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When I was in college, a girl I knew started coming on to me. That wouldn't have been a problem, except she was, 1, very aggressive, and 2, married. I'll call her Meg and her husband Josh. I'd met them through a good friend of mine, a woman I'll call Ashley.

When I say Meg was aggressive, I mean aggressive. I worked in a dry cleaners, Meg'd come in, ask to see me, and proposition me at the front desk. Customers would be waiting, and Meg would be leaning over the counter, saying "Come on, Mark, I want your dick! Fuck me right here!" All I ever did was tell her to go away, but even so my bos... Continue»
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Dominant gay man introduces virgin sissy to paradi

Dominant gay man introduces virgin sissy to paradise..
In a slow process.. of awareness.. of her own gay tastes!
becoming a submissive slut.. has often some delicious steps..
and this story.. is so detailed.. to describe every single moment of slave role acceptance.
I confess you.. for me, it was so hard.. to resist to cum.. during its reading.
so enjoy the sissy story number 21! ;)
Anna Malice
Until your ass turns into a pussy
I had known Mitch for a while, he was this gay man some ten years older than me who hung out with the same people I did. I knew he was into this whole bondage... Continue»
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Airport Layover

My boyfriend and I were headed to my hometown for Christmas and so he could meet my f****y and our second flight was delayed by hours. This wouldn’t be bad except I was so horny I was going crazy so I decided to give him his present early, see we hadn’t had sex yet in fact we hadn’t done anything yet so I was going to give my body to him Christmas night. But hey a day early would be just as amazing so I looked around to make sure we were alone then I started to rub his thigh softly, I rubbed it up until I met his cock and balls. I started to rub them as I whispered in his ear “Meet me in the f... Continue»
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Nursing Neighbor Part III

So now I had sucked Judy's lactating tits, fucked her mouth and pussy, then sucked Debbie's tits, taught her how to give a blowjob and licked her pussy to orgasm. Wow! I thought I was the nerd of the neighborhood.

A couple of days had passed, and as I was getting home from school, Judy called over the fence to me, asking if I had forgotten about her. I stammered a little and told her that of course I had not, but I figured she was busy and I didn't want to be a pest.

Ten minutes later, I was sucking Judy's milky tits and fucking her pussy. She told me that she was about to reach the ... Continue»
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Tall Tales from a Naturist Club

People think that because everyone is nude then sex is rampant. That is not the case, yes sex is there but not rampant, it is easier, but it's not for everyone, as naturists, the true ones, don't see the naked body as a sexual stimulant, but that's not to say, we dont get horny at the sight of a nice cock or pair of tits.

I have been a naturist since the ripe old age of three, introduced into the commune by my parents, a pair of party a****ls and swingers, and yes I can remember things that I was not supposed to know about, happening as I sat watching my horny mother please men around her.
... Continue»
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Manager's Performance Review

It is that dreaded time of year again, performance reviews. Lindsay Lee, my
manager sends out her obligatory email to “complete your
self-assessment and schedule our one-on-one meetings”. I quickly
send my meeting request for early next Friday. Coincidentally, that
Friday happens to also be the same as the company holiday party. She
responds back with a request to be the last hour of the day.

I have always found Linday incredibly gorgeous. She was a little
on the short side, with dirty blonde hair with lighter blonde
highlights. She appears to be from Norwegian or Swedish heritage.
... Continue»
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first blowjob

The night started out going through my drawers trying to find which thong makes my ass look best. After trying on several pairs, nothing fit like the pink g-string, it made me feel like such a whore. I pulled up a pair of lace thigh high stockings, and painfully clipped on my nipple clamps. Looking in the mirror was such a turn-on, my ass looks good in pink. As I start to shut the drawer, I caught glimpse of my huge pink butt plug.My cock instantly turned hard as I realized I couldn't go without it. I bent over, pulled my thong to the side and spread some lube all over tight little hole. I fi... Continue»
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OHGirls: Hard Life as a Hooker

“Me and a few guys from the frat were thinking about taking a roadtrip to Boston next week.” James said as I rode his hard, black cock. I had been fucking him on a daily basis for the last three weeks and he was lying on his back, his hands behind his head while I slid on his shaft like a carousel horse. “I heard your s****r was dancing at a club there this weekend.” I stated, while I held onto my tits to keep them from bouncing. “She’s there for a week and I sent a text to see if she was available. Velvet said that she would be busy, but that we could come by the club if we wanted. ... Continue»
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Nelson was not as huge as Daniel and lighter in complexion, their penis twitched and throbbed as I administered to them. Brain grind deep into me and I felt his penis throb and then the warm feel of him coming deep in my bung.

Nelson pulled away from my lips and went behind me, Daniel gripped my head and said '...come on your mouth and suck my dick like I told you too...' Nelson spit into my sore bung hole and slid his penis deep past my outer sphincter muscle ring, it wasn't much of a muscle ring left. Charlie, Daniel and Bruce had made sure that my anus was lose must of the ... Continue»
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My butt raised up off the mattress giving Charlie unhindered access to my bung hole. Charlie slid his penis back into my anus as if it was a penile sheath and started to rock back and forth as he gave running commentary. '...Good pussy like this have to be used and used a lot. You have to show this type of pussy whose boss and make it beg...ain't that right bitch...' I kept my face turned away from looking Charlie in the face as he hoovered over me, the obscene sounds of Charlie's penis going in and out of my come filled anal canal made enough noise to keep the rest quiet. Bruce came over to ... Continue»
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The public toilet part 2 a circle of friends

Following on from my first meeting with Thomas and Brenda, i was called a couple of weeks later and told to be at there address on the Saturday night.

The day could not come quick enough and to be honest i was a little apprehensive but thought what the heck i have nothing to lose and im not in a committed relationship so go for it.I duley arrives at there address and knocked the door to the old house and waited, the door opened and stood there was an old looking chap but he had an eye mask on which i thought was strange, "come in young man the man said,i duley followed him and he led me to ... Continue»
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A Wild Night

August screamed as her orgasm hit her, her body convulsed as the cock thrust into her again and again. Her hands gripped her breasts hard as her mind absorbed the shock.

"How the fuck did I get here." was her first thought when some semblence of reasoning power returned.

August leaned forward her hands resting on the chest of the man beneath her. She didn't even know his name. How was that for spontaneous. Even as her body relaxed and the cock buried deep within her softened, August recalled the events of the evening. The events that led up to her being naked in the back of a truck, par... Continue»
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A Simple Wish

There is no deep plot here. It's all about sex.


"I am a simple woman with simple wishes. I do not ask for much. There is only one thing I really want."

I want you to fuck me, on your terms, not mine. Let me be your slut, make my body yours for your pleasure. Order me to strip and get over your knee. Let me show you what a good slut I will be for you. Watch as my nipples push their way through the sheer fabric when I run my hands over my body. Moving my hips in time to sultry jazz music, I slowly unbutton my red silk blouse. My hands linger on my breasts as the blouse falls to the f... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXI

Chapter XXXI – Wild Boys (based on Teen-Age Love No. 94 cover, Charlton, August 1973)

I like the kind of man that is rough and tough. I really enjoy men that can handle themselves and have that ‘macho’ look. I’ve dealt with many people in my life to know the kind of boy I want, and the kind I want has to handle me with such ‘roughness’ and have a ‘real man’ way to talk and act.

Living at a crossing point town for bikers, truckers, free riders and whatever kind of people always bring guys to the place, just to spend a night or even to live and make a fortune from sellin... Continue»
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The Birthday

She was naked on the bed with a man and his son. Both were naked and it was the son's birthday and dad wanted him to be fucked by a nasty whore. She was willing to fuck this son every way she could and make his birthday special. They each had a tit in their mouth sucking as she rubbed their cocks and felt them get hard. The son had a nice big nine inch cock and dad was blessed with a much bigger one. She loved to fuck a big cock. She also loved sucking cock and making them cum deep in her throat. She loved sex and could get dirty and nasty if that is what they wanted. She would do anything for... Continue»
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New Neighbours

Jimmy was still in shock over the new condo that he and Dana had just moved into. They had saved up the down payment over a period of about 3 years and now were realizing the dream of having their own place. It was a very nice area and the complex they were in had a pool, rec room and tennis courts. They were still in the stage of unpacking and hadn't had a chance to meet any neighbors yet. He and Dana had put off starting a f****y until they were settled into their own place. It was June and after unpacking for most of the day, it would be a good time to check out the pool. As they put on the... Continue»
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the dirty neighbor 3

hi there if you've been following my encounters you will know what the dirty old man next door and I have been up to if not here is a quick up date .after plying me with his home made wine down in his cellar he made me suck his massive cock. the following day I surprised him in his garden shed where I let him lick my wet pussy then let him fuck me with his big manhood on his work bench. the third and final time happened on the night before my husband and son were about to return from their camping arranged to go out for a few drinks with one of my old school mates we decided to visi... Continue»
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the best

He woke horny just thinking of his sexy naked daughter in the next bedroom. He got out of bed and walked to her room and his cock was rock hard by the time he opened her door. She heard him come in and lock the door. He pulled back the covers and looked at her sexy body. He remembered the first time he undressed her and licked her flat tits which were now big and full with nice ripe nipples. He also thought about when he first licked her pussy and sucked her clit and made her cum the first time. Now he loved licking and sucking her. She was a horny sex machine and could fuck like a two bit who... Continue»
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Watching My Wife With Her Ex (True Story)

This is a true story of my wife Amy fucking her ex husband Mike while I watched.

I met my wife Amy who is twenty five at work who at the time was still married to her husband Mike who is thirty. Amy and I hit it off and shortly after she divorced Mike and would tell me all of the horror stories of her marriage. She would tell me how much of an asshole he was and how after awhile she didn't even have sex with him anymore because he liked it super rough and would call her a "Slut" and a "Fucking Bitch" while he was fucking... Continue»
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Black Friday

I have been out if contract on my Samsung phone for over a year. I wasn't happy with it was looking forward to upgrading. Problem was I needed something free cause college was consuming all of my funds. As luck would have it, Walmart had a Black Friday deal on iPhone 5C. $45 for a two year contract and you receive a $75 Walmart gift card. Seemed like a no-brainer to me.

My friends and I had been out shopping since about 8PM Thanksgiving day and it was now 6AM when we arrived at Walmart. I went back to the electronics and there five people in line to get phones. My chances were good that I c... Continue»
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