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Her "first" BBC

K was 31with long blonde hair green eyes and a body and legs to die for her measurements was 36c-27-37 we had been married for a little more than two years we were into the swinging thing a bit k was interested in bdsm alot and we practice it at least once a week or more we talked alot about things we wanted to try "fantasy's" you could say but we tried to act on most of them in time on this night she started telling me how she wanted a BBC one that was huge one that would split her in half the thought of that really got me turned on then she added that she wanted to do him without birth cont... Continue»
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Truth or dare?

Truth or dare

I had been travelling alone for quite some time, so when I was in the south of France it came as nice surprise to find some people who were also venturing around the world on their lonesome. There was me, white athletic male. Dan, a skinny white lad with brown hair down to his shoulders from the states. Fran, a petite black girl with short jet black hair from Spain who spoke surprisingly good English for a Spaniard and Kim, an Australian blonde bombshell with bright blue eyes. We hung around together for a few nights, exploring, drinking and just general tom foolery. Every nig... Continue»
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it came to fruition..

for a while now i have been asking my wife to go black and she keeps stalling on it, when she has a tipple she says yes but the next day its no i'm to shy. as the weeks and months went by i kept bringing it up whilst making love to her and she likes the thought of it but its the reality she's scared of. i always come on Xhamster and look at the videos so one day i came clean and told her that i watched interracial porn on here, so she said show me some of the videos, i clicked on my favorites and she was blown away by the size of some of the black cocks, she said that would hurt then smiled.
... Continue»
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My first non internet hookup

If you are new to my stories, all me stories are true. I write the stories to document my past sexual exploits. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty.

In my first job after college, I lived in a far suburb of a major city. There wasn't much to do in my town so I often traveled to the city for fun. On one particular weekend, my company had a work function in the city. My roommate and I decided to make it a weekend and to get a room in the city.

A lot of my coworkers had the same idea and decided to take their wives for weekends in the city (I imagine an "away game" ... Continue»
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Eatting my wife's used cunt.

After in introduced my wife to having sex outside our marriage she has taken to it like a duck to water. At first she would only do it while I was at work and then as I cleaned her with my mouth she would describe how her pussy got into that condition. As time went on she gained confidence, she would have her lovers stay to the point that I've actually passed them in our neighborhood as I was coming home. As she explained it " fresh taste best" so I was treated to a creamypie less than ten minutes old in some cases.

What we learned next changed all that. I received my usual call at work , m... Continue»
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husband and wife used in St Martin

Husband and wife used in St Martin
My wife and I just got back from a vacation in St martin at nudist resort on the beach one day when the cruise ships were in we were lounging on the beach when a well-built light skinned black man came up to my wife while she was sitting reading her book he was standing right next to her his soft cock was right in here face I thought it must be 8 inches. I thought she would look away but she actually stared at it as she spoke to him. He introduced himself as Sam, my wife did the same and introduced me he said he was on the cruise with his wife and another c... Continue»
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Jury Inn Birmingham October 2016

26-27th October 2016.. Jury’s Inn. Broad St. Birmingham

Quite a lot of PM interest in what we got up to on the above evening so rather than repeat everything I’ve written it down as truthfully and accurate as I can remember.

Jayne and I had tried for a good while to find a trust full partner to meet and have some fun with and recently two blokes came out of the blue. Chris from Southampton and Karl from Stourbridge. It’d been my persistent pleading to Jayne to take them both on together and eventually she agreed to consider it with the proviso that we all communicate, meet and get on be... Continue»
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Black twin Clifton comes home

Black twin Clifton comes home

Victor came back home just two days after that weekend I had been used so well by the black twins and their mates. I couldn't wait for them to call me again. I had given my number to all the black men that had fucked me over that long weekend and told all of them to call me anytime they wanted to fuck me again.

About a week later I was lying on the hot bathtub, drinking some wine and relaxing. My body took almost a week to recover from all those big black cocks fucking my every hole.
Luckily for me, my loving husband was still feeling stressed and had dec... Continue»
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wifes d***k night out

Hey guys this is another confession from my wife. This happened when my wife went out with her best mate for her 30th. My wife is a slim 5'6'' blonde blonde hair with 32a boobs, her best mate is 5'2 long light blonde hair with 34c boobs she is also married.

My wifes mate lives 100 miles away so she drove to her mates to get ready at lyn's (her mates house) where both ladies got ready before going into town to meet her other mates. They decided to have a thyme for there night out so due to lyn turning 30 or as she called it dirty thirty the thyme should be sluts. So my wife was going to wea... Continue»
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First time giving the BBC to a Cuck's Wife

The following story is true. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty.

A few weeks had passed since I lost my virginity at the age of 22 to the MILF. I was eager to have sex again and increase my skills. I went back to Adult Friend Finder and a few weeks later I had a message in my inbox.

The message was from a couple who lived about an hour from me. The husband was in his mid 50's and his wife was in her late 20's. He said he was having some trouble keeping her satisfied and wanted some help. He also said his wife had a "thing for black guys". I replied and let him ... Continue»
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Another hot afternoon with black guys

Another hot afternoon with black guys

This time was twin Clifton who came home to pick me up that afternoon.
He told me we could spend a good time at his home, with some of his friends.
When we arrived there, I found some black men unknown to me; but they were handsome … and very well endowed as I could notice.

The only girl there was the same little blonde slut that I had met the previous time we had been fucked by a bunch of hard huge black dicks.
She smiled to me and introduced herself as Tammy.

A black guy approached me. He ordered me to get down on my knees.
I looked him di... Continue»
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Doris is starting to take on older males

Doris is starting to take on older males

When Doris followed the older man into the seedy bar that afternoon barefoot and just a skirt and blouse over her cum caked body, she saw the bartender /owner behind the bar and 3 guys sitting at the bar. It was still early that afternoon most of the men that came there came later after their work shifts were over.

The older man introduced Doris to the owner. This is the girl I was telling you about.

‘Doris, go with him to his office’. She followed the man into his office. When he turned around he had his dick out and it was growing, “Doris g... Continue»
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White Wife Turn on to BBC

"That's it, baby, roll that fat ass. Work my black cock. Make me cum in your pussy," Ray told the white married woman moaning beneath him, her hands on his dark ass, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. He tried recalling the middle-age slut's name. Yeah, she was that easy. The first time he'd ever really talked to her was less than an hour ago.

Ray had seen her before though. She shopped at the grocery store where he worked. Most of the time she came in by herself, but occasionally her pot-belly husband accompanied her. Today, she'd been alone.

While she stood scanning the shelves,... Continue»
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Casper takes me to Heaven

Casper takes me Heaven

I moaned low in my throat as the plum sized dark head of Casper’s black dick reached my wet, swollen pussy lips. I begged him to fuck me as he teased me with the head of his hard cock.

"Are you ready for me, bitch? I am going to tear that pussy up…”
I moaned and nodded my head as his cock starting pushing into my tight hole. Casper’s hands held onto my thighs as he pushed my body down on his cock. My tight cunt stretched as his huge cock impaled me, my juices dripped down his black tool as my pussy spasmed with pleasure.

His hands pushed down harder on my hips... Continue»
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Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Two days after the good sex session with the twins Clifton and Marcus, my loving husband was still out of town.
In the afternoon Marcus called me, telling he was extremely horny and wishing to take me again…

I said him he could come for me that same night…
Marcus took me to the same cheap motel we had fucked the first time.
He was alone, but he told me his twin Clifton was arranging a meeting with some of their black mates… and I would be the cherry on that cake…

Marcus dropped me onto the bed and made me spread my legs for him.
Then he fucked me ... Continue»
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Eve bieng a total slut

Driving the car down the country road Eve was enjoying the sunny summer weather as she relaxed making her way home from the business meeting in London. She loved her f****y life in the beautiful north east of the country but being a well paid manager of a major food store saw her often called to the capital to attend meetings. Sometimes she would rush home on the motorway to see her husband Steve and their three c***dren but if the meeting finished early enough she would often take the opportunity to take the back roads so she could enjoy the more picturesque rural routes. Today the meeting... Continue»
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begging for a huge hard black cock

Begging for a hard huge black dick

Home alone again; my loving husband on a business trip, a long one…
Then I was sitting there, masturbating with my huge toys and finally I knew I had enough. I decided to get up, get dressed, and find someone to fuck...

I really needed someone’s big cock driving into my pussy. I chose sexy black lingerie; a black rope halter top, a short black flounced mini skirt and some black fishnets with a red stripe up the back.

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw…I looked hot. There was no way I would come back home alone tonight. I slip... Continue»
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Camping trip turns into threesome

This is a fantasy it is not true
I am in my late 40s I was camping when a big motorhome pulls up across the road and takes the campsite across from me . I see there is 2 ladies in the motorhome it took them about 10 minutes to back in and get set up. They where both standing outside they were in there mid to late 60s when one of them waved to me so I waved back. They called me over they were having trouble lighting there fridge so I went inside and heading towards the fridge I noticed a dildo on the table and said looks like you guys are going to have fun tonight (they laughed) so I helped t... Continue»
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My Pakistani wife fucks a German Turk continued

You may remember couple of months ago I started to write about my wife Suki's encounter with a German Turk Bruno. Well sorry for the delay in completing the story. My wife started to flirt with Bruno almost from time we met him at our niece s restaurant in Belgium. Once we had established Bruno's ethnicity, this six footer hunk was in Sukinas mind all the time. Every time we were alone she would comment about his size. Height, size of his hands and even said " I bet his dunda is big and thick" dunda means stick in Punjabi but it's double meaning dick, penis or lunn.
I won't beat about the... Continue»
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anticipation of a cuckold husband

My wife enjoys sex outside our marriage but she loves fucking with my head. In Georgia we have early voting for the general election. So my wife had informed me that she and I would be going last Wednesday at ten AM to vote for the president. I left the shop at nine and went home to pick her up. As soon as I pulled in our driveway she came out the door. She was wearing her short white pleated tennis skirt and a button down white blouse. Her dark tanned legs looked awesome next to the bright white. Just before she sat down in the car she raised the back of her little skirt and sat down.

At ... Continue»
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