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My Mom Was Being Unfaithful

My Mom Was Being Unfaithful to Dad with My Black Friends

Jocelyn is my mother?s name. She is 36 years old, has shoulder length blond hair, a terrifically firm sexy body with a 36DD-24-36 super firm figure with no sagging whatsoever. Her eyes are green, full red lips and her skin in flawless. She is the type of woman that when one sees her they are immediately taken aback by her sweet smile and a look that promises the total fulfillment of ones most passionate dreams. Many women are very jealous of her because she is so very beautiful. Looking at her one would never be able to ... Continue»
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The Day I Came Home Early From Work Pt 2


The orgy with my wife had taken place on a Friday and the two niggers would not be back until the following Monday, to continue their WORK on my wife I was sure, so I took the time to set up some concealed video cameras. Placing them in my office and the bedrooms. Being as my job consisted of electronic construction for the most part I was familiar with how to set the system in place and in operation. My wife had no idea as to what I was doing, thinking I was, as I often did, puttering around with some of my gadgets. I arranged them so ... Continue»
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Dreaming about you

I had a dream about you last night. This is rare since I usually don't dream and when I do I'm usually alone or with generic, faceless people. But this time it was definitely you. I remember hearing your voice. But most of all I know it was you because I could feel you and touch you. I couldn't see your face but I knew it was you by the way your body felt, tracing your curves with my hand as we laid beside each other. My hand told me it was you when it moved down your back to caress your butt.

What I could see was your hair, long and beautiful. It reminded me of what it feel like around my ... Continue»
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Lucy had never taken a cock bigger than 6 inches, her current boyfriend was a petite 4 inches yet this never really bothered her. To her, sex was something that the man always started and would only last about 15 or 20 minutes. The way she seen it, sex was never for her pleasure, just something that men needed every now and then to keep them happy.
Lucy had never really seen what all the fuss was about, she often gets a lot of attention from men, partly because of her delicate innocent facial features, partly because of her well toned 24 year old body with curves in all the right places, but ... Continue»
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Becoming Me, (Brittney)

When I was nine I ask my dad to explain the Birds and the bees. He sat me down and told a few things about sex, but what he did next set it all in motion (well not all of it lol) he gave me a book on human sexuality. It was a technical book really. It described the human body both male and feel male. I found myself looking at both pictures of man and woman naked and enjoyed them both equally. It was the year before all this when I was trying on my s****rs clothing. It was mainly panties, shoes, and her training bra. It was not till later when I was dressing in full outfits. Over the years ... Continue»
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Sex With Neighbour Aunty Shwetha

This story is 6 months back when my wife went for our first baby delivery. I was alone in my apartment and we had very good neighbors and this beautiful aunty Shwetha who is in her 30′s. about her she has good assets (36-30-38) slim fair, sexy attractive and about 5’3′ height. About myself I am 5’6′ and 64 kg weight (slim and Indian color). I go to office early n come late so didnt had much time to spend with neighbours and know them better. But, whenever I used to see this aunty next door I used to feel I should atleast get one chance to spend a night with her. It was diwali time and her husb... Continue»
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My Hot Neighbour Aunty

I’m doing my final btech and always busy with my projects. Well about me I’m 21 with 6 feet height fair looking and a friendly person.i had sex with my neighbour jyothi aunty. Wowww I never ever imagined that I would have sex with such a beautiful lady.

During those days jyothi aunty f****y came to our apartment from delhi to our city. She was married lady, and had 2 c***dren. Her Husband was a contractor and was such a shit. She was in her 30s and looked very beautiful, with big boobs, shaky ass and having height of 5 feet 6 inches. She was of very easy going nature and always uses to wear... Continue»
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Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey)

Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1
with Lena Headey
by DarkTemplar
codes: interracial, blowjob, deepthroat, anal, creampie

"Breathe. Just act natural, Lena. You can do this.." the Hollywood starlet kept assuring herself the entire ride, as if through simple repetition she might finally strike up the nerve to actually get off the bus at her designated stop. At any rate, her stomach was in knots and she couldn't stop fumbling with her pocketbook.

This was her third time riding the metro bus into the worst ghe... Continue»
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A Hard Road to Happiness Ch 2

I originally did not write this chapter with a sexual scene but I felt like people would complain and I didn't want to hear it. If you'd like to see the original version ask and I'll send it to you. If enough people ask I'll post it.

By some miracle I managed to graduate high school. My mother went all out with graduation announcements and somehow got my f****y to come to the commencement ceremony to watch me graduate.
After I graduated I packed my things and told my mother that I was moving out of her house. I followed my dream of hitch hiking across the country to see all of the things... Continue»
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Destroyed on New Year's Eve

New Year's came in with a bang....a gangbang that is!

Went to a party on New Year's Eve and got totally destroyed in more ways than one.Just your normal party till around 11:00 pm then we started playing a crazy drinking game. Tequilla shots were involved and removing articles of clothing. After several rounds of tequilla shots...clothes were all over the floor and every body was d***k and naked!

By the time midnite arrived nobody was even watching the tv and the ball dropping there was moaning and groaning and balls slapping pussy and ass all over the place. I was on the living room cou... Continue»
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Breeding Lynn

Chapter 1: Old Enough to Bleed

Lynn was a 19 year old newlywed. Sweet and innocent. I learned that she was a virgin when she got married only months before. Very attractive, friendly and outgoing too. She worked for me part-time at my commercial real estate business and since I was a one man shop, she did just about everything for me from secretarial work to closing deals. I was 45 and divorced with two grown c***dren who were older than Lynn.

Lynn was attracted to older men. Her husband was 16 years her senior and had a big time job with a law firm. Lynn was his fourth wife and his firs... Continue»
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Cheating With My Boss & Her Husband

How a new boss changed her life.

Hi, my name is Allison. This is the story of how a job change and my new boss changed my life. It's probably not the boss type relationship that you're thinking of either. I'm 28yo, 5'8", 115, 34-24-33, very happily married, great sex life and all that I could possibly want. I've been married for 7 years and never though seriously of cheating on my husband at all. A year ago I started a new job. My boss is a lovely woman named Gina, a very professional looking 30yo woman who looks 5 years younger than her real age, she is also married.
... Continue»
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But Hon It Was Only Sex (A wife needs someone to c

A wife needs someone to compare you to.

"But it was only sex. That's all," my wife of almost twenty- five years said for the umpteenth time to me. "I don't love him. I love only you," she said crying as I tried to ignore her while she followed me from room to room. "You have got to believe me hon. I really do love you and I'm so sorry I did this to us. Please talk to me, Steve, will you?"

What brought us to this point? What made my loving wife cheat on me? Stupidity, on her part; plain and simple stupidity.

Beth and I had known each other since we first met in the eighth... Continue»
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Fool Me Once You're Out of Here (Lies eventua

Lies eventually do catch up to you.

Christy was every man's wet dream. At 5'9", she had long, jet-black hair, perfect 36C breasts, and legs that reached all the way to heaven. Her skin was flawless, with a slight olive tint, which made it look like it had never seen the sun. She was college educated, had a fantastic job, in sales with a large d**g company, and loved to watch basketball with me. My only problem with her was that she oozed sexuality, and was a huge flirt. I didn't care when it was directed towards me, but she flirted with others as well.

Like I said, e... Continue»
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New Year's Eve Party

New Year’s Eve 2013
I’ve been asked by some of the followers of our Desert Heat series to share our New Year’s Eve party with them. Many of you don’t know that in November, I moved the f****y into a custom home that sits in the middle of my 640 acres. Let’s just say that there is more than enough room for the 5 adults and 6 grown daughters (yes, this will reveal some future history from the Desert Heat summer of 1985.
Attending our party last night was myself, Ginger, Pepper, Jerry and Rosemary. Then all 6 of our daughters, Saffron (26), Cinnamon (26), Marjoram (26), Poppy (24), Thyme (... Continue»
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Birthday blowjob

she nibbled on my ear then slowly moved on to kissing me down my neck and chest. she loved my chest hair and ran her fingers through it as she passed by down to my abs. she kept kissing my body until she got to my lower stomach and needed to stop to pull down my sl**ping pants. she grabbed the waist of my pants and boxers and pulled them down as I lifted my hips to help the process. now completely naked I just laid my head back against the pillow and enjoyed the feel of my skin against the soft flannel sheets and my girlfriends lips making their way to my now fully erection penis. she took it ... Continue»
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The Hotel

Paul checked into the Hilton every Wednesday and the bell man knew just what he wanted. He wanted a twenty one year old with big tits, shaved pussy and blonde hair braided in two tails. She was to wear a short skirt, cotton panties, a button up blouse with no bra. Paul was sixty two and loved the young whores. They reminded him of his granddaughter who had lived with him for two years while she went to college. As he checked in today the bell man told him quietly "I have the perfect girl for you and she will be here in less than an hour. You will really like her she is so sexy and so wild." Pa... Continue»
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Loren Housesitting Adventures

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 1

I always loved babysitting for the Brown's, but the idea of three days of house-sitting for them had me so excited I could not wait for school to end. One more class and Sophomore year was over and I was on my own for three and a half days. "Loren, quit fidgeting" Mr. Smits, my Volleyball coach and US History teacher called out to me, bringing me back from my daydream. He was staring at me like he always did, his eyes were trying to burn a hole through the crotch of my white pants. In fact, I was so wet that I was a little worried that the white cotton pant... Continue»
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Summertime Memory

Lil’ s*s (Anna) and I where laying around nude by the pool in the relax center of my home, and, as the year was coming to an end, sharing some memories. Anna left her man this past March and started hanging around hubby and me a lot more, which has been nice for the both of us. Anyway, we both agreed that one of the best memories of the years was from the summer.

We live a short drive from the ocean where the beaches having rolling sand dunes. One day in July hubby, Anna and I went to beach to enjoy the sun. For some reason the beach was not crowded that evening and we found a nice san... Continue»
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Fucking Kellie up the ass... :-)

A little while back I split up with a lady I’d been seeing for a couple of years. Let’s call her Carol...

Carol was one hell of a sexy lady. She’d done a bit of swinging, introduced me – in our first few weeks together! – to her little clutch of fuck buddies she had living close to her (with whom we went on to have a few 3somes, 4somes and gangbangs), and included her daughter (Kellie - then just 16!) in conversations about all aspects of sex. One evening I was going over to hers and when I arrived, I strolled into the lounge to find it empty and the TV playing with itself....er, I mean TO ... Continue»
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