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Chubby Freshman Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Terry walked behind Jerome in the bedroom and further looked at the man from behind admiring the broad shoulders and the thick neck and powerful arms. The chubby boy looked lower taking in the wide back and then the large round ass cheeks which in the tight silk trousers. Jerome said waving to the chubby boy as he looked out the large bedroom window "Come here and look at the party below. Would you like a glass of champagne?" Terry let his eyes leave the rounded ass cheeks and walked over to view the party below.

He then heard a cork from a champagne bottle pop open and a fe... Continue»
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My First Encoutner (true story)

Feeling very nervous I pulled into a parking space, then went into the hotel, paid for the room and went to find it. I was there to meet someone but as I entered the room he called to say he was running a bit. So I got out the cameras and got one set up to view the bed, the other I was using while we played. With the room all set I went to get a coffee in the lounge area and waited. I thought he was not going to show, but then he arrived. We locked eyes and smiled, he walked over kissed my cheek then went and got himself a coffee. I was relieved that he had come but then I though oh god this i... Continue»
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Friday is the wife's date night

On Friday after work I normally go to one of the restaurants and have a few drinks and to eat before going home. You see Friday night my wife usually has a date so I must fend for myself. But last Friday I got a call from my wife to come straight home, she said she would explain why when I get home.

As I entered my house I was met by my and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She was wearing her long bath robe but I could see her legs where encased in black nylon and she had on her fuzzy slippers. I asked what's up that robe? She said it's not for you but I'll show you anyway. She unties ... Continue»
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Asian Persuation

A knock came at her room telling her it was time. The Oriental beauty standing to her feet and taking in a deep nervous breath. Her mind wandered to the time she was offered the chance to be the bukkake target and her quick response of yes. She slipped her silk robe from her body, watching herself in the mirror.

Appearance was everything. She wanted to make sure that the crowd she was to perform for would be completely accepting and approving of her. In turn, her own pleasure would be fulfilled. She opened the door to her e****ts, two women taking her by the hand and bringing her to entranc... Continue»
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Trick and Treat

I usually watch scary movies on Halloween, sometimes do a marathon. Depends on what's out, I'll rent some DVD's or maybe just watch my own as I have quite a horror movie collection. I haven't been trick or treating since I was a young teen. But my friend Michelle said I should get out this Halloween, do a little "trick and treat." I said I'm not really interested in going around to houses begging for candy anymore and mocked her for the way she said trick and treat.

"I'm not talking about trick or treating, I'm talking about something different. You know of my friend Josie?"

I've ne... Continue»
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vacation sex

My husband and I took a trip back to Germany 2 years ago to see f****y and friends, we stayed with f****y and had a great time, we went to places we took are girls as they were growing up, on a Saturday we borrowed some bicycles and rode to the lake we use to go to with our girls, once we got there we headed for the FKK or nude side of the lake, it was rather full at 9AM so we found a spot and got undressed, it felt good to have the warm sun on our bodies, I was on my stomach sunning my back as we talked, the grass was rubbing my nipples, my husband was laying on his side, his cock and balls ... Continue»
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Sexy 26 year old.white girlfriend fucks first huge

I had a story that I wanted to share about me(37), my gf(26), and a black buddy(35) with a monster cock from college who came to visit and stayed at our house last night and ended up in a wild night!

A little background, he has a legit 11 inch dick with massive girth. He is a semi professional basketball player. 6 foot 10 with a dick to match . He Had never hooked up with a white girl and was excited to meet some of my gf's white gf's cause I told him we would break that curse this weekend.

He was a roommate in college and we had had sex in the same room before so I've seen his monster i... Continue»
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Friend with Ex Con

A few months ago I was cruising the CL ads and found an interesting ad from an ex con Glenn wanting a jail house V. I found out he wanted a jail house virgin. I started corresponding with him. He told about being in prison for 15 years and that he was struggling in this society. He discussed how hot it was getting to be the first guy to fuck a newbie to the prison. He said he had been part of multiple gang bangs and there were guys who would come to his cell just to suck his cock. We met for a beer at a nearby beer house. Glenn was tatted up and was wearing a sleeveless shirt and some l... Continue»
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Now we all remember Wendy don’t we, she featured in story numbers 113 and again in 117 she just loves young men, in fact boys from 15 are not safe with our Wendy, she`s a rich American wife who`s hubby spends loads of time away working and Wendy in turn spends his money, she lives in a trendy area in what in the UK would be a
Anyway a while back she found if she sent for a pizza, bingo a youth usually on a bike of some sort or an old car would appear at her door. To Wendy that is like a doorstep delivery of young studs with a... Continue»
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BBC New World Order - Domination

Black men are superior to white men in many ways, especially in the "sex department." They can turn white men into pussies (literally) by taking the white boys ass just as he would any other female. He does this not for sexual pleasure. He does this to demonstrate that he is the Alpha Male. If he can make the white boy submit, so too will his white girlfriend,. furthering our humiliation. The black superior male dominates by dominating our white girlfriends sexually, sometimes right in front of us and we cant do a damn thing to stop their domination of our girlfriends/wives. No real ***... Continue»
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Amisha's Night Out

Amisha was not having a good time. Two weeks ago, she’d broken up with Vikram, eliciting angry calls from her parents and leading her to fail her industrial psychology exam. The whole time, her friend, Simran, had belabored the point of moving on, and Vikram—Amisha’s boyfriend since high school—had been no loss.
“He’s just another desi business major,” Simran said earlier that evening in part of convincing her to go out. “You could pick another just like him if that’s what you want, and I’m sure you’re f****y wouldn’t know the difference. But really, Amisha, is that what you want? I me... Continue»
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With our trip cancelled, I told Jon that I wanted to spend the weekend with Jerry. (Jerry as you will know is the coloured gent Jon arranged for me to visit for a birthday treat) in story 132, I had a thing for him despite his sadistic streak and had not stopped thinking of him since we met, in fact I could think of little else just him and his big black cock, craving it in my mouth and cunt. I explained it to Jon and he resigned himself to the inevitable, saying that I might as well get it out of my system, that he loved me and would be here waiting my return. So on Friday I packed a few s... Continue»
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first time watching me and fucking me

I pushed the curtains of the floor to ceiling window to the side and gazed out at the busy city traffic. The sun had set and I admired the view of the bright lights and tiny cars from the 36th floor. I dimmed the lights in the room, eagerly awaiting his return.

I stood wearing nothing but my black high heels, just the way he liked it.

There were many apartments around and anybody could see me at any moment. The thought of being watched sent a thrill through my heart.

I stood with my hip leaning against the glass window when I heard the sound of the door unlock. The sound of footsteps ... Continue»
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Cuckold Vacation Part 1

As I woke up, I watched my girlfriend climaxing on Mike´s huge big black cock as he was nutting all inside her sweet pinkish pussy. They were fucking on the floor and she was trying to stay quiet as she didn’t want to wake me. Her consideration only makes me love her even more.

She kissed Mike goodbye, passionately, as we were about to go on a 2 week vacation with a couple of our friends (two more couples) to an all-inclusive hotel down at Roatan. We have agreed that it is in our best interest to keep our cuckolding rendezvous a secret, and she wouldn’t even flirt with any hung black man n... Continue»
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Cuckold's first time

I know what she wanted. I had ideas, but no proof. Clearly I wasn't giving her what she needed as a big, beautiful woman and I'd witnessed first hand the size of the dildos she can fit in her pussy.

She confessed as I was sticking my four inches hard into her pussy, making her beautiful, white arse bounce and glisten in the candle light.

'What's the biggest you've had?' I'd asked, turned on by the idea of her being fucked by a big fat cock. Hell, if mine was causing her some stimulation; imagine seeing her really enjoy herself with a proper stud thrusting his cock in all her orifices ... Continue»
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My wife turned out perfectly

If not for my vivid imagination my wife and I would be living a perfectly normal lifestyle. But shortly after we got married I started planting little ideas in her head about her having sex outside our marriage. In the beginning she would act mad that I brought it up but over time she got to the point that she would actually talk about it.

I found several guys advertising on Craigslist that looked like good candidates and when I showed her I could see the look of interest in her eyes. One guy was well hung and I asked if thought she could fit that fat cock in her vagina? She seemed to come... Continue»
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used by black friends

We had spent a wonderful day in the back yard, my husband, 3 of his friends, my folks, we had a nice BBQ, lots of beer, and wine coolers, the next day my husband and his friends wanted to drive up to the newly opened East Germany for a day and look around, since before it was all off limits to the US military, I stayed home since I had to work the next day, the guys left when I left for work at 6AM, when I got to work, I found out that I was not needed, great what do I do now, well since I was feeling the wine coolers from the night before my bed sounded like a good idea, so I went home, the s... Continue»
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Black thug takes my wife , but only after he makes

It all started when I got sent to jail for fraud. At 30 and married I needed the money.
I made lots but was eventually caught and sentenced to four months in prison.
I thought it would be easy for a rich white man like me but instead it was a living hell which was going to change my life forever.
The first day I was strip searched and given prison clothes and sent to my cell.
Not so bad I was thinking. I got a cell to myself and the food was ok. Even got chatting to a few other guys in for the same thing.
That night as I slept I was woken by a load bang , followed by shouting from the... Continue»
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The presentation

(all characters are fictional. this is a work of fiction..etc etc)

As Jo got ready she thought about her day ahead. It was going to be tough. A make or break pitch meeting. If they won it could mean the company kick on to a whole new level. If they lost… well she didn’t really want to contemplate that thought.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was very short, dark but she had noticed the odd fleck of grey. Nothing unusual for a woman of 38. She wore a white blouse, that covered a respectable 36DD bra and black pencil skirt that came down just below the knee. She checked to se... Continue»
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Sucking a black chub

I had just moved into a new town and found a small single room house to rent. I had recently broken up with a girlfriend and was ready to move on and find something to get my mind off of her. The neighborhood I moved to didn't have a lot of people walking around on the street. When I was moving everything into my place I noticed this chubby black guy walk by on the sidewalk a few times, like he was circling the block. He was about 5'10" and had to be over 300lbs he had a big gut that hung out just a bit at the bottom of his shirt. He had chubby checks and a little chin hair. His head was mostl... Continue»
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