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My Wife's introduction to other men

My wife was 49 years old and we had been married 14 years. She has always been slim and sexy, 5'4" 130#, 36C-24-32, a natural exhibitionist she always showed her panties to other men under short mini skirts in public. I had been after her for years to suck and fuck other men in front of me. She finally agreed to meet a younger man I had ran into online, so I invited him over to the house one evening.

He was a younger Mexican guy maybe 15 years younger than my wife. She dressed in a thin, almost see through black teddy. She was nervous when he arrived and was in our bedroom. I invited him i... Continue»
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Message leads to Massage! And More? [1]

Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name in the original version of this tasty tale of tease and tough treatments
Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name because I wanted to surprise her with my second sexy series of stories

Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as I felt sure, confident of my cunning capabilities to get her hot and wet
Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as a Jenny is as juicy between beautiful legs as a no-name young yummy

Jolly juicy Jenny will be hotly humiliated by my
... Continue»
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Sexy Sarah's Seuctive Insemination

19 year old Sarah lies on her bed, wrists tied to the bed posts, her legs bound by rope as well, wearing sexy white stockings. Her young shaved pussy grows increasingly wet as she awaits her knight in naked armor. I walk in with lube and a butt plug and prep her cute clean ass, then insert the brand new plug inside her with a couple soft "oh's" slipping from her throat. I grow extremely hard while getting her ready, I feel my shaft pumping and throbbing, my head balloons up.

Sarah's nipple become very hard, her tits so sensitive and excited. I crawl onto the bed and hover over her. Lea... Continue»
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T'was the night after Thanksgiving

Twas the night after Thanksgiving, and Taylor and Skylar Hamilton had fallen asl**p while watching a marathon of The Twilight Zone. Skylar awoke first because something was tickling her ear. She had fallen asl**p with her head in her b*****r Taylor’s lap and quickly realized his cock had hardened in his sl**p. At first she was aghast, but she stopped short of screaming when she noticed how big it was. Skylar was no stranger to dicks, she looked like Brooklyn Decker except with a bigger nose. Guys fawned over her everyday, and she indulged a and full of them. But none of the cocks she encounte... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Final Chapter)


Ash sat down, collected herself, and decided to try calling Mason again. For the past week and a half, Mason had hardly ever answered her, and when he did their talks were disheartening and brief. She took a deep breath as the phone began ringing. “Hello?” She asked when someone picked up.

(“Yeah?” Mason answered.)

“Mason? Where are you?!” She cried.

(“I’m at home, remember?”)

“Mason! Thanksgiving break ended three days ago! You’re missing classes! You have to come back!” Ash sobbed.


“Mason? Hello?”

Muffled voices came through the ... Continue»
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The clouds hung low in the distance as Karen Parker rushed out the back door to bring in the laundry off the clothesline. The wind had picked up considerably in the last five minutes, and lightning was beginning to flash through the evening sky.

As Karen began to remove her clothes from the clothesline, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky.

Two seconds later a thunderclap caused her jump in fear.

"Damn storm," Karen snapped as she began to work faster. "I hope Benny gets here before that storm does."

Benny Mann is Karen's eighteen year old nephew. Marge, his Mother and Karen are s**... Continue»
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Life's a Beach

Chapter One: On the beach

The weather had finally cleared, a week at the beach and it had taken until Thursday for the sun to come out.

Bill dropped his towel onto the hot sand, kicking of his shoes and shorts he slid his T-shirt off before lying face down on his towel.

"Better put some sun cream on Billy or you'll burn"

He turned his head to look at his mom who was spreading a towel beside him.

"I guess"

"Here I'll do it"

With that Mary Price knelt beside her teenage son, squirting sun cream onto his back she worked it in. Not for the first time she found herself feeling ... Continue»
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Housewives Nude Calendar, Oh So Wrong.

'OK so none of us are perfect, but what they get is Oh so AU-Natural'.

That brought a round of 'Cheers', and the glasses chinked, as we all contemplated on the task ahead.

We were going to do a nude Calendar for a local charity.

'Who's going to be the lucky photographer', asked Cheryl, as 35 divorcee, with a bit of a man eater reputation. That brought another round of feminine raucous laughter.

I sat quietly back and studied each of my girlfriends, all in our thirties, and still looking good, in a sexual way, most with c***dren and two divorced, eight in all, and all willing to sho... Continue»
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Anal Unexpected

Anal Unexpected

By billy69boy

When I was in my late 20's I met a young nurse who worked at the community Crisis Center. I volunteered there one night a week, after my regular day job. We dated for a while and got along well enough. Neither of us was in a relationship at the time, so the arrangement was very convenient. She ended up moving out of her parents' house and getting her own apartment, which worked out great. I started staying at her place a few nights a week, and eventually our friendship turned sexual, as sometimes happens when two young adults end up naked and sharing th... Continue»
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going underground

Going underground


This story is about a young Mom named Becky and her Son Tommy,
Becky was now 36 and she had devoted her life to her son when her partner left her when she became pregnant,

She always made sure that tommy would never loose out with not having a Dad,
Tommy became a bit of a mommy’s boy as he got older Becky knew she would always have to protect him,
The k**s at school always thought he was a bit of geek and would tease him about him being a mommy’s boy,

As Tommy got older he became aware that his mom was still a good-looking woman and that she still tur... Continue»
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Naked Pussy Roadtrip

Naked Pussy Roadtrip

It was the middle of winter when we finally found time to visit her best friend out in the country. As it was dry with no salt on the road I thought I would take my classic Mercedes W108, dark green with brown leather seats, completely original including it's problems. I had been looking forward to doing some serious miles in it, but she had been in one of her headstrong moods the night before and was convinced she was going to drive, despite not even owning a car at the moment.

"You always drive us everywhere, don't you want to relax and let me for once?" I smir... Continue»
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Our Little Secret

It was almost nine PM. She was asl**p on the couch. I could see her nipple poking through her night gown and her dark areolas were visible. Such a nice supple pair of tits on her. As my eyes wandered down she moved her legs and to my amazement she spread them open exposing her panties. Her black pubic hair peeked out the sides of her sheer panties. I could see her black hairy muff through the fabric. My cock began to throb. She mumbled something but I couldn't tell what she said over the sound of the television. We were in the great room and she usually fell asl**p on the couch like t... Continue»
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wife and daughter bbc sluts

In my last story you read how my wife Beth had sex with my step daughters black boyfriend. Things changed rather quickly around the house after that day. Beth was raised in a southern conservative f****y her father was a minister and her mother taught Sunday school at the church that Beth and her two s****r’s Nancy and Susan attended. Her father had a strong dislike to the other races especially black people. Beth and her s****rs weren’t allowed to date until they were eighteen and Beth was a virgin... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 15)


Mason woke up to find that Kevin and Stacey were missing. As he climbed out of bed, he heard unfamiliar voices laughing downstairs. He jumped up and went down to investigate. When he reached the living room, he saw a line of people trailing out form his old bedroom.

“What the hell is this?” Mason laughed in disbelief.

“Huh?” A few of the k**s turned to him. “It’s in here!” One called back.

Mason barged past everyone and went into his room. It had been completely emptied. The only thing inside was a large wooden structure that had been painted to look like a... Continue»
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Break a Leg

The dress rehearsal had been canceled early due to the snowy weather. Everybody was gone and I was closing up the theater but I wanted to adjust some of the stage lights while it was empty and quite. I went upstairs to the catwalk and noticed a woman standing there looking down on the stage. It was Janet, the star of the show, still dressed in her costume- a 1920's flapper girl. Janet is a real looker, jet black hair, piercing blue eyes and long legs. "Hey Jack why are you still here?" Janet said in the sultry voice of her character. "I am just doing a couple of stage things and some houseke... Continue»
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Mom's Surprise

Mom's Surprise

edited by Cantankerous Cal (11/22/01)


How an accidental encounter led to a fulfilling night of
sex with mum, including oral and anal sex. It was late
autumn and despite football practice being well underway
I was home early as coach had cancelled team practice to
concentrate on the forward play.

As I came down the drive I saw that mom's car was not
there so she was obviously out somewhere. The house was
quiet, as I grabbed a glass of juice in the kitchen and
headed upstairs to take a shower.

Stripping off I dumped my clothes in the laundry
... Continue»
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Message to Massage to more -- [2] Juicy Jenny

Message my Memory ... I sought so long, longing to re-read my sweet sexy seductive hort series of short stories.
Massage my Memory ... I thought for many months of key-words to use in this sites search engine which primitive.

Mysterious Memory ... I miss my my Miss, my slow soft seduction her Hot Horniness to offer ME her Holy Hymen.
Mistaken Memory? ... Horny hot sorry series of stories, where are Thou? -- Mighty Mouse: cute cat clicks, cuts cunt

She ha teased me, asking me to kiss her down her spine and up at the other side to kiss her mouth. I responded ... And suddenly she... Continue»
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Muslim housewife seduces black man

Hafsah was a 30 year old Muslim housewife of Pakistani origin. Her husband's name was Osman and he had successfully reached a high position in a firm so this meant that Hafsah was fortunate enough to live in a large house and be free from having to get a job. But a downside was that Hafsah was all alone and would miss the romantic fucking sessions she had after they had their arranged marriage.

Hafsah was a very fair skinned lady who had long hair, large round breasts and a firm ass. She would usually wear a shalwar kameez at home and when she would go out she would wear an abayah upon leav... Continue»
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Older men are such fun when Hard

As a girl growing up I was met with many challenges. My life was vastly different compared to boys, boys and men saw girls differently, we had what they wanted, and strangely, we enjoyed the attention, whilst denying them of that singular pleasure. They labelled it as 'Teasing', perhaps our coyness, masked with a subtle, will I or won't I, indifference added to the sexual intensity.

I was never more in my fantasy when my b*****r's friends were in attendance, at my beck and call, and I played on it, agreeing to go only so far in their hastily arranged games.

I liked the odds, four to one... Continue»
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Message to Massage to more -- [1] Jolly Jenny

Message my Memory ... I sought so long, longing to re-read my sweet sexy seductive hort series of short stories.
Massage my Memory ... I thought for many months of key-words to use in this sites search engine which primitive.

Mysterious Memory ... I miss my my Miss, my slow soft seduction her Horny Hottiness to offer ME her Holy Hymen.
Mistaken Memory? ... Horny hot sorry series of stories, where are Thou? -------- Mighty Mouse: cute cat click:

We wrote a lot with each other, right from the shy start.
And often added hugs and kisses. Sometimes sexier.
Like las... Continue»
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