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I Became a b**st to My Maid (SG)

As I walked into the maid agency, I noticed immediately a group of about six to seven Filipinos sitting together talking to each other. I was there to pick up my maid, which the agency had arranged for me. My wife had recently given birth. As with most Singaporean families, that meant getting a maid to see to the housework as well as take care of the baby because most of us could not do without the additional income that the wife can bring home.

I scanned the faces of the future maids and could not see any worth bonking. Well, they were here to serve as domestic help and not to serve the ne... Continue»
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Woman Finding out how she tasted

When I was a second semester freshman in college I got lucky at a fraternity party. I met this other freshman gal named Carrie. Carrie was a cute BBW with chestnut brown hair. We danced (if you could call it that). Back in '96, we called it "bump 'n grind." We started kissing on the dance floor and Carrie came back to my dorm room. I had already popped my BBW cherry first semester with a gal named Angie. So I knew I liked their figures and that I could have a lot of fun with them.

Carrie was no exception! I remember we did a lot more kissing on my bed before we disrobed. She seem... Continue»
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Projects (2)

This is part 2. Please read previous parts first.

Brigitte grabs my hand and whispers in my ear.

“Your team is really attached to you. Georgina tries to hook us up.”

“And she is not very subtle about it. And by the way: she is just my colleague but she seems to be YOUR friend. So surely that makes you more responsible than me”.

“Ah! You are trying to pay me back now”. She laughs. “Shall we play along?” She looked at the dance floor where a few people have already started throwing shapes.

We joined in and started to move to the music. The longer we danced the more ridicu... Continue»
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Don’t read no sex in here!

The day began slow and early for me lots of unimportant deadlines to get done, and it was on auto drive mode, in set time frames of 10.00am then 11.45am nearly lunch time. Hopefully I can finish by 12.00PM and relax till 3.00pm when the US wakes up to spur me on for another onslaught.
I sat quietly at ST. Pauls looking over the common grass areas where a daily ritual of drone workers sat with rolled up skirts or trousers to get some well deserved vitamin C for pale skin. My Espresso arrives in the tiniest cup which makes the coffee stronger to my liking. I sat thinking GOD its Friday will th... Continue»
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The Audition

The Agency

Julie Taylor was not normally a shy girl, nor for
that matter a timid girl in any sense of the word. At
nineteen she had lost her school-girlish outlook on
the world and those about her, as long as she was mix-
ing with her own age group.

When a perfectly normal, healthy girl as attractive
as Julie looks at an older person...well, she couldn't
help thinking that anyone over thirty is middle-aged,
and over thirty-five they must be well past it!

It was perhaps this normal attitude towards older
folk that made her just a little tremulous
... Continue»
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Waking Up: Victoria Justice

The time that I had spent in the body of red headed beauty Emma Stone was a time I swear I'm never going to forget. I think it would be pretty hard to forget waking up in the body of a nominated actress, going to the Oscar's, presenting an award, and finally get said actress fucked by a cute waiter in the bathroom. The night was over and I couldn't keep Emma's beautiful eyes open. Slowly climbing into her bed, I started to wonder why I never got a call or heard from Emma. I thought maybe it was just her b... Continue»
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WWE: Becky Lynch's Workout

One of the best things about owning a gym in a town that is frequented by the WWE is that I often receive visits from the divas that work for the company.

In most cases, though, I was able to keep it professional and not pursue anything sexual with any of them (even though there was nothing more I would have liked to do), because I never like to be perceived as giving special treatment to any of my visitors.

But I knew right from the moment that I first met Becky Lynch, the fiery red-head known as the "lass kicker", that I would... Continue»
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Katy Perry: Slippery When Wet

Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had... Continue»
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Katy Perry: The Skirt

Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

This author would like to thank: TNP, Thee_Disciple, MaitreNuit and DarkLord Z for alway... Continue»
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It Doesn't Deserve a Title, it must Work not

Stranger things have been written. Nobody can actually seem to FIND them but the rumours persist.

NOTE: ALL mechanisms to make it look real with formatting have been avoided because I'm bored and want to look at boobies, I mean its avant-garde and challenging and I'm a snowflake, special, look at me, love me LOVE ME. I need some cheese I'm hungry.

Based on a True Story, loosely. Extremely Loosely . Actually it isn't at all, it got altered to be more untrue. I think.

This is not a conventional Blog Post. (although amateurish, rich with stupidity, racism and exploitative of anything ha... Continue»
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She called me - Got it in her own bed (Part 3)

Memories of a girlfriend from the 80's - She called me - And she got it in her own bed.

To get the full picture, you should read;
"How we met - She got the magic juice (Part 1)"
"The next day - She got it again on a boat (Part 2)"

She had wide hips and small saggy tits after having two k**s very young. Divorced and only 23 years old, but her sparkling eyes, sexy smile and open attitude opened the doors for her.
What I learned from day one, was that she had a great sexual appetite - and my door was open for her!

Already Monday she called me after work and asked if we should meet a... Continue»
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Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

I’m Dave (28) my wife Jo is the girl next-door type (26) brunette, 36B tits, long legs, pussy with a small landing strip and an attractive face. I married her some may 8 years ago. She loves sex and, comparing her with my earlier experiences, she is fantastic in bed or anywhere else. Her parents John (59) and Samantha (46); John is something in banking and only has time for spread sheets. Samantha is an older version of my wife but doesn’t have time for me or anyone who earns less than her husband. I have taken the hint and avoid them whenever I can but C... Continue»
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Bleach Sexual Fanfiction: Attack on Kisuke

*All characters mentioned are from a work of fiction, and I do not claim ownership over these characters. Characters were created and belonge to Tite Kubo.

Attack on Kisuke

Location: Urahara Shoten

"I hope this plan of yours works, Sosuke. It certainly isn't promising from where I'm laying." Soi Fon, and her secret love, Sosuke Aizen, both shared a deep-seated resentment towards Kisuke Urahara( though for different reasons). For years, the two plotted for their ultimate reve... Continue»
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Funny experience with edging and 69

I came across one of my diaries from 1998 and reacquainted myself with a 'hook-up' as I used to call them that I thought would be entertaining. At around this time I first discovered 'edging,' and I regularly engaged in it especially when talking to women on aol. By "edging," as I am defining it, I would masturbate and right as I got to the point of orgasm I would let go of my dick. My glans would usually twitch and a tiny amount of cum would peek out, but the orgasm would be delayed, the 'cumshot' roll back down and after maybe 7-10 seconds I would start the whole process over again. In D... Continue»
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Always be Prepared

When I was a teenager I was a girl scout. I didn't particularly want to be a girl scout but was made to go by my parents. So for nearly two years I was made to go every Friday night when the other girls my age were going to the local youth club disco and smoking and so on. I completely hated it. I particularly hated Richard the scout leader. He was far too nice and pleasant and supportive for his own good. So much so that he lets us scouts walk all over him. He was so nice he was all the things a girl my age hated. Every time he spoke about being nice to others and always being prepared to do ... Continue»
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Trapped and Used Restoring my Vintage MG.

Trapped and Used Restoring my Vintage MG.

My neighbour is a recently divorced MILF in her 40ies. Before her separation she always flirted with me, especially when my wife was close by. My wife found this very amusing as I attempt to distance myself and were possible, I would avoid contact altogether. Since her divorce I have hardly seen Sally. Yes I would love to fuck her brains out but my dick and I are very happy fucking my beautiful wife. Until……..

I’m lying on my car trolley sliding under my MG to restore a hand-brake linkage, wearing just running leggings and a T-shit. Hearing ‘clip... Continue»
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The Best Sex Ever (Chapter One)

My name’s Stefan Ricci. I’m a 26 year old resident of Arlington, Texas. I’ve been doing some part time college studies in recent years; But I’m hardly devoted academically. I’ve been through a handful of jobs in recent years; And, in all honesty, Had felt like a bit of a restless spirit that hadn’t found my niche in life until recently. About 3 months ago, I took a job as a maintenance worker at a research facility; And found so much more than I could have dreamed.

The place was called Dream On Research And Development. They were just looking for someone with a bit of basic maintenance expe... Continue»
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Hanks Burgers by GuyMaddox#1


It wasn’t more than a few days after I met him than I learned that Hank liked to cook. So we sat around in his Arkansas trailer in the hills above Hot Springs, sucking each others’ dicks and watching Food Network.

On a Saturday morning, I was fucking Hank’s ass over the sofa in his trailer, and what comes on over his satellite TV but fucking Rachel Ray! Man, does she have cock-sucking lips- all glossed up and everything. For a minute, Hank and I stopped banging just to look at her. We laughed at each other, both of ... Continue»
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Oh Go On....

I'd been seeing Davey for a while. We met at a gig and didn't mind that I was married and ten years older. I'd call round occasionally when in town and we'd have sex. He wasn't the most exciting lover but was good looking and well put together. He shared an apartment with another guy called Sean, a very quiet and shy kind of guy but there was something sweet about him. He and Davey were quite good friends but Davey would tease Sean about his shyness.

Every now and then when hubby was busy elsewhere or working away I'd make the journey to their town and stay the night with Davey. Fucking's g... Continue»
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part 1. my cheating boyfriend

at the time i was 19 years old, id been invited to a work party to celebrate my bosses engagement, my boss claire was abit wild on the wrong side of 40 and was making up for loss time. she insisted everybody come in fancy dress.
i invited my boyfriend along as i was new at the company i didnt really know anybody. thought it would be a good chance to spend some time with dave my fella.
i was at home getting ready for the party, i showered shaved my lady parts lol. only to notice i had left my outfit at work.
it was only 7pm i had 2hours before the party started so i wrapped a towel aro... Continue»
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