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boi pussy

So small and light. How fortuitous, He thinks as the young trick nervously straddles His waist. This is going to be easy. The boi has Daddy issues and acts like he’s charging towards something he desperately wants but is conflicted and afraid. It blinds him to the danger ahead.

He starts to squirm and tries to crawl off the Man’s lap, uncomfortable perhaps by being in such a submissive and c***d-like position, but a firm slap to the ass has the immediate desired effect on his disposition. The boi, startled and confused by his intense physiological reaction to Daddy’s hand, melts helpl... Continue»
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A test for Video embed

Here's a little short but sweet, real life tail you might like.

We used to live in a quite part of Essex, near the Cambridgeshire border. As we were both living with our parents at the time, play-time of a sort, meant having to find different ways to enjoy ourselves. We couldn't really get up to much in our respective homes, which normally meant the odd squeeze of the breasts and nipples, tickling of the, "Bud", rubbing Scott's cock or some finger fucking quietly in our bedrooms. Never being able to scream once you reach orgasm (I'm quite load) was a real disappointment.

When we did wa... Continue»
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Cousin Freda

Ted got a phone call. It was from his cousin Freda. She needed help. The furnace was on the blink, Ted felt sorry for her. Her husband was in the Navy and she was all alone.
"Who was that?" ask his wife.
"My cousin Freda, she needs help"
Ted drove to his cousin's apartment and she let him in.
"I didn't mean to bother you Ted but I didn't know who else to call" she sighed.
"That's ok, I am glad to help"
Ted looked at the furnace. The pilot light was out. He lit it and soon heat filled the apartment.
"Thanks Ted, I appreciate it" said Freda.
"Do you have a beer? ask Ted.
"Lots of it. J... Continue»
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I was having a shower when I heard keys in the door, and knew my husband had come home from work. I dried myself wrapped a towel round my hair put my dressing gown on going down stairs to see him. I asked him how his day had been liked we normally did to each other and he said it could of gone better I told him to go sit down. I then asked how I could make it better. He said in his normal not to charming way, that me having my mouth around his cock might help, I think he was just joking tho,but what he didn't know is what happened earlier. Let's begging there. I was in our bedroom when I came ... Continue»
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After the talk....continued

I was trying desperately to get back into my room thinking some one would hear me retching up my guts and come to see what was going on. Or worst call my folks to tell them what was happening in the backyard. No matter how I tried all I could do was to raise my head up and give Daniel more access to my butt.

As I raised my head up I had to stiffen my legs trying to balance myself and push with my hands at the window sill. Daniel took this opportunity to grip my hips and ram his cock into my tightly clinching bung hole. My sphincter muscle tube must to have been gripping his huge monster d... Continue»
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Wired Up BBC

My wife was out doing some gardening one day and I found myself staring out the bedroom window looking to get a glimpse of her tits as she bent down or a flash of her knickers, don't ask me why when I can just call her inside and she'd rip off the blouse and drop the skirt to the floor on the asking. I think it's because I love women to be feminine and my wife is certainly that.I had a hard on for well over an hour on and off thinking about walking up behind her and sticking my cock into her lovely pussy there and then in our front garden..I decided to get some of her lingerie out and some s... Continue»
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Watching Ana enjoying anal sex

Watching Ana enjoying anal sex

That night after dinner I had a wild sex encounter with my sweet Ana.
After fucking during hours, she told me that she had a date for next night.
I was surprised and asked who would be the lucky guy. My wife smiled and said it would be Jeremy, a black guy from her office, who I had never met.

I asked Ana why that guy was the lucky one and she laughed, telling me she wanted to be fucked in the ass by a giant black dick… and Jeremy had one…and he was willing to sodomize her…
She was wet just thinking about that big black cock stretching her butthole.

Th... Continue»
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Nick was the best Boss, I never thought what my new Venture in finding a better paying Job. I did like my job, but worked my butt into the ground, Heating and Air cond. great certain times of the year. Summer was the best me being Bi was great i did service you be suprised when people get hot they do not wear much clothing, well Damn. remember one call it was over 100deg. 4:30 in afternoon after 7 calls fixed most of them. Longt day The office called well kinda begged me to go by on my way home get her close friend A/C working. She... Continue»
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Ana tries an insatiable man

Ana tries an insatiable man

After a long business trip, I was having dinner with my sweet Ana and asked her if she had anything new going on.
She just smiled and told me about a new guy that she met at Helena's house during the weekend.

Her naughty girlfriend Helena had introduced him as the insatiable Peter.
I laughed out loud, asking why they called so.
Ana got serious, telling Helena had told her the guy could fuck all night long.

And she added she had invited the new guy to dinner next Friday.

All night long I asked… Ana said that's what Helena claimed.
Then I asked her... Continue»
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A Master Talks - Chapter 2

As humans we are all different, but there are generalities that apply to enough people to make them worthwhile general principles which will be beneficial if applied wherever possible and appropriate.

The generalities that concern me here are that men are naturally dominant over women in their sexual relations and that women like to submit to men who are strong enough to take them. The press are reporting that after forty years of Women's Liberation women are no happier. Women have just as much right as men to have careers, take part in politics and do whatever else they want. The problem i... Continue»
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grandpa that I met while fishing

When I was 20 I went fishing from time to time and I met this 68 year old grandpa. He was average built with a little bit of a stomach, he had short white hair, he mostly had a 3 day old beard, he had strong looking hands. He was also really tan. He wore a jacket most of the time and a sweater, black pants, he just looked like a nice grandpa. His skin was nice and wrinkly, pretty big veins on his hands, he had a beautiful jawline, he had very hairy arms, and they looked very strong. He would tell me to fish besides him, we would sit together and talk, catch fish together, he smoked a lot. I wa... Continue»
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grandpa from the train

I was 19 and the grandpa from the train was 69 years old...
On my way back home from a f****y visit I took the train. It would take about 7 hours to come back home. This was one of those old trains that literally goes around 25mph, and it takes forever to get from place to place. There was an empty seat right by an old man and in front of him were his bags, so I just decided to sit right besides him. He looked like a farmer, he was very tan and had very strong looking veiny hands, his hair was white and gray, he wore clothes that mostly old village people wear. He had a lot of wrinkles on his... Continue»
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Meeting my lovely cumslut, part four

You come too, but are still in a dazed state, and you hear the voice of one of the women, saying something about "her being very promising", before you hear the door being closed. You lie there on the floor, on your side, with your mouth half-open, and cum running and dripping from your mouth and masked face... The vibrator has been turned off, but you can still feel it in you, along wth your steel butt-plug... The inside of your suit feels very damp, and wet, especially between your legs... You can still taste daddy's cum all over the inside of your little, overworked, slut mouth...

Dadd... Continue»
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The way I met my husband and found out my cousin d

Me and my cousin are seven years apart and we are related cause my dad and my uncle are b*****rs. Well my cousin was dating my husband when I was 12, she was 19 at the moment. My husband was 23 at the moment they were dating but, I never met him at the time. So they dated for like 2 years and of course they fuck each other. So my cousin had to move due to her parent move to another city but kept communicating each other but then they just stopped. Well seven more years passed i turned 19. I met him I was still a virgin and well I liked guys and girls. Yes I'm a bisexual, started liking gir... Continue»
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Liv's Late Shift

It's after 5:00 but Liv is still stuck in the office. She's annoyed at having to stay after hours. Slipping out of the office without a peep, she sneaks down the hall to the elevators. She hides behind a wall near the elevators out of eye sight of her office until the next carriage arrives. She darts into the empty elevator and heads down to the lower levels under the lobby. Liv leans back and collides with the back wall of the carriage as she rides down. The impact was more than she anticipated but it kind of turns her on. It was like someone pressing her up against the wall seductivel... Continue»
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Sara selected him for his body and good looks and youth. It was for her sexual pleasure. Today was time and she took him to the play room and undressed him. She rubbed his big thick cock and got it hard. He had a nine inch thick dick and nice big balls. She let her robe fall to the floor and put his hands on her DD tits and let him play with the nipples. He knew just what she liked. She jerked his cock and then wiped the pre cum off with a finger and pushed it in his mouth to taste his own juice. She opened his mouth and he stuck out his tongue and she sucked on it as she squeezed his cock tig... Continue»
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Losing my Virginity in a Grindr Encounter

My name is Jason and I was a 26 year old virgin. I’ve always been interested in sex and constantly horny, but the opportunity had never presented itself. That was until last night when I was perusing Grindr, and the local guys.

Let me start out by describing me before getting into the action. As stated, I am a 26 year old, white male. I stand roughly 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weigh in at 135 pounds. Now I don’t frequent the gym, but I do keep in good shape, resulting in toned arms and chest, and a little definition in my abs. Moving south, I have a 6.5 inch cock which is nice and th... Continue»
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(Gay) Mates Cock in a Sunderland Pub

Hiya lads,
Decided to write another story. Been two months since the last one so felt I should really update.
As always, all my stories are 100% true.
If you like this, leave a comment, I really enjoy reading them.
And I accept all friend requests.

This all happened after myself and a group of friends went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Sunderland Empire.

Afterwards we decided to have a few drinks at a bar close by.

I badly needed to use the loo so made a beeline towards the Mens toilets.... Continue»
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Primal 69

We love to snuggle on the couch and watch movies. Funny thing is we've never finished a single one. I take the blame for that because my bl**d starts to boil after being wrapped in his arms snuggling on the couch. His strong, masculine arms embrace my soft curves and my attention starts to wander from the movie to his beautiful body. I hate it when he wears clothes in the house because I want full access to him at all times. It happens slowly at first. His strong hands reach inside my dress and cup my breasts, playing with my nipples. I tilt my head back and gaze into his eyes knowing... Continue»
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House Sitting

One week I was house sitting for my mother who went out of town for a while and I thought this would be a great week of jerking off. This one particular day started with me just being naked around the house all day, then after a while I decided to insert my butt plug and keep it in me as long ass possible. Throughout the day I would wander out in the yard naked and just enjoy the sun on my skin and the thrill of being exposed outside (avatar picture). I would sometimes just lay out in the yard and start stroking my cock but only edging, I wanted to make this an all day session. So later that e... Continue»
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