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Lovely Shy Wife To High End e****t

I am software engineer and my husband is a sales director in a reputed mnc. Before marriage I use to work in pune and I got many proposals from the boys but I turned them off….. I mostly use wear a salwar and rarely jeans. Girls around me says that I have very shinning skin and good body shape, even they use to encourage to make friends with the boys and enjoy the life… I turned them all as I believed that any advances (even a kiss) before marriage is sin.

I was v
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Alexandra #2 [1]

Alexandra only is a little bit brighter bare in showing herself as often on the beach near Santa Monica in California.
Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in short blue jeans:
Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in the setting sun:
Alexandra only is a bit brighter in slow motion:

Alexandra only is a little bit brighter blue in showing herself immediate intimately as soon as I ask private photos.
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boarding schools are best!

The Meeting (Part 1)

The interview was with the Beardsley School for Girls, a school in Hampshire. Beardsley was similar to his last school, a place for girls from wealthy, prominent noble or rich families that did not have the credentials to get into the elite schools that their parents expected from them. Most of the girls' problems were social, not necessarily academic, the ones who, it seemed, rebelled against their parents. In order to maintain its accreditation, the school had to take in a number of "charity" cases: girls with similar problems but without the f****y wealth.
In fact, ... Continue»
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My wife and the tiny dick club

My wife and the tiny dick club
By Chris Christopher All rights reserved

I didn’t mean to do it. Normally I would never have done something like this but at the time, I thought it might be important.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

It was a beautiful Saturday in late summer and my pretty little wife was outside puttering around with her roses. She really likes gardening and roses are her pride and joy. We must have three dozen rose bushes in the backyard and she has named every one of them. I was inside sipping a tall cool one after having just finished my portion of the yard work.... Continue»
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A Dirty girl Having good sex with men


That's a name I always associated with sex, so I liked to call myself that, when I had my personal moments.

'Honeysuckle, take your panties off', he would whisper into my ear, and with my eyes closed tight, I would raise my hips, and rub furiously, bum in the air, knees apart, and imagine him inside me, my fingers a poor substitute for his cock, but that was about it, masturbation for a girl barely two years past her first decade on this planet.

At least I was functioning as a girl, I was meant to fuck, and I had a taste for it, even though convention made me close my l... Continue»
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Asian chick in the cinema

So I went to see a movie today at a local theatre, nothing special.
The room wasnt that full, I looked around a bit and decided to sit next to a asian woman that was sitting alone in the back. She was an average looking woman seeming around 30s with glasses on. As soon as I sat down next to her I felt a bit uneasy, don't know why.

Ok now that the room got a bit darker after the commercials we made the first eye contact. Man that was intens, first thing that came to mind was I need to fuck this woman, as the movie was starting I snapped back to reality. I tried to forget about it and start... Continue»
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Alessandra #1

Alessandra is appearing, first as a virgin still:
Alessandra is appearing, freshly as a woman:
Alessandra is appearing, first fountain found:
Alessandra is appearing, first in my comment there: "Alessandra same sound, see how very wet she gets!"

Alessandra is appearing here in private pretty photos and pictures of her pussy play in awesome action.
Alessandra is appearing in the only videos I upload, all of them showing h
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My Friend's mom and her panties and bras.

I had a friend in high school and we used to have the regular sl**povers. Anyway I had the biggest crush on his mom. She had an amazing body. Sometimes I would see her walk around the house with her shirt unbuttoned while she would be getting ready to go somewhere or she would do her hair in the bathroom with her robe very loosely open. Often times talking to me if I walked in and asked for tissue etc. One night after playing video games, waiting for his mom to fall asl**p we were watching a movie. we fell asl**p. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but was really really R... Continue»
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Fucking my girlfriend's mother Sanjana

Hi.. i am from bangalore. this is a story a year ago. my friend who is also my neighbuor lives with his mom and his father who is a railway engineer. my friend sachin is fond of movies. and his father is always busy on his work..sachin’s mother name is sanjana.she is almost 37.. i am mom who used to go to work and comes back only at 6.i used to go to sachin’s house everyday.
when sachin had gone out. i used to sit and chat with sanjana for sometime. she was a good friend of my mother.Our f****y was very close and we used to visit each other for social gathering. I think she was in her l... Continue»
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Jen's Desire

She was in love with him and he was all she could think about. The young
men at her school no longer held any interest for her, there was only
one man she wanted and needed. She would sit there and stare at him when
she could do it and not be obvious.

His voice was as smooth as silk and she hung on his every word. When he
would smile as her it sent shivers up her spine. She longed to caress
his face and run her slender fingers through his jet back hair. Just the
scent of his cologne alone was enough to cause her heart to race and her
nipples to get hard.

The first time he gave her... Continue»
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'The Nurse - Part I'

'The Nurse - Part I'
by DizzyD

For Connie, thanks for your inspiration - Love, DD

Hi Everybody. My name is Connie, and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a nurse. From the time I was a little girl, I loved the starched white uniforms and squared off hats the nurses wore on the TV shows of the 60’s and 70’s, and when I played with my dolls, I pretended I was Barbie, the pretty nurse who was in love with Ken, the handsome doctor, and together we would save lives and live happily ever after.

Then when I was sixteen, I started volunteering as a ‘Candy Striper... Continue»
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Just A Quick Flash

Another story from the randy old folks home in North Wales.

I was sitting on a bench outside the small block of flats where I live. As I sat there enjoying the warm afternoon sun, my neighbour, Hazel Evans reversed into her space on the car park. I don't think she even noticed me and, as she got out of her car, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was wearing a pink top and a pale green, flower patterned, light summer skirt. As she opened the door and dropped one foot out of the car onto the tarmac, the skirt slid up her legs, displaying a good expanse ... Continue»
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Daddy inserted the meat baster, and squeezed 3 tim

Best selling books like 50 Shades, are written by women, who are not scared to say 'Fuck', and who really say, 'Don't stop', instead of, 'Don't, Stop!'

Fucking is natures cement, and feeling a man's cock moving inside you, and knowing the dangers of being fertilized, is like hanging-on, and knowing to let go, will do you irreparable damage, I never wanted to be fertilized, but I always held the cock and guided it inside knowing fully it was unsheathed, and dropping my hand down occasionally, to the squeeze the ball sack, I knew the dangers of releasing the contents into my pussy, and how it... Continue»
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Hideg téli este van,de öröm és boldogság bujkál bennem.
Mosolyogva nézek a tükörbe és izgulok mint egy kisgyerek
Végre igent mondott újra a Nő...
A Nő akit világ életembe vártam,egy igazi különbejáratu pornó sztár,aki csak annak az aki megérdemli....
Képzeletem messze száll,hisz rég nem láttam,de az érintését magamon érzem és az utolsó együtt töltött éjszakára gondolva kellemes borzongás fut végig rajtam..
Emlékek rohannak meg és az érzések...
Mintha tegnap történt volna...
Terv,vacsora ,séta koncert...aztán nem szeretkezés,hanem érzelmes de érzelem nélküli porno,amire mindig is vágyott... Continue»
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House Sitting

One week I was house sitting for my mother who went out of town for a while and I thought this would be a great week of jerking off. This one particular day started with me just being naked around the house all day, then after a while I decided to insert my butt plug and keep it in me as long ass possible. Throughout the day I would wander out in the yard naked and just enjoy the sun on my skin and the thrill of being exposed outside (avatar picture). I would sometimes just lay out in the yard and start stroking my cock but only edging, I wanted to make this an all day session. So later that e... Continue»
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Park after Dark

I grew up in your typical Midwest small town. Very conservative, sheltered life growing up there. We lived just across the street from the city park. The park closed at 10pm every night. Being a normal k**, that never stopped my friends and I from exploring it after dark. We used to play being ninjas hiding in the woods and jumping out to scare each other. For years it seemed harmless and fun.

It was later in my youth that all changed one night in late July. I was by myself in the woods just walking around when I heard a faint noise coming from shelter #3. It was located the furthest away ... Continue»
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My First Time wet

Late night I walked alone to a bar that is close to my house. I'm very shapely round 36d breast round hips big ass and I love to show off my body. I only had one guy I ever had sex with but we had lots of sex. So I didn't feel like I was missing anything only being with one man. I told my friends some of the things he did to me they told me I was experience because they never did half of the things being with over 4 or 5 guys my sexual experience was extensive. A lot of my girlfriends told me they never had an orgasm. I lucked up with Doug. He had everything big and with a curve. I've s... Continue»
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I'm sure most of you have had an embarrassing moment when it comes to masturbation in your youth. It's just a right of passage. My most unique moment happened just a few weeks after I had turned 18. I was a very scrawny, pale, zit-faced, and very shy when it came to talking to girls. I was still a virgin with no girlfriend or even one that would let me have sex with. These things only fueled my porn/masturbating drive. If I wasn't at school or work, I was masturbating.

The more I masturbated, the more "creative" I got. At the time, I thought it was a great idea using a plastic golf tube, a... Continue»
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Why are you here

I had answered an advert in a gay/bi magazine ..... I had wanted to experience the thrill of being spanked by a mature male and this advert had caught my eye. It merely stated that a Mature male of 65 years would meet with younger submissive males that needed the hand of experience to administer bare bottom spankings.
I arrived as previously arranged and was met by George a tall lean grey haired man who had an air of authority about him ....he was mature and I liked him from the beginning.George had already outlined a scenario for our 1st meeting and was pleasantly surprised when I mentioned ... Continue»
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A little about us..

After several years of faithful but still enjoyable sex my wife and I started to tell each other our fantasies .I knew she had been unfaithful with her previous husband as she had told me when we first got together and I had often imagined her getting fucked by this other man while we had sex and never mentioned it to her. Anyway, one evening we started by telling each other which of each others friends we would sl**p with. We ended up with a couple of 'friends' each but I noticed when I mentioned my best friends name I got a more enthusiastic reply. That evening we had sex fantasising about... Continue»
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