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Lustful Fecundity (Version 4 of The Macbeth Series

The Scene:

Somewhere on the high rolling and rocky downs near Macbeth's castle. Wind is blowing. A cold, misty rain falls intermittently. The sky above is heavily clouded. Macbeth sets astride his horse and gazes out from under the hood of wet cape.

"Such a cold and wild heath tis here that doth cradle the embers of such a fantastical and strange lust as doth wait upon me there."

He remains seated on his horse a moment longer before riding on. As he does, he catches the first whiff of the scent of a cooking fire.

"The three weird women doth wait upon me." He says to himself. A sudd... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion END

"We will," her mother responded. They showered together and cleaned each other thoroughly. After shampooing each other's hair and washing all body parts, they kissed.

One kiss led to another and then another. His hands roamed her body. He gently squeezed her breasts and bum. She flattened herself against his firm body. Her hand found his cock and stroked his stiff member.

"Oh, I like that," she said when his hand caressed her sex.

"I like what you're doing too," he said.

They kissed and masturbated the other.

Sam moaned, "Mmmm. I want you!"

"Then take me!"

Sam spun her a... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion

She reached down and tugged on the material pressing against her crotch. The pretense was she was adjusting her suit. She wouldn't admit that she did it to make the material slide over her aching clit.


Jan vigorously attacked Sam's cock. She devoured it. He threw his head back and closed his eyes loving the attention he was receiving. Then he placed his hands on the sides of her head. He fucked her face sending his cock in deep. A couple of thrusts were too deep and she gagged.

He instantly felt bad and said, "Jan, I'm sorry I did that. I'm so fucking horny I can barely control m... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion

He stood when he saw them and said, "The saleswoman was correct. She said to truly appreciate the beauty of any pearl necklace you must see it around the neck of a woman. They look lovely. You two are stunning."

Jan ran up to him. She embraced him, kissed him and said, "Thank you for the pearls."

Isabella was more understated with her thanks. She simple said, "Thanks Sam. The necklaces are exquisite."

Their car came and they were whisked to the dock. They easily found the twin masked sail boat. The captain and crew welcomed them on board. They sailed for an hour. The boat anchored and... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion

He paused again, regained his composure and then said, "It has taken me five years to reach a point where I can do as she instructed. I've sold my company. I have the time and the money. Now I'm looking for a compatible companion. I have a sense of urgency. I feel I must get on with my plans before the clock runs out."

Jan nodded and asked simply, "Why me?"

"I want a real experience. I figure I need a real person. I want someone who will honestly enjoy the trip too. I think you will."

Isabella asked pointedly, "Why did you include the requirement about sex?"

"I've thought this thro... Continue»
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A Group of Old Men Take My Young Pretty Wife......

We went out for a drink a couple of nights ago just to show her off to men in some pubs away from where we live. She wore her skin-tight white leggings that show off her lovely tight bum and delightful pussy! She also wore her small zip up jacket that she undone once inside the pub to reveal her magnificent boobs and nipples through a tight blouse.

The looks from guys was fantastic particularly a group of old men - most of whom were around 70ish -they couldn't take their eye's off her and you could see them mentally stripping and playing with her! She teased them by bending over a few time... Continue»
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The one day I was naughty and a bit more.

The one day I was naughty and a bit more.

So here I am, Tina, the age of 48 ever nearing closer.
As I have said in the previous story I have been married for over 22 years to the only man I have known or to have seen any part of me naked.
I have always been big, or shall we say fat so it was something throughout my life I would have died if anyone had seen me like that, my big belly, my big everything.
We have two sons; the youngest has now left and joined his b*****r at college.
I am now a grandmother, my oldest having gotten his girlfriend pregnant, our grandson is a joy and we look a... Continue»
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My Empty Nest Mother

I was not looking forward to coming home from college! The freedom I had experienced since leaving home had been wonderful. You see my mom was rather strict when I had been growing up. I had to be home by ten and mom always inspected my clothes and made me change if she found that they revealed any part of my body from my neck to just below my knees.

Maybe it was her old fashion views but I went the other way as soon as I could. Frankly I turned into a real slut even before I went to college. It was about that same time that my dad also seemed to have had enough and he left mom for another ... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 10

When my cock was clean, Marcia removed her hand from her sex, an embarrassed half smile on her face.

"Shall we get down to business," Brianna said, "now that the fun is taken care off."

She snapped her fingers and Zoe came into the room, bringing some of Brianna's tools in a surgical tray. Brianna pulled out an interesting piece of equipment from the tray, a stainless steel device with one handle equipped with a trigger, going to two arms whose width could be adjusted. At the end of each arm was a circle slightly larger than the width of a nipple. Smaller holes bisected the diameter of t... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 7

"I had hopes and some ideas. I didn't know if I could get you to go along with them. I didn't know if I could get you to walk out of the room this morning. But you did. I've learned a lot; about me and about you and about this lifestyle. It's been fun, I'd like to continue."

"So would I," Marcia replied.

"Then off to bed with you, slave."

"Yes, Master," and she snuggled against me.

"That is not how a slave sl**ps with her master," I reminded her.

"Yes, Master." She turned around until her mouth was level with my growing cock and her cunt was even with my face. I could smell the ... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 8

Yes, Master."

I turned the Vibe back on. "You may cum as necessary."

"You allow your slave to have a say in the matter of her adornment?" Brianna asked.

"I'm an indulgent master," I replied.

I asked Brianna to step away from the booth so that I could speak to her privately. It took me around 15 minutes to explain what I wanted Brianna to make for me.

"Your business card said that you design your jewelry, can you make it?" I asked.

"I made it all before my business got too big. I still make small special orders."

"Can you have this done before the dinner and dance tomorrow?... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 9

I also have these," and she showed me a leather waist cincher that had two straps on either leg, one front, one back, going down to sets of three other straps that would buckle around her thighs. "They have no other purpose than decoration but your slave has the perfect legs and these would set them off so well. And this." She showed me a full head slave mask that covered both the eyes and ears, leaving only the nose and mouth open. "Not only does this work as a blindfold, but it's earpieces suppress sound, making it harder for your slave to hear, further isolating her psychologically, and hei... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 6

"Not yet!" I ordered. "Greedy slave. Wait for your Master."

"I may not be able to wait, Master. Your slave is close."

"You won't wait long, believe me." I panted.

I was right. Five more rapid thrusts into the soft depths of her pussy and I grunted, "Cum with me slave," and she did. Her cunt milked my cock like a milking machine, the throbbing spasms of her release siphoning my seed from the depths of my balls, splashing the walls of her tight sheath in a bath of cum. I gave four or five more short lunges into her liquid heat until my prick would pulse no more. She turned to me and lic... Continue»
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The Heart of a Woman

The Heart of a Woman

"Dad, it's me. We're at the hospital," James stated cryptically.

"Annie?" Mr. Reed inquired. He heard his son utter a strangled grunt in response. "I'm on my way, son," Mr. Reed replied before gently replacing the receiver in its cradle. The call was not entirely unexpected. There had been so many in the past that each time the phone rang, he flinched, always expecting the worst. He pulled on his coat and reached for a chain of dangling keys.

The bitter cold assaulted his senses as he grudgingly trudged to his truck. A thin layer of ice cracked and broke away as ... Continue»
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The Heart of a Woman 2

He and Annie always made a big ordeal over Valentine's Day. It was the anniversary of their first date, the day he took her skating when she was only seven. Twenty years ago. Precisely twenty years ago today.

Worry creased his brow and he removed the box from his pocket and slowly opened the lid. Inside was a delicate gold chain and attached was a pendant; a heart shaped crystal pendant. He thrust the box at his father for his approval and asked, "Do you remember, Dad?"

Patrick Reed stared at the brilliance of lights that danced through the many facets of the jewelry piece. He nodded an... Continue»
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The Week Manager

laire was a 39 year old manager with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and she always wore it in a bun with a business skirt and matching top at a successful business. She was smart, strict, and hard working from only receiving an associate's degree in business. Everyday Claire would come in late and snap her fingers at Brooke a 25 year old recent graduate with a four year degree from the local university, who had light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Claire always requesting her coffee asap.

A few minutes later Brooke would walk in with the coffee and Claire would sigh at how long i
... Continue»
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confessions Part 3 taken

Days were passing by; I was teasing Assarudeen when there was a chance. There were quite a few chances of nearly getting caught. Mostly Muthu he was keeping a close eye what was going on. Then one evening everyone was getting ready to go and leaving office while submitting their work to us. The office became quite, me along with sheeba & assarudeen were busy trying to finish our work for the day. Muthu came and told assarudeen to get some files summoned by the auditor since he had to go out to get some tea for the auditor. Assarudeen told me to get them since he had... Continue»
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A Bicycle Ride at the Beach – by SBarak1

A Bicycle Ride at the Beach – a story by SBarak1

It was late spring and the weather was warming up. I had driven down to my beach house on Friday night after work to give the place a bit of a spring clean, ready for summer, and try out the water. This time of year the water at the beach was still cold, however I had a wet suit if the water proved to be too cold. The sea temperature along the southern coast of mainland Australia takes a while to warm up in our summer which is December through to February – March.

I was up early on Saturday, had a quick breakfast and was making good pro... Continue»
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confessions part2 my new job

Hi, Continuation of my confession. Like I mentioned before, once I moved from my home town down south, I got a job in auditing firm. My job there was to up load accounts on the computer what others in the office have done manually. I also had to file income tax online for the customers. To do this along with me there are two others, assarudeen & Sheba. Our job was to file every account in the computer what others have finished during that day. The office usually closes around 5.30pm. For us it will take longer at least till 6.30pm to 7.30pm, sometimes even 8.00p... Continue»
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My b*****r Mark is sixteen years older than I. That is a story in itself. He is a great salesman, he owns a car lot and has plenty of money. Mark is the kind of guy that could sell ice to an Eskimo. And he is very successful with the ladies, he always has a different hot girl with him every time I see him. It was summer time and I get to go with Mark to the auto auctions to buy cars for his lot. It is fun because it is just he and I and we get to stay in a hotel and eat out and stuff.
As we were driving to the city and our hotel Mark asked me how things were going. He knew I had gone thr... Continue»
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