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Youngsville Part 4: Expanding interests

During the days after my arrival, I got better acquainted with my new household, learning about the Day-Sea’s routines and getting used to the farm. The girls took very good care of me and helped me with anything I needed or wondered about. The girls found a way for me to repay them too, which I thought was more of a treat than a debt.

After they returned from their long working hours I would find them at their usual resting areas. The first one who had free time was Jill. All of the girls left the house early in the morning to take care of the farm or Jessie who would study in town. Jill, ... Continue»
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Early Anal Fun

This is a wee account of me as a teenager in the 90's and some of my first experiences of anal fun.

I can't remember the show but it was late on a Friday, one day in the mid 90's. I was watching T.V, well, flicking between some "erotic movie" on Channel 4 and some stand up comedy thing on ITV.

As any healthy teen boy would, being the only one awake in the house, I had the volume low, so as not to disturb my f****y. I also had my cock out. Unsurprisingly I was rock hard.

But what got me turned on and most excited of all was something Frank Skinner said in a joke. He was talking abou... Continue»
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Billy – bl**d, Sweat and Oil

Sir, Boss, Master, ALPHA, GOD…. They are just words. Billy is all of these things; 6’4”, muscle, ripped, tattooed, pure power, the man, the top of the food chain.
He Texts:
6pm, worship me. Billy.
I’m ready for him.
Around 6:00 I hear the keycard open the door of the hotel room. I stand to greet him as the door opens and the room fills with his presence. Billy is fresh from the gym; his body is shining with sweat, his veins thick beneath his skin and pulsing with raw power. The vest he has worked out in hangs from broad shoulders, clinging to his chest and wet with sweat. My nose f... Continue»
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Turned by Alan and Amy

This is a harrowing tale for me but one I need to set down for my own sanity. It is a true account of how I switched from being a hetro male to a lustful bisexual.

I started to use Cam Zap and Omegle a few months ago and was astonished at some of the poor experiences on there. I started to weary of the routines of it all and there was never any sign of women on there. I don’t know how it happened but one day I started texting a guy on there and next thing my shorts were down and he was dominating me through his lewd suggestions. I admit i was turned on. I ended up 'displaying' myself a... Continue»
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Enjailed. Chapter 1. Road Trip

-Well didn’t you know that driving d***k is breaking the law?-his question sounded too hasty and scared me even more.

-Yes,….well…yea but…I didn’t think….that…..-I couldn’t speak, I was terrified, this couldn’t have been happening. Now I could see, that the other cop was looking at my ass with hungry eyes and I could swear I saw him grabbing his cock. I tried to close my eyes and make myself believe, that I was imagining it, I was gay after all, I have seen this in movies, it must have been my imagination. But the younger cop had enough time to check my licence while he wa... Continue»
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Happy to help

I help a Greek girl, Elena, who lives here in the Netherlands from time to time with some things, she's just in her twenties and came here directly from her parental home because she couldn't get any job in Greece thanks to the ongoing crisis. She could do an extension course on her major at the university here and hoped to find a job afterwards. She was introduced to me by a acquaintance, who had asked me, as a half-Greek, to show her the ropes as it were, because she had never lived on her own, had never been to the Netherlands and so didn't know much about anything and didn't have anybody t... Continue»
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The Long Day ........part one

Her phone vibrate, and a small smile appears on her face, his arrived at the hotel.
The massage says, how wet is your pussy? ........... im knackered, but looking forward to tomorrow.
she texts back," always wet for you babe, rest and we will have fun tomorrow".
the foreplay has started, her nipples hard as a reply to her message just says " 250, come find me as early as you like".
The hours of the night drag, she doesn’t sl**p well, waking every hour, her mind whizzing with anticipation of what the next day may hold, will he have missed her as much as she has him, does she have batteries ... Continue»
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Do or Die - part 1 /10

Do or die

Part 1.

Situation was spinning out of my control. My business was going to crash and whole global economy is shaking badly. I’m Marc, I design houses for a living and my son builds them. I used to make good living out of this, but as money is something what only some people have and banks aren’t going to give loans, my tiny firm is going to crash and burn. I maybe could get a job in other firms, but I doubt it. My son, Pete is also in the trouble and we both have our own loans to pay, so we need a job and really fast.

Sometimes I miss my wife Beth. She ... Continue»
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Femdom Night at the Hotel-Finale

I knelt behind you and took stock of the situation and a few pictures with the Canon. The red welts from your whipping practically glowed against your pale skin. There were fainter marks on your balls where the clothespins had been. Your sides heaved with your breathing as you both recovered from the beating and prepared to take my dildo up your ass. You were ready for it, your hands fastened to your ankles, the lubricant shining between your buttocks. Ordinarily I would just start stuffing my toy into you but I decided to change things up a bit.
"I'm going to unfasten your hands," I sa... Continue»
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The green Sofa by CodeRouge Redcode


translated from French by Cleland

- " I've got a hard-on look...I've got a hard-on I'm hard as a tiger, as an ogre, as a donkey...I'm so hard my glans hurts...It's all purple for God's sake...Look at it !! You're so naughty Red...I mean those photos...What the hell ?!?

- It's sweetened condensed milk...It's not what you think it is...

- Well nevertheless you're the queen of special effects...I've got a hard-on and in one hour I'm supposed to be at work...And you know how long it takes for me to come damned it we're in deep shit ! I can't afford to spe... Continue»
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A Weekend Trip

I wrote this for one of my Muses as a Valentines day Gift. At the time I had some down time while I was in Afghanistan. The main character in it is her, the looks, the style and the moves are her...everything else is fiction...enjoy

A Weekend Trip
You are driving down the road headed out of town for a weekend get away. Your mind is in two places at once, you have a knack for that. Thinking about the past and some of your mistakes and thinking about the immediate future on how you will forget about your past! You smile a little devious smile as you t... Continue»
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The Boat Yard

Where i live on the coast we have a abundance of boat yards and jetty's and these are situated along foot paths that people walk along and exercise their dogs, this happened to me just before my seventieth birthday and remember it like it was yesterday.

One of our neighbours was a gentleman in his sixty,s and was at some stage a master boat-builder in the dockyard and had retired a couple boat to take cruises with his wife and foster daughter who was 21 at the time, however a few months into his retirement his wife suddenly passed away leaving him very upset and angry, but after a short wh... Continue»
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Ayshea doing her best to help with the Bills

Aysheais the perfect babe she has the whole package the beautiful looks , the curves in all the right places , Big boobs , massive ass and lovely short freak with sexy feet. Recently her and her husband been finding it difficult to keep up with all the expenses and living costs in London her husband worked as a security guard and she was a housewife living at home all day she wanted to help out but she did her best to apply for jobs unfortunately she had no luck then she came across a banner on the internet it said make money as a e****t £500 for a hour Ayshea looked at the site and registered... Continue»
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How I was seduced by Older Women - Part II

It kind of broke my heart to see Shawn leave last night. I went to bed feeling very satisfied, and to be honest, my pussy quivered most of the evening; I even woke up once in the middle of the night replaying the events and had no choice but to finger myself to orgasm two more times before falling back to sl**p. I couldn’t wait for the paper the next day. I wanted a second helping of my paperboy. I waited anxiously in my living room for 3:15 to finally arrive. I had picked out a sexy sheer purple nightie had not worn in over a year, and a matching purple thong. My erect nipples were perfectly ... Continue»
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My New Neighbor's Pool and New Pool

I couldn’t stop staring at the woman unloading the boxes from the small moving trailer next door. Ever since my girlfriend moved away from our quiet little cul-de-sac, it was just me and my husband living at the secluded end of town. We had moved to the neighborhood together, and had been quite happy as best friends for the past five years, and now it was just me and Bill stuck her all alone. Don’t get me wrong, we had a beautiful house with a beautiful yard, and all the privacy one could hope for. But now, here we were with a new neighbor that would share our secret back yard, and I knew abso... Continue»
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Weekend retreat

When I go to work, I am in 'boy' mode. I certainly am not the most masculine person, and I am pretty certain that everyone knows my sexual preference. I often get mistaken for a woman even when in 'boy' mode. Whatever. I am who I am... deal with it :)

A few years ago my former workplace had a nice mountain retreat weekend. I love these retreats, not because I become closer to those I work with, but because they are so peaceful.

I arrived at the lodge on a Friday night and spent the next day communing with nature. My fellow workers were doing other activities, and I spent most of my t... Continue»
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Part Four Fucking a Swingers Wife

Part Four
Fucking a Swingers Wife

Suzy and I walked into the bathroom hand in hand, as Jim sat transfixed in his voyeur chair.
Giving Suzy a long lingering kiss I then reached in to the glass walled cubicle to turn the Shower on full blast.
Turning Suzy with her back to me I began to unclip the fastenings’ on her leather look corset.
Suzy unclasped her fishnet stockings from the erotic garment and let her cum stained hosiery drop down her legs.
She then bent over giving me a wonderful view of her recently fucked pussy and ass as she tantalisingly unloosened the straps on her high heel... Continue»
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A Fantasy Come True

Written by corbeau_nl (T.L.)

A fantasy come true

Having come home from shopping, Mia closes the door to her room as she puts the big bag from the shoe store down. While undoing the buttons of her knee-length leather coat she couldn’t help to enjoy sliding her hands along the sides of her body, following her own curves underneath the leather. She’d gotten more and more fond of the touch of leather ever since she bought the coat three weeks ago. Trying not to let herself go she took it off and hung it over her chair. Still, a feeling of excitement overwhelmed her as she knew... Continue»
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Bum Sex, to stop teenage pregnancies

In school we called her the 'Amazonian Princess'. She stood five feet ten in her bare feet, when she was just thirteen.

When we showered, she already had a fuzz between her legs, and a pair of breasts to die for, there was no doubting Sonia was a girl who knew how to pleasure a man, and as we gathered at her feet, she told us of her sexual exploits, and made us hunger for men, sending us to bed to finish what she put into our heads, you could see all the beds in the dorm that night, with teenage girls working their pussies, trying to finish what the Princess, had just described.

By the ... Continue»
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Helping him out helped me out

So I was walking to the comic book store that I have mentioned in my other stories when I noticed a neighbor a few houses down from mine was working on his back fence. (I was walking behind the houses) We said hello to each other but that was about it. He was maybe mid thirties but I didn't know for sure since we had never really talked. Anyway, I went on to the comic book store.

I did my usual up there. Shopped a bit and waited for everyone but myself and the shop owner to leave. At which point I sucked his cock and took a load as far as his cock could get up there. I liked earning ... Continue»
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