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An Afrikaan experience

An Afrikaan experience.

Victor had to make a quick business trip to South Africa. It could take just three days and then I suggested him if he would invite me to go with him.
On the second night we were in the hotel’s lobby and the weather was really warm, or better it could be said, hot… very hot…
I was wearing a light top and mini-skirt; no panties as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was getting bored as my loving Victor was sitting at another table talking with his colleagues.
Then a very handsome black man came over and introduced himsel... Continue»
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A party at my boss' house

A party at my boss’ house

One Friday evening we had been invited to a barbecue at my boss' house.
Late afternoon, after sharing a warm shower; Ana threw herself on the bed, spread her lovely legs wide open and begged to me to fuck her…

I just dived on top of her lovely little wide open body. It was the best fuck we had for years. One hour later, when we couldn't do it anymore. I crawled off the bed and begged Ana to shave her pussy. I loved the way her sweet mound looked freshly shaved…
Later that night, when we arrived at the party it was well underway. As we entered the main lounge... Continue»
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St Lucia slut

This event happened a few months ago, we are very into the swinging/cuckold scene. My husband is ten years older, and nicely well off, he prefers to hear about the guys I go with; he had some health problems and his medication makes getting hard difficult. It is a shame as he is a good looking guy. I am fifty one years old, size 10, 32a2435 leggy, shortish blond highlighted hair, and very waxed smooth. I am very much into black men, and rarely go with white, unless they are early twenties, very well hung and athletic or muscular. I am very much a size slut.
I met a black guy of 28 years of a... Continue»
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Luckily I was stood up

I thought I would share a recent experience. I am a married woman, fifty one years old with a trim size ten, 32a2435 figure, fully waxed and smooth. I work out and do yoga and swim. I am also very highly sexed and in a very open marriage with a husband who loves to watch or hear about me screwing around. I prefer younger guys under twenty five, and ideally black men and adore group fun.

It was a thursday and I had gone to meet a friend for a drink and got to the bar about 8pm, wearing a shortish figure dress with fishnet hold ups knee heeled boots no bra and I always go commando since a bl... Continue»
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The local train, in and out

The local train, in and out.

When living in a suburban zone of the Big Apple, Anita and I used to go together sometimes in our car to our offices.
One day that nice machine decided to stay at the garage without starting the engine and so, Ana and I decided to take a local train, in order not wasting more time.
We were grumbling about the train being quite full and having to stand.
On the next station more and more people got on and we were packed in like sardines.

In the crush, my wife and I were separated. I could see the top of her head over the crowd. There were mostly business me... Continue»
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The search for our love

The short version of this ad is simple, we are looking for a bisexual or bi curious woman to be our girlfriend/wife to share our lives with the both of us for a long time in and out of the bedroom. We just celebrated 14 wonderful years together and we want to find our wife to join us for the many years of happiness still to come ;). This is a long ad so please read all of it so you can get a good idea of who we are and who we are looking for and you will get to know what we are looking for in this relationship.

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Working Wife Trapped And Humiliated

Let me introduced first I am Amruta 32 years working wife with loving husband and blessed with a baby boy. I have maintained myself well with a fig of 36-28-35 and glowing fair skin, many people try to hit on me but till now I haven’t given any chance as being a chaste woman. I work in private company and my husband owns a business. Now I shall tell some incident happened with me a few months back.

... Continue»
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A chance meeting.

I had just finished work after a long and headed to my oh so lonely hotel again. Another week and I will be going back home to my wife.
I went into my room and had a shower to refresh myself. I got out of the shower and dried myself..
Sat on the edge of the bed put the TV on. Aggghh no fucking soaps need to do something else.
So I got dressed and went down to the bar. Got myself a beer.
It was quite in there another man and his " girlfriend maybe. I liked to people watch and thought he was the boss and she the secretary and they was having an affair.
I was sat at the bar the 1st beer ... Continue»
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Court Ordered Spankings

Growing up in a small town you know everyone and everyone knows you. I started a summer job at the local diner as a waitress to earn a little extra money between school terms. The local Sheriff, John Stone and my good friend Judge Bob Mahoney eat breakfast every morning at the diner and were pleased to see me serving them. Mrs. Martins that owns the restaurant supplies us girls with a simple uniform dress. The dress fits me real tight around my hips since my measurements are 35-22-37, a fact that does not go unnoticed by the patrons. Mrs. Martin watches as the men are always looking at my ... Continue»
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Amanda our Cleaner

I did promise I would let you know how my regular sessions with Amanda came about. She and her mother are our regular cleaners coming in once a fortnight to clean through. We are about equal in height standing around 5 10 in our stocking feet, Amanda is a lovely slim girl and very easy going, cheeky as well. With the Emerald Green eyes and light blond hair tied up in a bun. Sadly, she has not got a lot of bust but little is plenty as they say. My girlfriend has been around when the cleaners are in so our patter never raises a concern for jealously although I have to say I we are alone even f... Continue»
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True Story How i Started fucking my mother in law

Had Sex With My Mother In Law Kind Word Reap Rewards... back story first...Me and my wife married young me 23 her 21 and it was mainly based off physical ( the term very thick eights applies). I lost my virginity at 11 to a much older woman not that i'm complaining but it did kinda make me a but of a sexual deviant well not in a bad way but i was always open to try new things and obsessed getting my partner to orgasm. i at this point had several women i would regularly have cam sex with.i think i actually enjoy getting my partner off more than getting off myself. My in-laws are strange folks, ... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 13)


Next afternoon, Stacey greeted Mason home with averted eyes and a blushing face. “…” “How was your day?” She asked, shuffling her feet.

“…” Mason made no effort to conceal the erection in his pants.

“Are… Are you ready for your snack…? The one we talked about…” Stacey clutched her pearls, anxiously.

”Yes!” Mason answered, wide-eyed.

“Okay… Sit down…” Stacey walked over by the table.

“…” Mason sat at the table where an empty plate was waiting for him. He turned and watched Stacey.

“Ohhghohh…” She groaned quietly as she took off her shoes and pants... Continue»
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Grace spent her Sunday walking around the city and admiring the architecture. She had a nice lunch in a restaurant which had been recommended by Charlotte. It had been a long time since she had been alone in a strange city. She enjoyed the freedom and felt that people wanted her, needed her. She had totally lost her inhibitions about being a lesbian. She not only accepted her “condition”, she was happy about it since it gave her a lot of pleasure and made meet a lot of people.
She was to meet a car at the hotel at 6PM. She had no dinner since she felt better performi... Continue»
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Shirleys enema fetish

I have always found mature women with prominent bellys attractive,, I love to see a pregnant womans belly ,, full,, tight,, uncomfortable for them..MMMM Little did i know how my fantasys would be fulfilled.. I meet with friends occasionally male and female for lunch,, or breakfast.. One of the women Shirley is older age 62,, We often end up chatting at length about life or what ever..Shirley is average height,, a bit thick with a rather large rear end and thick legs.. Her breasts are average probably a b cup.. Shirley arrived one day for lunch and appeared to be rather bloated,, her belly was ... Continue»
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The Five Bar Gate

Part One of the saga concerning a uniquely English village, its unusually highly sexed inhabitants and how an “Incomer” is made to feel very much at home.

The Five Bar Gate

The first thing that I noticed about the village of Little Standing was that it looked like a clitoris. The reason I thought it looked like that was because I was looking at it on one of those fancy, highly detailed maps that tells you where the pub, power lines and everything else is. They also give contour lines and Little Standing nestles at the end of a long, steep-sided East/West valley that has high, flat ground... Continue»
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A Cuckold Interview With "Jerry"

(In this continuing series of interviews with cuckold husbands, I speak to "Jerry", who has been the position of a cuckold to his wife Geraldine, for 12 years. Jerry is also a Type-2 diabetic, and the medicine he takes for made it increasingly hard to maintain an erection. In time, his marriage came to a crisis point. So, in order to stave off a potential divorce, Jerry chose a route many husbands not having a willingness to be cuckolded by their wife, don't choose. I thank him for the time he gave me to speak with him about all this!)

What do you think has ultimately made your relati... Continue»
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Muslim teacher gives practical sexual education

Raesah has been married for 10 years now and had three k**s. So she had begun to get a bit chubby. However she still had a fuller and more ravenous figure than other female teachers in the same school. Her breasts were firm and large and her ass was extremely curved and shapely with none of her assets being left to anybody's imagination. Raesah was taught at a very young age about the importance of hijab and how Muslim women should cover up their beauty like pearls are covered by shells. But yet with only Raesah's face and hands being visible her physical attributes would still bring joy and p... Continue»
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"The Center"

"The Center for Interracial Relations" could have been more fully known as "The Center for Interracial Relations AND CUCKOLD TRAINING", because cuckoldry was at the very heart of it's existence!

Since The Center's inception, in the summer of 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, had grown almost exponentially! It's founder, and CEO, Demetrius Williams, a lifetime citizen of that same sprawling Southern city, had begun the business after he had become involved (sexually) with an older white married Southern couple; and this single encounter (the husband of the wife had implored Demetrius to "PLEASE sat... Continue»
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The obsession with this woman is incurable. She is a widow and had been a widow for 14 years before the night of August 25, 2004. She is very attractive and a little plump but she does not have one line or wrinkle. She is 5'6" tall with matronly 38 D cup tits that look like the heads of twin rockets when she wears a bra. Her legs are shapely and her short hair is a beautiful salt and pepper. She was 54 years old and I was 21 that night in 2004. That was the night that I could not control myself. I was obsessed with the thought of fucking her at any cost. I dreamed about it and planned it, even... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 12)


Stacey called Mason over as he returned home. She was wearing a T-shirt and her assless underwear. Mason found her scrubbing dishes at the sink. “How was your day at school?” She asked without turning around.

“It was good…” Mason replied.

“I’m making a pot roast for dinner… Does that sound good…?”


Stacey froze suddenly. “…” Bfhohhhhhhffffffffff…. A bulky fart billowed quietly out from her butt. Mason walked over and spread her cheeks. Pvvvvvt! Pohhhhhhhhhhh… Air streamed out of Stacey’s anus in a whisper.

“…” “Mason, hand Ma... Continue»
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