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Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey)

Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1
with Lena Headey
by DarkTemplar
codes: interracial, blowjob, deepthroat, anal, creampie

"Breathe. Just act natural, Lena. You can do this.." the Hollywood starlet kept assuring herself the entire ride, as if through simple repetition she might finally strike up the nerve to actually get off the bus at her designated stop. At any rate, her stomach was in knots and she couldn't stop fumbling with her pocketbook.

This was her third time riding the metro bus into the worst ghe... Continue»
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Destroyed on New Year's Eve

New Year's came in with a bang....a gangbang that is!

Went to a party on New Year's Eve and got totally destroyed in more ways than one.Just your normal party till around 11:00 pm then we started playing a crazy drinking game. Tequilla shots were involved and removing articles of clothing. After several rounds of tequilla shots...clothes were all over the floor and every body was d***k and naked!

By the time midnite arrived nobody was even watching the tv and the ball dropping there was moaning and groaning and balls slapping pussy and ass all over the place. I was on the living room cou... Continue»
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Fool Me Once You're Out of Here (Lies eventua

Lies eventually do catch up to you.

Christy was every man's wet dream. At 5'9", she had long, jet-black hair, perfect 36C breasts, and legs that reached all the way to heaven. Her skin was flawless, with a slight olive tint, which made it look like it had never seen the sun. She was college educated, had a fantastic job, in sales with a large d**g company, and loved to watch basketball with me. My only problem with her was that she oozed sexuality, and was a huge flirt. I didn't care when it was directed towards me, but she flirted with others as well.

Like I said, e... Continue»
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A Predicament Strapon Dream

You lead me into the playroom on my hands and knees. I crawl naked behind you, a leash attached to the thick collar around my neck. you lead me to the center of the room, where there is a chain hanging down from the ceiling. "Kneel." Is all you command. But I know I am to be on my knees, back straight, ankles crossed, hands clasped behind my neck. You attach the chain to the ring on my collar, remove the leash, and push the button on the control, pulling the chain up so that I must stay up straight.

You smile that little smile you have when you have something devious in mind. Then move t... Continue»
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Hello Slut Fans!. It's Michelle!

Hello Slut Fans. It's Michelle,

Last weekend my k**s went camping with my parents leaving me home alone. Unfortunately Rene was off visiting f****y so I was left without my regular fucks. I decided to go out and see if I could rustle up a Gangbang so I went down to the local bar. It was still early in the evening but the place was dead for a Saturday. I gave two guys Blowjobs in the bathroom but didn't get fucked. I tried the strip club but it was dead too so I went back home. I have plenty of toys to get myself off with. Plus a great imagination!

Lucky me. As I was walking up the drivew... Continue»
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Daniel's penis was rock hard and not giving any as it plowed deeper and deeper into my bowels, I tired to beat his chest to get him off but it only seemed to excite him more as he picked up his pace and had me moaning even more from the agonizing pain.. I managed to sputter '...PLEA...PLEASE, Dan...Daniel...NO DON"T DO THIS PLEASE GO SLOW PLEASE GO SLOW...' Nelson said '...I see what y'all mean this bitch do likes to be fucked rough. Just wait till Daniel come in that ass, when he get up I'm gonna bust his ass wide open...' Sweat was already falling off of my body and as Daniel continued to s... Continue»
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The Hotel

Paul checked into the Hilton every Wednesday and the bell man knew just what he wanted. He wanted a twenty one year old with big tits, shaved pussy and blonde hair braided in two tails. She was to wear a short skirt, cotton panties, a button up blouse with no bra. Paul was sixty two and loved the young whores. They reminded him of his granddaughter who had lived with him for two years while she went to college. As he checked in today the bell man told him quietly "I have the perfect girl for you and she will be here in less than an hour. You will really like her she is so sexy and so wild." Pa... Continue»
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The slut across the room

Everyday at my crappy office job is is a two tabled office shared by me and a nice 26 year old lady called Bonnie, she wears the same crap all the time trying to show her cleavage but she's just so hot. One time I tried to jerk over her in the office I nearly got caught but i'd figure she'd enjoy it I know deep down she's a slut, anyway one day on a Tuesday doing the regular work she slams the door and says softly alright it's been two years now we gonna do this or not I didn't have time to answer she just pulled down my zipper got out my flaccid cock snd she said the boss ain't in we got twen... Continue»
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Loosing it at New Years.

2013 will always be the year that I became a man. It was that year that I met Keelan. I had not really made any plans for new years eve but was called up at the last minute by Uni mates to go out and celebrate in style. Kerry told me that most from the course would be out and it would be a real laugh. I decided I would go along for a short while before making my excuses and leaving early.

I was a shy guy and never really suited to the company of large crowds. Kerry had told me that it was fancy dress for New years and I was adamant that I wasnt going to dress up. I always feel like I am a i... Continue»
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Loren Housesitting Adventures

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 1

I always loved babysitting for the Brown's, but the idea of three days of house-sitting for them had me so excited I could not wait for school to end. One more class and Sophomore year was over and I was on my own for three and a half days. "Loren, quit fidgeting" Mr. Smits, my Volleyball coach and US History teacher called out to me, bringing me back from my daydream. He was staring at me like he always did, his eyes were trying to burn a hole through the crotch of my white pants. In fact, I was so wet that I was a little worried that the white cotton pant... Continue»
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Fucking Kellie up the ass... :-)

A little while back I split up with a lady I’d been seeing for a couple of years. Let’s call her Carol...

Carol was one hell of a sexy lady. She’d done a bit of swinging, introduced me – in our first few weeks together! – to her little clutch of fuck buddies she had living close to her (with whom we went on to have a few 3somes, 4somes and gangbangs), and included her daughter (Kellie - then just 16!) in conversations about all aspects of sex. One evening I was going over to hers and when I arrived, I strolled into the lounge to find it empty and the TV playing with, I mean TO ... Continue»
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Mating ritual with Daddy and me

CREAMPIED Often and Always do what your Daddy says No Matter What:

Here's my philosophy behind real men and their actions, how to enjoy the process by embracing the moment (dick in front of you), and a story of one of my favorite partners I have EVER had. This guy is just a stud. Old like a Silver Daddy should be (55), but has the MUSCLES (still stocky and slight chubby from drinking beers every day) OF a young teenager with test levels through the roof. He is 5 ft 9 inches 220 lbs thick meaty physique bald and bear beard that screams MAN. He really tested my ability to keep servicing him w... Continue»
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When I was in college, a girl I knew started coming on to me. That wouldn't have been a problem, except she was, 1, very aggressive, and 2, married. I'll call her Meg and her husband Josh. I'd met them through a good friend of mine, a woman I'll call Ashley.

When I say Meg was aggressive, I mean aggressive. I worked in a dry cleaners, Meg'd come in, ask to see me, and proposition me at the front desk. Customers would be waiting, and Meg would be leaning over the counter, saying "Come on, Mark, I want your dick! Fuck me right here!" All I ever did was tell her to go away, but even so my bos... Continue»
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Dominant gay man introduces virgin sissy to paradi

Dominant gay man introduces virgin sissy to paradise..
In a slow process.. of awareness.. of her own gay tastes!
becoming a submissive slut.. has often some delicious steps..
and this story.. is so detailed.. to describe every single moment of slave role acceptance.
I confess you.. for me, it was so hard.. to resist to cum.. during its reading.
so enjoy the sissy story number 21! ;)
Anna Malice
Until your ass turns into a pussy
I had known Mitch for a while, he was this gay man some ten years older than me who hung out with the same people I did. I knew he was into this whole bondage... Continue»
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Airport Layover

My boyfriend and I were headed to my hometown for Christmas and so he could meet my f****y and our second flight was delayed by hours. This wouldn’t be bad except I was so horny I was going crazy so I decided to give him his present early, see we hadn’t had sex yet in fact we hadn’t done anything yet so I was going to give my body to him Christmas night. But hey a day early would be just as amazing so I looked around to make sure we were alone then I started to rub his thigh softly, I rubbed it up until I met his cock and balls. I started to rub them as I whispered in his ear “Meet me in the f... Continue»
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Nursing Neighbor Part III

So now I had sucked Judy's lactating tits, fucked her mouth and pussy, then sucked Debbie's tits, taught her how to give a blowjob and licked her pussy to orgasm. Wow! I thought I was the nerd of the neighborhood.

A couple of days had passed, and as I was getting home from school, Judy called over the fence to me, asking if I had forgotten about her. I stammered a little and told her that of course I had not, but I figured she was busy and I didn't want to be a pest.

Ten minutes later, I was sucking Judy's milky tits and fucking her pussy. She told me that she was about to reach the ... Continue»
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Tall Tales from a Naturist Club

People think that because everyone is nude then sex is rampant. That is not the case, yes sex is there but not rampant, it is easier, but it's not for everyone, as naturists, the true ones, don't see the naked body as a sexual stimulant, but that's not to say, we dont get horny at the sight of a nice cock or pair of tits.

I have been a naturist since the ripe old age of three, introduced into the commune by my parents, a pair of party a****ls and swingers, and yes I can remember things that I was not supposed to know about, happening as I sat watching my horny mother please men around her.
... Continue»
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Manager's Performance Review

It is that dreaded time of year again, performance reviews. Lindsay Lee, my
manager sends out her obligatory email to “complete your
self-assessment and schedule our one-on-one meetings”. I quickly
send my meeting request for early next Friday. Coincidentally, that
Friday happens to also be the same as the company holiday party. She
responds back with a request to be the last hour of the day.

I have always found Linday incredibly gorgeous. She was a little
on the short side, with dirty blonde hair with lighter blonde
highlights. She appears to be from Norwegian or Swedish heritage.
... Continue»
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first blowjob

The night started out going through my drawers trying to find which thong makes my ass look best. After trying on several pairs, nothing fit like the pink g-string, it made me feel like such a whore. I pulled up a pair of lace thigh high stockings, and painfully clipped on my nipple clamps. Looking in the mirror was such a turn-on, my ass looks good in pink. As I start to shut the drawer, I caught glimpse of my huge pink butt plug.My cock instantly turned hard as I realized I couldn't go without it. I bent over, pulled my thong to the side and spread some lube all over tight little hole. I fi... Continue»
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OHGirls: Hard Life as a Hooker

“Me and a few guys from the frat were thinking about taking a roadtrip to Boston next week.” James said as I rode his hard, black cock. I had been fucking him on a daily basis for the last three weeks and he was lying on his back, his hands behind his head while I slid on his shaft like a carousel horse. “I heard your s****r was dancing at a club there this weekend.” I stated, while I held onto my tits to keep them from bouncing. “She’s there for a week and I sent a text to see if she was available. Velvet said that she would be busy, but that we could come by the club if we wanted. ... Continue»
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