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Mature Intimacy - An Extraordinary Experience Few

In recent times, I met a woman through a business engagement. She is a pleasant, lovely, dignified (yet real), articulate woman. I was impressed by her at the outset. We seemed very well matched, from a business perspective, with common progressive values.

It was established the management team of the business project would be meeting multiple times over a period of months. I was please to have met Helen (age 63), and looked forward to the next meeting dates. In our preliminary connection, it was strictly business. Between the 1st and 2nd encounters, we stayed in touch - discussing the proj... Continue»
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chance meeting with a stranger

First attempt at a story if is fictional I hope you enjoy it and please excuse the spelling and grammar

It was a strange day I had been back in the UK for a while waiting for my visa to be approved to go back to the Middle East.
The company that was handling this was based in London and I had some more paperwork that they needed to assist the visa application.
I purchased my ticket, waiting on the platform of the village station there was nothing to take my interest the train pulled in and I got on board and took the first available seat it was not to busy, It was a newer type electric t... Continue»
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Batteries Not Required

Hazel Evans parked her car just down the street from the 'Naughty But Nice' adult store and sat there trying to work up the nerve to go in. She thought back on the nights when the need for relief in her pussy was almost unbearable! A year ago if you'd have even suggested that she'd even be considering visiting such a place, she'd have said you were crazy but she was horny! Her husband of twenty years had suddenly lost all interest in sex, leaving her feeling totally frustrated! Up until about a year ago their sex-life had been out of this world. They had sex at l... Continue»
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The Perils Of Cyber Sex

This story just highlights the perils of online chats. I'm a 65 year old single guy and I live in a small block of sheltered accommodation in Bangor, North Wales. It was 2-00 in the morning and, being unable to sl**p, I was lying on my bed with my lap top, surfing some of the porn sites. The pictures and videos were having the expected effect on me and I was laying there stroking my cock. Suddenly a message popped onto the screen, blocking out the video I was watching. This how the conversation went
Blue Lace --- “Hi,”
I was about to knock the computer off when... Continue»
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Dreams Do Come True

Hazel had been my next door neighbour for over a year and although we'd got on really well from day one, nothing sexual had ever happened between us but it didn't stop me dreaming. She wasn’t what you'd call a raving beauty but she had something special. She had a latent sex appeal!!! She didn't seem to do anything to push the point but it was just there.
Each time, after we'd spent time together, I'd go back to my own flat and imagine how it would be to undress her and find out what sort of underwear she wore. I'd imagine her mature breasts in lacy or silky bra... Continue»
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The Photoshoot -- a recent true encounter

The Photoshoot

This is a true account of something that happened a month or so ago and links to the photos I have posted on my profile;

I am a keen amateur photographer and have photos of buildings and landscapes published. I have dabbled a little bit with portraiture and nude work, sometimes with ex-girlfriends, sometimes with paid models. I have signed up to a model/photographer website and have had one meeting with models willing to pose naked, but not explicit. There are forums on the website and ... Continue»
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At work

So I was at work the other day,My boring office job.We all had to stay after an extra 30 minutes.I was to make up for this error one of the three much higher ups had made the week before.So while everyone was obviously upset as was I we stayed late to clear up their mistake.

I was quickly appointed rush down to storage and fetch one of the storage files.It was a wild shot that the box,If it even was down there,Would contain this folder.(It didn't) .So I took the elevator down and began what I already knew to be a wild goose chase.The storage room was just shelves of boxes and was under gr... Continue»
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A Hot Evening Pt 4

As the three of us padded back into the bedroom, naked and clean from our quick shower, the women one on either side of me, I put an arm around their shoulders and hugged them to me. Both were short ladies and their heads barely reached my armpits. Liv to my right was in her late 40's or early 50's, had short cropped, straight brown hair tinged with a little grey and a very slender body. In fact her breasts were all but non-existent, being two tiny bumps of flesh, but they were tipped with long, thick dark nipples that stood defiantly from her chest. Her waif like figure was rounded out by sl... Continue»
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Working Wife Trapped And Humiliated

Let me introduced first I am Amruta 32 years working wife with loving husband and blessed with a baby boy. I have maintained myself well with a fig of 36-28-35 and glowing fair skin, many people try to hit on me but till now I haven’t given any chance as being a chaste woman. I work in private company and my husband owns a business. Now I shall tell some incident happened with me a few months back.

The story begins with my company. I always wanted to be independent so I was working in private company. Some people used to fli
... Continue»
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Good Morning

After a beautiful night out of celebrating their anniversary of one year, George and Stella spent the rest of the evening watching tv and cuddling. Falling asl**p in his arms, Stella couldn't be happier. Stella woke up first, the next morning. She got up, started the coffee and then took a shower. She came out of the shower just in a towel, went into the bedroom. She saw George lying there on his back with the blankets down to the belt line, his arms were under his head and his head was tilted to the side. Stella just stared at him. She loved the way he looked, just so perfect, his arms so big... Continue»
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Horny Safeway Co-workers and Customers (Introducti

While attending college I worked at Safeway as a cashier. The job was mundane, but the pay was good. The best part of the job was the constant flow of attractive ladies that came through my line. Over the course of my five years with Safeway I hooked up with more than 20 customers and 10-12 girls who worked at my store or who were on loan from another location for a few weeks. While most of my fellow employees I hooked up with were close to my age (I was 22 when I started working there), the customers ranged in age from 18 to 60, being in my early 20's I was always looking for a girl/lady to f... Continue»
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The bike ride

As the day begins, another beautiful day, Stella was thinking. Wondering what she would be doing for the day, the phone rang. It was the guy who she was seeing for a couple months, George. He wanted to know if she would like to go on a ride to Seneca Lake with him. Of course, she would go, the way the bike made her feel is amazing. She never felt so free as on the bike. Stella loves the long rides, she has her arms around him, feeling so close to him. She can feel every breath he takes, every muscle he moves when shifting the gears or twisting the throttle. The roar of the engine just makes h... Continue»
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A Pick Up At Playlinda

A Pick-Up At Playalinda
I'm sixty seven years old and married to a really sexy, sixty eight year old wife who has a fabulous body for her age. Hazel and I have been married for six years and have always had a fantastic sex life, but due to health problems, my ability to perform has declined over the last year. Although we still have a good sex life, I've begun to feel that I'm letting her down. Hazel loves to feel a good hard cock in her and the longer it stays there the better she likes it. This is where the problem lies. I have respiratory problems and long periods of vigorous exercise... Continue»
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Enjoying My Retirement

I retired just over a year ago and moved from South Wales to a small block of flats in Bangor in North Wales. I'd been looking to having plenty of time on my hands to do the things I wanted to, fishing, walking and photography. I soon found out that the weather up North made days to do these things few and far between and some days I struggled to find things to do. So, one day when my next door neighbour, Hazel, called round and said she was having problems with her bathroom tap, I was more than happy to volunteer my help. I could see she was in a bit of a state so... Continue»
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139. HOLIDAY i****t AND MORE

a story for a friend
Joan is 5 foot 1 inch tall, about 110 lbs. Strawberry blonde. She`s 47, my wife and mom of 2 boys, we have a cabin by a lake near a first nation reservation here in Alberta Canada.
We get away to the cabin whenever we can, but this time was different,
Our cabin is on a hill overlooking a lake. We can walk down the hill, cross a dirt dead end logging road and get to an area within the break water where one can swim it`s perhaps 200yds away. Trees surround the area and its unusual to meet folk at the swim hole, though it`s not impossible and skinny dipping has... Continue»
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Coffeeshop, Medina Ohio

During a recent stop at a local coffee house, I was enjoying my steaming cup caffeine; a stately woman, slightly older than me, asked if she could sit at my table. I smiled and said sure. No words were spoken for about 6 minutes while I was on my laptop reviewing some local news; she was just sitting there watching me. I looked up and she was running her finger along the rim of her coffee cup in a most enticing manner. It was at that moment I noticed that she was not wearing a bra and her left nipple was just barely visible through a gap in her purple blouse. I could not help but to stare a li... Continue»
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Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part 6

Ashley (real name Wanda) texted me..."I got a room with a hot tub. Do you want to come over and join me in it?" Yes, yes I did! I arrived a short time later and texted Wanda from the parking lot. When I got to her room at the La Quinta Inn in Dublin, I knocked on the door and waited for her to open cock was already hard in anticipation of seeing Wanda. The door was opening slowly, I could see wet footprints on the floor, Wanda leaned out and let me in. She was naked and dripping with water, her dark brown nipples were extremely erect, swollen and glistening.

Wanda smiled at me, bat... Continue»
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Jury Inn Birmingham October 2016

26-27th October 2016.. Jury’s Inn. Broad St. Birmingham

Quite a lot of PM interest in what we got up to on the above evening so rather than repeat everything I’ve written it down as truthfully and accurate as I can remember.

Jayne and I had tried for a good while to find a trust full partner to meet and have some fun with and recently two blokes came out of the blue. Chris from Southampton and Karl from Stourbridge. It’d been my persistent pleading to Jayne to take them both on together and eventually she agreed to consider it with the proviso that we all communicate, meet and get on be... Continue»
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Black twin Clifton comes home

Black twin Clifton comes home

Victor came back home just two days after that weekend I had been used so well by the black twins and their mates. I couldn't wait for them to call me again. I had given my number to all the black men that had fucked me over that long weekend and told all of them to call me anytime they wanted to fuck me again.

About a week later I was lying on the hot bathtub, drinking some wine and relaxing. My body took almost a week to recover from all those big black cocks fucking my every hole.
Luckily for me, my loving husband was still feeling stressed and had dec... Continue»
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My First Online Hookup

I've never met anyone who has hooked up online. I've only ever heard about it. I know of a couple people who have dated from online, even married, and I've heard from friends that people date and marry online. I'm not into that, but I was very curious about hooking up online. It was a huge turn on for a while. So I checked out some sites, the typical ones: CL, AFF, SS, AM. Turns out that most of the fuck sites set up for hooking up are just scams. And CL has become a hotbed of scams and criminals. And CL only works in the big cities as I found out.

I was living in a major metropolit... Continue»
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