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My First Woman

My First Woman
***Chapter 4 of my sexual memoirs following on from
4. The Girl
As I have mentioned before, I had started talking to a girl I got in contact with via a yahoo group (yes this all happened in the early 2000’s and a lot of the internet that was around then has gone!!! FUCK YOU FACEBOOK!!!) Her name was Corrine. She was British, not that you would know it to listen to ... Continue»
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Day dreams of seduction

A dream of how two friends fell into each other’s arms.

About 4 years ago my friend Jim's wife Shannon and I had become so close one would have thought us as lovers. It was at time when both of us were being neglected by our spouses. Shannon felt unloved and I felt that I was trapped in a marriage without passion.

My wife Sarah was never the passionate kind even in bed she lacked fire and treated sex as sanitary as possible. She even took steps to have me stop during intercourse to get a towel to cum on. It even took me forcing the issue for her to go down on me. Even when I would eat he... Continue»
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My forst tome.

So it all began when I opened up on xhamster. Never a day in my life didnt i think id find someone here that id meet but it happened. Ive never been with a man but i wanted to so bad, to experience what it would be like to be sexual with one. In my previous post i explained that the only thing i fucked and sucked was my ex girlfriends pink dildo. He made me feel comfortable, never pushed me or f***ed me to do anything and we spoke for years. We finaly exchanged phone numbers, teased each other with pictures and videos. Until finally i grew some balls to actually go through it. As nervous as i ... Continue»
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I wasn't very experienced when I went to a nude beach mainly to look at naked guys. I settled on the little sand there was and there didn't seem to be anyone around. I had stripped off and enjoyed the sun on my bare skin when a guy walked down from the bushland behind the beach. I couldn’t help but look, but he was built. For an older guy he was no flab and tan from head to toe. His chest was covered in thick black hair with a wisp of grey now and then for character. I couldn’t stop myself from giving him the elevator eyes. He was built and hot for an older guy.
When I turned back to him I go... Continue»
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A Phone Call Away!!

i was at home waiting for my wife to come home from work, she finished at 3 on a Friday and we were planning to go out for a meal tonight. it was now 5 o clock and still no phone call, i was ringing her texting her still no reply. i know sometimes she goes out for a few wines with the girls after work but she knew we were out tonight so where could she be?.

i started to worry so i rang her works and the security guard answered, i asked if all the staff had left and if he knew if my wife Jane had left at 3, he replied the building was empty and they all left at 3. now i was worried. who do i... Continue»
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The Bribed Fuck Toy...continues

Billy went to the door and cautiously peeked out, once he was sure it was clear, Billy exited closing the door behind him. I found some discarded paper and wiped away Billy's seed from my achingly tender bung hole. Adjusting my clothes I begin to count back from one hundred(100), I wanted to make sure I followed Billy's instructions clearly.

When I had reached ten(10), I went to the door and listened closely. Hearing no one I slowly opened the door and peeked down the hallway, seeing no one I quickly stepped out into the hall way closing the door. As I turned there stood Billy and seven o... Continue»
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First encounter with Daine

We met on the Internet. She knew my cousin. Diane is pretty, cute and has a nice body. I especially like her chest. She looks good in anything. Her measurements are 38 x 24 x 36. She has a beautiful, nicely shaped ass and her breasts are nicely rounded. Her nipples stand out about 3/4" when they get hard.

I have a 8" cock when hard and Diane would learn to love it. She would love to hold it, stroke it, lick it and suck it. She would suck my cock for what seemed forever, bringing me to body shaking orgasms, sucking cum from my balls and swallowing every drop.

After communicating with eac... Continue»
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Quick Blowjob leads to incredible encounter - Part

I laid back on the bed to watch Robert fuck his wife. Velma took Robert's nice cock in her mouth and gave him a quick blow job. As she sucked his cock, I stroked my still semi erect cock. I was still extremely horny and watching his cock disappear in her mouth and her huge tits swaying back and forth really got me going. Velma had Robert lay on his back and straddled him reverse cow girl. She bucked up & down on him which gave me a fantastic view of Roberts dong impaling her cunt. I asked if they minded if I joined in the fun. They both said "yes please!" at the same time. I got betwe... Continue»
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First time - "Stud's"

First time - stud’s.

A continuation story from “First time stallion” and “first time stallion - Black stallion”

It’s the dead of night, I’d been lifted out of a camper van by my black stallion that not more than 20 minutes ago had been having his way with me in my hotel room. My arms reaching up around his neck while he carries me, my body in an elongated V shape held at his front. His right arm under both my legs and his other arm supporting my upper back. His right hand squeezing into my black self-holdup stockings just above and behind my knees while his thumb I can feel seductively a... Continue»
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Becoming His Again Part Two

Becoming his again - part 2

I arrive home after work and find only Sir at home. I was hoping this was the case as I really wanted to talk with him. I go into the house and walk into the living room forgetting about the rule of removing my clothes when I first walk in the door.

"Sir, may I speak with you?"

He replies "aren't you forgetting something?"

I immediately drop to my knees in front of him, head bowed, eyes downcast, thinking this is what he meant.

"Aren't you forgetting something else?"

It was then I remembered my clothing. I immediately stand up and strip in front of... Continue»
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The Bribed Fuck Toy...

Here I was, standing in the forth floor broom closet of my high school, looking out the window on to the playing field wondering if any one looked up could make out my face. My pants and underwear was down below my knees around my ankles and Billy, one of our school brutes, was behind me.

I heard Billy as he cleared his throat and spit, then could feel the movement of his hand behind me and heard him spit again and more movement. Then he spit a third time and this time I felt his very wet fingers slid between my buttocks massaging my bootie hole.

Billy removed his fingers and I felt a... Continue»
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Most Recent Hook-Up!!!

My story starts with opportunity!!!

It was a Saturday night and I was home alone, around 8:00 that night I started too get horny, So I hopped on here (XHamster) and watched a few videos from My Favorites. Videos like (Fat Boy getting Fucked),,, (Hung White Prison Thug Breeds Tight Bear Pussy), (Jaremy Uncensored),,, & (Black Chub Fucked by Stranger)!!! As I'm watching some of these videos I realize that I can get the business tonight too!!! So I open up a new tap and go to Craigslist, I make & post an ad at like 9:20 saying

"Black Bottom Chub Hosting -m4m" (casual encounters)

and b... Continue»
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Hello my name is Tremel, and I'll like to tell you about a married mom named Nancy who's a Cum loving, ass fucking slut!

I have a friend that I'd worked with at an electronics store, in time I got to know his f****y well. I played ball with him and his dad & fucked both his white slutty s****rs each not knowing the other has fucked me, I can keep a secret I guess.

Well over the last few months I've noticed his mom, Nancy just stares and watches me all the time. One Saturday I was over there house with her son getting ready to go to a local club, & I went to use the bathroom not knowing ... Continue»
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My name is Lisa , I am a 29 year old blond wife of Steve who is 38 ,we are both white and live in London ,England.

We have been married for 6 years , in fact although few of you would believe it Steve's paltry 4 inch cock had been the only cock to have penetrated me in my life.Our sex life had become very lame ,consisting of me opening my legs every saturday night and receiving his weener in the missionary style.

Steve has fertility problems so at least we never needed a condom.

About a year ago Steve brought home a video to liven our sex life up a bit.At the time it was a real shock... Continue»
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Quick Blowjob leads to incredible encounter

My Last day off I kind of woke up late in the morning. I took a nice long hot shower and took my time soaping up my cock and balls. After about 15 minutes of playing with myself I decided to hop in the car and drive to a nearby cruise area that is really close to my house. It is a parking lot in a wooded area where people park when going for walks down the trails. In the nice weather lots of horny men park their cars, get out, and cruise up & down the trails. In the wet cold weather not many people come down this way so it is very quiet. Sometimes horny guys will park in the secluded p... Continue»
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Sharing Anita with a black guy

That Saturday morning, my loving Anita told me one of her regular lovers; a giant black guy named Marco; would come to pick up her; just to take her to his house and enjoy a good fuck session…
I complained on her; reminding that Ana had promised me to spend some time together. When Marco showed up, Ana told him about her promise and then the guy came to me: "We will only be gone long enough to fuck".
I looked at my loving wife and her face showed me that she really wanted to be well fucked; she needed that; but she also wanted to keep her promise.

I was just about to tell her to just go ... Continue»
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Yoing love

It was Friday and Pam stopped by the popular coffee shop before she headed for home. Pam was thirty eight with a hot body. She had nice big firm tits and a great sexy ass. As she was drinking her coffee she began talking with Matt who had just turned eighteen two months before. He was so good looking and kept eyeing her tits. When Pam left she took Matt with her to her house. When they got in the car she pulled him to her and kissed him giving him lots of tongue and he responded by shoving his tongue in her mouth. She undid his shirt and as they kissed she rubbed his nipples. He put his hands ... Continue»
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Vacation 4sum

The lights were blinding but giving me a great view of my husband’s cock sliding in and out of a woman whom we had just meet 3 hours ago, the contrast of her ebony skin and my husband’s tan legs and chest, his white swimsuit area looked so nice against her black skin, she was on top riding him bent forward locked in a kiss I looked over to make sure the video camera was still running as I took one more photo of his cock deep in her, I placed the camera on the table and looked at myself in the mirror, I was naked, my tits sagging my belly a bit too big and my ass getting fat I thought, I reache... Continue»
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Bob the gay tentacle monster 1

“Hey Diesel, do you and your gal have plans for the weekend?” Bob asked with his deep low voice.

I shook my head no. “Nope, she had to go out of town for some training. Why do you ask?”

Bob sighed. “I have tickets to a concert but my blind date canceled. I don’t want them going to waste.”

“I’ll go to it with you, been trying to think of a reason to get out of the house anyways.” I said and smiled when Bob’s face lit up with his own toothy smile.

“Right on, it’s at seven tomorrow. Want to go get some wings before hand?” Bob asked as we headed to the time clock to punch out for... Continue»
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Partner one - Friend’s Dad summer love.

Well, let me tell you my first story about unbridled sex and lust, it happens few years ago when i turned around 18 and how i seduced my best friend father Ram to fall in love with me, my ass and soul. I must admit i fell for him also, although I had some experience with older man, it was very easy for me to seduce them and i got a lot in return. Everything i wanted was achievable by seduction and any man i seduced got hooked line and sinker by my beautiful fem looks and radiating sex appeal. By now dear readers i am number one sisy fem whore in my region and it paid all my expenses including ... Continue»
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