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In love with mom

EditDeleteSissy187's Blog Trying on mom's dirty Panties part 1
From the first time I fished out a pair of moms dirty panties an tryed them on ,almost 40 years ago, that's when it began for me about 1976 ?
I lock myself in the bathroom An pulled out a pair of moms dirty panties out of the hamper , immediately my cock began to harden, I inspected them , took a small sniff ,then I striped down naked an slowly slid mom dirty pantys up my legs , up over my by now rock hard cock the back over my ass, WOW I NEEDED TO CUM RIGHT NOW . I checked myself out in the mirror , I love it , an still do, the... Continue»
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Halloween, a Pregnant wife...part 2

I decided to write a follow on part 2 to my “Halloween, a pregnant wife, and her slutty friend” story. I recommend reading that first. I hadn’t planned on more because there was nothing else that came from that one off. But, I thought a little fantasy part 2 would be a nice companion piece. So this part 2 is completely fabricated, but maybe it will be fun and a good read anyway!

Once the last of the partygoers had left, we locked up and did a quick assessmen... Continue»
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Don't Get Caught (Part 1 of 2) [League of Leg

“Tryndamere, honey?” A cloaked white-haired woman walked down a hallway alongside her husband, who was hanging his head in his hand. The man sighed, fearing his wife's response.
“...Yes dear?”
“I hate you.”
“I know. I hate me too.” He couldn't even bring himself to look at his beloved as the hallway opened to a master bedroom. Awaiting the couple were two muscle-bound rivals, smiling and staring the other two down, the female finally breaking down in a laugh riot.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, my-*pfft*-my humble queen…”
“Please shut up, Se-”
“AAAAAAHAHAHA! You think you can order me around, Ashe?” Sej... Continue»
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My favorite sitter part 2

If you read the first one, we can pick right up where we left off.
Having had hot sex with my sitter, I began to feel all grown up. I walked around my house with a swagger in my step. I was now the Man of the house. When Mom suggested I go with her to the store, I quickly grabbed her car keys and went to the drivers side of the car, because the man always drives, right? Mom quickly squashed that, laughing as she stopped me from taking her spot in the drivers seat.
The next time I saw Heather, she wasn't sitting that night. She just came by to pick up money my mom owed her from the last time ... Continue»
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Taking advantage of a girl and first cumshot

I hit puberty hard! Subsequently doing some highly immoral things in terms of peeking touching etc. The stuff i feel worst about is groping when going through puberty - i couldn't keep myself away from spying or groping

My first was pretty intensive, when i was about xx, my girlfriend at the time was a year older and came to my house with her mate one night when my parents were away. I had fancied this girl for ages and all i had glimpsed was an amazing camel toe one night when we were both clubbing, i had fantasised about her body so much. She was hammered and could barely stand. We had to... Continue»
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My Second Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

After my first bi experience i didn`t really know how i felt about what actually happened, but knowing that if i met up with dave again i could at least get another human being to touch my cock made it very tempting to meet up with him, especially as girls that i knew were not giving out.

I was o.k Sunday/Monday going about my business but by Tuesday i was thinking about daves big cock and how he could help me out, and then by Friday i was thinking all sorts, how it would feel to be touched wanked, sucked by another guy and even fantasised about returning the favour, to the point i ended ... Continue»
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Aggressive sexually, and a Female

If sex happens it normally takes two people to tango.

I'm the female part of the sexual duo, and yes I do sex on weekends, because I don't just like sex, I love sex, and the ingenious ways and the things men will do, just to connect with me and have a good fuck.

I orgasm, sometimes multiple times during a good shag. One girlfriend once commented that I was lucky, but I told her that was a bullshit observation, as I had to work at cumming successfully, an imaginative mind, and a willingness, to be as sexually aggressive like a man, and I am sure many men reading here, will testify to hump... Continue»
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My First Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy Part 1

This is a true story about My first Bi-sexual encounter many years ago, id had fumblings with girls, heavy kissing sessions, playing with their boobs etc but id never had My cock touched by another person and I was desperate to get some experience.

One Saturday afternoon me and my mates went swimmng and spent a few hours with the girls in the pool messing around and seeing if they fancied some fun afterwards, but as per usual we were left high and dry.

My mates had had enough so said they were getting changed, but I said I'd do another couple lengths and I'd meet them in the cafe above t... Continue»
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peanut butter jelly time!!!

Laura got home from work at around 5:45 PM. She walked in her door, set her bag down, took off her coat and said hello to her cat. She slipped off her shoes and walked to the kitchen. After looking into a couple sparse cabinets she said to herself, "Hmmm. PB&J it is then."

She pulled down from her cabinets a loaf of soft thick slices of white bread, an extra-large jar of smooth creamy peanut butter and an extra-large jar of g**** jelly. She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually.

"It's so ... Continue»
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My s****r in law

Its hard to say when the feelings i have for my s****r in law first made themselves noticed. I will try to find the perfect word's to describe our adventures. We live in a city of thousands on the coast of Queensland Australia there isnt many words to describe me i am just a average bloke doing a average job in a factory. She (Jenny) is a wonderful women who has a busy but unremarkable life with 4 c***dren and a husband who isnt there for physicaly or emotionally.
We first came together after she had told me her problems and said she wanted to leave.
The first time we actually had sex was ... Continue»
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Dog Sitting Boner

I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While ... Continue»
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]The Last Weekend before School Sample

The Last Weekend before School Sample

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. This is the beginning of a new story….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories which will be posted soon.

--------- Chapter 1
Early Friday Evening
Pamie and Billy wrestling……

The last weekend of Summer had Kim feeling good; school would be starting on Monday….Yeah! She hadn’t waited to the last minute to prepare for the first day of school like she had so many times before….she had their schoo... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 3)


The following afternoon, Stacey sat down on the couch next to Mason and turned off the TV.

"We need to talk," she said, gingerly.

"Okay," Mason responded.

"It's about last night," Stacey smiled warmly. "We ought to be open with each other you know. What you saw me doing last night is perfectly normal. Even mothers need to masturbate, especially when they don't have anyone to look after their needs." Stacey's voice was just above a whisper, "The thing that you saw in my butt was my dildo. It's because... putting things in my butt has a feeling of 'wrongness' to it,... Continue»
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Mother In-law Helps Out

Shortly after I turned 32 my wife and I found out that
she was pregnant with our first c***d. We had lived on
our own for a few years, and we lived pretty far from our
parents. We had a decent sized house, since I had a good
job, but with myself working full time, and her being
tired all the time from the pregnancy, there was no way
for us to keep the house up to where it needed to be. And
she didn't feel like cooking either, and one can only
live on so many pizzas.

We both realized that something needed to be done, but I
didn't make enough to hire a housekeeper, especial... Continue»
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Mom's Kisses

Part 1

"I'd really like to give you something extra special
for your 18th birthday," said Mom, as we stood in the
kitchen in the early evening, "but I don't know what."

Well, I could think of something extra special that I
would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn't
foolish enough to say it. For years, ever since I had
begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I
had had a tremendous craving for Mom's big luscious
body. Thousands of times I had fucked her and licked
her and fondled and kissed every part of her anatomy in
my fantasies, spilling gallons o... Continue»
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Halloween: The Book

Halloween Two, 10/10/2016: The Book

Abergale threw her coat over the back of her regular seat at the library next to the window directly opposite the storage heater which for some reason was always on and pumped out huge amounts of heat year round. She sat down heavily in the seat and placed her head in her hands, rubbing her eyes trying to relieve the pain of a head ache that had developed since breakfast and was getting worse by the minute. She got headaches like this every month on her period but that wasn’t due for about another week. It was as if a itch had appeared in her centre of... Continue»
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Becky becomes a sex toy

I grew up with my mom in a trailer park in the south, she worked two jobs just so we could get by. We were best friends and got along amazingly well. It was really hard to say goodbye but she was so proud of me for getting a scholarship at a decent university a few hours away. It was tough we don’t own a car so it was hard to see each other. I worked a part time job to help pay bills but it wasn’t enough and I was getting desperate for cash.
I found an ad in the paper for a best assets contest. 500 to each winner best ass and best tits. My mother wouldn’t approve but it was 500 bucks and wo... Continue»
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tv whore sent to prison

I had been a Bad girl the police had called me prostituting myself on the street corner
I was sent to prison where I knew I was going to suffer and be in trouble as a feminine little slut I knew those big strong man we going to target me. It's hard to hide what you are with my totally smooth feminine body long hair and blow job lips.
Inside I tried to keep myself to myself and hide who and what I was. I couldn't help it
I was soon ridiculed, I was a loner, called every derogatory name under the sun. It should have hurt, but it didn't I enjoyed it. I had always been an attention whore. I cou... Continue»
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Former Mother In Law Went Shopping (Part 2)

Continued from part 1...

So there was Gail, on all fours with her hands bound to the headboard, tits hanging out the top of her bra, a butt plug in her ass, vibrator in her pussy (both held in place by her panties), and my cum plastered all over her face. She was ready to get fucked, but I wanted to have some more fun before we got to that. I moved behind her and slid her panties off, exposing the plug & vibrator. I took the handle of the vibrator and moved it in and how slowly, pushing it in a little bit harder with each instertion so the vibrating tip could tickle her clit. Each time I pu... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 2)


The next morning Mason asked, "What happened last night?"

"Oh," Stacey said. She was standing at the counter, facing away from Mason. She didn't turn around because she couldn't stand to look at him as she spoke. "I guess I was just a little constipated."

"It sounded like you were on the toilet late into the night, you sure you're okay?"

"Sounded?" Stacey reacted.

"..." Mason said nothing.

Stacey felt a little lightheaded, she grinned to herself. "I'm sure I'm okay, it's just a natural thing to do." She continued to face the wall. "It'd be difficult for anyone... Continue»
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