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What happened afterwards.

My last blog was all about my first bisexual experience.I ended it at the point where I'd just given my first ever blow job but suggesed things went further that night.

Briefly,I'd been curious for maybe a year.Was thinking about cock nearly as much as pussy although I wasn't into guys or had any interest in becoming bisexual.I just couldnt stop thinking about sucking a cock and concluded the only way I could get past it would be to do it that once.Scratch the itch and move on.Except I was never going to really get it on with another man.

Then my oldest friend returned to the area after ... Continue»
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A naughty fairytale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.
Long golden hair, features the finest in the kingdom.
Skin like porcelain and a body so perfect in proportion grown men would weep at her beauty.
Her name was Eleanor.
Eleanor had a twin s****r named Esmerelda
Esmerelda was also quite beautiful but didn't quite compare to Eleanor's beauty.
Esmerelda had a slightly larger frame but smaller breasts, she didn't have that perfect waist and hips of Eleanor,
Her nose was slightly larger, her hair rather than golden was a dirty blonde.
Although the s****rs were the same height Esmerelda ... Continue»
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Forc*d into a Foursome, Part-1

Hi my dear hot tops, Chandru here with another true experience but names changed apart from mine. Hope you remember the previous two in stories of mine in the theater and a surprise threesome at my home. Since Yahoo decided to close all its chat rooms I had to find a different way to look for guys to fuck me and there I found out about this website called Planet Romeo.
One fine day I created an ID for myself and set out in search of a guy to fuck me and soon I got introduced to a 24 year old sexy looking hunk called Raj from Ambattur. He said he can take me to his friend's place which was nea... Continue»
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I think my son is gay

"Christopher, are you gay?" came the voice from the

The eightteen-year-old sat silently on his bed, too
shocked to answer the question his father was asking.
He could feel his face starting to blush.

"Answer me, son, are you gay? Or maybe you're just
curious? I'm not mad, I just want to know."

Stuart Sloan was not angry at his son. To the contrary,
he was rather aroused by the idea that his son
might be a faggot who would let a man shove his
penis up his tight little ass. Like many paranoid
parents in contemporary America, he regularly checked
his k**'s inte... Continue»
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Rose Petals

I walk into the house and see a trail of rose petals…I follow them into the kitchen where I find a note and a glass of wine. “Take off all your clothes, grab the glass of wine, and follow the rose petals to the master bathroom.” With a smile on my face I do as the note says. Slowly I remove my coat, then I start unzipping that little black dress I wore just for you. I know it’s your favorite. You love the way it hugs my body, showing all my curves. I let my dress fall to the floor and I step out of it. Standing in the kitchen with just my black lace bra and matching panties and my 5in heels on... Continue»
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Swinging with Alison.

So I went with my girlfriend Alison to her friend Sandra's house. Sandra is a bbw. She has long dark hair, blue eyes, big tits and a big ass. Sandra's boyfriend Joey wasn't home so I hung out for a bit then I left. Alison stayed the night and then came home the next day. we hung out all day and when we laid in bed she said she wanted to talk to me about something. I said okay lets talk. She went on to say that Sandra showed her a picture of Joey's cock. She said it was huge like 10 inches. I said okay so what are you getting at. She went on and said that Sandra wants to swing with us. Alison s... Continue»
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Cruising in Pueblo-First time

I remember my first times cruising. The very first time I went to Mineral Palace park I was just out of high school and 18, getting ready to enter the military. I was at the park with my cousin and his girlfriend and we were drinking a few beers. I went to the public bathroom and saw some of the graffiti written and it intrigued me. I had an excited, tingly feeling. When my cousin and his girlfriend took me home, I borrowed my mom's car and went back to the park.

By this time it was getting dark, and I went to the bathroom and stood in a stall, pretending to urinate. Pretty soon a g... Continue»
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A Great Truck Stop

I was driving back from a day of sightseeing in far west Texas on Interstate 20. It was late and I was getting sl**py and needed to pee. I saw a sign that said "REST AREA 1/2 MILE AHEAD". I turned off and went to the parking lot in front of the restrooms. Now, most of the rest areas here in Texas had been totally redone. This one was one of the older ones. I went into the deserted restroom and hauled out my junk and started peeing. I had just finished and was shaking it off when I heard the sound of boots on the tile floor. I stayed put to see what was coming in. It was a young mexican man, dr... Continue»
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I met an underwear model and he fucked me!

Hey guys,

I moved to this city because I was tired of LA. The weather was great, but in a city where everyone is an aspiring model/porn star/actor, I was totally intimidated. Who knew this city had guys even hotter. Since I knew so few people, I went to the gym early, went to work, then came back to the gym to lift and do cardio. After around 6 months of doing this I started to look and feel pretty good. I was starting to get cruised in the open shower, and one of the guys wrapped his hand around my cock and tried to pull me into the steam room with him and his work out partner. I... Continue»
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My First Double Penetration

With a whole lot of help from MisterDp! Thank you Sir!!

I was always the shy girl at the back of the class. Leaning in closer to hear the other girls talking about wanking their boyfriends off and having to Google the meaning when I got home. Once I found out the meaning there was nothing else to do but try it out. From that moment on I was so curious about all aspects of sex.

My first few boyfriends taught me a lot about hand jobs and blowjobs, swallowing cum and having my pussy eaten, but it wasn't until I was 20 that I lost my virginity. After that, there was no sto... Continue»
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Used by my Step s*s's Boyfriend!

My mouth went dry. My palms began to sweat. Each creak in the floor board seemed to rip through the entire neighborhood. The fear built so high, that I almost turned back.

But then I told myself, "It's cool. You're the only one home."

At least it seemed so at the time.

I pressed on toward my step-s****r's lingerie drawer. Her bedroom lay silent, but it felt like the teddy bear on her neatly made bed was watching me. I turned it face down into her pillow.

I couldn't afford to get caught. How do you explain to your parents that you get off on dressing up in your step-s****r's bras an... Continue»
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My transformation continued

I was made to feel sexy by my friend... and till to date i cannot forget that feeling of being wanted and being special.

That day in the tree house... my friend had a surprise for me. He said that i had smooth skin and wanted to feel it. He touched my face and stroked my soft hair. He lifted my chin and gently touched my lips. And I don't know what got into me. I opened my lips and sucked his finger. I closed my eyes and sucked his finger. I was doing this for about a minute or two when i heard his voice whisper into my ears - want to see something special? I instantly said yes.

I let go... Continue»
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His Wife

Bree was married to Bob. She was young and sexy and beautiful. Bob was twenty years older than her and treated her like a queen. He loved her body as she was sexy and had a great figure. She had huge tits about the size of EE and a slim waist and a nice full ass. Sex was often and hot and very intense. He loved her big tits and she never wore a bra around home just for him. She was not only huge but very firm and perky. He could not get enough of them. Tonight she was wearing one of his shirts and a thong. She heard his car pull up in the drive and she smiled. He walked in the door and grabbed... Continue»
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Caught by mum's boyfriend - PART 2

It had been about a year since I had fucked Michael. Of course we never told mom! Max had remembered because he would always jump on me and whenever I got out of the shower he would try to lick my pussy. Sometimes he managed to reach it and it still felt so good, but I would stop him. I didn’t want mom to find out what I did to him.

I’ve fucked a few guys during the last year. I thought Michael would’ve opened my pussy up a bit, but it’s still tight, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. I even got a boyfriend! I really love him, but to be honest… He’s not that good in bed and his dick is so tiny! ... Continue»
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son gives it to mom!

We were sitting at the kitchen table, playing cards and drinking, one night. It was me, my wife and her 25 yr old son, that was crashing at the house for a night. I wasn't believing what I was hearing and seeing, as the night grew on, watching them drink and getting horny. My wife was dealing cards and leaning over the table, at her son, and everytime her tits would damn near flop out. A couple times he licked his lips and made jesters, but all I heard was mumbling. After awhile, I started to act real d***k, and told them I was heading to bed. They said they were staying up for a bit, as I hea... Continue»
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Husband looses me in a Gamble

I have been married for three years now. At the time of marriage I was totally ignorant of all sex acts. Though I was considered to be quite beautiful, no boys had even touched me. No one had seen any of my parts uncovered. The farthest any boy could ever go was touch my fingers! In fact I was under impression that women get pregnant when a man kisses a girl! After marriage on my first night, when my husband touched my breasts, I got a terrible shock. I reprimanded him and told him to only talk and not touch me! It took him quite some time to get me let him touch my breasts. But when he touche... Continue»
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Wife Encounter 01

After more than a decade of marriage, and our share of therapy and couple counseling, my wife and I have finally found our way. Throughout the first phase of our life together we have always been attracted to one another, and sex has always been great, and yet we found ourselves constantly spiraling down a path of constant bickering, arguing and shouting.

"Wait for me by the bathroom door".
I gave my wife a short kiss, and made my way quickly to our bathroom. I heard her behind me, telling the k**s we were off for a short nap. Entering our bedroom I took my slippers off, stood by the bathr... Continue»
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GangBang Mom

Hi all..This is Vish here again with a new story of mine. This is my second post. This is a real story. I live in Ahmadabad. My father is working in another city as he has been transferred and promoted so he has to live alone as i do study in Ahmadabad and so mom has to live with me to take care of me. I am 18 years old. My mom’s name is Amita. She is very attractive and does have a good figure as well of 38-29-37. She is at the age of 38 but still she has maintained her figure As per my last story you know that now i said to fuck my mom whenever i got the chance. Now i will lead this story to... Continue»
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I get Fucked as a Woman... part Two

In the first part of this 100% true story, I met with a guy that answered a CL ad I posted. We met and after some strange beginnings we arranged to meet and take things to a higher level.

This is the continuation of that encounter.

My wife was invited to visit her f****y about three hours away in the middle of the state. She was leaving on Saturday morning and coming home either later that night or on Sunday. I told he I had to work at the story on Saturday, and altho I really wanted to go with her I would have to pass this time....(smile)

She understood, and made plans to go alone.
... Continue»
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I get Fucked as a Woman

All my stories are 100% true. Here is a time that I met a guy on CL and it was a fun ride, also my first time dressing in Women's clothes.

I posted a ad on CL, and got numerous hits from all kinds of different guys and some couples. I weed through them, and there was one from a guy that hit my fancy and I arranged to meet him at the local was the first time I had ever posted and wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get killed or robbed. LOL

I got there a little early and took a booth next to the door...just in case, and then as I was drinking my coffee a guy walked up to ... Continue»
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