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First time Jamal took Ana

First time Jamal took Ana

After living many years in New York, the owner decided to expand the company to Savannah. The big bosses told me to get in charge of the new office and I gladly accepted.
Ana and I were supposed to move there to a new house, but the first weeks we just got a nice room in a quiet hotel downtown.

On the second week there, a State Basketball Tournament came to the city and mostly hotel rooms were filled with basketball players…

One afternoon I came back from office, finding the lobby was crowded.
I contemplated changing hotels but Anita convinced me not to. ... Continue»
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73 year old grandpa from the bar

It was the summer of 2015, I was 22 years old and I would often go to the bar to meet older men. There was a very powerful grandpa that would always sit outside of the bar. He had reddish tan skin, big strong hands, he had a mustache, he had gray and white hair, he had a fair amount of wrinkles on his face, he had brown eyes, a long wrinkly nose. He was big and strong, he often wore jeans or black pants, he wore white or gray dress shirts, and sometimes he would wear a gray jacket or a gray and black sweater. He wouldn't really talk much, he would drink very powerful brandy or whiskey. He was... Continue»
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148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.

148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.
The door opened and Sylvester came in, he looked tired, his apron bl**dy, and he accepted the tea gratefully, dumping a bag of meat and a crusty loaf on the table and sinking into the armchair and saying “he was sorry to have had to leave her to her own devices all day but ‘Oliver’ had been off unwell!” She realised from that that ‘Oliver’ was an employee as well as a well hung stud in the films. The tea brightened him somewhat and he said he would shower and dress if she would throw a rump of steak in the pan for them both
She happily did as she was bid two l... Continue»
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149 A Butcher`s maid 3

149 A Butcher`s maid 3
A week past, things with Kenny had changed a little, she had returned to her home, and awaited his return; a new bravado had enriched her.
He arrived swaggered in and she met him in the hallway on her way to the kitchen, “oh your home”
“Yeh and knackered too that Susan was hot” he never missed an opportunity to rub her nose in his sexual exploits; she laughed, and said she “hoped he had enjoyed it!” She too had been out she said so he was not to expect any sex this week as she had had enough to last a lifetime!
He looked shocked and she swept away, calling ... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Final Chapter)


Ash sat down, collected herself, and decided to try calling Mason again. For the past week and a half, Mason had hardly ever answered her, and when he did their talks were disheartening and brief. She took a deep breath as the phone began ringing. “Hello?” She asked when someone picked up.

(“Yeah?” Mason answered.)

“Mason? Where are you?!” She cried.

(“I’m at home, remember?”)

“Mason! Thanksgiving break ended three days ago! You’re missing classes! You have to come back!” Ash sobbed.


“Mason? Hello?”

Muffled voices came through the ... Continue»
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Sometimes in life we become so lonely that we are willing to do most anything to fill the void. Frequently we do things that are risky and foolish. Often our high risk actions come with unexpected consequences.

Clair Davis woke late that Saturday morning. As she sat up she looked at the digital clock sitting on her nightstand.

The red numbers displayed ten thirty.

"Richard?" She called out.

There was no response.

Clair remembered that her husband of fifteen years had left the evening before to play golf with his buddies.

Richard and his friends had been planning the weekend... Continue»
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Moni with her xhamster friend

I had another request from a internet friend for and evening out. I was not sure so I discussed it with my hubby Marc. He said I have enough friend already. So I showed him the many messages, from Dave my XHAMSTER friend. He is quite enamoured with you Marc says. Yes I tell him he seems like such a nice guy and saw no harm in meeting him and see how it goes. Ok he said but he has to come here to pick you up so I can meet him., Oh thank you dear you are a gem.

I was so excited I sent Dave a message shortly after explaining to him that it was ok to meet me and that he had to pick me up at o... Continue»
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One Night Stand With Plump Mature Barmaid

I was away on a three day training course by myself, miles from home and had been put up in this swanky hotel by the company that had no life or sole to the place, not for a working type guy like me anyway.

On the second night after eating there, I decided to walk in to town seeing it was a nice summer’s night to find a more, my type of pub and sat at the bar after ordering a drink. The barmaid who served me looked like a throwback to the eighties the way she looked and dressed, she has to be twice my age, at least in her sixties but it was the dense blue eye shadow that drew you to her wri... Continue»
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The clouds hung low in the distance as Karen Parker rushed out the back door to bring in the laundry off the clothesline. The wind had picked up considerably in the last five minutes, and lightning was beginning to flash through the evening sky.

As Karen began to remove her clothes from the clothesline, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky.

Two seconds later a thunderclap caused her jump in fear.

"Damn storm," Karen snapped as she began to work faster. "I hope Benny gets here before that storm does."

Benny Mann is Karen's eighteen year old nephew. Marge, his Mother and Karen are s**... Continue»
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Life's a Beach

Chapter One: On the beach

The weather had finally cleared, a week at the beach and it had taken until Thursday for the sun to come out.

Bill dropped his towel onto the hot sand, kicking of his shoes and shorts he slid his T-shirt off before lying face down on his towel.

"Better put some sun cream on Billy or you'll burn"

He turned his head to look at his mom who was spreading a towel beside him.

"I guess"

"Here I'll do it"

With that Mary Price knelt beside her teenage son, squirting sun cream onto his back she worked it in. Not for the first time she found herself feeling ... Continue»
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Double or Nothing

Double or nothing

That summer afternoon I had a nice surprise when I got home from a hard day at my office.
My loving husband was already there; with the company of two black studs.
After a quick refreshing shower, I came back to the room and found those nice huge, muscled and well hung black guys, ready for me…

Both guys, Marco and Jeremiah did not need any encouragement as they were staring at me lustfully and stroking their thick black cocks.

Victor walked to me and untied the camisole’s ribbon exposing my hard nipples for my studs to play with.
Inside I could feel my pussy g... Continue»
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Swinging Vacation

The four of us, two couples, have exchanged correspondence for three years; after we had replied to an advertisement by them on a contact internet website. We became firm correspondence fiends as we exchanged letters, erotic stories and intimate photos. All four of us over time certainly came to trust, like and understand each other. Cherall and Bill are in a similar age group to us; mid to late forties. Our interests are similar, such as being nudists, voyeurs and exhibitionists. Our various differences placed no imposition on the others. The warm and friendly relationship developed to th... Continue»
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About Xavier

My wife wanted to fuck a black man.

She and I had discussed this as a 'possibility' for several years before we ever decided to stop just talking about it and actually give it a try. So, when we did make that first step towards turning the idea into a reality, it was a conscious decision; and yet it was still a BIG step! An idea can be one thing, but the reality doesn't always live up to one's expectations; and we were aware of that. Still, we went ahead with it. The feeling was that if we didn't at least TRY it, even just once, we'd always wonder about it! So, once she had said that she w... Continue»
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Old ladies like to watch young boys play

As a collegge student you have to spend a lot of time behind the books,
or you fail the year and you lose your social scollarship. And as a horny 21 year old collegge student,
i spend a lot of time in a library near our dorms. It's actually pretty routinic, but sometimes
something you are surprised like you never thougth you would be...

A couple days ago, i was having a smoke break in front of the library to rest my mind of those equations.
I just lit my ciggarette when an elder lady came up to me. I think i saw her before, roaming around the library
with a bored face. she was around ... Continue»
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Our Little Secret

It was almost nine PM. She was asl**p on the couch. I could see her nipple poking through her night gown and her dark areolas were visible. Such a nice supple pair of tits on her. As my eyes wandered down she moved her legs and to my amazement she spread them open exposing her panties. Her black pubic hair peeked out the sides of her sheer panties. I could see her black hairy muff through the fabric. My cock began to throb. She mumbled something but I couldn't tell what she said over the sound of the television. We were in the great room and she usually fell asl**p on the couch like t... Continue»
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My very limited sexual history

My very limited sexual history.

Total number of penis I have seen, sorry cocks. : 7.
Of those 7 cocks I have touched, held 5.
I have wanked off 4 of those cocks.
I have been fucked by only two different cocks.
I have sucked off 3 different cocks in my entire life and two of them have cum in my mouth.
Only 2 men have seen me naked.
Cock 1.:At 15 I seen my first cock, a show me yours and I will show you mine thing and that was for a very short time and in a tent of all places.
Cock 2.:At 17 I seen my second cock and held my first, from what I remember it felt strange and funny to the... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 15)


Mason woke up to find that Kevin and Stacey were missing. As he climbed out of bed, he heard unfamiliar voices laughing downstairs. He jumped up and went down to investigate. When he reached the living room, he saw a line of people trailing out form his old bedroom.

“What the hell is this?” Mason laughed in disbelief.

“Huh?” A few of the k**s turned to him. “It’s in here!” One called back.

Mason barged past everyone and went into his room. It had been completely emptied. The only thing inside was a large wooden structure that had been painted to look like a... Continue»
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Straight guy giving head to my driving instructor

I am 26 years old and I identify as a straight male. I have never masturbated to gay porn, I have never had a crush on another guy nor been attracted to another male ever. I do like transsexual porn, but never trans + a man always solo or with a woman. I was until recently in a semi-long term relationship and after that I’ve been very sexually active with a female friend of mine.

Anyway, I’m currently learning to drive, and my driving instructor is a 50 something year old man. I have been learning to drive with him with 6 weeks or so, and although he is married and has c***dren he is defini... Continue»
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How To Get The Business Done


This is Kajal from India. A little bit about myself. I am very sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in the export-import company. I am 5.8 ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with cup size “c”. Guys who don’t have read my previous encounters, please read them to know more about me.
... Continue»
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Break a Leg

The dress rehearsal had been canceled early due to the snowy weather. Everybody was gone and I was closing up the theater but I wanted to adjust some of the stage lights while it was empty and quite. I went upstairs to the catwalk and noticed a woman standing there looking down on the stage. It was Janet, the star of the show, still dressed in her costume- a 1920's flapper girl. Janet is a real looker, jet black hair, piercing blue eyes and long legs. "Hey Jack why are you still here?" Janet said in the sultry voice of her character. "I am just doing a couple of stage things and some houseke... Continue»
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