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Return 2 Cuckold Therapy (Part One)

"You've been all the way through the first major stage of your initial cuckold therapy, and, from your chart here, I can see that you receive very high marks on the Submissive/Chaste Scale! Impressive. Very good. Kudos!"

The young female ther****t, who's name was Jennifer, continued to scan the chart for a few seconds longer, and then added, looking up a her client: "Yes, you scored quite high."

"I'm not sure now what that was. What was the percentage?"

"You scored, out of a possible 100% (which is very rare, and not surprising), 78.98%! So, let's call it 80%. That is a very large per... Continue»
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Neighbour wants more

2 days ago (Friday) I saw my neighbour Jean. Jean has watched me wanking a couple of times now so when she came over to talk I was hoping it would be for more wanking fun. She asked if I was going to be around in the morning. She said if I was she would look out for me and maybe I could come round for a chat or something. I told her I would be around in the morning and that I'd love to come round. Yesterday morning as usual I was watching porn and wanking naked. I saw Jean walk into her garden and I went to the window and waved to her. She looked over and smiled. I stood there for a few seco... Continue»
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Growing Pains

I wrote this story a few years ago. Sadly, it is just a story, a fantasy.
I think I posted it on XHAMSTER at the time, under a different (fake) username, but I can't remember. Anyway, I thought it deserved an audience instead of languishing on my laptop.


I was ten years old when I first became aware of my older s****r’s interest in what I had between my legs.

As very young c***dren, we had bathed together in total innocence, our genitals so unformed as to be almost unnoticeable. But as she had gotten older (she was my senior by four years), Mom had taken to bathing and dressi... Continue»
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Playground Tales Chapter 3: 3 Boys, 1 Night

Let me start by saying - It wasn't my fault! But I loved it...

My day was carrying on as it usually does, detailing and construction, making vehicles beautiful and eyefucking hot contractors. Shortly after lunch, I peeked at my phone, as it is the only reliable timepiece nearby, and I noticed that one of my playmates had sent me a message. I replied when I was able, and as we agreed that I owed him a blow job, I offered to come by that evening and deliver one. I got home from work, and as is usually the case, I was delayed and messaged my playmate to say as much. His schedule was tight,... Continue»
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Some Things About Sonny May

(A new series! Staring: "Sonny May!" An Okie redneck, occasional roustabout, and some-time truck driver and construction worker; who, despite his outwardly rough 'n tough, macho exterior, is not above sucking a cock now and then, should the occasion 'arise!')

Sonny was watching Opra, killing time, when the knock on his motel room door occurred. He answered it, and he saw Doug and Larry, two guys he'd struck up a conversation with when they'd been out of the oil rig south of town several weeks earlier.

Seeing their expressions, Sonny immediately guessed why they'd shown up, but, he deci... Continue»
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The Good Girl

The Good Girl
Going down memory lane, aka the spank bank, I remember a girl I dated as a young man. She was a clerk in a store and we struck up a conversation as she rung up my purchase. We set up a date when she got off from work and I picked her up at her car behind the business. Let me tell you about Andrea. She was about 4’11”, blonde with green eyes. She had the fairest skin. She was around 104lbs so she was a well-shaped petite woman. She was working between her senior year of high school and starting college in the Fall. The reason I titled this story the “good girl,” is because... Continue»
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Our xHam Story

It started over 4yrs ago before Summertime around April or so that this account was promote more pussy diversity on the Internet and for the pornograpHY connoisseur. It was a long day of searching and uploading and saving into drives, files, and on computers, from such such as anon Asians and ScanLover and Hot Hmong Girls sites, Plus personal pictures and videos made and Trading and sharing back and forth...
[/image]https://xh... Continue»
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Work place fun

The day began like any other; wake up, shower, get dressed, race out the door and grab a coffee on the way to work.

Pulling into the parking lot, I find my spot and park. Taking another swig of my coffee, I collect my purse and lunch and scurry inside out of the rain, hoping to try and keep my hair dry. I manage to to get in the door, hair intact. I greet Chrystal, the receptionist as I pass; a very nice "office-mom" type lady. Settling into my desk I put my things away, hang up my coat and check my messages. Only three messages, none of them especially pressing - today should be a good on... Continue»
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Elevator Liaision

it’s almost 3.30am and in this London hotel all is still except us creatures of the night, selecting the twenty third floor and standing up against the wall of the elevator; I have you very lightly blindfolded to heighten the excitement and you are giggling expectantly, slightly tipsy but in no way d***k you are always extremely funny at this level.

Your pert bum was being f***ed outward for my benefit; your lightly flowing dress, thin enough to make out the outline of your panties, the very reason that I will often if not always pace-back to watch you move as you walk to observe the shimm... Continue»
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The Nymph’s and the Morning After – by SBarak1

The Nymph’s and the Morning After – A story by SBarak1

This is story #3 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’ & ‘The Return of the Nymphs’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories sets the context.

I wake up slowly. I have a sheet over me. I’ve slept and had great sex last night with the Nymphs, Debby and Emily, not to mention what we got up to the previous afternoon. I’m in that zone between sl**p and waking. I’m feeling a bit dopey and satisfied. I’m aware of one of the Nymphs sitting on the end of the bed watching the TV. ... Continue»
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Return to the MILF – by SBarak1

Return to the MILF – a story by SBarak1

This is the 2nd story in my MILF series. Although this story can be read ‘stand-alone’, it will make more sense if read after my story ‘My First MILF’. Just remember this is fantasy.

After a memorable evening at Bev’s a few years ago, as relayed in the story my story “My First MILF.” I returned a few days later, at the time, to her house to fulfil my promise to give Bev a spare portable hard drive so she could free up some space on her laptop PC. I knew our next meeting would be very revealing.

I had phoned Bev to arrange a time. She was ve... Continue»
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the lustful dream-giver 1.1/2

"What happened ?" asked mom "Nothing" I replied, "Finish that lemon tea and do your college assignments" , "I'll do it in the evening" I said. "No, Grandma will be visiting today. I want you to finish your assignments, because you won't get time later", "I'll do it later, its not that important. I have until next week" I revolted . Mom gave me this look, I knew what was coming next, so i slowly started moving towards my room, suddenly my door-bell rang. "who is it ?" i asked myself. At this point there was thousands of questions going through my head, I was mentally trying to figure out how ... Continue»
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My s****r in Law knew i was a keen Amateur photographer. We talked about nature shots i had taken and photos of f****y events,
It was a bit of a shock when Karen asked me if i could take some candid shots of her. She said that she was hoping to spice up her love life as it was a little flat with her Husband at the moment. I agreed to do the shoot and asked her what type of thing she was after.
A Boudoir shoot or maybe some tasteful outdoor shots i suggested. She liked the idea of the Outdoor shots so we arranged the shoot for a few weeks later. I told her to wear her sexiest underwear and to... Continue»
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The Plane & Girl

Recently I was on an evening flight from an airline’s northern hub to the southern hub. As is the norm these days, it was packed. I had managed to get a window seat toward the front, but unfortunately not first class. This sexy girl sat down in the middle seat next to me, cute and really friendly, when she got settled, she turned to me and introduced herself as “KD” and asked if she could raise the armrest, I agreed, so she raised it allowing her hot thigh to rest against me. I thought that it was interesting, but thought that she just liked to have some space. None the less, things natur... Continue»
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internet friend

Jen and Rob had been married for 14 years, they were in their mid 30s now, like most couple the intimacy had died off, Jen tried but Robs job left hi either working late into the night or to tired . sure they had sex occasionally but with Jen in her sexual prime it wasn't enough, One day at work she overheard some of the younger women talking about meeting guys on craigslist, she jotted down the name of the site and stuffed it in her purse,

Now Jen was what you would call the girl next door, cute, shoulder length brown hair brown eyes and a few freckles about 5-3 120 lbs, well ... Continue»
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A Lady’s Sissy Maid - Day One

Steve was single and it had been awhile since he was in a meaningful relationship, so one Saturday afternoon, he was aimlessly perusing a local fetish contact newspaper when a particular ad caught his eye. It read:

“Sissy Maid Sought by Refined Beauty"

Classy, beautiful and refined lady is in search of a sincere sissy to perform my household duties and become my personal servant. Applicants must be docile, follow instructions and have a sincere desire to serve and satisfy this high class lady, who will only accept the best. A proper uniform will be pro... Continue»
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Follow Up Date with Debbie the Mature Woman

Follow Up Date with Debbie the Mature Woman

Unfortunately, after our first date and sexual encounter we were unable to get together the following evening and on Sunday her k**s returned home. The deal was that her k**s couldn’t know she was seeing someone so in the evening after they were asl**p she would call and we would talk. The following weekend was hers to have them so it would be two weeks before we could go out again.
When that Friday came around I couldn’t wait to get home from work, unload (masturbate) and shower preparing for our meeting. After the k**s had left with their... Continue»
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Six things women won't tell you.

I was just a girl when I first became aware of my nudity.

I had been in the pool and went into the changing room to change out of my swimming costume, daddy had gone into the male section. I had removed my costume and was standing there, about to put my panties on, when I saw in my perifial vision, a man looking at me, peeking, so to speak, and a sudden warm feeling spread through my body like wildfire.

I could see he was masturbating himself, through the strands of my long hair, as I bent over to put my foot into the cotton knickers I held.

To this day I still don't know why I resist... Continue»
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“Shit,” Reagan breathed looking at her phone. The Uber was here. Eli had arrived in his lovely black Charger, license plate XTUD 459, and she wasn’t quite ready. She took one final look in the mirror and conceded that humidity had won today. A braid accessorized with frizz would have to do.

She grabbed her purse and rapidly groped around inside. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Taking one final sweeping glance around the apartment, she opened and closed the door, locked it, and as she turned, she found herself looking at a black Charger, license plate XTUD 459.

“Reagan?” a voice called from insid
... Continue»
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blind date

Hello to all,I've always been a shy person and never been on a blind date till now.One of my friends had set me up with one of her friends as a blind date her name was Jane and I was to meet her at the club down the road.The shyness kicked in I didn't know what to expect but I went along with it anyway.

I was sitting in the bar nervously looking for her when my phone rang it was a message from Jane wondering where I was so I sent a message back saying I was at the bar.When I looked up from my phone stood a beautiful brunette "hi my names Jane" she was wearing a stunning silk blouse that hug... Continue»
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