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Dark Descent. Chapter 1

By Otto Maddox


HD 28185-C a planet orbiting the star HD 28185 some 138 light-years from Earth, was originally located in June of 2067 by the scientific team operating the JOESOP [Joint Orbital Extra-Solar Observational Platform] space-based observatory. With its exceptionally long-range capabilities, the orbital JOESOP was able to detect not only the planet's mass, which is some six times that of the Earth, but it was also able to image the planet and determine its atmospheric content, which, to the shock of the world's scientific community, indicated that not only... Continue»
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Bus Load of Matures and Grannies Part 3

If you have been following this series I am a government Inspector who has have shared my experiences with several matures and grannies that I met on their bus trip. I met them in a hotel lobby as they were checking in, was invited to dinner and a few drinks and before I knew it I had three hotel keys in my pocket. The first key led me to Alice a cute petite little nymph who fucked my brains out. The other key led me to a threesome with a blond amazon goddess and her butch lover. All three of them said the next stop of the tour was Dallas. As luck would have it I was headed to Fort Worth ... Continue»
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good cumm

good cumm

OK I just finished, here I am in my den,with a new bottle of poppers, naked,
shaved. And just came, a big one. Not as big as yesterday, but I'm getting
off track. Thinking of what I did yesterday. Crap got to grab my towel. Didn't
have one yesterday. Watching a gay internet video with 3 hard shaved young
guys one completely shaved with long blond hair looks real feminine.
I didn't last very long, didn't yesterday. Had a road trip into south St. Louis
area yesterday. On my way home decided that I have time for a side trip,
ran south down the interstate a... Continue»
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A romance story

Jennifer is a 17 year old girl who meets the man of her dreams in a movie theater...and he's old enough to be her father.

M/f, slow, romance, first,consensual

Jennifer's Story (complete) fiction by rache

I was at the mall waiting for my friend, Shelly, who was supposed to be
meeting me there so we could see a movie. But she was late, as usual, so I
was just sitting by the food court. I'd have been in trouble if my parents
knew I was there alone, they didn't let me go anyplace by myself since I
had just turned 14 a month ago. I didn't know why, since I knew what was
go... Continue»
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The Rallye

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Professional nut cases on the open road. REPEAT: Do not try this at home!

As I said, before, my audacious girl friend would do crazy, risky, daring things just for shits and giggles! She loved to wear skirts and dresses with no panties, and every time we got together she would tell me so if she wasn't wearing them. That would jack up my bl**d pressure and make my juices boil in a New York split second! She usually gave me this revelation when we were NOT alone or when I couldn't do anything about it immediately! I had to dwell on the fact for some time before... Continue»
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Paying her bills with her pussy part 2

Hi if you want to find out the background to this story please read part 1 .Sandra Richards the 47 year old wife of a vicar had had a really bad week since she had payed off the first installment of her £3000 loan with her pussy .Sandra had never sucked a cock before she was f***ed to suck Alan Holmes cock she hated it the taste of his cum in her mouth was disgusting and the feeling of his cock in her pussy was revolting .Sandra laid in bed at night thinking how on earth did i get into this mess she knew it was her on fault she started to borrow money from his money lending firm as her husban... Continue»
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Cathy,s Thong lacy underwear !!

Hi all this is my first story so please leave comments.

First of all this is and 100% true story as all of mine will be.

This all started to give you some back ground in and place called Ocean City Maryland.
I was on vacation with my mother at the beach on 32nd street right ocean front with and great balcony view of the girls sun bathing ahhh yes.
At this time I am and teenager myself and so is the young lady in this story. I met some other guys the same age as me and we all had and laugh looking at the bades sunning with there sun tanned perfect shaped tans.

One of the guys said to... Continue»
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Weekend affair with my mature boss...

I'm Kyle 19 m uk


I had just recently completed my diploma at college and was looking for a decent job , I looked for a good few weeks but had no luck atall .
My mu.m asked about at work if they had any openings but unfortunately I couldn't find anything .
My aunti.e was a solicitor and I asked her if she knew anybody willing to take me on , she didn't , but after a couple of days she gave me a phone call and said one of her friends she has knew for years was happy to give me a job .

Her friend ran a big accountancy firm and said she would be happy for me to ... Continue»
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More roleplay between me and my mistress

Mar 14

to Kathy
Mommy wakes me up in the morning and tells me its time for my feeding. Mommy takes me by the hand and leads me out to the living room. Mommy sits down in her chair and turns on the TV. Mommy looks at me and pats her lap with her hand. Come on up here baby she says sweetly. I climb up on Mommy’s lap. Mommy unbuttons her shirt and takes out her breast. I latch on to Mommy’s warm pink nipple and begin to nurse. Soon mommy’s milk begins to flow. I feel her warm milk squirting into my mouth as I gently suckle her breast. Mommy see’s a little milk trickle out of the si... Continue»
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me n my mom

my name is raju iam 25 years old my mom is 55 years old she is very fair looking her boobs size is 38 her ass size is 40 n dad is a business mom n dad likes to watch porn movies my mom dress like porn star at home my room is next to my moms room I allways here them watching porn movie n day I came out of my room slowly I open the door slowly just walking pass there room the door was not closed proply the bed light was on n I so dad was busy eating moms pussy n moms eyes was watching dad how he was eating her pussy than moms head turn n so me watching see did not sai... Continue»
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Mum, me and joseph at the party

The start of the week mum had reminded me of the party we was going to on Saturday evening, it was a 50th birthday party. It was our close f****y friends party. This was joseph a friend of mums but also his parents were friends with mine. To be quite honest I wasn't really looking forward to it as although joseph was going to be there I didn't really know many people.

Come Friday I wasn't to bothered now I had no plans myself so I thought id just show my face for a couple of hours and leave. When mum came into my room on Friday and asked if I was still going and what was I wearing I sort o... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom

For a few years now, I have wanted to have sex with my best friend Connor’s mom, Anne. Anne had a way about her that I just couldn’t resist. She wasn’t the typical MILF, like the ones you see in porn or anything, but she had a much naughtier vibe about her than most women of her age, definitely more than my mom. Anne was 52, had brownish hair, decent sized tits, and a nice round ass.

Anne’s son Connor and I had been friends since we were in preschool together. We had been apart for elementary and middle school, but now went to the same high school together and remained to be close friends.
... Continue»
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My Wife Found Me A Fuck Buddy

My wife Gillian has just told me we are going around to her friend house who she works with to see if I can fix her washing machine. I won’t care if I was still in my work clothes but I have just been showered and changed for a relaxing night in front of the TV.
I know I little about Brenda from what the wife has told me, she lost her husband two to three years a go and is slightly older than we are at fifty.
Brenda invites us in and offers us a drink; she already has a glass of wine so I said I would have the same and the wife a coffee as she was driving. I could not help but look at Brenda... Continue»
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mom n son

my name is raju my name is mala she is very fair she his a big boobs nice round ass.i catch my mom watching porn movie too many time with my soon as I see them fucking I go n jackoff.i really want to fuck my my dad was going out of country for one month so dad told me to take care of mom I said ok I dad left only me n mom in the said dad is not here u have to sl**p with me I was so happy mom allway wear sily panties when goes for slower after her slower I go in the bathroom use her duti pantie for day I was in the bathroom jacking off she came in ... Continue»
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Getting Involved - Emma’s Awakening

I introduced you all to my wife Emma in the story - The First Time. Let me tell you a bit more about her before I carry on with our tale. She is around 5’9 in height, brunette hair of medium to short length, and has a nice pale curvy body with quite large breasts. She is also in her mid thirties. The First Time was a story of sexual awakening in a marriage of 10 years. This is the backdrop from which the rest of our sexual exploration will take place. Its starts again with us inviting him back two weeks later on a Saturday afternoon.

We had already decided I would be closer to the action th... Continue»
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Paying her bills with her pussy

Hi my name is Alan Holmes im a 38 year old business man i have a few business i run a garage repair shop a couple of snooker halls and a money lending service .A manager looks after them on a day to day base)s and i just keep an eye on the money lending business which can be quite interesting .Most people pay the money back on time but you allways get a few who dont if its a guy who owes me i just send the men round to teach them the error of there ways they pay up quick after that .But if its a women i get them to come to my office most are only to happy to pay the money of with there pussys ... Continue»
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Bus Load of Grannies and Matures Part 2

As I said in Part 1 of this experience I had met a mostly older female tour group at my hotel. After dinner and dancing with about six matures and grannies I found three hotel room keys in my pocket. I had just fucked Alice, the petite little minx in Room 440 and had two more rooms to go. I was hoping one of the two keys led to Jenny, a sixty year old statuesque six foot tall athletic blond with a pair of tits and long legs.

I knocked on the door to Room 435 and to my surprise Kathy one of the other women I had danced with that night answered the door. Kathy had short brown hair was kind ... Continue»
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a job with benefits

I didn’t like my new job. I can’t say I hated it, but stocking grocery shelves at 5AM was not the lateral career move I had hoped for when I was terminated by corporate America. It had its perks after all. It was close to home and the hour commute became a 20 minute walk and it was nice to wear shorts all day. I was making money and the job had health care benefits, so I was OK with it.

I soon came to realize that the walk had lots of benefits too. The walk took me by a small house with a large garden. As the spring progressed the flowers in the garden began to bloom and a lovely lady... Continue»
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My heavenly experience...

It all started off as a normal day, me and my friend who is the same age as me, 20. We were both hanging around but his aunty called him down to her house. It was nearby so he invited me around to see her. Such a beautiful Asian aunty this was. I wish my aunty was like his. She was the definition of beautiful. She had that proper Asian look to her but out of respect, I tried not to think about her in that way.

There was a new game coming out, so we wanted to go to town to get it, but since something had came up and my friend had to meet someone on the way there, he told me to hang back at h... Continue»
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Sitting at home, could not sl**p, so tried to watch some late night infomericals.
The girl friend was out with the girlfriends. I figure it was an all nighter, since it was 1am.
My girl friend had a university daughter that loved to flirt and had a body to go with it. She was always rubbing into me, shoving her hips sideways into my hip, when her mom was not around. I brushed it off as cheap harmless firty.
About 1:30am, car lights pulled into the drive, and sat there for awhile. I figured it was stepdaughter giving her date one last kiss to whatever it is the university k**s do, to hank t... Continue»
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