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Sex Education & Single Parents

Ron Taylor was walking down the hall toward his bedroom. It had been a long day. He was just passing Elly's room when he heard something that sounded like a moan. As a single parent for the last dozen years; he had always had a sixth sense when something was out of the ordinary.

He placed his ear next to Elly's door and now he definitely heard her groan as she sounded restless. He was concerned that perhaps she was sick. He slowly opened the door and as he did his heart froze.

Elly was on the bed with her nightie pulled up to her head and in fact was over her face. Her left hand was on h... Continue»
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late night date at work.

Not too long after the lunch date with Kerri, we met again. I was locking up the kitchen. I also grabbed some napkins that were left behind. I clocked out and went over to laundry. I dropped in and dropped off the napkins. I noticed the dryer section of laundry had some lights on. Usually at this time of night, its closed. So I walked over and peeked inside. What I saw was Kerri, who was doing a little dance while listen to music. “Hey Kerri” I said. Kerri turned around and smiled. We chatted about her being here late and how it was just us in this section of the building. “Oh really” Kerri s... Continue»
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Doing the f****y

My pro career was cut short so I returned to my college to start coaching. I had to start at the bottom just like everyone else. There'
s always a crowd hanign around the practice fields and many co-eds show up
I met Cindi about the second week. She pretenede to not know about my pro career and acted surprised
We hit it off and I began spending 2-3 nights a week at her apartment. She shares her place with her older s****r and twin b*****r
Her folks bought the place realizing they could sell it after the k**s graduated. It was a luxury condo and I enjoyed visiting Cindi

Cindi is athletic... Continue»
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My first time. with a step aunt.

I grew up in a f****y where they were all heavy drinkers. My Uncle had been married a few times. And was on his third wife. Looking back now I believe my Aunt was in her early 40’s. My Uncle had a decent house with a in ground pool. So why the adults played cards, talk adult stuff and were getting d***k I would swim with cousins or adults if they wanted to cool off. One evening my Aunt got into the pool with me it was dark. Most of the adults had been drinking for hours, her included. She swam up to me and said would you like to see something cool? Yes sure. Of course! She said to me lay you... Continue»
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Cuckold Club Rules

“So tell me, why do you want your wife to fuck other men?”

Julie and Juan looked at me expectantly. My wife Sheila were sitting in their living room, all four of us relaxing with drinks in hand, while their k**s slumbered upstairs. It was a suburban evening like any other, apart from the topic of conversation. I swallowed hard and said,

“I have a small cock. I love my wife, and I realized that I can’t satisfy her by fucking her. I also realized that watching her have incredibly hot sex with another man is a bigger turn-on than fucking her myself and leaving her unsatisfied. It sounds str... Continue»
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Helping a BBC take my wife

It was a company party. It was quite lavish. They had hired a dance band, caterer, and a full bar. It was mandatory that all employees attend. My wife and I had arrived early planning to be seen and then disappear early.

We enjoyed some food and had a couple of drinks. We danced a few times and I danced with my boss's wife while he danced with mine. After that I figured we had made our attendance known and could safely leave.

We were both feeling a little romantic. It was the right time of the month for her to get pregnant and we had planned to rush home and enjoy making a baby.

Th... Continue»
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A Happy School Life, Part 4

Last night was a great success I thought to myself as I lay in bed. I checked the time on my phone and it was just after half nine. I had work at the store today but didn't need to be there till eleven. I decided to kill some time and phoned Marc, after a few rings he answered;

"Sup man?" I asked

"Nothing much b*o just getting ready to head out." He says down the phone.

"Where you off too like?"

"Mums dragging me to see ma nan, fun times I know!" He complained.

"So what happened last night??" I a little excitably asked.

"Aww man it was amazing!!" He perked up "she wanted to s... Continue»
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The Return of An Ex

Continuing my Sex memoirs

Chapter 5 – The Return of a School Ex
Back when I was at school, I knew this girl called Lara. She wasn’t pretty, she didn’t have big tits, she wasn’t someone you could have social fun. She was chubby, stupid, and always smelt slightly of piss. But she did have one redeeming factor – she was obsessed with me, and I had an extremely over-active sex drive and I wanted to get fucking!
I told Lara I’d like to be her boyfriend and we started an awkward relationship. At school, we only had one class together so we would spend our break-times together, usually behind t... Continue»
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This is the first part of a much larger story we plan on writing. We hope you enjoy

All people, places and events in this story are completely fictional.

It had started out innocently enough with Lucy always fancying the older boys at school. However, she soon grew bored of boys, their fumbling hands and awkward advances not satisfying her growing urges – urges, she found out from a little light internet reading, that were not the sort of thing a girl of any age should be having. She eventually moved on to seducing her tutors, and by her 16th birthday she had already had... Continue»
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Gail is now a key holder

Gail is my son's wife, she is a thirty three year old spitfire. She stands five three and weighs an even hundred pounds. She has always known I think she is extremely sexy but only last month were we able to get on a closer relationship.

After she admitted to me that my son wants to watch her with someone else I too told her about my own cuckold marriage to her mother in law.

While showing her some pictures on my phone of my wife sucking the cocks of her male friends I pasted a picture of my own penis locked in a stainless chastity cage. She asked who's dick is that? I said mine. She s... Continue»
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I Cheated My Hubby Part 2

Episode 1

Hi, am Maneesha again! I was just overwhelmed with the kind of responses & comments that i received after publishing my first ever true story. A lot of people asked me whether it was the first and last time i cheated on my hubby or whether there were any more such incidents and that i should publish them as well. This encouraged me to write this story which again is a true story.

I carried on my discreet relationship with my b*****r-in-law for almost an year without getting caught and we both had a lot of fun. But unfortunately after an year or so, he was transferred by ... Continue»
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Sarah's farm adventures pt2

Part 2: Curiosity

This part took place sometime in May, I was sure of this because I had seen the flowers blooming and the crops were at their peak for the season. I also recall summer being near, due to the warmer weather and I had just turned fortein a few weeks back. I still seemed to be very much addicted to masturbation, and for a while I had thoughts of what it would be like to have sex frequently crossing the back of my mind whenever I did it.

You see... At the time I had only heard of the pleasures men and women experience during sex. I knew it felt something like when I touched... Continue»
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I Cheated My Hubby Part 1

Its absolutely a true story of my life. It happened about a year before. My name is Manisha. I was 38 then, today am 39 with attractive looks and a good figure to turn many heads around.

I could say my figure is 38 - 28 - 40 and although i dont exercise, i do keep a watch on my diet. I am aware that my breasts and my buttocks get the maximum attention.

My husband Rajesh is working as Head of Marketing dept for one of the reputed petroleum companies in India and often keeps travelling a lot within and outside India. He is almost 9 years older than me.

I have 3 more s****rs and i bei... Continue»
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Chem 101

Written to entice the physical feelings

The classroom was hot and the air stagnant. Once again I found myself slipping in and out of sl**p. The lids of my eyes felt heavy, and my arm didn’t seem to want to hold my head up with much strength.

The chemistry teacher was going on about important things that would probably be on the test. But after an hour of the mind numbing explanations that didn’t make sense, and wouldn’t make sense until I reviewed after class, my brain was full to it’s maximum. Just a few seconds of sweet relief for my eyes, under the florescent lighting would be enough…... Continue»
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Cousins spesial lessons by mom

A Lesson from Mom


What could be worse than to be 18 and have your mother catch you
fucking your boyfriend? Nothing, right?
Wrong. Mom came home early one afternoon, earlier than I'd
expected. She caught us, alright, but she caught my cousin, Ann, too.
We were in bed together, with my boyfriend. Ann was kneeling, ass
curved high over drawn up knees, face buried in my thrusting crotch.
My naked thighs covered her ears.
Jim had just come in Ann's sweet pussy when Mom walked into the
room. The writhing of my hips ceased abruptly as I froze in shock and
fear. Ann took the su... Continue»
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69-ing Man-on-Top

Admittedly, I have not done this often, but on at least two occasions with two separate women I, a man, have engaged in 69 position on top. I thought I'd put this out there because I have a buddy who can not believe that I have tried this position. In his mind, he can not get past the idea of a guy exposing his anus like that for a woman to view up front and personally which such a position allows.

I'll recount the first time I did this which took place in the early 2000's. One theme in my sexual history is 'life imitates porn ... most typically 70's porn.' This was no exception. Sho... Continue»
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Mother watched as my virginity was taken.

Seducing my Daughter's boyfriend

God, he looked delicious, now I knew that feeling of desire, those middle-aged people feel for their lost youth. Thank goodness for my mirrored glasses, my eyes, hooded with a mixture of booze and lust, kept dropping to his cock, I wanted to see him thicken, and know it was me he was getting a hard-on for.

'Mum, what are you doing'?

I lowered my glasses, as I do when addressing a person opposite me, in a schoolmarmish way, 'What do you mean', I retorted, blinking profusely, a sure giveaway for a guilty party, 'You're teasing him', she whi... Continue»
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The Barfly's Daughter

So, she was literally holding my cock in her hand when she began to snore. I smiled because I didn’t care. She was just a barfly from the local joint and didn’t realize I was laughing at her, not with her, when she had been flirting with me. When she told me she needed a ride home from the bar, I couldn’t resist finding out what would happen if I did. She was maybe 35 or 40 years old, chubby with a splotchy complexion and chipped teeth, and the snoring just completed her sad state of affairs. I took her wrist and began jacking myself off with her palm. My clothes were s**ttered on the floor; s... Continue»
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I had been trolling the porn sites for a while. Xgerbal was one of my favorites. I'd search for people nearby and usually find some guy showing of pics of his wife. One occasion turned out to be quite eventful. I came across a fellow who had some hot pics posted up that I believed to be his wife. She seemed older, in her 50s, but still had a tight body and some nice fake titties. I struck up a conversation one evening when he was online and he told me some of his fantasies. Most of the usual ones for a cuck-wannabe. He wanted to watch his wife get fucked. Or have her go out at nig... Continue»
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Drinking time

My girlfriend and I were playing in the woods one afternoon. She had just finished fucking herself with her 7" pink vibrator as I stroked my cock and watched her. She then asked if I wanted to lick the juices off of it. I immediately licked and sucked that vibrator like it was a cock and swallowed almost all of it. She then said to me that she would like to watch me suck a cock since I did that so well. I told her that I had already tried sucking cock and really enjoyed it. She asked me to tell her about it (my blog "Drinking Buddy" tells of that story) and I said if your tell me about y... Continue»
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