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Exposing Cindy - Bound to be Fucked

At my request, Jim invites my anonymous lover back to service again, and he brings his wife!
Two weeks ago, my husband tied my wrists to the headboard of our bed, blindfolded me, and allowed someone to fuck me while he watched. My anonymous lover made me cum while holding my vibrator against my clitoris before penetrating me with his huge erection. He drove me to a series of powerful orgasms as I struggled against the straps binding my wrists while I moaned and panted shamelessly.

It was sexy. It was wickedly naughty. It was wonderfully exciting.

After my lover ejaculated inside me, pu... Continue»
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Touching my s****r-in-Law

Two grown adults who should know better cross the line and have an
intensely erotic experience./

I had fantasized about my s****r-in-law for years. There was nothing
wrong with my wife but the thought of doing something naughty and taboo
with my s****r-in-law was such a turn on for me. I did wonder when I
first met her if she found me attractive; there were a few signs but it
turned to nothing. My wife and I even had sex one night while she was
sl**ping downstairs on the couch. It turned me on so much and I'm pretty
sure it turned my wife on too, as the sex was amazing. When I came
... Continue»
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Not her type

It all started when a friend's girlfriend decided to bring along a friend of hers along on our spring break skiing trip to Colorado. Theresa was her name. We were asked that none of us guys ( since there were 5 guys and only 2 girls going ) hit on Theresa while on the trip. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and just wanted to be left alone. At first, my guy friends and I were insulted that Theresa thought so highly of herself. We all agreed not to hit on her during the trip.

On the day we left, I finally got to meet Theresa. She had medium length dark hair, glasses, wore no mak... Continue»
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Jon, Jerry and I went back into the living room to relax after my episode with Jerry. Sitting on the sofa next to Jon, he asked me “Did you like your little surprise?”. “Oh yes dear” I started, “It was fantastic”. Leaning over, Jon kissed me gently, “You want to be with him don’t you baby?” he asked as he backed off a bit. “Yes” I could only answer. With that Jon got up, went over to Jerry and motioned him to go over and sit next to me. Jerry came over and as he sat down, I rose up and once he was settled, I laid across his lap so that I was facing him. “You w... Continue»
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Latest story of the mother in law

This happened last week I was home working from my office and wondering about her since I have not mess around with her in long time.All I could think about was her big boobs and the last time we did it which was like month half ago.The last time was good one she stop by to drop off some homemade pies for us as I came out of my office she was in the kitchen and I just stop and look at her god she was hot with her sun glasses on and yoga pants and she had zip up long sleeve shirt that look like a spandex bra because they looked huge I could see little peak of her nipple through the long sleeve ... Continue»
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Penny's hairy pantyhose pussy

Penny is an interesting girl. I say girl but she is probably about 40. I see her nearly every day. She is not what most people would call beautiful but she has something about her, she always has bright red lipstick and wears sexy glasses. She mostly wears trousers to work which show her beautifully rounded bum but occcasionally wears a pleated skirt which shows that her legs are quite good too. Her tits are not big but just right. Our conversations sometimes hint at the possibility of a bit of fun so I finally invited her for a drink. Having hinted at my liking for sheer pantyhose I wasn't di... Continue»
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Bath tub fun

The house is dark when you make it home. You climb the stairs and make your way to the bedroom. You can see that the bathroom light is on through the crack in the door. You step in to find me in a bubble bath. "Long day?" you ask. "The worst." You begin to undress as you continue to look me in the eye. You smile as you begin to remove your underwear and tell me to lean forward. You settle in behind me and pull me back on you. You start by rubbing my shoulders, then my arms finally reaching your true destination, my breasts. Twisting my nipples and then kneading my entire breast, one in each ... Continue»
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I've written about Christine a lot on here and there's a reason for that - she's the best fuck in the world. Certainly the best I've ever had anyway. The best thing was that she loves fucking me as much as I love fucking her. After our first night we would regularly exchange x-rated messages and pictures. We would do this for hours on end at times and it was almost as enjoyable as the sex itself. We'd get ourselves worked up to the point we could both explode, and whilst it would be easy to simply wank myself off within minutes, the true enjoyment was in those messages we'd send whilst in a co... Continue»
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A Night by the ski lodge fire

After a full day of being on the slopes and playing in the snow we head back to our room to change for dinner. It has been a long while since we have seen our friends from college and it has been nice catching up but this trip was supposed to be about us getting to spend some time together too. After dinner we enjoy drinks at the bar and someone suggests that we go dancing. You are all for it but I am a little disappointed with your excitement. Everything has seemed so rushed we really haven't had anytime alone. I devise a plan, I suggest that you go alone and enjoy yourself I am going back ... Continue»
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business trip surprise

I hate being away from you so much but here I am again 1500 miles away in a hotel room wanting to feel your touch. On top of that I have called three times and still no answer from you. I am getting worried but I have to rush to get to the last minute meeting. Panic almost consumes me in the elevator ride down to the restaurant. Dinner meetings are not my thing. I am to nervous to eat usually. I am sitting at the table and my last minute "would be" client is 20 minutes late. Finally a note is brought to me with apologizes that the meeting must be cancelled. Damn last minute urgency to abru... Continue»
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Saturday with Maria

I called Maria up and said I was coming over, thinking we could spend the afternoon in bed. She said she's see me shortly and for me to just use my key to let myself into her apartment. A quick shower and shave of my cock and balls, I was on my way. I let myself in and called out. Maria said she was in he bedroom waiting for me. Her apartment was dark except for the candle light from her bedroom. I entered and found my Maria , naked, hard nipples and spread wide waiting for me on the bed. She was finger fucking her cunt and I could see in the candle light how wet her cunt was. " come here love... Continue»
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A dark shadow outside the window

A dark shadow outside the window

Home alone again… and also very horny, of course.
I sat down in front of the large flat screen at the dining room and put a porn movie in the player. Working hard all day had me so exhausted that I could not relax. Masturbate should release some tension to be able to rest…

The scene playing out was one of my favorite; an interracial couple seducing a young babysitter. She was now lapping away at the wife's pussy while the black husband was taking her ass from behind.

My own pussy reacted like my desire and it was getting damper now…
Soon I was push... Continue»
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I was only supposed to watch!

For the record.. when I travel away from home for my job I don't spend a lot of time in bars. I don't have anything against them. It's just that the people who go to local bars tend to know each other and stick with their group. I do however, like to hit up places that are restaurants with bars in them. One in particular is a place that is f****y friendly and right in the middle is a well appointed bar. Their Italian sausage sandwich is one of the best!

Whenever I'm in that town I head over there.. place my order... grab a cold one and watch the locals. On this evening my plan was to g... Continue»
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Bleach Sexual Fanfiction: Attack on Kisuke

*All characters mentioned are from a work of fiction, and I do not claim ownership over these characters. Characters were created and belonge to Tite Kubo.

Attack on Kisuke

Location: Urahara Shoten

"I hope this plan of yours works, Sosuke. It certainly isn't promising from where I'm laying." Soi Fon, and her secret love, Sosuke Aizen, both shared a deep-seated resentment towards Kisuke Urahara( though for different reasons). For years, the two plotted for their ultimate reve... Continue»
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GROPED AT THE NEIGHBOURS Part 2 ( More than groped

GROPED AT THE NEIGHBOURS. Part 2 ( More than groped )

It has been over a month since I was groped and manhandled by the 5 lads next door, and I keep having flashbacks, dreams and erotic thoughts of what more might have happened if I had stayed a little longer.
So far none of the lads has said anything to me and as far as I know, not to anyone else about that night and have also been quite nice when some of them had seen me which makes a very nice change around this area and that is how I wanted it to stay.
For the last few months my husbands frail and very old mother has not been well an... Continue»
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An unexpected night visitor

An unexpected night visitor

I had been home alone for a full week, my loving Victor out of town on a long business trip.
I was really tired that Friday night when I came back home from my office.

After pulling my car into the driveway, I failed to notice that some of the lights I had left on earlier, now were off. Only when I got close to the front door, key in hand, I had a sense that something was wrong...

I opened the door and stepped inside. Then I felt a hand close to my wrist. I gasped, but I was quickly yanked inside and a damp cloth smelling strange was placed over my mouth a... Continue»
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Nice Indian Girl

Being a semi-pro photographer I often get asked to photography parties.
On this occasion it was a 40th party in a large detached house in its own grounds.
I arrived early so I could get a good look at the rooms, the place was palatial !.
The guests stared to arrive so started to click away as is my norm, believe you me there were some stunning women of all nationalities. As the evening progressed I was mingling quite happily when I caught sight of a rather delicious looking Indian lady wearing a rather short red dress with pl... Continue»
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My First Time Story

I was s*******n and very popular. I mean I had girls begging me for it. I don't know why I was scared but I was. Maybe I was afraid I would knock somebody up or that they would find me funny at fucking and make of me. Or maybe I felt the bar was set so high that I could not meet it on my time. Any way I did want to fuck and it was on my mind. I did have a girlfriend, Molly, that we were working our way towards fucking, slowly.
Molly and I both worked at this fancy seafood restaurant. This place was huge and very busy. Molly worked on one side and I on the other. My teammate was Linda. She... Continue»
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Too many black dicks for mr

Too many black dicks for me

This time Victor and I had chosen again the warm and sunny Jamaican beaches to spend a nice week, far from the cold NYC winter.
Victor had rented a nice little cottage close to the beach.
On the first afternoon, after sunbathing during the morning, my loving husband told me he was going to a golf club that somebody had recommended.
I stood there relaxing, sunbathing a little more; reading a good book and enjoying the view of a black gardener working at the back yard. He was a young man with a huge bulge in his shorts that I would have shagged at the drop of ... Continue»
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131 Avis`s Birthday bash
Jon had treated me to a fine restaurant and bought me a beautiful antique cameo for my birthday, but said after dinner was through; he had one more surprise for me. He had made me dress in a black silk bustier with straps for my black hose and 6” stiletto heels, no panties; over which I wore a short black dress showing off my nice cleavage. On the way home he made a detour and I knew he had planned a meeting for me with at least someone else. We stopped at a nice home, walked to the front door and rang the bell. Opening it was a large black man and immediately ... Continue»
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