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my wifes naughty elder s****r talked me into

It is really impossible for a person like me to hold himself up to his wife only when he has a Saali like Mukta. My marriage is more than a year old and I am indulged in an extra marital affair with s****r of my wife. Mukta is actually my wife’s cousin s****r, nearly 3-4 years elder then me, not married and very young and naughty from the heart.

I must tell you that from the first day I met her I was tempted by Mukta's body. This woman was meant to be fucked, and fucked repeatedly. Warm and fleshy, her body was crying out for a man's attention and initially I could not believed that she di... Continue»
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Busted Aftermath

(This is the continuation of "Busted With My X-Hamster Account", it's probably better to read it first.)

It’s amazing how things can go from insane, wild and crazy to as plain as things ever were. The next morning we did all the same things we ever did when we are at the coast house. We got up slowly, made some coffee, watched a little morning news on the T.V. and I went out on the deck to enjoy a smoke with my coffee. Like normal I took my laptop out with me and turned on the radio for background noise to cover my porn surfing. But today porn surfing was totally different my wife of ov... Continue»
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second part of my night

he had his pleasure I had mine,we went back up stairs.smiling we all sat around the bar laughing and joking.All the time I looked at J.his smile his manner I could see why he ran a place like this.A swingers club is perfect for a man like him ,oh and a single woman like me.
You meet all sorts of people ,many of them over the years have become really good friends,and no I haven't bedded them all !
There are some I would have loved to mind you but a girl has to pick and choose carefully I think lol.
Wnen J. invited me here many yrs ago I hadn't imagined just how much I had changed not just in... Continue»
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Jury Service Finally Fnished OR Mature Maureen


At last.

Finally the jury service had finished. Case closed, the guy never did anything wrong, as far as we could see.

It hadn't been a bad couple of weeks, to be honest. We had a good bunch on our panel, all with a sense of humour. Seven women, and five men, including myself.

We had been sent out after giving our verdict, and were pretty much just waiting to be told what to do next and, as there was a canteen, made use of our time by drinking coffee and talking shit.

As happens with these sort of groups, people drift off into their o... Continue»
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My Special Night with Daddy part 2

Once daddy and I got to our suite, I was shocked to see that he had packed a bag for me. I was getting ready to change my clothes when daddy asked me to stay in that dress, but to take my panties off. He wants to know that he could touch my pussy whenever and not have to feel anything but my baby soft skin and the hot moisture that will be dripping from my slit. I got a huge smile with his nasty thoughts.

I went to the bathroom to freshen up and to use the toilet. I then took my dress off to remove my bra also. If I'm going commando I might as well be 100% commando underneath. Whe... Continue»
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My first bi experience

I was 16 and had just left secondary school after completing my exams and had a couple of months before I started my first real job with a local car dealership as an apprentice mechanic. I had always been interested in cars and motorcycles and had done a few jobs on my dad's car in the past.
My best friend Joe had already started work and my then girlfriend Sally was working at her dad's shop during the daytime so I was at a loose end for the most part.

One sunny afternoon I had been into the nearest large town to buy a pair of work boots for my new job and was standing at the bus stop wai... Continue»
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Fucking the cops wife! Well the first one.

When I was young, around 13, There were two cops who lived on my street. One lived next door and he had a beautiful Philippine wife.

I was always outside and would help her around the yard at her house when he wasn't there. We had been working in the back yard planting flowers for a while. She had long dark hair down to her ass.
She was wearing a very loose low cut shirt. Her beautiful breasts were right in front of me for my viewing pleasure. I was getting a ton of peeks at her breasts and she kept catching me peeking. She would just smile. I am sure she could see the bulge in my shorts... Continue»
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Milf from down the street

To start off with, there is a milf that lives across the street and 6 houses down from me. I have never really paid much attention to her, because one, I don't see her that often, and she lives on the other side of the block, so I am never really by her house. The only way I would ever see her, is if I was out in my front yard when she picked her k** up from my neighbors house. My neighbor watches a couple of the neighborhood k**s while their moms/dads are at work. One day, I was outside and I have just finished cutting my grass. She pulled up to my neighbors house to get her k**, and I left m... Continue»
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Be Careful What You Wish For (A Sexual Encounter T


My boyfriend was a good boyfriend; he treated me well and loved me. However we had one issue; our sex life was great but he was always on at me to have a threesome, yep two girls and one guy. I didn’t like the idea I didn’t want him to fuck another girl he was mine. This didn’t stop him he still nagged me, he would even point out girls when we were out. I said if he just wanted to experience it why not two guys, I got the typical bloke answer “I can’t have another cock that close to mine, its gay” I had to end this nagging once and for all...
It was Monday night and Ian walked in ... Continue»
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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Sex Toys are Fun. Most couples get bored with their sex lives at some point in their relationships. Sex toys add a bit of zest to the relationship and keep things from getting dull. Using a sex toy together can bring you closer; sharing new experiences together can be very intimate.

I didn't try using a sex toy until I was 28. Although I've always been open-minded, fairly sexual and comfortable with my body, I'd never gotten around to actually buying one, for a lot of stupid reasons. I was embarrassed; the only time I'd been to sex sho... Continue»
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Our First Time

I sit at my office desk, not really seeing the computer monitor or the Complaint I am supposed to be writing. The clock says 2:30 p.m. It is finally Friday. I wonder where you are. You must be in South Carolina by now, getting closer and closer to me.

I am excited but very, very nervous. I wonder if you will like the flesh, as it were. I smile as I think back on our last conversation before you got in your car to drive the 400 miles to meet me. You kept asking me if I was sure I wanted you to drive down. You said it was not too late for me to change my mind.

“I would under... Continue»
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waitress while traveling.

Had a class in NJ and nights were boring. I was short on mad money and class started early.
2nd night the waitress ask me where I stay? Here at the hotel. Here for class and its boring.
She is collage girl working to help pay for school. She is early 20's and well built. She is short with DD tits and long brunette hair. has a plump ass and ice skater legs.
Whats your after work look like? like you get ready for morning class. What's your night like? I have a bottle of good Rum and the movie in the room. want to join me?

Well, I get off at 9 and I need a shower. I smell like fried sh... Continue»
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stoping by the nursing home,

Working night patrol and my partner called me to the nursing home. Arrived and worker directed to the break room. Were several women sitting around talking with my road partner.

He introduced me to the women there and informed me to stop by and check on them. Is normal for a security check in this part of the city.

Had a snack coffee and nice conversation. We left and talked later that morning. He tells me Rose liked how I looked. Rose wanted to take you in a room and work you over. I laughed it off and went on.

Next night I arrive and get a warm welcome again. Nice food and we tal... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Pt 6

Desert Heat – Pt 6
Sunday morning’s alarm went off and I found Ginger still d****d on top of me. I began to kiss her and play with her butt until she woke. Lifting herself off me, she smiled and told me it was shame her dream had to end. I asked what she was dreaming and she told me she was dreaming about being home in our pool and Bill and Olga were there with us and we were all swimming naked and having a great time.
Before we got out of bed, she climbed back on me and rode me like she did last night. She was worked up over her dream and had two quick orgasms before I roused to the o... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Pt 5

Desert Heat – Pt 5
Saturday, was cold inside and hot outside as usual. Ginger got dressed quickly like she did every morning, only this time she put on a halter top on under her regular top. She was very quiet again and I knew she was still struggling with what had been said last night about if one of the ladies went topless because of the heat, would the other. Ginger knew that Olga would and that the decision rested with her.
Once we were out in the field, she again took her outer top off and worked with me in her bikini. I asked her if she knew what she was going to do and she said ... Continue»
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Mrs Henderson's problem 3. Loving it

The car took Harriet to the end of the road off her property and swung a sharp left. From here she was lost, having never ventured off her place in the 11 months they had lived there.
Later the driver swung a sharp left then a wide sweeping right and travelled for a few more miles before coming to the front of a huge ranch style mansion.
She was greatly impressed.
As the car came to a stop the front door was opened and out stepped an immaculately dressed servant to open the car door for her.
She was then ushered into the house and guided into a reception room where Jim and Andrea Jackson ... Continue»
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Todd Knowles, Camp Counselor II

Mo followed Mr. Knowles to a dimly lit room. 'Whats going on' she asked. 'Dont worry Mo, i told you i got you. Now what i want you to do is sit right down here.' Mr. Knowles said reassuringly. 'Sit where, Todd?' 'For now Monique, It's Mr. Knowles. And i want you to sit here.' Todd said pointing at his lap as he sat in the brown leather recliner. 'Oh? You want me to sit here on your lap?' Mo said teasingly.

'Yeah bring that fat ass over here and get comfy.' Todd requested. Mo seductively walked towards Todd and slowly sat in his lap with her back to him. Todd began to run his han... Continue»
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A horny Christmas tale, white thighs, and cupcake

When you stand 5' 7" at f******n, men can be excused for thinking you're older than your years, more so when your hormones kick-in and give you a nice set of titties and a fine fur on your pussy.

Of course a girl is aware of men's interest, after all it's a two way process, as their cocks provide an interesting focus on out take of men and sex.

So this Christmas leave started with a mad dash for the long train journey to Oban on the West Coast of Scotland.
I arrived at the Queen Street Station just as the first flurry of snow started falling, adding to the excitement of Christmas leave,... Continue»
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My Special night with Daddy

Daddy called me at work, yesterday. He said that he made arrangements with Brian, that him and I will have an evening to catch up with each other. Daddy said that Brian was cool with that and that he was going to see if Scotty and some of the other guys wanted to going camping and fishing for the weekend. I got a huge smile on my face, when he said that we were going to have this weekend together.

I told daddy to come to the store on Friday, to show him what I was getting ready to open. When Friday came around the corner, Brian woke me up by sucking on my tits and fingering my wet pussy... Continue»
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I made time to talk with my real dad the other day. He was thrilled that I called him. We decided to meet at the playground, that he used to take me to when I was just a k**. I brought along a picnic basket filled with sandwiches, iced tea, sliced peaches, nectarines, oranges and bing cherries. Along with chips and brownies.

I got to the park shortly before my dad did. I had spread the blanket on the ground under a huge oak tree. I had poured me a glass of tea and waited for him to show. Brian had sent me a text and said that he will see me this evening when he gets off work, someti... Continue»
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