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First local meet.............

The day eventually arrived and the anticipation of the meet which had played havoc on my mind had dawned. Only a few hours left of work and then a meeting which in some ways was exciting and extremely fraught with trepidation. I felt as if I had worked for this liaison for a very long time and I kind of thought that I had in some way earned it.

I guess he has a profile picture in which immediately takes you attention as your eyes fall upon him for the first time. The bonus is that he is also local, somewhat reducing any travelling time down to a minimum. I new in my heart that I had to have... Continue»
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The business man part 2

Not only was Bob still there when I emerged from powdering
my nose, but he stood there in just his boxer briefs, with
a big bulge that I couldnt keep my eyes from. I commented
that I was glad he was still there. He replied how could I
leave with this and he pulled the waistband of his shorts
away and revealed one of the best looking cocks I had ever
seen. It was at least 8 inches and slender at the tip and got
thicker towards the base........I walked up to him and
slipped my hand inside his underwear, wrapping my fingers
around his shaft and giving a little squeeze, it was so hard
an... Continue»
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The business man

Being a T girl has been exciting for me over the years and
I have always enjoyed meeting a variety of men for fun times.
I love being treated as a woman, being kissed and caressed
and more. I prefer to entertain men at my home, but since
my son has moved in with me it has become much more difficult
to have a private life at home.

Tom had emailed me from an old ad that was still up on craigs
list and complimented me on my appearance and said he would
be in my area the following week. He asked if I would like
to get together after we exchanged a few emails. I explained
my living si... Continue»
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This experiment is very simple and very accurate…It must be done exactly as I say so follow the diretions!

now before you start you should have TWO things…
1. something to stick in your ass like a butt plug
2. a dildo or something like a cock for your mouth to suck on
(lube for jerking off is optional)

~ you will be doing this experiemnt while watching porn on the internet so I suggest a site like
You will have to have some control while doing this… you must NOT cum the first two times you jerk

get some gay porn on your computer and watch it for a little... Continue»
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The girl from the bar

I met Michelle at a bar which I frequented on Fridays. She was a beauty, all natural, no modifications that I noticed. She was white as snow and a bit skinny with nothing much up top, but to me she seemed perfect. She had those light honey brown eyes and dirty blond hair which appeared nearly black at night, but it became almost golden in the sunlight. Michelle had a natural innocent blush upon her cheeks, which made her appear much younger than she actually was, still she was quite young.

That night, I met Michelle purely by chance. I went over to the bar to order a drink for another girl ... Continue»
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Ch 8 decisions

Ch 8 decisions .
So i woke up the next morning cum stained and exhausted. After going back to the hotel looking like hell I jumped in the shower and got as clean as could considering I was still hung over as he'll and way messed up. So i crawled back in bed and texted Joel saying no work tonight. And I slept.
When I woke up it was to find Joel in bed with me naked as I was and still passed out. So i got up and checked the time it was well after 7 PM so I ordered some room service and ate a large cheese burger and fries. Joel still hadn't woken up so curled into bed next to him and watched TV... Continue»
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Ch 7 bar hoping and revenge

Ch 7 bar hoping and revenge
So as we took shots with this new group of friends I found myself growing more and more comfortable in my surroundings and was a lot free er in my joking and cutting up with the group. I was making jokes about jim and his small cock while laughing with the girls about the other guys. I mean everything was on the table. So once we had cleared out 2 bottles of liquor jim proposed a move to another bar a few blocks over. So everyone packed up and we began to make our way to the a big suv jim owned. It fit all of us in it and made the ride an enjoyable time. So as we ... Continue»
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Ch 6 surprises and fun

Ch 6 surprises and fun
Now as I got checked in later than I wanted i took a shower and got all nice and clean if you know what I mean. Then took an incredibly long time doing my make up before sliding into the white corset and panties. So when I got the text for Joel I was sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine I ordered from room service. When he got there he had another bottle in his hand. The look on his face when I opened the door was priceless. His mouth fell open and all he could do was scan up and down before I grabbed his hand and guided him back to reality.
"Damn baby" was al... Continue»
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Kolkata Business Trip - Part II

Read part I here


After the long session of sex we ordered food. I was sitting there on the sofa sipping my drink and having a smoke wearing my padded bra n lace panty only. Saurabh was lying on the bed nude and facing me. We were chatting and then he told me he is a sports trainer and works out. Thats where he got his stamina i guess. The room service told us that food will take about 20 mins so we were watching tv and after i finished my smoke i got up
me- i should change to normal, the food will be in shortly
Him- OK
but wear your t shirt over the lingerie
me- OK, you als... Continue»
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Hypnotised sissy hooker

Erotic story 1
One night I was alone in my room when I heard a knock at the door. When I answered I was caught off guard, there in front of me was a sexy lady, who looked like she had just come back from a night club. Her dress was gold and tight, the kind that showed every curve of her sexy body. Her nipples must have been so hard, they showed through the dress. Her red heels must have been 6" high with a strap around the ankle. I could not help myself drawn to looking at her legs, with shiny black stockings. I found myself speechless as she looked at me I felt her see right through me, know... Continue»
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Cockatoo part 13

Cockatoo Part 13

Nikkie Silk

Jandaeng’s voice came through loud and clear and chilled me to the bone.
‘It seems you’ve had some trouble at your bar over there, James.’

Bad news travels fast I thought. I hated the sound of his voice. It made
my flesh creep and took me straight back to the bar in Bangkok and what
he had done to me that night. I took a deep breath and tried to keep my
voice as calm as possible.

‘Yes Inspector, the mamasan was stabbed in a bar fight. I’m surprised
you know about it.’

‘It is my job to know these things. I also found it surprising that
Kritsada ... Continue»
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First taste of shemale piss

I am a straight guy that has a fantasy about being fucked by a shemale, but unfortunately in the place that I live in no one can find one . but one day while I was at the latin dance class a new girl arrived she seemed very nice but real tough, she was about 165 cm. , slim and a very beautiful face with green eyes, wide lips and long brunette hair, she needed some one to dance with and since I was the best in my class the trainer told me to dance with her, and while we were dancing I felt her beautiful but strong arms rub and squeeze my butt, I looked at her ,she winked at me and I winked back... Continue»
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My Coworker Lily

I’d worked with this girl Lily for the last four years. She was a 27 year old size four, 161.3 cm tall, with pale skin, long dark straight hair and brown eyes behind unstylish glasses. She was pleasant to everyone unless you didn’t take her rejection well; then she cussed like a drill instructor from the 1970’s. I’d seen her in action and never bothered to ask her out. Women our age aren’t attracted to guys who play videogames, drink beer, watch sports and read comics with their spare time. After a while I found out she was a fan of videogames and manga. So we grew to be friends.
29 d... Continue»
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How do you get an hourglass figure? Part 2

I get asked this question A LOT !

The most important thing to emphasis is that there really isn’t a definitive answer. What you will be able to achieve, in terms of your figure, will depend a lot on your start point – your current body shape and your frame.

That said – I think it is really useful to have some guidelines to try and help keep your figure as feminine as possible. For me one of the most important things in achieving this is to keep everything in balance. There is always the temptation to go bigger (especiall... Continue»
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Summer Transformation Part 2

I drove home in shock, my mind racing. I was about to go into the middle of no where with a man that I only just met and be his employee for an entire summer! On top of that, I had just sucked his cock! As I drove home I couldn't get the image of him using my mouth out of my head.

I pulled into my parking lot and made my way up to my apartment. I went straight to my computer and checked my email - he had already sent a message! It read:

Hey Slut - you have two options... I'm leaving the choice to you.

Option one: you can remove all of the hair on your body, and start practici... Continue»
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Kolkata Business Trip Part I

As you all know and those who dont i am from somewhere in north india
i am tall fair smooth and i love to crossdress when alone. I am bisexual and when alone ( usually on my work trips) i dress in female lingerie and make love to a male as a woman.

So as it happened last monday i was called for some meetings over the next 3 days in kolkata(kol) and i took a flight and reached there around noon. I took a cab and reached my hotel in park Salt Lake city area. It was a nice hotel with cozy rooms. I had a shower and ordered food. I had my food and dozed off. I woke up around 4 pm and was browsi... Continue»
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cd gangbanged

I was just out to show off, and have a good time wearing a short skirt and high heels at the local TV club.

Tonight, though, I went a little farther than usual. I had bought some new things, and I was dying to show them off.

I wore my latex rubber corset: pitch black, very tight, and very heavily boned from top to bottom. It was smooth enough not to show under dresses, and tight enough to make me look like I had natural breasts, even let them jiggle a little. The corset held up some sheer black seamed stockings with little sparkly rhinestones woven in.

The centerpiece of my outfit was... Continue»
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The Hook Up

This is purely fictional.

I was sitting opposite the bar, looking out of a darkened window watching people moving on the sidewalk. I had been nursing the same drink for at least an hour. I was waiting for him. We were supposed to have met up an hour ago. I had been excited to sit on his giant cock again. But as the time passed, I was more and more starting to think that I had been stood up. I took another sip of my drink and pulled out my phone, his last text was nearly an hour ago, he had not replied to mine. I texted him again and waited. Still no response. I was growing m... Continue»
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A night of surprises

Away with business had never been so much fun.

After a brilliant day of breaking company records with more to come i was feeling on top of the world. A nice bottle of 97 chateaux du pape would go down nicely at the hotel bar. I collect my wine and head to a corner table facing the rest of the bar. I savour the first few mouthfuls then I begin to people watch. Mostly men in tonight but the odd women comes and goes. My mind races to the reality porn scenarios in which would get me laid but it’s all fantasy. I’m just sitting silently drinking. Bottle number two arrives at my table. It’s g... Continue»
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Origins Part Two

I soon found myself busier, and going out as Danielle more and more often. I had also found I needed to expand my wardrobe too. I now had a lot of outfits, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, shoes, and accessories that had consumed a large amount of my walk-in closet. My shoes and boots had occupied a large rack in the closet to capacity. I also had several drawers full of lingerie and stockings and at least a dozen wigs of different colors and styles on their Styrofoam heads. One large drawer of the vanity held nothing but all of my makeup and nail products. I had also acquired severa... Continue»
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