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The whole chain of events of that one particular day began when my mom came home with a new hair style. It was done on a whim and was much shorter than I had ever seen it. She was nervous and uncertain of her new look and tugged self consciously at it. I immediately voiced my approval. It emphasized the angles of her face that were previously hidden.
My father's opinion was not so kind as he gave it a harsh assessment,
"You look like a dyke," he said and turned his attention back toward the television and the war movie playing.
Mom's reation to this comment was one of deep hurt and s... Continue»
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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 2)

A night light was on providing a dim glow throughout his son's room. Lee
Jacobs did not call Steve's name, but instead walked slowly and carefully
toward the bed. As he neared the bed, he saw his son's body facing the
other direction. Carefully and purposefully, the father slowly pulled the
covers back from his son's bed and then crawled inside to join him. Lee
could feel his heart racing and his cock pulsating. The thought of joining
his son in his son's bed was highly exciting to him.

The father moved into the bed with Steve. He touched Steve's back and
realized his son had put ... Continue»
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The Tentacle Party, Part 2

Part 2, as requested. Its darker, consider yourself warned.

Part 1:

Sarah had long passed from terror into a sort of horrified acceptance. She didn't know how long she'd been in the abandoned building with the tattooed woman. And her friend of course. Her monstrous, tentacled friend who had lured her here and fucked her over in almost every way imaginable.

Sarah had never been pregnant...before. Now, she looked to be nine months along. Her belly was huge and full. She didn't think she could have gotten off the floor, even with... Continue»
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Boy Next Door Fucked my Mature Hairy Pussy

I knew I was a bit of a plain Jane, mother of four, slightly overweight and nothing special to look at and only 28 years old. My husband showed less and less interest in me and I admit I let myself go a little, then the boy from next door changed all that.

It was such an innocent meeting at first; he fetched the empty cups back when I made his mom and some helpers cups of tea when moving in next door. He seemed so shy but ever so polite and I learnt he had just turned 16. His dad had said he would stop with the f****y until the last one was 16 and then he was gone, he left and their mom mo... Continue»
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Massage Fun

My company held there yearly sales meeting in Niagara Falls this year. After a long boring day of endless meetings I decided to go back to my hotel instead of joining my coworkers at the casino. I was never much of a gambler so I went to the hotel hot tub. When I got there I had the tub to myself, so I climbed in, put my head back, closed my eyes, and nodded off a bit. My peaceful rest was soon interrupted by a young couple. They smiled and nodded as they slipped into the huge hot tub. They sat across from me and were snuggling very close and pretty much all over each other. Newlyweds o... Continue»
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backpage shutting down are u serious

Shutting down backpage has to be one of the dumbest ideas sense cars that drive themselves. Ok lets evaluate the situation. Traffickers post their prey on backpage correct ? When they do the police setup stings and saved them and arrest the traffickers right ? So if the traffickers are dumb enough to post their prey on backpage and they get rescued why in the hell would anyone want it shut down ? Trafficking will never end nether will prostitution of regular legal age women. But at least the police had a way to monitor and make arrest. So what will traffickers do next they will simply do what ... Continue»
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Not the weekend I had in mind

I was sitting in the upstairs bedroom and looked around. Great, a small room with a small sink and a small bed. I tried it out and found that it was too small for me. Great, how I loved f****y weekends.Well, at least I had my textbooks with me and a test on tuesday, so that meant that I could retreat up here without anyone saying much about it, which would be a relief, getting away from my annoying nephews and nieces. I sighed and went down, It wouldnt do to stay up here for too long while we had only just gotten here, so I might as well enjoy the relative calmth of not the entire f****y havin... Continue»
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Stolen Kisses

Jessica paused in the dark only a few yards from the rear of her house and crouched by the base of a large pine tree. She'd heard giggling on her walk home from her friend's house. Sure enough, her b*****r, less than 20 feet away, was with his new, hot, but incredibly vapid girlfriend.

"So you want to see them?" she heard the curvy blonde tease. Jessica realized the question was largely rhetorical. She wondered if the blonde could spell 'rhetorical' or use it in a sentence.

"Yes, please." Well, at least her b*****r was polite.

"Okay." The blonde yanked her yellow tank top over her head. "Ta... Continue»
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Fantasy Tribute to Kowilliam

It wasn't like us to meet up with anyone.
The fun was in the ether of the Internet, but here we were! Xhamster just came to reality!

The night was cold but quiet as we pulled into the parking lot of the bar.
We had never been here before, but this is where he asked to meet for drinks! It was surreal. We looked at each other in disbelief as I parked.

A crooked smile hung on Mia's lips. She was already playful and glowing.

She reached over and grabbed me pressing a wet and desired filled kiss hard on my lips.
My tension at the anticipation of the meet lessened. Then while still pres... Continue»
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Son like father - Part 1

Julien sighed as he stepped out of the shower. He always found it difficult
jerking off in the shower, he didn't know why. Guys always seemed to be
doing it on TV but he never managed to get to climax aside from twice when
he had spent about twenty minutes at it both times and had sat down on the
floor of the shower wanking madly.

His dick was still hard now however and he hadn't managed to get
off. Towelling his shaggy black hair furiously he made his way into his
bedroom. His parents were out for the night so he wasn't worried about
being seen wandering around, butt naked with a ... Continue»
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Wife shares herself for me.

So my wife knows I'm a huge baseball fan. My team was in the World Series and I missed out on getting tickets to go. I told her I would love to go downtown near the stadium to watch the game, as the atmosphere would be crazy. My wife agreed and said we could make it a date night just the two of us. Well the day came for game one and she came down with the flu. So games one and two where spent at home watching the game and taking care of her. She felt pretty bad and said if the series made it back for games 6 and 7 she would make it up to me.

It turned out that the series came back to to... Continue»
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My Daughter and Boyfriend – Teaser

My Daughter and Boyfriend – Teaser

This work is a fictional story, and my first attempt at
writing porn. I could only post Chapter 2….Chapter 1
can be read by Friends Only.

--------- Chapter 2

Getting ready for bed that night, Kathy wondered if she should be feeling so strangely about her own daughter. Even after Steve had kissed her Good Bye, and left for his house, she still couldn’t think clearly.

There was no use in trying to deny her erotic feelings from seeing Steve spying on Emmie. She could accept what she was feeling, and perhaps cop... Continue»
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A Mother’s Secret 4 – Owning It

This is part 4 of the story of a mother who has done a taboo porn video to support her k**s. Her are links to the other three parts. Please enjoy and show your appreciation by thumbs up.

It had been a month since Jean, Cindy and Justin had entered into their taboo relationship. To Jean all was going fine. She had quit both of her jobs as she realized her new career... Continue»
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Words on Skin

Lizzie watched as her best friend Jessica brushed past her b*****r again on her way through their kitchen. The house was packed full of people and there was plenty to eat and drink in every room but Jess still managed to find a reason to swing through the kitchen every fifteen minutes to flirt with her b*****r.

"Heya stud," Jessica smiled, "it really is nice to see you back around these parts again. I kinda missed you." She winked, nodded at Lizzie and wandered off again with a few gratuitous wiggles of her curvy hips.

Lizzie's b*****r leaned into her with the question she saw coming, ... Continue»
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Wife unknowingly creampied by a stranger

This is a true story. Short but true. My wife loves cum especially inside her an she really likes being fucked when she has cum in her pussy she said she loves the idea of being full of sperm as much as the slippery lubed feeling. We normally only get to fuck on the weekends do to are work schedules so she tells me y don't you start cuming in a condom when you jack off during the week an keep the condom in the refrigerator an we. An use it on the weekends as lube so I did just that she would poor some out of the condom down over her clit an it would run right inside her the smell of cum and... Continue»
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The Weakness of Man

{Note to reader: This is yet another spin-off story using as it's jumping-off point, certain aspects within Shakespeare's 'Scottish' Play, Macbeth! Hope you like it.}

The setting:

The wet and windy uplands on northern Scotland. The three witches that have bewitched and seduced Macbeth earlier are standing together, looking out through a misty, foggy, cold rain. The eldest witch, whose eyes were long ago gouged out, is being propped up by the other two witches.

"Macbeth," she croaks, "will soon be here. Fear not. For we have captured the very root of his manly essence; and as an anch... Continue»
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The Watch

Once upon a time there was a 18 year old boy call Ben, he had a girl her name was Leanne. She was the same age as him, 5'8, slim, blonde long hair, great tits and a beautiful tight arse.
She was filth, sucking his cock 'she was a deepthroating queen' & a pussy so tight you'd think it was going to break your dick off. But NO ANAL.
Yet he loved all of her but the down fall of falling for a whore is that she's a whore.
She used him & broke his heart.

Many years later, life goes on ,girls cum & go. Ben's now 25, single. She's living with her boyfriend Jack and doing pretty well for themselv... Continue»
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Step*isters spied, groped and tasting sperm part 3

After I lucked out with the older s****rs d***ken state I mentioned in the previous post in this series it was a while before I had another opportunity. I spent considerable time positioning myself and trying to manipulate situations and eventually the hard work paid off.

We were on a beach holiday a couple of years later and I was on full alert.  On the first day I had scoped out the place, noting the private balcony attached to the girls bedroom.   It took me a few days to find a location where it was in view.  The path behind the villa meandered uphill exposing the balcony and a secti... Continue»
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Masochist s*s

Joe gazed in disbelief at what he held in his hands.

It was a book. Nothing special, just a small, black, hardback book.

What was special about it was that it had /Fantasies/ written on it, and
more significantly, the book belonged to Joe's younger s****r, Crystal.

Joe looked around his s****r's room in case anyone saw him. Not that
they could. Joe was all alone in the house. His parents were out
shopping and Crystal was out with a friend.

Joe was sitting on his s****r's bed and had come prowling around her
room hunting for a CD he had leant to Crystal a year ago but had not
s... Continue»
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Stella' s Daddy

Your really have to believe me. I never wanted to become involved in such an illicit relationship. I know that you are going to say: "You were the adult. You should have prevented this from happening!" OK, I accept your judgment; I am truly a worthless piece of trash... but at least one person loves me... You know who she is.
My daughter's name is Stella, and this story began when she was f******n. Stella was young and innocent then, not only socially, but physically. She still had the slim pre-pubescent shape of a young girl. Most girls that age had already become little ladies with swellin... Continue»
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