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My wife Debbie gone wild

Robert and Debbie are your average Americans. Working and struggling to live a good life in America. They have been married for twenty years. Debbie is now in her middle forties but you would never know that from her pictures. She has very large breasts that are plump and firm. Her waist still thin and tight. She is what they call today (thick). Thick like Kim Kardashian thick, although Debbie is a blonde. Debbie carries this very well. Debbie is 5'4" and 115 lbs. She has 36 Double D cups. She is such a sexy woman. Most married couples after awhile look for ways to keep it interesting in the b... Continue»
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Special weekend at a spa!

Wife went to relax at an excellent spa, her best friend was suppose to join her, but she couldn't make it. My wife decided to visit on her own. She booked a relaxing massage prior to her arrival. She unpacked her suitcase, then went for a massage with Helga. Upon arriving at the spa she was told Helga called in sick and they'd like to recommend Jamal as a good replacement. She thought about leaving but decided to give Jamal a chance.

She undressed, lied face down on the massage table and put a towel over her backside as best she could. Jamal entered , he was friendly, polite and very well b... Continue»
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First Time Cuckolded-Young Wife, Wimp Hubby, Big B

Dan answered the door when the knock came. He was big, over 6 ft, and he towered over me. 'Come in,' I managed meekly.

Laurel was stood up almost too straight, her chest raising quickly, the only clue that she was nervous and in need. He walked over and started kissing her, his big black hands holding her face. Immediately I saw a response, as her body relaxed and her arms wrapped around his large neck. They stayed like that a while and his hands started exploring her body. Her back and ass first, in which he squeezed her cheeks and pulled her closer, causing her to moan longingly.

He ... Continue»
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Sissy and Wife get Black Trained PT2

"Now for your turn" leers the old bull, stroking the mushroomed head of his gnarled old cock.

The old man starts to get hard again and grabs the husband's head. He slams his cock back in the husband's mouth, brutally facefucking him. "Is that what you want Sissy? To be Daddies pantied cocksucker? "The husband chokes and gags on this vile old man's big cock, tears streaming down his face as he pounds his face. The husband feels the old man's potent cum-filled bull balls slapping his chin.

The husband wretches his bent old cock, completely in shock at the abuse he is receiving. "You nasty ... Continue»
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Sissy and Wife get Black Trained PT1

He waited on the bed as instructed. He had dressed exactly as he was asked: A pair of lavender lace trimmed panties stretched tightly over the young man's small cock; a matching bra covered his hard brown nipples too. He also had on a garter belt and some high heels. Too top in off he had on some coral lipstick and he had painted his nails perfectly.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in" said the young man. The door opened to reveal a tall, thickset, old man, with white hair. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt that showed off his muscled physique and some old blue Levi's. "Wow, you we... Continue»
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White Wife Black Balled

Dexter Williams strolled through the front doors of the five star hotel like he owned it. Making his way to the restaurant/lounge at the back of the hotel s first floor, he could hear the band playing in the lounge before he arrived at the entrance to the dining area. Known by the maitre d , Dex waived and continued on into the lounge.

Twelve years since he graduated from college, the six foot five inch collegiate basketball player and business administration major had built quite a lucrative stable of mostly white, married socialites servicing his exclusive clientele of sports related blac... Continue»
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Black King Snake

There were several times during the dance when the chaperones had to separate the dancers from one another to keep them from coming to close in contact with each other.

The whiskey was doing its intended job and Marilyn relaxed into the strong arms of her black King. When they were dancing slowly, the beautiful blonde Queen felt his loins boring a hole into her tummy. She had that funny tingling sensation between her girlish loins again as she danced closely to Reggie. She felt his long manhood rubbing against her thigh. She knew she should stop him but instead she just let her head rest ... Continue»
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My Surprise Vacation

It was indeed a surprise package planned by my loving hubby Rajesh without neither discussing with me nor letting out any details whatsoever to me. He just asked me to pack our bags for 10 days and not to ask him any questions. I too obliged and just followed his instructions anxiously waiting to see what is in store for me.

The warmth of the tropics took our breath away from the moment we walked off the plane. It was as if the cold bitter winter we had just left four hours earlier was only a memory. I looked at my hubby, as I called him and saw an incredible smile spread quickly across hi... Continue»
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Cheating Together - Part 2

(This is part 2 of a 3 story about a couple who decide to take their internet fantasy affairs to a whole new level by playing their unsuspecting new friends. Here is a link to Part 1)

Neither of their friends had any idea what was really going on. Ken had booked adjoining rooms at the luxury hotel. Jenny had told Jim she would text her room number to him once she was settled. Ken arranged to meet Becky later at the hotel bar. Ken helped Jenny get to her room and they both looked at how elegant it was with k... Continue»
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Gail and Jonathan , new cuckold

Gail and Jon are a typical white couple. She is thirty two , five four and one hundred pounds. Cute thirty two B cup tits and fantastic legs. She has started collecting tattoos and she has been modeling for a few clothing lines. Jon is six foot one , two hundred fourty pounds his cock measures just over seven inches when erect.

After fifteen years of marriage things in the bed room seem to have gone stale. Jon has a friend with a well stocked farm pond and and he invited them to go fishing one Saturday. So before heading out they began to make bets on biggest, most, first fish caught. Jon ... Continue»
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working offshore.

for years now i have worked away and i have always gave my wife freedom to enjoy life whilst i'm away within reason. she goes away with the girls and has weekends away with them having drinks and spa days. i work hard but when i come home we play hard our sex life was great she gives me everything but lately i have noticed she doesn't cum as much and she is isn't as active. just before i had to back offshore for 3 weeks i sat Jane down and said was there something up cos this last trip home our time together wasn't as good as normal, Jane said cos you work away so much i have my own routine no... Continue»
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Black Wager

"Really! So you're telling me that any woman can be seduced regardless of her morals or situation?" I was amused by Reggie and thought that maybe the beer and size of his penis had given him an extremely inflated sense of his prowess with the women.

"Well stereotyping can be such a bad habit but, yea, I'm 99% right on that one." Reggie smiled at me rather pleased with himself.

"So you could walk right over to Lis and pick her up just like that?" I had the two of us laughing now.

"No no way man! It would take a few days to get your girl to fall for me." Reggie grinned.

"How would ... Continue»
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Sex with apartment host on vacation

This happened few yeas ago, it was a hot summer and I needed break from everything that was going on in my life at that time.
I didn't have much money cause I was still a teenager and didn't have a job, so I bought a bus ticket for a small town in my Country called Ohrid. The place is beautiful, it's cheap and the lake is really nice.

When I arrived at the buss station in Ohrid, there were many people offering a place for staying at the exit of the station.
There was one lady, around 45. She was really cute but kinda shy.
I asked her what was her offer. She said she was renting rooms in... Continue»
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Breeding my wife 2

The next weekend after Jens risky gangbang I ask her as we're having breakfast,
"So, when are you supposed to get your period?"
"Um, should be near the end of this coming week, probably Thursday or so I would hope!"
"Me too! You don't feel any different do you?"
"Different? Like as a person?" She questions back.
"No I meant, different like you could be pregnant!"
"Oh, well my boobs have been very sensitive the last couple of days, but thats all. God! I hope I'm not pregnant!"
" You did take that plan b pill right, so we should be alright!"
"I told you that it doesn't work if your ovu... Continue»
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I had always fantasized about a big black man with a big thick cock fucking my lovely blond wife Elaine. She is 6 years younger than me, just 29 years old with short bottle blond hair and a very shapely 34 24 34 figure. Although she is only 5’2” tall she is well “stacked” with big soft breasts and nice pink nipples. I had sometimes asked Elaine if she ever fantasised about having sex with a big black guy, she said yes but showed no interest in making it reality. In fact she didn’t seem too fussy about sex, we had been married for 8 years and had settled down into a “once a week” pattern for se... Continue»
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Talking with my daughter in law

I found out something last Saturday while visiting my son's house. He wasn't home and both of his girls were spending the night away so his lovely wife and I had time to talk. I've known this little spitfire for sixteen years and I didn't even know her I found out.

I can't recall exactly how we got on the subject but she informed me that she and my son have been " shopping" for a guy to have sex with her. I was extremely supportive of her as she told me about one couple they had chatted with on Facebook. But for some reason it didn't feel right so they decided to cut that off.

Later as... Continue»
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I am married to one of the sexiest woman in the world. Jane is a stunning Irish girl, 5'6" with long reddish blond hair and a fantastic 36C-24-36 figure. Only 24, she has a beautiful face, creamy white skin and the most perfect round ass in the world. She loves to dress in revealing clothing and has a flirty way about her that makes her a magnet for horny men where ever we go. Not being the jealous type, I enjoy the attention that she gets and relish the fact that I am the only one who gets to enjoy her amazing body.

We met at a mixer at college in my senior year when she was a freshman ex... Continue»
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My wife, Amy, and I recently had a wild sexual experience that has totally changed our lives. Amy is a beautiful redhead who is quite shy and somewhat timid. I am very proud of my foxy bride and encourage her to dress in revealing clothing so other men can see what a gorgeous wife I have. She has reluctantly gone along with my requests and I have picked out some pretty sexy outfits from the Fredericks catalog that she wears to out of town engagements.

I had always dreamed of having other men see her completely naked and my dream recently came true with a strange twist. A friend at work tol... Continue»
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My beautiful wife, Rachel, has one major character flaw that recently led to a rather bizarre sexual experience. In spite of her wealthy background, Rachel is a habitual shoplifter, something that I only learned recently when she was caught red handed.

We had spent the day at the beach and on the ride home we stopped at a small antique shop, Island Relics. While I checked out a collection of swords and knives, Rachel browsed through the shop. When I heard her arguing with someone I went to investigate.

I found her with the shopkeeper, a heavyset Black guy with a strong Jamaican accent. ... Continue»
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A Phone Call Away!!

i was at home waiting for my wife to come home from work, she finished at 3 on a Friday and we were planning to go out for a meal tonight. it was now 5 o clock and still no phone call, i was ringing her texting her still no reply. i know sometimes she goes out for a few wines with the girls after work but she knew we were out tonight so where could she be?.

i started to worry so i rang her works and the security guard answered, i asked if all the staff had left and if he knew if my wife Jane had left at 3, he replied the building was empty and they all left at 3. now i was worried. who do i... Continue»
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