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The Irish Cutie and the Viking Priest

The Irish Cutie and the Viking Priest

My Irish Cutie from New York will remember this well!

Standing before the Viking tent in full costume I had a great view of the crowd. Lots of people were in costume and it was plain that that beer vendors had been having a banner day as groups of revelers made their way from shop to shop and venue to venue. I pulled up the two foot cow’s horn and blew a mighty call that echoed through the village of Lesser Willy Nilly.

I watched as a group of college age girls nearly undressed as fairies crossed the troll bridge.... Continue»
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unexpected sex (true story)

this is a story about me and my ex-girlfriend 22 and 21 years old, we still get along really great. and she has the most amazing body i'v ever seen.

two months ago me and my ex broke up two days before she went to study abroad for a month.
we talked every day so we still get along really well. when she came back we argued because she founf out i made an account on tinder..i'm not really the type to be single + my libido is off the charts.

we decided to talk after her late work shift. she arrived at my house at 10 in the evening, we went to my room to talk while sitting on my bed. we tal... Continue»
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shazza my first bi experiance chapter 2

Hi everyone I hope you read chapter 1 because you will understand chapter 2 a lot better this is a true story which some of you might be able to relate to.
I was a little confused with my little episode with Fred I wasn’t sure what I wanted I had wanked another man’s cock and I had let him cum over me was I becoming gay even though I had a girlfriend, Just thinking about it was making me horny I would have to talk to Fred but I felt sort of embarrassed I needed to collect my undies he was washing for me, I often used to pop in to see him to ask when my next driving lesson was or when we were ... Continue»
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Saturday night is normally a night I have all to myself and can indulge in all my fantasies what ever they may be at the time. My wife works nights and my daughter normally stays over in her uni apartment. Saturday night enables me to dress up.. dildo myself and all those other things you do when alone.

On this particular Saturday my daughter was home for the holidays. She had a few friends over in the afternoon and they were all getting ready. Now having 4 19 year old girls wandering around the house in underwear is a sight to be seen. But I was the cool dad and my face showed cool and ca... Continue»
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The Naiads: Chapter Two

This is Chapter two of a story about Wendell, a recently divorced middle aged man who becomes the neighbor of a trio of exciting young college girls in an apartment complex named Thessaly Springs. In this chapter, Wendell does a little on line research about Ashley, the new object of his affections, and begins to plot her seduction.

This is a work of fiction. All rights are reserved.

. . . . . . . . . . .

I woke around mid morning with a raging hard on and a mild headache. Sun poured through the curtains covering the sliding glass door that led to the patio. I looked at the clock and... Continue»
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caught wearing my friends s****rs bra and panties

so i had a best friend when i was fifteen and we used to drink and smoke pot in his basement and watch porn when his f****y was out. we would usually drink till we got horny enough and jerk off together. this one night we were in the basement drinking and watching some porn and my friend past out on the couch before he came. so about ten minutes later i went upstairs to use the bathrom and when i came out i saw one of his s****rs white bras on her bedroom floor across the hall. my cock got so excited, his s****rs was 17 and so cute. so i went into the room and picked up her bra and stuck it in... Continue»
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Threesome Version 3

It was here. The moment had finally arrived.

I stood near the side of the bed, stroking myself over her perfect breasts. Her husband sat at the other side of the bed watching intently, waiting to see his wife covered in my cum. My breathing became harder, much more deliberate as I stroked my cock harder, slowing down as the intensity ramped up. It felt as if I would float up and away as I neared and then passed the point of no return.

This was it. A lifelong fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

As a young teen, when I first began to ejaculate it was always very f***efully and in large q... Continue»
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The Rogue Wave

Please note I am not an English native speaker: I tried to be as accurate as I could, but I guess there will be some mistakes or some 'unnatural English" left. Sorry for that. Hope it will be good enough, nevertheless.

My wife (from now on “M”) and I have been married for 10 years. Our sexual relationship has always been satisfactory, even though sometimes I would like to experience a little more transgression.
13 years have elapsed since when we met and I’m still strongly attracted by her.
As far as physical appearance is concerned, she’s exactly the kind of woman I like: brunet... Continue»
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So what is The Pimped Out Mistress name all about?

This whole thing started years ago...many years, thirty or so.... At a young age i was buying penthouse magazines and fascinated by the beautiful women and the men with the cocks id never seen in person. Id ride down to the local convenience strore and buy my penthouse and run home with it and lock myself in my room while looking at pictures and rubbing my young pussy til i squirted on the floor. Id go back later and read the forums of sexual escapades and be swept away in my head imagining myself in these scenerios. I hid my magazines because i wasnt old enough to buy them but had managed... Continue»
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Jacking with a Buddy

When was the last time you jerked off with a friend?

For me, it was last week. I travel a lot for business, and one area I often visit is Charleston, Illinois. I've made many extended trips there but only once every couple of years, unfortunately. I love the area and have made several good friends there.

One of those friends is Matt, a very good looking, 30 year old, gay man, with dark, slightly receding hair, a beautifully hairy chest, and a terrific naturally fit body. We met through a mutual friend and immediately hit it off, which surprised a lot of people since I'm 57. He and I ha... Continue»
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Lisa's night

Another good night out with friends and as the pub wasn't far from where we live this time me, Lisa and Gary were going back to ours. We got home and Gary asked to used the toilet. I told him where it was and off he went. When he'd left the room Lisa said are we going to enjoy ourselves tonight. I hope so I said. She smiled and said she would freshen up. Gary came back down and I said Lisa is up for a bit of fun tonight how about you. Gary said it would only be good manners if we both joined her and I agreed. Lisa came down now wearing her sloppy old pyjamas. I poured her a drink and the 3 of ... Continue»
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My friends bbw wife part one

in high school i had a small group of friends. we were all close. there were three girls and five guys. two couples and the rest of us were single. one couple that was very good to me was josh and cassy. josh was kind of shot and not all tat in shape. not fat but not in perfect form either. he had short hair and always wear jeans. cassy was big but the good kind of bit. short with very nice curves. she had shoulder length dark hair and camel skin. she had a belly but her boobs were bigger. she had the best fat ass you had ever seen. i and the other guys had day dreams about her. they had been ... Continue»
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Alice's Birthday Fisting

Then my words failed me as I felt Sir move his thumb off my clit and into my hole, slowly he rubbed and prodded until he found the right angle and then he was in. “Sir! Sir, slow please Sir!” I begged as I was sure I was about to be ripped apart. Never have I had ever felt so spread and so full. The walls of my hole molded around the shape of his hand holding him as tight as they could, protecting me from the inevitable onslaught that was about to come.
The one thing Alice wanted above all else was to finally be fisted. We had talked about it for weeks, months even. In fact since we met on li... Continue»
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Fourth of July picnic

David and I have been friends since the second grade, and every weekend we'd take turns spending the night at each other's house. We would stay up late watching tv and play video games. After going to junior high school we discovered something else we could do, and we enjoyed it. The weekend of Fourth of July was no different. We sat up watching tv till his parents went to bed. We waited a few minutes to make sure they weren't coming to check on us, then stripped off our pajamas and underwear. Climbing under the covers we'd grab each others dicks and stroke them. David started to breathe fast... Continue»
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Caught and Used - Fantasy

It was a great afternoon and being away on holiday was great. I had booked a lodge in Cornwall and had a long weekend to my self. The lodge was an expensive one with Jacuzzi and all the latest mod cons. The first night was great as I was able to dress up and be myself and just be a general slut really. I had bought along my dildo collection and was slowly but surely stretching my arse wider and wider.
I had made and brought with me a dildo contraption. It was attached to a belt and that went around my waist and the dildo is attached to a hinged bracket. From that bracket is a strap. When wor... Continue»
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Wife before we met - More

Following on from my previous story about my wife’s sexual encounters before we met, I thought that Id recount another one which gets me particularly turned on. First, though, a bit more background. As I said before she was a late starter and her first sex was at 20 with an experienced guy she met at college. She was on the pill before they started having sex and she continued taking it after they split when she finished college (I think she wanted to control the safe sex bit). She was then celibate until the Greek experience which got her into sex again. The guy she met on holiday who she agr... Continue»
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When Beth walked into the room and I was standing there rubbing my cock with her panties, I thought I was dead. I thought my wife Tina had taken our son and his new bride to go get some food while I fixed a door in the closet. It had taken me two minutes. Then I had found the bag of dirty clothes and pulled out the silky red ones I had seen as I carried a load in earlier in the day. All morning I had thought about those panties; that and Beth’s beautiful body.

The girl is almost as tall as I am; thin as a rail with one very notable except... Continue»
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Soon to be Step Mom caught soon to be step Son sni

I have been dying to tell someone and/or ask for advice, but because of the subject and reputations involved, I haven't brought it up with a soul. I am a recently (3 yrs ago) divorced white woman, 44 who is almost back in the same shape as I was in my 20's thanks to the divorce, yoga, and burning away my sexual frustration in the gym. I am still very good looking, and so is my 22 year old daughter...which is why she has such a sexy 23 year old fiancée. None of those things are a problem. Here is what the problem is, and you are probably only the third person on earth to know: My daughter's ... Continue»
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Caught and Punished!

You finally got your chance, your friend and his girlfriend had to leave at short notice while you were visiting and left you alone in the house. The temptation was too much and you headed to their room.

At first you went to her underwear drawer and inspected all her most private clothes, from plain panties, to lacey bras and even some sexy stockings, and made sure to rub you cock and precum over them thoroughly. But even this isn't enough to satisfy you and you head to the laundry basket.

She must have changed before she left because you find a pair of black hipster briefs, still warm, ... Continue»
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Friends Across The Pond

Friends Across The Pond

I travel a lot with my work, I'm part of a large conglomerate that deals in financial services with offices all over the world. My favourite place to be when not in England, is the USA, namely New York, it really is the city that never sl**ps. That's not the main reason though, the MAIN reason happens to have the most amazing emerald eyes, a pocket rocket of 5ft dead, and a body like Marilyn Monroe at her very best, an arse like a peach when she bends over to pick something up, and a gorgeous pair of boobs that are more than a handful (I always imagined anyway!)

... Continue»
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