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The End For Elisa 1A

The End for Elisa 1A
By Bottom_Bull

This is the truthful outcome of this story. For those of you who hated it, it is over. For those of you who enjoyed it, please don't be a silent majority. For those of you who like happy endings, let me say that without giving anything away, please read to the end. As strange as you may find the choices Elisa made, she made those choices of her own free will and willingly accepted the consequences. Its in 2 parts A and B.

Elisa was having a bad day. She ran over to Tyrese, her breasts flopping wildly.

"Some punk ass college k** put his finger in... Continue»
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The End For Elisa 1B

The End for Elisa 1B
By Bottom_Bull

"But....How....I mean I was arrested I think..."

The nurse brought in a bowl of soup and some fresh bread and a salad and some fresh orange juice. Elisa hadn't eaten anything but fast food for the last month. The food tasted wonderful and she asked for seconds on everything as I explained what had happened after she was arrested.

"After you were arrested I was notified. There was a missing person's alert on you that I had placed. When you passed out you were taken to the emergency room and stabilized. I showed up and spoke with the detective who ar... Continue»
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Size doesn’t Really Matter? Blacken

This is my story; it is the story of a modest small town gal that has become a full time 24/7 slut. I have become addicted to sex, especially when big black cocks are involved, I just can’t seem to get enough of them in me. I have gone from being a wife in a small town raising twin boys married to an insurance salesman to being a full time white trash slut being fucked daily and often with as many hard cocks as I can find, and I find a lot of them.

I enjoyed my life and was what I thought quite happy. Then one day a college girlfriend came by that I had not seen in years and so we had a gi... Continue»
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My first Hmong girl

Now I'll get straight to the story. I was about 21 turning 22 when I went to party in Minnesota with some of my Hmong friends who've been partying there often. We know each other from school (high school). This was year 2011 around July 4 weekend. They took me to a house party. At the house party was usually a cockfest, at this time it was around 830 or 9.

Now I'm not Hmong, I just have a few Hmong friends. We all went to school in the hood. I'm a German/Mexican mixed guy who never took much interest in Hmong chicks since they always liked the Hmong guys more. Now let's just say that night... Continue»
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I meet the EX BF Cuckold

I came home from work early one day and saw a strange car in the driveway. This was not all that unusual, ever since my wife left work to take care of our baby she has friends over quite often, but I didn't recognize the car and that was a little unusual. I walked in the front door and assumed that my wife and whoever was visiting must have gone out since they weren't in the living room where she always entertains. I was just about to turn on the TV and wait for them to return when I heard a sound from upstairs in the bedroom.

I walked up the stairs and saw the bedroom door wide open, on ou... Continue»
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Judy Gives Into Her Desires.

After living together for almost two years Judy and I decided to get married. To describe Judy she was like a dream come true. Five foot two, one-hundred and ten pounds, blonde hair, green piercing eyes, that you never wanted to get angry at you. My favorite points were her double Ds. Her measurements were 34-24-35. When she walked all men stared.

We started planning our wedding, both of us wanted a very simple wedding with a great honeymoon. We talked and decided to go to Niagara Falls, it was about a six and half hour plane flight from where we lived. I had lived in our city for over twen... Continue»
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Gay sex with dominant Pakistani

I've always enjoyed a wide variety of sexual adventures, although when I was married, my wife wasn't quite as adventurous and broad minded as me. In her eyes, the most daring thing she'd ever done was to go out with no knickers one summers afternoon, and watch me have a wank in the woods.

However, when we divorced, my sexual world opened up an endless amount of adventure.

Once I'd found a flat, my first thoughts turned to cross dressing, and I went to a local supermarket, and added a few Paris of panties and stockings to my grocery shopping. These I wore around the flat, and occasionall... Continue»
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blowjob in the Theater

One evening I wanted to try out an adult movie theater. I got on my panties and leggings and a black shirt. I arrived to this place walked in to what looked like a normal porn shop with a curtain in the back. I paid the fee and went to the back into the theater. It was low lit with about 8 rows of chairs there was about 12 people in here all of them were guys. I sat down in the 5th row 6 seats in. They had a interracial porno on. A few minutes in a guy sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my neck. I looked over and there was this black guy wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a green t-... Continue»
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Another White Boi Taken Gay

"Um...k**...I think I need to talk to you. Could we speak somewhere private?" I could tell by all his fidgeting that he was clearly nervous about something.

"Yeah...whatever." I pointed over towards the janitor's storage room. As I closed the door behind us, he finally found the courage to speak up to me.

"Listen, k**. You got my little girl pregnant!" For some reason, the look of sadness and despair in his eyes made me so happy.

"I bet I did, old man. I've dumped my cum into dozens of bitches at this school so far."

 I squeezed my hand tight and threw it towards his face. Even tho... Continue»
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Dark Bred

It all started out harmlessly enough. Jack had invited DeWayne and Suzie over to our house for dinner -- again! I never particularly liked these occasions. I could see that DeWayne, ungrateful that Jack had befriended him and promoted him to a supervisory position, was resentful of his young boss's position in top management while he was still blue collar. He tried to hide his envy by constantly making off-color jokes and little references to their having grown up together in the same working class town. My husband Jack, on the other hand, just liked his old classmate and paid no attention to ... Continue»
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52 black fridays

Convincing my wife at try another cock was the hardest part. It took over a year of careful suggestions always being sure to not over play my hand. Then that one night the stars were aligned just right.

We had a friend of mine staying the night due to being what I thought was over served. As my wife and I were picking up around the pool after everyone had left I made yet another suggestion that she go inside and give my buddy a blow job. She was just buzzed enough to listen to what I was saying
I convinced her that he was so d***k that she could suck his cock without him ever knowing. Sh... Continue»
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Weekend Dinner Party

As my wife and I are now the property of our black
master, TK, we were told we were to attend a weekend
dinner party being thrown at a large country house,
owned by a powerful and rich black financier who
invited fellow slave owners to dinners at which slaves
could be displayed, swapped or even sold.

The husbands of slave couples were to act as maids,
serving the meal and attending the bed chambers and
needs of the masters while the wives and other female
slaves were used for the pleasure of their owners and
their friends'.

We were rather worried by the term "sold" but... Continue»
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NBWO - Slavery

Marcia had been lucky to get a position as a research assistant after she graduated. While England didn’t have the same reparation laws that had been invoked in America, it did have some pretty specific affirmative action laws. The AA laws meant that people of colour had priority over Caucasians as well as females having priority over males. It was the female AA clauses that had got her the job while her boyfriend, who had graduated with equivalent honours, was lucky to get a job gardening. The fact that there was a free and open education system didn’t hide the fact that the top students ... Continue»
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Watching from The Bar. Part 1.

My wife, Helen, and I, Steve, are both now into middle age, but we have both kept ourselves trim and fit. Especially Helen. She looks even better now, in my eyes, that when she was younger. The few extras pounds she has gained have all landed in just the right places, if you know what I mean.

Helen is a very normal, steady, women. The kind you expect to see at PTA meetings, or helping out at charity sales. She loves, I know, as I do her. But, for years now, things have just got stale, and very routine.

Especially for me as I have a whole bunch of fantasies rattling around my head. But, H... Continue»
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A Night at the Four Corners Bar and Grill

A Night at the Four Corners Bar and Grill

I received your call just after lunch, as I entered the clinic office. In your deep sexy husky voice you gave me the details of what to be wearing when I met you for our date tonight. The black lace shelf bra with matching crotchless panties you had purchased a couple weeks ago. That was a given as you hadn’t seen me wearing them yet so I knew you didn’t want to wait any longer. Patience was not one of your strong suits, but I knew what was and the trade off was worth it. You then instructed me to wear the lacy bodysuit that had long sleeves and ful... Continue»
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Luke Has them Both PT1

My wife, Chastity, has a s****r, Bella, several years her junior, who has always been on the wild side. My prim and proper wife was usually aghast at the latest information concerning her little s****r's sexual exploits. It wasn't that she condemned her, she just didn't understand her. I, on the other hand was always fascinated, and frequently aroused by her actions and her appearance. She looked spectacular in a mini-skirt, and I loved hearing from my wife what Bella had told her about her latest lover's big cock. I secretly hoped in fact that Bella's influence would corrupt my wife, and when... Continue»
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The Gravitas of Big Black Cock

(This is in honor of Martin Luther King Day. As a white guy, and who grew up during the Civil Rights Era, and witnessed King's assignation on the evening news (!), and who freely admits to his 'addiction'(?) to big black cock, I dedicate this story to all the many other BBC 'addicted' white American males!)

The scene:

An older model 'trailer house' in a long established 'trailer park', somewhere in a small, dumpy, mid-western city.

As Jason sat in front of his lap-top watching 'interracial porn', he was jacking-off. He did this quite frequently. Nearly every day after he got home ... Continue»
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I'm One Happy Black Cum Slut Cuckold

"Because all black guys have really big dicks." "You've never seen a black man naked before?" I added.


Half jokingly I said, "Maybe we should watch some porn with some black guys in it."

My wife and I watched porn regularly. She even enjoyed watching some pretty dirty stuff and was more than willing to act it out afterwards. I was very happy when she smiled and said OK.

Later that night I got on the Internet and started looking around. There were so many different adult movies with black men fucking white women it was hard to decide. After getting very horny and impatient, I ... Continue»
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Moni's next chapter

This Moni's next ordeal with Lamont if it can be even called that now, as through my eyes, her husband,

I woke up early in our room to some soft wet sounds. In the dim morning light I can see Moni's head moving up and down Lamont's still big but soft cock. I whispered to her "what are you doing". She just looked up at me and lifted up from his cock and smiled at me then proceeded to suck his cock. Pssst I did and she waved a dismissive hand at me. She continued to eagerly suck him. I saw him stir a bit and saw his hand move to the back of her head,
Mmm yea babe now that's how you ... Continue»
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Elisa Takes A Pimp

Elisa Takes a Pimp
By Bottom_Bull
My wife Elisa is 40 year old executive at a major corporation. She is in a high powered field and earns a great income. She had a very privileged and sheltered upbringing, Catholic School, etc. She was once married to a black guy who she grew up with. They soon divorced, then I came along. She told me sex with me was far better than her x husband. Her sex life was pretty vanilla until I came along, I enjoy bringing the slut out of sexually conservative women, she also has had an overwhelming fantasy to be a whore to a black pimp. Although Im black she wan... Continue»
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