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My Mind,Body And Soul

Mmmmm feeling horny right now.. jus wanted to share a romantic and naughty note to ALL LATINA BBW AND CAUSIAN BBW..OK here are my thoughts right now as we speak... I'd love let your lips connect with my lips, tongue kiss u with passion and as we enjoy our natural tongue flavors we teach each other instantly how to kiss each other with passion.. I would then gently grab u firmly around your waist and continue to kiss u. As we moan here and there.. I then pull your hair here and there jus enough pain from the pulling to let u know I am a strong man as I work my lips down to your neck. And col... Continue»
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New York weekend.

My wife Caroline and i where spending a few days in New York. First we visited f****y for a few days  for so to go to Manhattan for a cosy weekend just the two of us.   We are both in our mid forties. Friday morning my third cousin Chris said that he wanted to go in to the city to meet a girl he met on line. My wife, polite as  always suggested that he could ride in with us in the afternoon.  We hadn't  really spoken that much with him during our visit, because he worked long hours  for a local  contracter.  There was a three hour ride in to Manhatten and the conversation flew easy.  Chris... Continue»
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Bob T's Diaries

[1st effort at these diaries and has turned out longer than I thought. Had to cut a lot of the preamble about how we got here, but basically I am from a pretty small town in the north of England. Jess was one of two married milf friends in our town most of the boys fancied - both under 5'3 at most and were called the “mini-milfs” by the lads as they were younger and hotter than a lot of the m*ms around. Jess had dyed jet back hair, dark eyes and perma-tanned skin, she especially hung around our football team a lot as her h**band was a coach of one of the younger sides. She paid me no pa... Continue»
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Enjoying some lingerie purchase

That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to receive the next night my loving Victor back home after his boring and stressing business trip.

Then I went to the local mall and when I entered the lingerie store, a seductive and impressive business woman approached me.
That lady greeted me with a warm welcome to her shop and enquired how she could help me. I was very impressed with the way that woman looked.

She introduced herself as Odette and then I was sure she was the owner. She was a sexy and beautiful mid-forties woman; lo... Continue»
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A bad wild revenge on me

My loving husband had a business conference in Cancun and he invited me to share a couple days with him there.
As we checked into the hotel, I could notice many young people milling around the lobby. When I inquired at the desk, I was told it was the last week of spring break for the colleges and it had been a wild one.
Once at the beach, I spread out a blanket and relaxed reading a good book. It was quiet and peaceful. It was all what I needed there…
The peace was suddenly broken up by a loud group of college students coming down to the beach. They were carrying blankets, towels and coo... Continue»
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Cuckolding From The Wife's Point Of View

(This interview follows an earlier series of interviews I conducted with a number of cuckold husbands. In this new series, I will be speaking with a number of wives who have cuckold their husbands and find out something about their original motives, as well as how they feel the experience has turned out for them both.)

Thank you very much, Brenda, for allowing me to set down with you and talk about how YOU feel about being the wife of a cuckolded husband. I've spoken with your husband, as well as with a large number of other husbands about their take on it, but now I'm interested in f... Continue»
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First Day at Adults only Resort

We had been invited to spend three days at an adults only nudist resort in Spain last summer. We jumped at the chance to go because we had never been to Spain and the resort was first class all inclusive, everything was includes in the price. We arrived on a Friday morning and once we checked into our room we went to the restaurant by the beach for an early lunch. The food was great as were the drinks and the Spanish beer. The entire resort was clothing optional and from what we could see most people opted to go naked. The bartender was wearing shorts, nothing else and the waitresses were topl... Continue»
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african takeout

Suzie and Steven have been married six year and are enjoying a sun drenched holiday in the Mediterranean. with just two days left they look for a new restaurant to try and they happen on a lovely looking place by the ocean.

Suzie... look at this place it looks amazing and its not to busy.

Steven... wow its just right I wonder why it's not full?

Suzie... never mind that let's get in.

They walk in and are greeted by a waiter who shows them to a romantic looking table overlooking to bay and harbor. Steven was handsome to a degree, taller than his wife but was average in many w... Continue»
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My road from a baptist preacher's widow to po

I am in my mid 50’s; I needed money and was approached by my church’s
videographer. He embarrassingly confessed to peeking in our cabin
window at a Christian retreat once. After my minister husband died,
he said what he saw that night has burned in his memory ever since.
He is a professional videographer and an industrial designer who creates
all kinds of sets and techno toys so that he can, as he puts it,
“Capture that orgasmic demon inside me fighting to be set free.”

Can you imagine a minister’s wife having a demon secretly living inside
her for 35 years of marriage?

I met m... Continue»
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The Nymphs Visit Aunty Bev – by SBarak1

The Nymphs Visit Aunty Bev – a Story by SBarak1

This is the 9th story in the Nymph series. It’s also the intersecting story with my MILF series some 2 years after those stories commenced.

-------------------------------Chapter 1---------------------------------

We had been for another drive up to our local wine growing region about an hour away from my house. The Nymphs were really getting into wine, the wine varietals, the wineries themselves along with the various cafés and restaurants in the area. During the day we had visited 5 wineries and a good restaurant. We were now b... Continue»
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My Mother (part 2)

My Mother (part 2)

It was about 1978 after I divorced my daughter's mother. I was without a
place to live and had custody of my daughter.

My mother said we could stay with her because she was alone and had the
room. She had a small two bedroom place. She said we could put my daughter
in the one room along with a twin bed for her to sl**p in. She gave me her
room with the queen bed.

Most nights it was the same old thing take care ... Continue»
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Ana coming back home late night

That Saturday night after dinner I hugged my horny wife from behind as she was washing the dishes in the kitchen. I whispered in her ear that I was ready for some “heavy action” in our marital bed upstairs.

Anita laughed and replied she would have some “heavy action”, but not upstairs with me. She had a date outside and she would let him fuck her all night long…

Then she had a warm shower and later dressed like a bitch in heat. She made her perfect make-up and showed me her red dress that barely covered her ass cheeks.
Ana smiled; kissed me goodbye and warned me not to wait for her…

... Continue»
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Door To Door Religion

I am a 32 year old woman who is always hot for a new experience and like to be dominant. I also love a challenge. A few weeks ago I was coming home when I saw a group of clean-cut young men at the end of my street. I could tell by their appearance that they were religious door knockers. I drove home and waited for the knock on the door. About 10 minutes later I opened the door to a fairly plain looking young man about 20 years old. "Good afternoon ma'am." he said smiling with a Southern American drawl, "I am here to tell you about the Lord and your salvation from the sins of this world, cos my... Continue»
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a follow up the night things changed

That night changed all things, from that point on everything was different. He treated me better than ever before. We went everywhere together, he would but me everything from lingerie to skirts heels, oh my god the heels he would buy me, Jimmy’s, Maddens, Louie’s, If I liked it he’d buy it; providing I’d wear it during playtime and the sky was the limit. It became the most magical time of our life and our newfound relationship. We’d go to clubs, private parties and personal invites we’d have company over and they’d end up staying the night sometimes the weekend It was a fucking frenzy he coul... Continue»
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At the Hotel

As we got ready for a night at the theatre she had no idea what I had planned for later that night, the show ended at 10.30 and I suggested a late night drink, we went to a local hotel where un-benown to her I had booked a room, we sat at the bar and ordered a few drinks the barman was a tall Mediterranean guy about 25 years old, Jane was getting d***k and was flirting with him outrageously, she said she was going to the loo and walked off, I spoke to the barman whose name was Carlo and asked if he found Jane attractive? A little embarrassed he said he did, Iasked if after he finished work if... Continue»
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I wish my wife was this dirty

My wife Anita shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat. “You OK ?” I enquired. No reply. A mile or so went by in silence. “Why do they think it’s so funny ?”. “What’s funny ?” I asked, knowing full well what had got to her. We had just overtaken a white van, which as is quite typical at this time of the year, had its back end covered in the dirt sprayed up from the roads. Some wag had fingered the epithet “I wish my wife was this dirty” in the grime - Not that an uncommon a sight. “That grafitti on the back of that van, didn’t you see it ?”. “Oh, yeah. What a comedian !”. “It can’t be funny... Continue»
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Swapping Moms

Disclaimer: this is a story which really happened. It was told to me by my friend yadhav who asked me to publish this story.
Swapping moms part 1

How Yadav seduced lata

Two years back, it was the time that Yadav’s school life was finished and a long three months lie ahead of him to choose his future. All he had was free time. To relieve from boredom, he surfed the internet a lot and in one such ins
... Continue»
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Infinite Sensuality

Infinite Sensuality

Daydreaming, fantasizing,
His mind wanders, realities dim,
Feeling immersed in the moment,
Unable to stop thinking of her.
Sexual images fill her mind,
Utterly carnal and erotic,
Lustful thoughts envelope him.
Mesmerizing and hypnotic....
Arousing her completely,
Capturing, enrapturing him,
Infinite sensuality,
Feeling desire simmer and stir....

And then, he looks around,
Becoming captivated by her gaze,
Returning her glance seductively,
His mind and soul ablaze.
Seeing him approaching her,
Naked, her soul laid bare,
Exposed and ever so fragile,
Unsu... Continue»
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Thanks Texas

When I was growing up we built a huge tree house in the back yard. Every summer we built on to it and made it pretty cool. In my mid teens we did not do much remodel work but hung out in there alot. We kept some porn mags hidden in there and me and my friends would even sl**p up there. One of my friends even fucked his first girl up there. We were all impressed.
The house behind ours had been vacant and for sale for several years but it had sold. The tree house looked right down into the back yard of this house. The people that moved in were from Texas and had that Texas drawl and Texas ... Continue»
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My Older Woman

What a shit day I'd had. I mean what a fucking shit day! A truck had broken down and another had been stuck on a site due to a security alert, plus the stupid motorway had been closed due to a crash. This made all my deliveries late and when I left work I just wanted to call at that little pub on the edge of the city centre, have a sandwich and a lager and chill out alone before going home.
Fortunately the drive back from work wasn't too bad and as I pulled into The Dolphin car park at about 6:15 I noticed the it wasn't looking too busy.
"Great!" I thought as I got out of the car, "I can si... Continue»
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