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Thanks Texas

When I was growing up we built a huge tree house in the back yard. Every summer we built on to it and made it pretty cool. In my mid teens we did not do much remodel work but hung out in there alot. We kept some porn mags hidden in there and me and my friends would even sl**p up there. One of my friends even fucked his first girl up there. We were all impressed.
The house behind ours had been vacant and for sale for several years but it had sold. The tree house looked right down into the back yard of this house. The people that moved in were from Texas and had that Texas drawl and Texas ... Continue»
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My Older Woman

What a shit day I'd had. I mean what a fucking shit day! A truck had broken down and another had been stuck on a site due to a security alert, plus the stupid motorway had been closed due to a crash. This made all my deliveries late and when I left work I just wanted to call at that little pub on the edge of the city centre, have a sandwich and a lager and chill out alone before going home.
Fortunately the drive back from work wasn't too bad and as I pulled into The Dolphin car park at about 6:15 I noticed the it wasn't looking too busy.
"Great!" I thought as I got out of the car, "I can si... Continue»
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chubby mom had sex fist time in 16 years

As far as I can remember, Mother was an obese old broad. She was like an oil
storage containers with legs and arms attached to it. A woman of 5'1 and weight
around 300 pounds. I had my share of all the jokes about your Mama so fat stuffs
in high school.

My father left us when I was 3, thus Mother worked two jobs to provide
a decent life for us but that come with a price, her health and weight. Thus, right
after I graduated from High School, I joined the army to help out and gain some solid
technical skills in pro... Continue»
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A "fantasy gangbang" story Ch 2

Concluding part of my pure fantasy story about the gorgeous wife of Zeus51 after seeing their pics on here.


A few guys at a time joined her in the shower as it was a large "wet room" Shaz stayed in there for the duration as the guys swapped their time in there with her with each other and apart from a few semi hard-on's there was no sex we just enjoyed lathering and "washing her back". Shaz replaced her outfit just as she had said she would and we all just chatted for 30 minutes or so before we made our sl**ping arrangements and went off to our bed as we were all knackered out... Continue»
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Fucking a Double Mastectomy

Before Gina there was Marion. Marion Montgomery.

I haven’t spoken about Marion before and I don’t know why. Shame. Respect. Discretion Cowardice. Yeah, probably cowardice.

Marion was about fifteen years older than me at the time – she was just about fifty. I knew her from the local library where she worked. She was witty and intelligent and also quite religious.

On occasions I would have a coffee with her and she would make me laugh with tales about the people who would come into the library. She also had some interesting theories and observations about life she would come up with an... Continue»
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Fortieth Reunion

The world seemed in never ending turmoil as the decade of the 60's drew to a close. Vietnam was an ongoing war and the peace movement was in full swing. Woodstock was fresh in everyone's memory having provided our generation with the hope that as we graduated high school we could actually affect change in a world of unchanging politicians and nineteenth-century morals our parents had grown up adhering to and tried to f***e on our generation.

After receiving the diplomas we'd work twelve long years for, promises to stay in touch and never forget our time together abound. Each one of us knew ... Continue»
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My hubby's return

My hubby returned from his business trip the Friday afternoon, he came staight home. Walking through the front door greeting me with a kiss. We chatted a lil before heading off together to pick our daughter up from crèche. It was still freshly in my mind that I had cheated on him with the neighbors son Nick. I was in debate if I should tell him, but was scared to what the consequences will be. We arrived at the crèche and I decide I wasn't going to mention anything in front of our daughter. My hubby got out the car and she ran to him to give him a big hug, being excited to see him. Back in the... Continue»
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My wife Gail is a beautiful blonde, 39 years old, about 5'7" tall with great legs and tits like a 16 year old virgin. She can, however, get into some trouble once in a while. Recently while checking email she received a notice that she had won a free trip. Well the trip was not free and she did not tell me. Before I knew I was out $500 and going on a trip that I could have gotten for less. She begged me not to be mad and to take her on vacation, so I told her that she would have to do anything that I told her while on vacation. She probably thought that meant she would have to give me several ... Continue»
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Getting a Room Mate

We have a two bedroom apartment, we needed a roommate to help pay with the bills so we asked our good friend James. James is a good looking guy, 6’ 1” 200 lbs, brown hair, works out.

We’ve been living together now to 2 months, James likes to walk around the apartment topless. He would have a new lady with him every week. We could hear them fuck, the girls are loud, nothing wrong with that, turns me on.

Linda my wife is a BBW, 36 D breast, she would sometimes get horny when she hears James fucks another woman, I think she wishes it was her getting fucked. When James first moved in, Linda... Continue»
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Shopping with Anita

Ana suggested me to go on shopping that late afternoon.
She was wearing a very sexy red dress that came down just few inches above her knees. She was standing on a pair of stiletto heels and had no panties, because she said it was comfortable that way.

We entered the local mall and went into a store to pick up some clothing.

I noticed a couple of young guys following us and staring at my hot wife.
When I left her alone for just two minutes, those guys approached her to have a talk.
I saw them from my position and they seemed to be flirting with Ana.

I saw one guy grab her buttocks... Continue»
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Playing with Camilla

My wife’s friend Camilla called me that Saturday afternoon. She knew
that Ana was out of town entangled with some of her regular black lovers.

Camilla told me I would be home alone and sad and then asked me to join her at her place. She added that she had a nice surprise for me.

When she opened the door, I was not surprised to see her holding a huge black dildo between her soft hands. She kissed me deeply and let me in.

“We will play Heads or Tails” She announced smiling at me.
“Fine… I have a quarter here” I answered, as I took a coin from my pocket.

“If you win, I will let you... Continue»
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Interracial threesome with Lisa

It's mid afternoon and I'm browsing through xhamster when I receive a message of Lisa asking me to meet her again. She told me that James was busy and he couldn't make it tonight. I replied telling her that didn't matter and asked her when, she said she wanted to meet up that same day :) It's 8pm when I arrive at Lisa's house and the first thing I see is James's car on the drive. She said he wasn't going to be here, but I'm not complaining. We had arranged to meet up for 7pm but I was held up at work. So I knocked on the door and waited patiently for an answer. To my surprise Lisa opened it we... Continue»
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A night with Lisa which was unforgettable and an u

So recently I was out having a drink, when I received a message on here asking to meet up, so after a couple of days talking on here. I finally decided to go and meet this gorgeous blonde milf with a big arse and nice sized tits. We had arranged to meet at a hotel not to far from me. So as I get to the hotel I start to feel a bit nervous, luckily for me I was a bit early so I quickly had a few drinks just to gain some confidence. There I am checking my phone, wondering if she is going to turn up, so I check xhamster and there is a message from her telling me that she is already here and whic... Continue»
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Susan the d***ken racist gets her come uppance

I did not get back from work yesterday evening, i was starving hungry but unforunately Susan had consumed quite a lot of wine and was very d***k.
I wanted to eat so i told Susan that we were going for a meal.
I took her to our local indian restaurant and luckily even though it was quite late the owner agreed to serve us as we were regular customers.
As always the meal was superb even though Susan was being very annoying as she was so d***k, Susan being d***k was not really a problem as i had already deceided that i was going to have some fun when we left the restaurant.

We finished our m... Continue»
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recent fun at a sexy bar

100% of this is true.

I have been to Sameplace in Amsterdam a number of times. It is a bar, in which people sometimes have naked fun in the basement where there are various mattresses, massage tables, rooms and glory holes.

Tonight, I arrived about 8:30 and there was one other man in the place. By 9:30 there were 4 couples, and 6 single men. One of the couples sat down next to me at the bar, with the woman, Anne, sitting to my left, and her husband of 27 years, Peter sitting next to her. We made small talk finding out about each other. They had been playing for 20 years, like to have se... Continue»
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I can't believe this actually DID happen.....

Here's a shot of Sassy on the big screen. It didn't load onto the computer as well as it looks on the screen.
As for me pleasing myself while looking at Sassy's photos I would take all the photos I have right now {HINT:please send more} and run them in a slideshow format so I could more easily concentrate.
Where to begin? Oh, yeah, with a very good grip. I'd cycle through the photos along with several videos of equally alluring women who are being videotaped by their husbands as they are first given a very thorough tongue bath followed by an equally thorough ravaging.
My own thoughts would ... Continue»
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One Day

I come over to your house and we go though the things that need to
be fixed. We end up in your bedroom where we sit on the bed and talk
about them. You lean back as you always do against the headboard and
I sit at the foot of the bed. While talking I notice that you are
sitting with your legs spread again. I can see the faint outside of
your womanhood though your shorts. I also notice that your bra-less
nipples are semi swollen though the thin shirt you are wearing. I hope
this is because you have told me that you want me as much as I have
wanted you.

Suddenly you stand an... Continue»
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My Mom and I Visit the Lesbian Bar

About a week ago my mother and I were sitting on the couch watching television when I said, "Mom, I am bored. Let's go out to the lesbian bar and have a couple of drinks. It is Friday night and there should be a lot of girls there having fun. Let's join them!"

Mom and I took a quick shower together then we went to our bedrooms to get dressed. I chose a conservative white blouse, a green plaid skirt with matching color panties and a pair of black sneakers. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, "You sure are a sexy looking Catholic school girl."

When I got down downstairs, Mom was wai... Continue»
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Nailed by the Ex (again with a friend)

After our second encounter, it started getting easier to hook up with my ex. After all, I wasn't really getting the physical attention that I needed from my current husband and the ex had experience with all my "sensitive areas". We weren't regular in our hook ups but once in a while when I would run into him at my daughter's house, and I tried to time it so we were alone, he would be more than willing to satisfy my needs, although some times he would be a little rough, which I was beginning to enjoy. Sometimes he would say things like "Yeah that's right, suck that dick!" or he would slap my... Continue»
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My mother in law's girlfriend needs my help

One summer day, before Ana and I got married; my future mother in law told me that her friend Alicia needed some help at home and so she had volunteered me to assist her.

Alicia was living alone since her divorce some years ago. She was a fine lady, a pretty woman in her late fifties: but still going strong…
She had still a nice firm ass and a curvy body that made mostly of men turn round their heads when she walked down the street…
Alicia opened the door before I could even knock on the door. She was dressed in some old clothes and looked like she had been working all day on the house.
... Continue»
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