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My trip to the UAE

Recently I was travelling to the UAE for work.

I decided to try Tinder while there.
I started talking to a local girl, I introduced her to snapchat,
She enjoyed the idea of text, video and pictures dissapearing.

I think that made her comfortable chatting openly,
she told me she had never kissed a man, held hands with a man let alone been physical with a man.

We talked for a few days, exchanged snaps, she was inquisitive about sexual things which I happily tried to explain as well as I could. Few days before I had to leave we where texting and I invited her to come see me at my hote... Continue»
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True account of my recent fuck in a lorry

Even as I pulled up to the agreed location, I just didnt expect him to be there.
I had only seen a photo of his penis, that had been enough to get me wet to go and meet him, but I just wasnt sure how genuine he was.

As I pulled up and saw the lorry markings he told me to look out for, I started to feel relieved.
This must mean he’s real? Right?

As agreed, I parked in front and facing the lorry, and I adjusted my hair and makeup in the mirror before I got out the car.
Just as he had told me to, I slowly made my way over to the lorry.
In my highest heels, my shortest dress, my seam... Continue»
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Anal Unexpected

Anal Unexpected

By billy69boy

When I was in my late 20's I met a young nurse who worked at the community Crisis Center. I volunteered there one night a week, after my regular day job. We dated for a while and got along well enough. Neither of us was in a relationship at the time, so the arrangement was very convenient. She ended up moving out of her parents' house and getting her own apartment, which worked out great. I started staying at her place a few nights a week, and eventually our friendship turned sexual, as sometimes happens when two young adults end up naked and sharing th... Continue»
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Three turns into a four

I meet a new bee at work, she had grabed my balls by mistake or so she says! Looking back it was the perfect meet and greet! We talked at work for few day just bullshiting and flirting with eachother. Me playing with her breasts and ass while she rubbed my cock and balls! She was not a shy one and she was a bbw plus size all the way! She asked when we could hook up and if she could bring her friend Beth? Her name was Kelly! In the back of my head I was scared as hell never did I think about having sex with two ladies it just happened! The night started off great skipped eating went straight to... Continue»
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Wham Bam video Cam

Oh great ! , the camcorder's broke . It refused to record on to disc and here was I on a mini break in a lovely Dutch town with glorious scenery and weather ...I was pissed off. However, I enjoyed the rest of the break and had to make do with still photos on my digital camera.
About a week after my return home I remembered about the camcorder and decided to have a look for a second hand one online as I could not afford or justify the cost of a new one when it only got used once a year for holidays. I had a look on ebay and they were all far too expensive and with my internet connection I miss... Continue»
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71 y/o huge dick grandpa fucks me

In 2016 there was a time in my life when I just wasn't horny at all, I didn't have sex for over 4 months. Grandpas and grandmas would ask me for sex and I would just reject them. I am usually very horny and have sex daily but at this time I just wasn't... There was a 70 year old grandpa that I met at the bar in 2015, he told me that he wanted to fuck me, but I couldn't have sex with him at this time because my grandpa was staying at my house for a couple days, he was just vising me. We couldn't have sex at his house because he was having it repainted at the time. I promised the old man that I ... Continue»
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RP Log : Herm dragon on male coyote

You: 19/herm/dragon/bi
Stranger: hi
You: hey :)
Stranger: Well aren't you a sexy thing? 20/m/coyote ....
You: Thanks :3
You: you look quite tasty yourself
You: do you like dickgirls?
Stranger: I do
You: what do you like about dickgirls exactly?
You: *starts stroking her cock gently*
Stranger: *watching you stroke* What's not to like? Best of both worlds in one sexy package. hehe
You: *turn around as I stroke my dick, giving you the full view of my big ass, long legs... Continue»
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RP Log : Herm dragon (me) on male human

hey :)
Ref please?
hope you like
do you like dickgirls?
you bet~
what do you like doing to dickgirls?
*starts stroking her cock gently*
Watching them get hard and cum dominating weaker submissive males and women while offering themselves to more dominant men kr dick girls or whatever ~
* watches you and rubs myself */nice
I definitely want to... Continue»
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RP Log : Herm panther (me) on male otter

Stranger: Hiya
You: hey :)
Stranger: asfo?
You: 19/herm/panther/bi****l_genitalia-anthro-are
Stranger: 26 m otter pan
Stranger: very nice~
You: you like dickgirls?
Stranger: mmhmm! :3
You: what do you like doing to them?
You: *starts stroking herself*
Stranger: *Blushes as I watch you stroke yourself* Well I love to help them out in any way I can~ *winks teasingly*
You: I really like riding people so they can watch my big tits and cock flop :)
Stranger: *I smile and nod my head* That sounds ... Continue»
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RP Log, Herm Tiger on Male Hellhound

You: hey =) 21/Herm/Tiger/Bi
Stranger: 25, Male, Hellhound, Bi
You: unf
Stranger: Damn girl ;)
Stranger: Dont like?
You: I like the look of that doggy cock
You: Are you into dickgirls?
Stranger: Yeah. I thought that was a pronouncement of anger not joy ;P
You: oh no I was squealing in pleasure ;)
You: *starts stroking my herm shaft*
Stranger: *Laughs* Well maybe I can help you with that babe. Tell me your name, and what yo... Continue»
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RP Log : Herm Tiger (me) on Male Horse

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like furry.
Stranger: hey
Stranger: ]
You: hey :)
You: asfo?
You: 19/herm/tiger/bi ref :
Stranger: :) 16m Cydesdale bi
You: ref?
Stranger: One se
Stranger: sec*
You: oh yummy :)
Stranger: Heh, nice
Stranger: Dom or sub?
You: sub
Stranger: Dom :)
You: yay! :3
Stranger: ;3
You: I love stallions like yourself dominating me
You: do you like dickgirls?
Stranger: Love them
You: ki... Continue»
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RP Log : Herm dragon (me) on male sergal

Talk to strangers!
Select Language??
21,000+ online now
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like furry.
You: hey :)
Stranger: hi
Stranger: asfo?
You: 19/herm/dragon/bi/sub
Stranger: m sergal 17
You: into dickgirls?
Stranger: yea
You: :3
what do like doing to them?
Stranger: I want you to make a mess as I thrust into you
You: that sounds hot ;)
You: *starts rubbing my limp dragon cock and slowly stroking it*
You: tell me mor... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 15)


Mason woke up to find that Kevin and Stacey were missing. As he climbed out of bed, he heard unfamiliar voices laughing downstairs. He jumped up and went down to investigate. When he reached the living room, he saw a line of people trailing out form his old bedroom.

“What the hell is this?” Mason laughed in disbelief.

“Huh?” A few of the k**s turned to him. “It’s in here!” One called back.

Mason barged past everyone and went into his room. It had been completely emptied. The only thing inside was a large wooden structure that had been painted to look like a... Continue»
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A Boy's First Piss Enema

The Saturday before last, I had an amazing watersports threesome in Hong Kong with a regular fuck-buddy of mine and a "Boy" (only 19) that he'd met. The next day we met up again (just for Yum Cha) and we talked about what we should do for our next session. They were both very much wanting to be able to try piss enemas and so they proposed that we should go bareback next time.

I contacted my partners back in Australia and asked how they felt about me not using condoms with Jonathan and Julian if the three of us got tested first. They know I'm very careful, so it wasn't a problem for them. We... Continue»
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A night to remember

Feeling down about the break up with my girl, I decided to go out to the local dance club and have a little fun. For the past two years I had stayed at home and focused all my attentions on her. She had become way to needy and controling. She was always calling me and asking where I was and who I was with. Now was time for me.
The club was packed and there were lots of hot women there. I found a spot at the bar and watched the people on the dance floor. The bar had changed a lot since the last time I had been there. In those days it was cowboy's and cowgirls having a good time. Now... Continue»
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Muslim housewife seduces black man

Hafsah was a 30 year old Muslim housewife of Pakistani origin. Her husband's name was Osman and he had successfully reached a high position in a firm so this meant that Hafsah was fortunate enough to live in a large house and be free from having to get a job. But a downside was that Hafsah was all alone and would miss the romantic fucking sessions she had after they had their arranged marriage.

Hafsah was a very fair skinned lady who had long hair, large round breasts and a firm ass. She would usually wear a shalwar kameez at home and when she would go out she would wear an abayah upon leav... Continue»
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One story of many

I had been dressing as long as I could remember...high school presented some interesting encounters. Two of my friends and I had an on-going oral gratification club going for several years until I was caught wearing a lovely black cocktail dress with crisscrossing front shoulder straps that plunged deep down to the small of my back and sporting sexy black 3 1/2”heels. I had a hard cock in my mouth and another in my hand when my father walked in... so then I was homeless. A friend of the f****y took me in and let me stay until I finished high school. During that time she encouraged me to explor... Continue»
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I grew up learning about sex from a young age. My step dad raised me when my mom walked out when I was just a baby. Dad never sexually abused me but we had a one bedroom house and I slept in his room on a cot and was there when dad brought women in at night to fuck. He did not care what I saw or if I watched. In fact I think it turned him on more. He liked big tit and a big round ass on his women. He would undress them and then he would get naked and he would stand them facing my bed as he got behind them and ravaged first their tits then their pussy. I watched him fi... Continue»
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Two nighs in a row

After my last night at the gloryholes, I didn't get much sl**p. I kept waking up with hard-ons that required my attention. From what I read online, the busiest times were lunch, right after work, and late at night. I decided to hit the right after work crowd and stay there for the night. I took a long, hot bath and dreamed of all the kinky things one could imagine. I thought of all the times I watched my wife get DP, loving seeing a cock sink into her holes. I loved seeing the frenzied look on her face as she was fucked without mercy, then see cum oozing from her ass and pussy and a few times ... Continue»
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Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She decided to take care of him and raise him like her little b*****r. Together they discovered and revealed their feminine side and grew up into beautiful transvestites girls. Discovering each others body and transforming together they soon became lovers, living perfect life together until…


Name: Béa Chan --Lil... Continue»
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