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Origins Part Two

I soon found myself busier, and going out as Danielle more and more often. I had also found I needed to expand my wardrobe too. I now had a lot of outfits, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, shoes, and accessories that had consumed a large amount of my walk-in closet. My shoes and boots had occupied a large rack in the closet to capacity. I also had several drawers full of lingerie and stockings and at least a dozen wigs of different colors and styles on their Styrofoam heads. One large drawer of the vanity held nothing but all of my makeup and nail products. I had also acquired severa... Continue»
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Open Doors

Things were awkward. No matter how hard we tried to cover things up with pleasantries…I’d fucked my girlfriend’s mother. Memories kept me up at night…and questions. Was she planning it all along? When she offered to pick me up that day was it just kindness or did she know her husband would be out? Maybe she knew I’d be able to see through her dress when she returned from that shower? Maybe she knew I’d look in the wrong draw? Questions. Questions. Questions. Of course the more I pondered it, the clearer the memories became and the more they turned me on late at night.

Every time I masturb... Continue»
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138. A favour for Misty

138. A favour for Misty
She is 70 now stands 5feet 7” has a body well overweight, a pretty face, nice personality, fantastic cook and a caring wonderful mum. A neighbour of mine for some years and a good one at that, she was never the sort of soul that a man had fantasies about being not what a chap would call attractive. However in view of the sexual desert in my house this last year, I must admit to feelings of any port in a storm and even the old bird on the school crossing get`s a second look with me of late.
She had been a widow for some years, the love of her life having passed ... Continue»
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3rd Time Dogging - The Best Yet !!

Hubby and me had been dogging twice before, the first time was with me in stockings and sitting in the front with the window closed and men looking at me and wanking. The second time was with me sat in the back of the car with the window down and about half a dozen men touching me.
So onto the third time, im dressed in a pair of dark tan suspender tights, ankle bracelet and not a lot else lol. We drove to the spot where we had been before and I then took off my coat and got into the back of the car. After a few minutes a few of the men that were walking up and down spotted me in the back and ... Continue»
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Perfect timing

I had always had a crush on my friend, Charlie's mum. Her name was Kirsty and she was aged in her late 30's and had a terrific body but I think it was her personality that I liked most, you could have a real conversation with her and she always seemed interested in how I was feeling. My own parents were a lot older having had me later in life. All their friends seemed so much older than Kirsty and were of the belief that c***dren should be seen but not heard. So Kirsty and her husband Mack, were a breath of fresh air to me. I loved hanging out at their house and Kirsty often featured in quite ... Continue»
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I teased and egged him on, to fuck his daughter

I had agreed to spend the Friday and Saturday nights with my girlfriend and her father. It was getting late and we were sitting in a small exclusive Italian restaurant, that choose to ignore the drinks law forbidding u******e drinking, as we both shared a bottle of 'Valpolicella Ripasso', which had us both feeling grown-up and looser in moral ideology.

We ate Pizza and coffee flavoured tiramisu, with alcohol, a delicious sweet meant to melt the elastic of a girls underwear, even more so when we agreed to try a couple of cups of Caffè corretto, by which time I could not feel if I wearing any... Continue»
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Another hot afternoon with black guys

Another hot afternoon with black guys

This time was twin Clifton who came home to pick me up that afternoon.
He told me we could spend a good time at his home, with some of his friends.
When we arrived there, I found some black men unknown to me; but they were handsome … and very well endowed as I could notice.

The only girl there was the same little blonde slut that I had met the previous time we had been fucked by a bunch of hard huge black dicks.
She smiled to me and introduced herself as Tammy.

A black guy approached me. He ordered me to get down on my knees.
I looked him di... Continue»
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Helping Mom,s Friend Out.

My name is xhiva this is my first story so enjoy!
She was beautiful, I had never seen a women with such an aura, with such a sexy look. Problem was, she happens to be my mother's best friend.
They had been friends since they both started working at the same company, on the same day. And ever since, Mrs. Thompsen and my mother have spent most of their social time together.
Mrs. Thompsen's first name was Pamela, she let my teenage self call her Pam, and I was more then will to do as she asked. Who wou... Continue»
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Casper takes me to Heaven

Casper takes me Heaven

I moaned low in my throat as the plum sized dark head of Casper’s black dick reached my wet, swollen pussy lips. I begged him to fuck me as he teased me with the head of his hard cock.

"Are you ready for me, bitch? I am going to tear that pussy up…”
I moaned and nodded my head as his cock starting pushing into my tight hole. Casper’s hands held onto my thighs as he pushed my body down on his cock. My tight cunt stretched as his huge cock impaled me, my juices dripped down his black tool as my pussy spasmed with pleasure.

His hands pushed down harder on my hips... Continue»
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Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Two days after the good sex session with the twins Clifton and Marcus, my loving husband was still out of town.
In the afternoon Marcus called me, telling he was extremely horny and wishing to take me again…

I said him he could come for me that same night…
Marcus took me to the same cheap motel we had fucked the first time.
He was alone, but he told me his twin Clifton was arranging a meeting with some of their black mates… and I would be the cherry on that cake…

Marcus dropped me onto the bed and made me spread my legs for him.
Then he fucked me ... Continue»
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begging for a huge hard black cock

Begging for a hard huge black dick

Home alone again; my loving husband on a business trip, a long one…
Then I was sitting there, masturbating with my huge toys and finally I knew I had enough. I decided to get up, get dressed, and find someone to fuck...

I really needed someone’s big cock driving into my pussy. I chose sexy black lingerie; a black rope halter top, a short black flounced mini skirt and some black fishnets with a red stripe up the back.

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw…I looked hot. There was no way I would come back home alone tonight. I slip... Continue»
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My first unexpected Milf experience while on holid

This is a true story of a holiday i had many years ago on the island of Tenerife when i was 27 years old and single at the time, all of this is as accurate as i can remember including the dialogue....

I had gone with a close friend during the summer break for two weeks, he was also an old school friend and we had known each other for many years, we both needed the time off from work and the weather looked good on the island, it was a last minute decision to go. We decided to hire an apartment rather than stay in a hotel as it gave us the freedom to come and go whenever we wanted, besides i... Continue»
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Groped by the neighbours 3.3


Later that evening after I had masturbated to an unbelievable orgasm. After I had calmed down I started to regret what I thought might happen, that lots and lots of lads, men would come round asking for a blow job.
Sunday came and went, no one came round and I started to relax, just 5 more days left I thought.
Monday and sure enough, about 2 in the afternoon Darren, the spotty lad and a some new lad knocked on the back door, asking if it was okay to come in.
I said “ Could we leave it today, my boobs are a little sore “
Darren then asked “ well you did say,... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Terry walked behind Jerome in the bedroom and further looked at the man from behind admiring the broad shoulders and the thick neck and powerful arms. The chubby boy looked lower taking in the wide back and then the large round ass cheeks which in the tight silk trousers. Jerome said waving to the chubby boy as he looked out the large bedroom window "Come here and look at the party below. Would you like a glass of champagne?" Terry let his eyes leave the rounded ass cheeks and walked over to view the party below.

He then heard a cork from a champagne bottle pop open and a fe... Continue»
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Fired! A few loads of Cum in her

Work is work, this isn't a career, it's a dead end job. Not the typical dead end job but I'm going nowhere with this. Boring office monotony every day. The ONLY bright spot is my supervisor and the office manager. My supervisor is 38 year old Janet. The office manager is 47 year old Pamela. Janet is a fantastic supervisor, really courteous, pleasant, responsible, empathetic and very understanding. And Janet is super hot. I'd bet she was only 28 years old, at the oldest, never imagined she'd be 38. Pamela is just fucking hot. At 47 she is a bombshell, a MILF, the hot boss that all the... Continue»
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As I have mentioned I am now divorced, I was married 2003-2016, lucky 13 years.

My k**s were in bed just recently, and I was alone, having a large glass of wine after finishing my work, when
my iphone pinged, with what's app. I was expecting it to be something from my girlfriends on a night
out somewhere, just to make me jealous, but no it was a cock.

WELL, I say a cock, a very VERY impressive teenage body with attached a very very ERECT cock, his face had been crudely
blocked out.

As I don't really know any teenage boys other than through my job as a... Continue»
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Semen tastes, smell, and extracting it from men.

I stood as the escalator rumbled upwards. I could feel the ripple of cogs meshing, vibrate up my legs, as the plate on which I stood being carried upwards, indicated it might break down soon, otherwise I might actually experience an orgasm, as I clenched my pelvic muscles to match those delicate tremors vibrating my thighs, into a mechanical and human resonance.

I arrived and alighted, making my way to the toilet, where I found my woollen stockings, smeared with warm semen, I had been attacked and successfully 'Painted', with the latest internet craze.

I felt anger at first, but then smi... Continue»
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Barn Dance

Living in a small town can be boring, but, occasionally it can be fun too. I just moved to this tiny community early in the spring. Not really knowing the locals much. Then I saw an advertisement for the annual barn dance being held in June. I thought, what the hell, this will give me chance to meet some of the people.
The barn was owned by the town on the north side. They held many different functions in it. But. tonight was the barn dance. I went, and entered the barn. It was nicely made up, still smelling like straw and hay. Local country band playing, people dancing, others are eating a... Continue»
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vacation sex

My husband and I took a trip back to Germany 2 years ago to see f****y and friends, we stayed with f****y and had a great time, we went to places we took are girls as they were growing up, on a Saturday we borrowed some bicycles and rode to the lake we use to go to with our girls, once we got there we headed for the FKK or nude side of the lake, it was rather full at 9AM so we found a spot and got undressed, it felt good to have the warm sun on our bodies, I was on my stomach sunning my back as we talked, the grass was rubbing my nipples, my husband was laying on his side, his cock and balls ... Continue»
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Losing my virginity to a MILF.

This is my first story so bear with me. This will be the first in a series of stories about my sexual exploits. All stories are 100% true. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. Love to hear your thoughts.

So, first, a little about me. I didn't start life as a dominant black bull. I was always a somewhat cool k** in school. In high school, I had convinced most of my friends that I was a ladies man. In truth, I had never even kissed a girl. This continued in college. I had a ladies man reputation but, in truth still hadn't kissed a girl. I'm sure my first kiss occurred... Continue»
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