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The Unexpected Virgin Gangbang

Hello everyone,

This is Gaggana Joddati from north Karnataka. This is my first story and my age while this incident happened to me was 18. I had completed my PUC and had been selected for civil services in Delhi.

My parents had a flight back to Bengaluru, they had arranged me a 2bhk flat in new Delhi which was leased for entire two years.

Everything was set right for me from mess to maid , they also had informed the society manager if possible and good people meet up they can share the flat with her and only with
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His First Big Cock Gay

"Ow, ow, stop, please stop, it hurts too much."

"Relax Jason stop being such a baby, take a deep breath, and relax that ass hole of yours."

I always love to hear them whine when I give it to them the first time. Oh most, like Jason have had plenty of cock up their ass but not as big as I am.

"OK, quit crying, I'll put some more lube in you."

I was already wearing a lubed condom and that alone should be enough but this guy was just freaking out and if I couldn't get him calmed down, his back door would shut like a clamshell. Jason reached forward to his nightstand he pulled a tube ... Continue»
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Cheating White Wife

"Thanks, but I'm waiting for someone." Well that is the third guy I've blown off so far. He was cute enough, and confident, but not really what I am looking for. And I am looking for something special. But I don't blame him - or the other two - for trying. Sitting at this hotel bar, I certainly don't look like I want to be alone.

I also don't look like I want to stay long. I squeezed my body into a gorgeous little leopard print strapless mini dress, stepped into a matching pair of 5" spiked heels, and wore my hair down. Hell, I touched up my garnet colored lip gloss often enough to arouse ... Continue»
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I Go Christmas Shopping (Part2)

I Go Christmas Shopping

(Part-2 and 14 Men Gang-Banged Me)

I say to him I have had plenty, he tells me it shore does not look like it and he goes on to say that pussy and ass of yours is still closed and tight. I tell him I have never been stretch out know matter how much I fuck my holes always close right back up. He then says my friends and I are going to fix that when your holes are hanging open and you are begging us to stop maybe then you can say I had enough and rub that pussy of yours from being sour and not from being needy. That is when I asked him “just how many friends... Continue»
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the subject is a blond her middle name is margaret, shes Age 36 , size 32b 32 33 5 ft 6 inches tall her hubby is not named tony but thats life

the bits in italics are thought unsaid the bits in bold are me

She is sat on the sofa just wearing a tea shirt, black bra & panties and a denim skirt her hubby is to act for me and she will remain passive throughout just using the laptop.
I am over 100 miles away
Are you on that sofa and ready?

You can tell him what to do
I will do as you say and let him do as you say
OK are you ready then?
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The BNB Cuckold: Episode 2

A few months had gone by since the encounter with the lawyer. His second stay which he had scheduled when he visited before was tonight. He emailed stating that he would be arriving around 2.

When he came in he set his bags on the floor. "I will have the same room as last time, right?" he asked.

"Yes. At the end of the hall", I replied.

"Good. How is Kelly? Will she be around this evening?" he inquired.

"Yes. She is out at the moment" I told him.

"Wonderful. I expect when I return this evening she will be able to assist me with anything I need" he said as he walked down ... Continue»
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Gothic Revival

Way back in the mists of time, the early to mid 1990's I dated a gorgeous lady. She was a Goth - tall, elegant, legs that went on forever, a very high sex drive and lots of very exciting lingerie. She was also the very first woman I ever slept with who had a completely shaven pussy. Not something that was very common when I first started my sex life back in the 1980's. We had split up, but had somehow always stayed in contact. She had gone on to get married, have k**s, but had also forged a career as a fetish model. She would sometimes send me her latest images from shoots, and always l... Continue»
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Heather, a maid for pleasure satisfaction

Derek closed his laptop, signaling that it was the end of his work shift. He had spent the last twelve hours working tirelessly on a news article that had been turned down by his boss three times already. In the past month, she had only run one of his articles.

He put on his brown jacket and packed his laptop up in his briefcase. It was pathetic how he had allowed himself to fall so far.

He took the subway home every night to his lonely apartment in midtown Manhattan. There, no one paid attention to any of the strange faces that passed in the street and every scream was muffled by the so... Continue»
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The Changlingx ~ redux

There I was, lost, burning, it had been awhile. Ten years of marriage, in ruins. The cars hiss by, do I have everything, let's go in. Porn had been a huge part of my life at one time. Starting with the collection of playboys at my disposal in the closet, or the hidden porn movies that weren't so hidden. I had taken a hiatus, settled down to love one woman. I knew better, I did. Bring back the wild nights at the strip clubs, the after parties, the traveling with my girls to bachelor parties to manage the affair. Let's build the collection of toys and dance the clubs in search of life, liberty, ... Continue»
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More than He Bargained For. Maybe?

How could I have let this happen? Every bit of it was my fault. I was responsible for the gag in my mouth and the handcuffs on my wrists. No doubt it was my fault that I was bent over the corner of a hotel room bed, with my legs bound tightly in opposite directions...spreading them wide. I was responsible for the school girl outfit I was currently sporting, complete with white stockings, white thong (that was currently pulled to the side), black skirt (which was currently bunched at my waist), and white shirt. It was definitely clear that I was to blame for the enormously tall black man, strok... Continue»
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Second Honeymoon Without Husband

Myself Kavitha Kumar married to Karthik Kumar, works as General Manager in a Textile Company, I’m 34 and married for 10 years by now. I haven’t lost my figure as I was at the time of marriage but gained extra weight for sure but it always complemented on me as per my husband. I had a perfect figure of 34 by 34 by 36 and tugged in sari, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist to fuck me.

I am a little whitish by complexion but still have nice face cut, beautiful and luscious lips, big eyes and long hairs which
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My wife and the tiny dick club

My wife and the tiny dick club
By Chris Christopher All rights reserved

I didn’t mean to do it. Normally I would never have done something like this but at the time, I thought it might be important.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

It was a beautiful Saturday in late summer and my pretty little wife was outside puttering around with her roses. She really likes gardening and roses are her pride and joy. We must have three dozen rose bushes in the backyard and she has named every one of them. I was inside sipping a tall cool one after having just finished my portion of the yard work.... Continue»
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I fucked a grandma that was my grandpas whore

There was a 70 year old grandma that moved in right next to my apartment, I was 18 at the time and my grandpa was 74. I lived with my grandpa at the time. The old grandma would come to talk to my grandpa each day, she would keep teasing him, she would flirt with him, she tried to seduce him. My grandpa ignored her at first but then he started flirting with her after a couple days. I once came out of my apartment only to see her sucking his dick outside on the porch while he was touching her boobs. They acted like nothing had happened, grandpa pushed her away very fast, and he acted like nothin... Continue»
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Train Slut Part II

I'm sure any guy can tell you this - when you're horny, rock hard and your balls are full of cum, it's easy to think you could go all night, cumming over and over again. The reality however is that unless you're in a situation that permits it, the likelihood is that you'll shoot your load and be done. Over the years I have experienced this countless times whilst sexting. Messages and pictures fly back and forth and it seems it could go on all night. But eventually the urge to knock one out becomes too great and suddenly you're lay there, x-rated texts still coming through but the desire to con... Continue»
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My First Semester at College Ch. 02

Hi guys. It's Suzy, again. Back with more stories of what a cock craving cum slut I was in college.

As you know from my earlier stories, I had a lot of firsts with my High School boyfriend, and then went to college where I met my room mate Lisa, who got me fucked good and proper on the night I discovered that my boyfriend was cheating on me.

After that night with Wayne, he tried to make me his steady girl, and asked me out all the time. Lisa and I talked about it, and although he was a really sweet guy, and a great fuck, I decided that at that point in my life I didn't want to be tied ... Continue»
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140 Forever a keeper

140 Forever a keeper
Now me I`ve never been a town boy, since I was a k** it was the open air and the woods for me. Thus as soon as I was old enough off I went to the nearest estate and got me an under-keeper now that really meant gun cleaner, dog washer, and general dogs-body, the absolute bottom of the estate staff list just above the keeper`s dog. However after a year or two I moved up to beat keeper, it was a place in Nottinghamshire, by the time I was 19 I was jack the lad, but I knew those woods like a road map.
The Estate owners up at the ‘big house’ held shoots regularly twas eve... Continue»
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There's nothing like watching your wife fuck

After dropping hints over a period of time my wife finally cheated on me. I assured her that the thought of her having sex outside of our marriage was extremely exciting to me. She never came right out and said " OK, I'll do it" but as I found out she did in fact allow a close friend of mine to fuck her . I begain to suspect something was up because a couple of times I'd come in from work to find her in a very playful mood. On those days she had been visited by my buddy and after he had left she always showered and cleaned up. There was never any evidence of her adultery.

Then one afternoo... Continue»
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I'm sitting here throbbing with need. You have been texting all morning, and you turn me on so effortlessly.
I'm so wet, my jeans are getting dark.
My nipples are hard under my shirt as I sit in my truck, moaning under my breath.

You are only half playing with my mind, as you are working. I haven't told you that I was able to slip away from work...

I have been refraining from playing with myself as you keep teasing. I want more than teasing.. and maybe some pay back..
I am sitting in the lot across from your work. I can see you in your vest in the yard.

You check your phone o... Continue»
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Workshop for Women: Milking Him

I just wanted to describe the benefits of taking your class and how they've helped me. I got married young, right out of college to a man a few years my senior. My f****y was well off and were against it but I ignored them in favor of what my heart felt. Derek is an amazing man and one I am proud to be the wife of. We make love nightly, sometimes more than that and he can be loving, gentle, powerful and domineering, all depending on his mood. Let's just say I've never been without satisfaction. Most times I'm wiped out before he's finished and collapse beside him, my muscles weak and my puss... Continue»
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Prisoner's Wife

Jennie didn't want to believe her desperate situation, f***ed to
rely on some creepy black guy she didn't like or trust. But she
now needed Reggie Johnson to avoid homelessness and to save her
husband from the unthinkable while in prison. How did they get
in this mess? It all seemed to start after moving into the
apartments Reggie Johnson owned. Reggie found it amusing that
this cute, stuck-up, white bitch turned to him for help, not
realizing that he had planted the cocaine in Jim's car and
alerted the police. An unsuccessful defense landed Jim in Texas
state prison for 10 - 20 years... Continue»
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