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New Apartment Part 2

I was in the bedroom waiting for the cable guy to show up. Linda was in the living room reading her book. Linda was wearing a short skirt and a button blouse, no panties or bra. I didn’t have much to do, I’m not a reader like Linda is, I’m more an TV / Internet guy. I would peek out, see what Linda was doing.

I was bored so I lied down and started to masturbate. I enjoyed watching Linda on top of Ted, riding him. I was enjoying myself to the point I almost came, till the door bell rang. It was the cable guy, about time I thought to myself.

Linda answers the door and let him in. He intr... Continue»
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My wife's confession

My wife makes a confession
By Chris Christopher, All rights reserved

Over the holidays my wife decided to read a few of the stories I have written and posted on xHamster. That got us talking about the good old days. She brought up something that I had forgotten about along with something that she said I had never known about. She said that there was something that she wanted to confess about our agreement to only play around if we were both playing in the same room. But before I tell you what she said to me, here is the backstory leading up to her confession.

Years ago we ... Continue»
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Fucking my husband's friend and wanting his w

It was just past eleven, I was having a cold, so I opted to stay in that night and have some cough medicine, and a 'Toddy', whiskey, honey and water, so by the time my husband came home from the pub, I was a tad tipsy and light headed.

A blazing fire added to the surrealness of our atmosphere. I had taken a hot bath and not expecting anything exciting I remained nude under my terry-towelling robe, it was more for convenience and comfort, as going to bed was fast approaching.

When my husband eventually got home, he had a surprise, a friend, just as worse for wear as he was, had missed his... Continue»
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The Perpetuity of Human Lust

As I drove along, the vast open spaces of the land that straddles western Colorado, and eastern Utah, made feel strangely sad and desolate. I'd never felt that way about that area of the country before, but attitude is everything they say, and my attitude was decidedly frustrated. As the miles and hours rolled past, I felt my libido simmering and percolating away inside me. It had been well over three weeks since I'd had an orgasm. Many things had come along to constantly disrupt and frustrate the slowly increasing urge to have an orgasm, and to "reset" my libido, but now that I was on the hig... Continue»
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Putting It Out There

{Further memories of my brief male hustle days}

"Oh, fuck," Bob said, as I sat nearby him on the couch stroking my cock, "you have a really beautiful cock. I mean that! You really do!"

"Thank you, Bob," I replied, "I appreciate that!"

"I remember back when I could get an erection"; he said, with a slight twinge of regret in his voice. "Of course, that was before my diabetes issues came about!"

Bob was 73 years of age. I was only 26 at that time; and diabetes or no diabetes, age has a way of interfering with a man's ability to get, and then maintain, the erections of his more yout... Continue»
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The New Photographer

The New Photographer – by SBarak1

It all started innocently enough. I was down at the pub chatting with a few mates over a beer or three. The conversation came around to me when Pete asked me what I would be doing in the way of work after the holiday season as I had finished up at my old job prior to Christmas. I mentioned I had a few irons in the fire however what I really wanted to try may hand at was some studio photography. I had been an avid amateur photographer for a long time and had most of the kit. I went on to say I had already started cleaning out my garage to set up a studi... Continue»
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Doctors Created Vibrators After Growing Tired of Masturbating 'Hysterical' Women ILLUSTRATION BY VIVIAN SHIH
Doctors Created Vibrators After Growing Tired of Masturbating 'Hysterical' Women

Bethy Squires
by Bethy Squires
JAN 6 2017
One hundred years ago, the vibrator was invented to relieve doctors, whose fingers were frequently cramped from treating "hysteria" in female patients. Afterwards, it became a popular household appliance to help women get off on their own—and wasn't considered a sex toy until the 1920s.

We have a certain image of Victorian womanhood: corsets, faintin... Continue»
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True Story..Pt3..The Naughty goings on of an Engli

3... For better or for Worse

This were the time that we got Married at the Baptist Church on Dorset Avenue, all our f****y and friends turned up and the reception was held at the Running Fox pub on the black pad in Leicester, turning up at one of the roughest pubs in Leicester with a Penguin suit on was different
A few months later I became redundant and found another Hosiery job, at Abbey Park Rd, Leicester. This building has long since been demolished and the company moved to Coalville all the original workers moved with the job, this meant I had a commute along the M1 to work.L would o... Continue»
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Buying & Selling

"...the 'price' (or 'value') of a commodity, and the labor (or effort, in other words) involved in creating it, is (or should be!) equal to it's 'cost" (and/or the effort) in doing so."

* * * *

With the above quote from Marx, what could be said of a man's sperm as a commodity? IS, or even SHOULD, a man's sperm be regarded as something to be thus 'commoditified' in the first place?

I ask this because for a number of years (back in my late 20's and early 30's), I eng... Continue»
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Short story 2 (aimed at female reader): waiting fo

The room is filled with steam from the tub... you have been soaking in it, enjoying the warmth spreading throughout your body... every movement creates waves that wash against your body... time flies, but soon you have to go, soon step out of the water... the tight feeling around your neck reminds you of it, reminds you of what you need to do...

You move your hand lazily up to feel it, the leather Laing tight against your skin... the metal ring, normally cold to touch, now warm from the bath... still new, but so welcoming, so familiar and right...

It feels as if the collar always belong... Continue»
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Big Tits Teen Gets Gangbanged

Liz was blonde, nineteen, petite, extremely busty and attractive. She was quite shy, but because of her looks, men came at her from every direction. If she would have been a little more wise, she would have side stepped a number of these men, but being the gullable girl she was, the clever men always ended up getting in her knickers.

One Friday night she was out with her friend and a local sportsman came up to her with his friends and started chatting. He was well known and Liz was very flattered that he was paying her attention. He was not a big name, more locally known, but he was always ... Continue»
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Step*isters spied, groped and tasting sperm part 3

After I lucked out with the older s****rs d***ken state I mentioned in the previous post in this series it was a while before I had another opportunity. I spent considerable time positioning myself and trying to manipulate situations and eventually the hard work paid off.

We were on a beach holiday a couple of years later and I was on full alert.  On the first day I had scoped out the place, noting the private balcony attached to the girls bedroom.   It took me a few days to find a location where it was in view.  The path behind the villa meandered uphill exposing the balcony and a secti... Continue»
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The Lookout: Part 2

I slip fingers out of your soaking pussy, you moan as I pinch your clit between thumb and forefinger, before lifting my soaked hand to my mouth, tasting you on my fingers.

"God, you taste good"

Bending to kiss you again, your mouth hot, lips slightly swollen, open for my tongue...kisses deeper and slower tasting yourself on me.

My hands at your breasts, roaming slowly over you, the initial urgency gone, pulling you closer to me... my cock hard between us, pressing against you through the material of my jeans.

Without a word, you drop your hand to my belt, fumbling the bu... Continue»
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Mums Story Part 1

Mums story part 1

I am Paul's mum this Is my story. It all started when my ex left me to bring up paul all on my own . I struggled to be a single parent we both became very close and did everything together and paul never went with out anything. As paul was growing up I noticed he was growing up to be a nice young man and when I used to bath him his penis would get bigger when I washed him and it turned me on knowing I made him grow . As paul got older he took a bath buy him self . I missed Bathing him and seeeing his penis grown as I washed it it made me so horny . I wanted to see his pen... Continue»
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Home Alone with Sissy Toys, pt. 1

I pulled up to my home, anxious as usual when I'm expecting male. Ordering it online was a delight - all the dirty websites, where to find the sluttiest outfits and most exciting looking toys - a blond wig, a black fishnet body stocking, two 7-inch suction cup dildos, and some other little things. They cam in unmarked brown boxes, which were right next to my stoop.

I squatted down to pick them up. Now any time I squatted, I made sure to use good form: Keeping a slight curve in my lower back, tightening my abs, and using my butt as much as possible. I had been doing them for so long that my ... Continue»
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Mutual Fun

Yesterday Lisa was going out with the girls so I decided to pay a visit to a local beauty spot a couple of miles away. During the day youll find families and dog walkers, the usual thing for a picnic area. In the evening its got a bit of a reputation as being a dogging and cruising site so I thought let's find out. There is a large mobile snack bar on the site so you'll always have a legitimate reason for being there. I parked up and got a cup of coffee. I sat on one of the benches and lit up a cigarette. A few minutes later a guy walked past and said hello, I nodded and said alright. He bough... Continue»
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Wife Spanked in Front of Husband

Jim, Bob, and Susie were all good friends since college. Bob and Susie were a couple and later got married, but Susie and Jim always liked to flirt and tease Bob. He didn’t mind it since he trusted them both and loved his wife. But one day things got a little out of hand…

One afternoon, Bob and Susie had a BBQ at their house and invited some friends. In the evening, after all the other guests left, Jim hung around with the couple in the backyard having a few more drinks as was his habit.

“Ok guys, now that it’s just us, I am going to go change,” said Susie.

“Put on something slutty,” ... Continue»
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My wife came home at 4:00 in the morning

My wife came home the other night at 4:00 in the morning. She brought her date in for a nightcap I guess. I think she did it to make me suffer a little more. I had fallen asl**p, and thought I heard something downstairs. I crept down the stairs in the dark, and heard them whispering. They didn't hear me, besides I could tell they were wasted, so I hid in the shadows. I don't think that they had had sex yet, by the way they were acting and talking. I heard some kissing and soft moans, and peeked around the corner. There I saw Lisa sprawled out on our sofa with her date Mark's face buried betwee... Continue»
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The businessman's perfect companion - Part II

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a native speaker, so the occasional error might creep in. However I prefer to right in English for a broader audience. – All characters in this story are fictional. If you have read my first story you know the drill. For those starting now: These are the adventures of a mid 30s executive and his young intern: If people saw us on the planes, airports or at a convention they wouldn’t even have noticed anything remarkable. Just another executive and his young assistant. Him: Tie, suit, white shirt, shiny shoes and a lab top bag. Her: smart grey suit, ... Continue»
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I have always had fantasies of other women. So I get off work early. Call up a friend (Mia)and ask her if she wants to come over for a few drinks before my husband gets home. She has had a rough day so she agrees. I pick her up on my way, grab a couple bottles of wine and proceed home. We'll we get to talking (and drinking) she tells me that amongst other problems her new boyfriend is terrible in bed and she just can't get off. This is my in! She's wearing some really hot short shorts and a flannel shirt tied in a knot above her belly button. Hair in pigtail braids and cowboy boots. So I start... Continue»
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