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My First Visit to the Adult Book Store (part 1)

My First Visit to the Adult Book Store

After I checked out the Store and Bought that Big Beautiful Cock I went into the booths put some money in the machine (these are more like rooms then a booth you could get about ten people in there) and took off my street clothes to reveal my Pink Mini Thigh Highs Black & Pink Pantys Black Bra small fake Boobs & Chastity Cage and sat down to watch and rub my Sissy Clitty about ten minute the door opened I forgot to lock it and a guy walks in looks at me and says Nice do you mind if I stay?
I said ok, he put more money in the machine and sat down and ... Continue»
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The Birthday girl

Carmen birthday was due in a few days time within the next few days. Carmen woke up feeling a little different, lonely as she look to left to see the empty side of the bed where her husband Ali would sl**p, he was on a business trip, she missed him dearly and the love for each other wasn't there. She felt different after having this particular strange dream during her sl**p. Carmen dreamt of having a beautiful young black female slave to use and humiliate. The bed sheet rippled over her body as she laid comforting herself in the warm cool air that surrounded her in the bedroom. Carmen spreads ... Continue»
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Kandie's Party

Guests should begin arriving at 12:30PM, she (the hosting Cd) said, so be here by noon. You’ll have time to get dressed, apply make up, and I’ll shoot some warm-up photos while we wait. I arrived promptly at 11:50AM. It’s always both exciting and a little spooky meeting a new gurl-friend as it was that day as I approached and rang the doorbell. But, she immediately made me feel warm and most welcomed. I couldn’t help but notice a table in her playroom where there were six of the largest rubber dildos I have ev... Continue»
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Two Of Both Worlds

It’s weird how two unsuspecting people could meet and suddenly end up together in unexpected ways. It all started in high school with my long time and now ex boyfriend, Bill, and my long time and now ex girlfriend, Charlene, we called Charley for short. Charley and I have been best friends ever since middle school. We would talk about everything. The clothes we wear, the girls we thought was unpopular, the guys we screwed. We were like s****rs. Well, sort of. I remember when I was having a sl**p over at her house and we were watching porn. We used to talk about the guy’s dick and how it couldn... Continue»
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Naughty sissy dream!

This is something I wish to happen to me and as mentioned this is just a dream, my sissy dream!

My regular day as a crossdresser, coming home from work changing my clothes to something more erotic, sensual and sexy. Red lips nice makeup, black bra, Red g-string, short skirt, lingerie, nice long heels and I look amazing. Im 22yrs latina 169cm round ass. I start to chat and post pictures of me stripping and posing. The Message board goes crazy with nasty comments and date offers which I get excited. I panic a little and delete them. I get to nervous and afraid that I will be caught. After a ... Continue»
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The story behind some of my fetishes

Well, I don't really write unless I have to; however, a lot of people question the videos in my favorites and thought some of you would like to know how I allegedly "inhabited" some of my fetishes.

I was in a relationship for a little over two years. My ex boyfriend was a white 5'11", brunette with hazel eyes very sweet to me (until the relationship ended of course) yet very possessive.This man influenced so many fetishes of mine; I'm not sure if I consider it a curse or a blessing. As high school as this story sounds, my best friend at the time cheated on her boyfriend with him and I was ... Continue»
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Lisa’s New Role Part IV

When Lisa came to she was on her back, her legs resting on Lydia’s shoulders and had a large black cock sawing in and out of her ass hole.

The thing was, it did nor hurt. It felt wonderful.

I don’t understand, said Lisa.

You were u*********s so your anus was perfectly relaxed when I entered you for the first time. Plus I used a lot of lube. I don’t want to hurt you darling, I want you to feel good with my cock in you as she thrust deeply into Lisa’s Ass.

Lisa grunted in dark passion as the cock filled her bowels. She began moving her hips in tempo with Lydia who smiled down at her ... Continue»
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godess Yeidi Collins

My experience with Yeidi in Amsterdam:
The perfect date.
You have to know that i always was falling for her beauty and her shapes, and have seen each video on the net of her, you can say that I am an admirer too. I have dated with Yeidi in Amsterdam on her last day of staying at Holland. I just found out that morning she was working in Holland as e****t till yesterday before.. She was allready packing but she made a special case for me, after telling her how big fan I am of her.
When she opened the door, she was stunning beautifull, 1.85 tall and smelled lovely. Her dark sexy voice asked m... Continue»
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All characters are over 18

Béa was a sexy femboy when she found Lilly, a wild runaway transvestite young girl. Together they grew up as s****rs, and later on became lovers, living a perfect girl’s life together until zombies attack the city. They discovered by chance that people can be cured by having anal sex. Their neighbour Martin and 20 boys in the mall were already saved. But people are killing zombies to defend themselves when they could be saved and cured. Now the girls need to inform the news star announcer Jim J.J Johns so the killings stops!

[image]http://x.imagefapusercontent... Continue»
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THE BUS MAN (Sissy faggot romance) Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Weeks passed. I was working crazy hours - even weekends - in the wardrobe department of a large theatre, preparing a production of 'Chicago', so I couldn't go to the club and see how Alice was getting on with Derek. But Tom - who worked more regular hours as an usher - did go, and kept me updated.
Apparently Alice had been sometimes acting as if she wanted rid of Derek, continuing the snide comments about his intelligence (or lack of it), but then getting into a jealous rage if he so much as spoke to anyone else - even Auntie Linda, who must have been... Continue»
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Ashley goes out for Halloween

I took my new clothes home from school and hid them away in my room. I grew up with two s****rs who where both in senior high school and were not around much because they had boyfriends. Sometimes they would bring their boyfriends home or better when they had a girlfriend stay over for the weekend. This often meant that I could occasionally find some sexy things laying around which I could try on. My introduction to lingerie was Halloween when my s****r and two of her friends got dressed up.

My s****r was red riding hood; Sara was goldilocks and Lisa was a French maid and between the ... Continue»
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blackmailed to become a hot transgender slut

My name is John Smith. I'm a eighteen year old male who's single. I'm into girls. Quite frankly I'm perfectly straight. I'm about to graduate highschool. I started school a bit early due to my birthday, so my last year of high school was done as an adult. It was a month into highschool when Mrs.Cherry called me into her classroom. I'm not the brightest k**. I was failing her math class for sometime now, so when she called me in I was a bit nervous. She had such a devious look in her eye. Like a cougar about to pounce on a small little gazelle. If I'm being honest she was hot. While I'm being h... Continue»
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A surprise at the end of the day

I live close enough to the shore, and there are many cafes across the street from the beach, where you can work on your laptop and enjoy the view and fresh air. Most of the year it's anywhere between warm and hot outside, but the breeze from the sea brakes up the heat pleasantly.
As I often would during the summer, I went out to such cafe to work, instead of staying home all day. I got a few coffees over the course of the day, and I spent nearly all day there. Usually I would go home for a lunch break, but there was a very cute waitress and I decided to stay there for lunch.
At some point I ... Continue»
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Awakening My Trans Nature, My First Experience Of

It is not a big story with gangbangs or anything but it was important in my development. We are talking about the mid nineties and I was away at Sussex University and had very limited luck with the female students so read a lot of porn mags. Several come to mind, in one a male reader posted a letter saying they allways in the summer shaved their pubic hair, this stuck with me and I was more often than not hairless "down below." It was then an odd thing to do but just felt right. Once I was in my room with a new mag and stripped off naked gently wanking to it, well I needed some tissues or some... Continue»
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My Sexual Odyssey Part VI: A Working Girl

A continuation of the journey described in part 5:

I decided to go to the club again that night, and talk to some of the people there. As nothing much happens until fairly late, I waited until an hour before midnight, then drove downtown. I entered the club and was greeted by the people who tended the entrance, to whom I was becoming a familiar sight. I looked for a table off to the side and searched for someone with whom I could converse. In no time I spied Tracy and waved for her to come over.
“Hi Leica, what have you been doing?”
“Oh, all kinds of things.”
“Like what?”
“Well, in addi... Continue»
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I came so hard with a Sissy

The day that I would meet Dominique had finally come. My God I was so nervous but yet so excited what a strange mix of feelings. I finally arrived at her house and barely found the courage to push the door bell. I pushed the button, I then almost immediately I heard here delightful southern accented voice "Just a Minute" Dominique answered the door with a large sweet smile, "Finally Michael we get to meet" She was wearing a beautiful black silk rope and her hot black high heels. Before I could say a word , she gave me a warm friendly hug and a gentle kiss on my cheek as she ushered me inside.
... Continue»
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Crossdresser gets more than she bargained for

My story is like many I have read on here and which I only fantasised about, till now. This story is all true, I thought about embellishing it to make it sexier but thought I’d let you know what happened just as it did. A short history of me and dressing up first.
I have been crossdressing for as long as I can remember, from sneaking a pair of my s****rs panties, to even sneaking into the gardens of my parents neighbours and pinching underwear from washing lines. In my late teens when I found girls (and sex) I purged any clothing that I had and managed to put the ’urge’ behind me. I settled d... Continue»
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Becoming a Slut.

Over time, my mistress had trained me in her dungeon. Every time James entered I opened my mouth and began to suck.
I was chilling at home one day when there was knock at the door. I opened the door and found a UPS delivery driver on the step. He was holding a box which he thrust ito my hands, he turned and walked down the drive.
My phone chimed, announcing a text message.
'Meet me at the Regal Hotel in 20 minutes and bring the contents of the box'. I opened the box and found a suitcase inside. I attemptrd to open the case but It was locked.
I Looked at my watch and realised I was goi... Continue»
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Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She decided to take care of him and raise him like her little b*****r. Together they discovered and revealed their feminine side and grew up into beautiful transvestites girls. Tthey soon became lovers, living perfect life together until zombies attack the city. Béa was transformed into zombie but Lilly changed her back by having sex with her. Then their neighbour Martin was saved. But people are killing zombies to defend themselves when they could be saved and cured with anal sex. Now the girls need to inform the news star announcer Jim J... Continue»
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Bianca Fucks A Mermaid (A Futanari Story)

Bianca sat on the beach, lounging in a folding chair and enjoying the shade of an umbrella. She owned a beach house right on the oceanfront, and had the whole section of beach all to herself. She wore a neon pink top that barely contained her rather large breasts, and a pink thong that did little to contain her futa cock. From the side of her bathing suit bottom, her thick, long girl cock d****d across her upper thigh and onto the beach chair, glistening lightly with sweat. Her pussy was just barely visible as the bathing suit bottom was pushed to the side to accommodate her anaconda of a cock... Continue»
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