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Highway Exposure

It was a long drive up I-20. You don't pass much in the rural farm lands and small towns that fill the gap between Augusta and Atlanta. As Jess sat in the passenger's seat, she thought about the fun her and her husband had on their vacation- the restaurants, time at the beach...and of course, the sex. They rode each other like rabbits at least twice per day on their trip, and each time was wonderful. She thought about the morning she opened the curtains to the hotel balcony and pressed her breasts against the glass while his throbbing shaft pounded and assaulted her wet insides.

"Wet,"... Continue»
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2 Straight but curious Husbands

Well where to start, i have always been what you call straight and never had any inclination to be anything other than this, so you can imagine my surprise as i started chating to other men about there wives how turned on i often got. At first when some of them asked if i wanted to chat about how i felt or when they surgested that maybe we chat on the phone i was automatically very shy and quite often gave them a No answer that was until i chatted to another married husband who like myself was nervous and shy and very scared, we hit it off straight away and felt at ease with each other chattin... Continue»
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His First Edging

His First Edging

Mikey was 19, we have known each other since he was 18 years old. We met threw a online add that
he posted. It read, " Curious 18 yr old looking for older to teach me" I replied thinking this
would be just another two email adventure as so many are. We emailed several times and found out
he lived local. After many fun times together I asked him if he knew about edging. He looked puzzled
and I explained what it was. He said he would like to try it. I told him he would have to lay still
and let me be in total control. He was aloud to beg me to keep going or stop. ... Continue»
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The Limo Ride

(For something a bit different!)

As I got into the limo that had pulled up along side of Rodeo Drive, I knew what to expect. The scenario had played out several times before. The older man that sat in the back of the limo was well known to the public for having made his mark on the world of pornography. In fact, he was rather infamous for a variety of things, but porn was the one thing everyone would identify him with the most.

He smiled as I closed the door.

"Well hello there!" He said. "Nice to see you again!

"Yeah," I replied, feeling my cock starting to swell with the antic... Continue»
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My wife at the movies

My wife at the movies
Author: Chris Christopher All Right Reserved

It was a typical late summer Friday night date night for my wife and I. We were planning on dinner, a movie and drinks at the new Irish pub that had just opened. We were double dating with some good friends. We had known Jimmy and Shannon for a long time. We love playing games at their home and spending time in their hot tub. The girls had gone topless a couple of times in the hot tub and, on a dare, Jimmy and I had lost our trunks once, much to the girls’ amusement.

It was to be a very casual Friday night so we dressed ... Continue»
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THE BUS MAN (Sissy faggot romance) Chapter 1


Chapter 1

The first time I remember seeing him, was in Alexander's, the gay club on Bute St. I didn't really see him properly, just his back as he was getting his stuff from the cloakroom, right on the other side of the dance floor. He was pointed out to me by my friend and co-queen Alan - generally known as Slack Alice - with the words,
"There he is - my latest squeeze. Double Decker Derek."
"What is he, a bus driver or something?" I asked. In reply Alice leered suggestively,
"It's true, he does drive buses for the Corporation, but I call him that because of hi... Continue»
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After the Bath House

After my adventure at the bathhouse with the sexy couple (see Bath House Bi Fun) all I could think about was that sexy couple I hooked up with. The wife gave me her business card and told me to call her. I wanted to call her that night, but managed to hold off for 2 days. The card she gave me was from an uptown law firm. The wife's name was Laura and she was a criminal lawyer. The card had a number written on the back so I decided to try that number. Laura answered on the 1st ring. I told her my name was Jon and who I was. She was very happy I called. "I was wondering how long it wa... Continue»
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'CAPO' Resigns and all Staff! [2]

The main 'Capo' -- he shows he's mafia with his style of humour' in his choice of name -- steps down soon!
The two main reasons you can read below. The rest of my essay is making fun of them poor backward Americans.
They are like Russians: they do not know, any longer, the difference between pure propaganda and scientific truth.

They are like Russians, every argument only counts if it comes from Putin or whomever is fresh equipotent in power.
They just chose 'King of Spades', to be Trump Ace for four years as their new President. Reality beats fairy tale!
They only make
... Continue»
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Show me how you cum

You know how much I love to watch you jack off. Give me show, stroke it like you never stroked it before. Make it hard, stroke it until it stands straight up, tease and squeeze it. Concentrate on what makes it feel the best, wrap your hand around your cock and squeeze it tight all the way from the balls to your swollen head. Run your hand over the head as if you were rubbing it against my plump pussy. That's it rub it, ah oh my god I love it when you do that, feel my clit stick out as your cum hole glides across. That's it, push between the lips, push your bulging head so you can feel my hot s... Continue»
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A ride back home in a crowded bus

One summer evening I was returning home in a crowded bus; because my own car was under repairs in a garage.
During the voyage, a man stood close behind me and started squeezing my buttocks with his hands. As the bus was crowded and I didn’t want to make a scene I simply stood there and let him.
The following day the same thing happened again. I went home feeling confused; because I knew it was wrong but at the same time I felt a bit excited and proud that someone considered my round ass worth feeling up.
When I woke alone at home the next morning I thought about the journey back and befor... Continue»
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Doctor's Visit

Well, one of the kinkiest things I've ever done happened at work. My hubby doesn't even know about it, and I've never told anyone about it before. But it was too good just to keep to myself so I thought maybe I should just write about it. So here it goes.

I work as a nurse at a hospital on nightshift. Crazy stuff is always happening as anyone could imagine. We nurse's can get bored at times when we're not super busy, but the nightshift can sometimes slow down. Fortunately for me, one of the doctor's is super hot. He's older than me, I would guess in his fifties which prob... Continue»
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My first public perversion, and how we meet

Hello we are C. 42 years old and S. boyfriend is 24 years old, we met 6 years ago. I say so briefly from the perspective of both, it was a warm summer evening I was out of the house to see me with a coffee gossip girls, instead pervert was out hanging with his car.
At the time I was a woman without obligation for 36 years, lives alone and feel like after a single and divorced, and I had my fantasies with young men and potent. I just walked out of the house I headed to a taxi station at about a street away from the house. d***k before going out there a two glasses of wine and a little liquor, ... Continue»
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Comming 2 Terms

"You are by no means alone in this---'obsession' that you, yourself, have admitted to regarding black men. I see this in SO very many white males these days, and, what's more, it seems to be especially manifesting itself with both white, and married men."


"Oh yes. I'd have to say that, as a percentage, it's well past three quarters of all the white, and married men, I've worked with here have a remarkably similar, and very powerful 'attraction', 'obsession', whatever you wish to call it, towards African-American males. This trend is increasing, too! It's really remarkable. Som... Continue»
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House of Repentance,The Interview,Part II.

I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. How could nuns and monks whip and spank people the way I had seen and the way Mother Superior was describing? I thoughts kept flashing back to the naked bodies of that boy and girl I saw getting whipped with the strap by that smiling nun. As I was lost in my thoughts and trying to think of more questions to ask Mother Superior stood up and went to a bookshelf. She chose a book and returned to her seat.

NUN- This a record of those punished at this convent this past week alone ,(she began to flick through the pages and I watched in horror as she be... Continue»
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House of Repentance,the Interview.PART I.

It has been a month now since I had one of the strangest experiences of my life.Thinking back I wasn't sure it was the right thing to do,I didn't even think that I would be permitted to interview Sr.Concepta,but the 'services',if you can can call them that ,provided by the Monks and Nuns of Perpetual Repentance was certainly of interest to people and me being a free lance reporter I was determined to get an interview and try to find out what was the driving f***e behind the nuns and monks who administered,by all accounts,severe punishment to anyone who entered the convent and wished to repe... Continue»
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Piss – Part 1

All Saturdays are exiting for me since Sunday was a holiday and I knew it was a workout day for me as a slave!

It was a Saturday night. Pritika had already planned my Sunday.. So she herself had nice sl**p during the Saturday afternoon while I was busy with my college. I came back at about 6 pm only to (surprisingly) find pritika already fast asl**p and left a note of instruction on my table. The instruction I got form her were

Drink 2 liters of water
... Continue»
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Helping a friend True Story

I spend a lot of summer weekends camping in northern Michigan. Sometimes with friends, but often on my own. Tent, hammock, nice fire, whiskey, maybe some weed and enjoy the fresh air, the water and the stars.
This summer I was driving to my campsite on a Friday afternoon, when I saw a car on the side of the road. This was among the many stretches of road in the area where you might not see a car for miles, or hours. There was a girl sitting Indian style on the grass next to the car, calmly smoking a joint, right next to a flat tire.
Being a gentleman, I pulled over and offered to help chang... Continue»
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handjob blowjob and a good hard fuck

So me my my beautiful plus size other half have been together for around 12 years so sex only happens once or twice a month. When it does happen it's still hot and passionate and i love every second of it.
But the other day we had a rare lie in together she got up to go toilet and I got naked just to see what would happen. She came back to bed realized I was naked after about 10 mins she started to rub my thighs slowly moving her hand to my cock I was rock hard she starts to wank me off and let me tell you she is so dam good at it she knows just how I like it she was being such a tease. She ... Continue»
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One day a week at the glory hole

One day a week at the glory hole

I pushed my cunt up against the glory hole trying to get as much of the strangers cock into my pussy as possible.
He was thrusting hard shaking the wall, one last thrust and I could feel his hot cum flowing into me filling my womb and causing my own orgasm. The cock was pulled from my full cunt and disappeared into the hole in the wall.
My legs were still shaking as I felt that dick slipping out from my cunt. Then I pulled my shorts up, quickly fixed my hair and my light make-up, put on my sun glasses run for the back door and out to my car.
I had on... Continue»
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A Very Fun Shopping Trip

The jewellers Shop

Well for some back ground, im a 27 year old Straight man, with Fiance and baby on the way. But i am always horn and need to get my rocks off.
I have been thinking of trying public masturbation or flashing for a while now, always fancied the thrill and would love for someone to watch me jack off outside and i almost talked my self into it last week but ultimately i chickened out. Worried that i would be seen by wrong people living in such a small town so i searched for alternatives.

What i came up with was to use my partners love egg up my arse concealed and walk abo... Continue»
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