Moms 5 foot 130lbs body that is 70 percent tits and... Continue»
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Tennis Girl

When I was in High School, I had a crush on a girl named Sindy...

She was a chubby Asian girl of fair complexion. She stood about 5'5" and had light brown hair. I had known her since elementary school, but I never paid her much attention until I reached High School.

I actually remember the first time I really noticed her. One day after school, I was hanging out with a friend by the tennis courts. At the time, it was girl's season for tennis and she was on the Varsity team. As my friend and I were chatting, my attention soon drifted to all the girls on the courts. Even though we were a sm... Continue»
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The Dog Park

The Dog Park

I take my dogs to the dog park regularly and hang out with the same group of people on weekdays and a different group of people on the weekends. During the weekdays, were a really different group of people, were all pretty quiet and mellow, our dogs play or sit together just fine and we chat about our grown k**s, our health and sometimes just plain gossip.
One day our little weekday group got introduced to 2 new dogs; one who loved to run, play, wrestle and his owner, a really athletic looking guy, muscles you could see and others you can just imagine. He seemed kind of l... Continue»
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My new carpool lover!

Good fortune smiled on me yet again this summer. If you keep your eyes and mind open, there’s no telling what you might find. At an office meeting a few months ago my company kicked off a carpool plan and the HR staff strongly encouraged participation. I figured I’d do my part by dropping my name & address into the pool database, but I had no intention of joining an actual carpool. After a few weeks I received an email from the pool organizer, saying that there was an opening in a pool group that lived in and around my neighborhood. Being the good guy that I am, I just ignored it of c... Continue»
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Punishing Nina

Contain BDSM, Humiliation and watersports and is based on NN's BigDDtits

The pic of the fat naked whore that flashed up on the screen of mobile phone whilst it rang Let me know it was that useless fat fuck Nina! It was the 3rd time the cunt had phone me today and each time I'd cut her off. "Yes you fucking fat whore what do you fucking want?" I casually said to her, "I've been a naughty girl again sir" said the voice at the end of the phone. I replied "why are you fucking wasting my time Nina you useless fucking porker? Why don't you just ask me to come round and treat you like the stre... Continue»
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The Interview

Times are rough theses days and my wife job just closed down. She is not a well woman and is having a difficult time finding employment. Just flipping through the paper one Sunday I find an ad for a part-time job I can do without jeopardizing my regular job. I don't tell her about the extra job I'm trying to get. I call the number and get the receptionist. She sets up an evening appointment time for the interview. I arrive at the address, it's an impressive office building in a desolate part of town. I enter the building and approach the security desk. There's a huge woman security guard seate... Continue»
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the night before her wedding

The last few months I had been down on my luck
I had to take a job as an event staff team member.
There was one upside to this job, I had the chance
To travel all over the Southeastern United States.
This weekend we were in Memphis TN.

As I unloaded the necessary equipment and decorations
I bumped into this gorgeous female she looked like a
Young Vanessa Williams, I liked to play Macho man
While setting up the events. Well the more I unloaded
At one time the faster I could get done with the set up.
As always I had a small trail of items that I had dropped
In route to the ballro... Continue»
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Plump Lust

A lot of people might say that I'm a freak or weird about this facination that I have on a certain form of full-figuredness. But it's that pleasure from the thickness that I admire most about the body of these 'rubenesque' like wonders and the joy and poise that they show whenever they encounter someone. But not just ANY sort of 'plumpness', they have to at least have some sort of proportion and depth along with the responsiblity in taking care of themselves as well so we can have more of an understanding of each other, too. I never knew how much ones body could develop and go on fullness, and... Continue»
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"Fish" And Chips

I've been waiting for a quiet moment to sit down and share this!!

The other night about ten thirty, I felt quite hungry, as my wife had already gone to bed because she had to be up really early for work, I decided to pop out to my favourite take away to get myself a bag of chips. When I got to the chippy there was a group of three girls in there being served. They were about 19-20 a bit pissed and dressed to the nines; Short skirts and those massive heels they wear now. Anyway they left and I got served. I'd parked my car down a quiet side street off the main road as there's no parking allo... Continue»
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