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Jesica's Valentines Party

This story was written as part of a story/caption challenge for a follower on another website. It went to a much darker place than I originally intended.


Jesica’s Valentine’s Party

It had been a very busy year for Jessica. First there had been her internship at a prestigious law firm. Then as that position was ending, one of the senior partners who had maintained a warm but ‘fatherly’ mentoring for her, had shocked her following her exit interview with a suggestion they “might see each other socially now that her inte... Continue»
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The Snow Maid

The dying man got dressed.

Not that dying was going to be very hard, Bill Carter thought with a weak thread of his old humor. Easier than dressing, at least. Pain hampering every move in his hands and wrists, he managed to zip and button his heavy parka. A thick wool cap was f***ed over his head and ears, and he pulled the hood of his coat over it all. He eyed his boots with a malevolent glare, then bent down to f***e them over his numb feet.

Lastly, the gloves. Using his tee... Continue»
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Working Mother

I have a major problem, which I have no idea how to
solve. I may be pregnant by someone other than my
husband and if I am, the baby will be black. It's an
impossible situation, which is mainly my fault, and this
is how it happened.

I am a 35-year-old woman with 2 c***dren and I work for
a large multinational company as a personal assistant to
the divisional director. My husband has always
encouraged me to involve myself in my job and I always

A couple of months ago my company had some employees
over from a branch based in the United States to work
with us for 3 ... Continue»
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At the gym

Going to gym 4 times a week in the mornings when it's quiet, only a few people in the gym. Making it easy to do my workouts and not having to wait for the different machinery, and when i wanted to the tanning beds they were almost always epmty in the mornings. I became friends with the one of the gym's handsome instructors Mark, who helps me with drawing up and changing my workouts every three months and shows me how to do the workouts correctly. I've known him for almost 2 years, he's well built as you can imagine,  strong arms ripped chest, strong built legs. He'd often flirt with me saying ... Continue»
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Asian whore gets roughed up

A lovely story told to me by another member

It’s a nice sunny weekday afternoon so you decide to get out and walk around the neighborhood. Since it’s the middle of the day most people are at work and the k**s are in school. The main streets through town are really the only ones with a lot of activity. Sticking to the side streets allows you to enjoy the sunshine and the assorted sounds of nature.

Off in the distance you hear a bell ring. A few minutes later you hear the shrieks and laughs of c***dren. You’ve been enjoying your walk so much that you’ve lost track of time. It must be 3:30p... Continue»
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Quickies turned Marathon - #4 Anna

My Best friend, Kristoff, and I were driving together to Kristoff's f****y reunion. We always hung out together and talked about girls together and we pretty much were inseparable except for when one of us was trying to get laid.

We arrived at the reunion, it was really nothing spectacular except for this one girl, my best friend's cousin. She is a redhead with long straight hair (Ok, I admit, early on in my sexual promiscuity I had a weakness for redheads). She had good hips and a nice round ass. Though her breasts were a bit on the small side, it was perky. But it was her smile that dre... Continue»
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Gay Encounters of the sexual kind.

It all started when I replied to a contact on a well known site for men looking to hook up. The advert was for a 18 - 20 year old who wanted to be restrained, and taken full advantage of by who ever happened to be there for the meet.

After making contact, I was sent an email about the encounter, and what was expected of me. A date and time of arrival was agreed to along with the address and directions on how to find it.

When I arrived, I couldn't help noticing that the house was painted pink

I entered the the unlocked door as arranged, and went upstairs and took the second left i... Continue»
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i****tuous Glamour Photography

I remembered it so well. It was as clear as if it was just yesterday. Each moment, every move and gesture even the words we used flooded into my mind.

"Undo the buttons on the cardigan Cat."

I did and he took several shots as I moved around showing increasing amounts of my breasts.

"Take it off now."

I did. More clicks as he took photos of me removing the dark blue, cashmere cardigan.

"Turn round."

Click, click, click was all I heard as I turned my back to the camera.

"Bend forward, let me get that bum."

I was wearing a black, pencil skirt that ended just above my knee.... Continue»
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First Big Cock Gay

When he first turned to face my direction in the shower, I was shocked! He was an average-sized guy, fit, slim, maybe 5'11" tall. His body was mostly hairless, his butt really small. But his flaccid penis, hanging loosely, well down between his thighs, was simply enormous, at least seven or eight inches long, probably more, and thick, with an especially plump head. It looked like it belonged on someone else's body. I admit I was curious (you wouldn't be?), but tried to be discrete and not stare. I noted that he was tan all over and thought "who wouldn't hang out at nude beaches with a dick lik... Continue»
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Once You go Black

Carol had wondered what sex with a black man would be like for a long time. She and her female friends had talked about it and she had heard all the clichés. Especially their huge penises but it wasn't only that although she couldn't say that she hadn't enjoyed and been excited by the two men she had known with big cocks. She loved to watch them stroke their erections and pose for her with a giant hard-on. It thrilled her to see them sticking out so far from their bodies and pulsing before she got to play with them but she experienced just as much sexual satisfaction from men with average-size... Continue»
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Valentines outdoor antics

I had bought some suction cup toys online along with a self bra & matching pantie set for my girlfriend & as I work away i had them in the car when I got back from site to show her. She was wearing a tank-top & a skirt with a bikini on underneath in case we decided to go swimming instead. For Valentines day we decided to go to the only drive in movies in the state, we went to see the new triple x 3 movie in my BMW coupe. Part way through I got her to take off her bikini top & try the shelf bra (basically a cup-less bra with a little more fabric for the red rose pattern the rest of the bra was ... Continue»
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Waiting for a girl like Laura

Waiting for a girl like Laura

This is a true story so I‘ve had to be a bit vague in places. Please bear with the slow start. I promise you it has a sizzling ending.

In recent years I’ve rediscovered going to live music gigs. Where I live in the West Midlands there is a thriving tribute band circuit and you can see many good outfits playing the music of groups who have either died or grown too rich and lazy to play anymore. You know the ones I mean. I prefer 1970’s and 1980’s rock bands and my wife likes pop acts and we usually take turns in choosing who to see. In this story it was my tu... Continue»
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Wild night with two d***k young Japanese girls in

I have to write what happened last night while it's still fresh in my memory, because it was a first and a very exciting situation for me. I swear everything is true as you can't make this up, and it will show you how fucked up Japan is and that anything goes there.

This week I was interpreting for a cool client from abroad who came to Japan for business. Last night was the last day of work so we went drinking to a well-known Gaijin bar (foreigner bar) in Osaka. So everybody knows that these are the places you go on the weekend if you want to get some Yariman (or easy pussy) and yeste... Continue»
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Factory Lovin' Fun

I very recently started work in a factory on the edge of town, where they make underwear for teenagers mostly. In my department were two girls who were obviously lesbians, I found myself being strangely attracted to them. One was a bit butch called Jenni, but she still looked pretty, and the other was very casual in her appearance, named Emma, slightly more rugged looking, I was to later find out that they were an item.

I got to talk to them a lot over the coming weeks, they were ever so friendly as they showed me the ropes, little did I know that in the days ahead, they would be showing... Continue»
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True meet from dating site

True story.

I added a profile to a dating site and didn't expect much since it was oriented towards singles, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

While browsing profiles, I noticed her username had "69" in the name which was pretty unusual for a non-sex site. I favorited her profile as I did not have access to send messages. As it turned out, she was online at that moment and she messaged me directly, which on that site allowed me to respond. She noticed my profile mentioned "well endowed" and she would like to see some of that. I was surprised she was so forward on an initial conta... Continue»
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ZOE - Slut in the making


Two months after I’d been shagging Zoe we met up in a coffee bar, and she told me this story:-

You won’t believe what I’ve done “Go on tell me” last Saturday dinnertime my stepfather and his best friend was watching the football on the TV, I was upstairs wanking with my dildo when I heard the door shut, looking out of the window I saw my stepdad, Terry, get in his van and drive off, I knew his friend, Bill, would be watching the TV.

I went downstairs in a white top, no bra and a very short skirt with white knickers, as I walked into the lounge there was Bill watc... Continue»
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A Very Unpleasant Evening

There was one very bad incident where I was blind-sided by an older guy I’d met at one of my favorite bookstores. He led me into it slowly, over a period of months while, all of the time, being very loving and kind.
I’ve been ****d five times. None of them were pleasant and two of them were with multiple assailants; a few to hold me down while they all took turns. Normally I was/am very careful – letting my guard down got me in a position for this to happen. Sometimes, being a slut – like being a hooker – can be dangerous. This was one of the times.

Also, those who have read some of the ... Continue»
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The Return of the Ex Girlfriend

The Return of the Ex Girlfriend

Jim had never been so happy in his entire life! Here he was just home from his honeymoon, and
ready to begin his marriage with the most beautiful and loving girl a man could ever hope for. To
say his courtship of Sally had been a whirlwind affair would be an understatement, because less
that two months ago he had met her for the first time at a New Year’s Eve party given by a mutual
friend. They left the party arm in arm, and had been together ever since. Jim knew on his first
date that Sally was the girl for him! Incredibly beautiful, with big doe eyes... Continue»
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Dark Desires (Hayley's High Part 2)

This story is part 2 to Hayley's High. It's a Hayley Williams story. M/F, MM/F, MMM/F, hardcore, etc

Ten months.

That's how long it had been. Oh sure, touring could be exhausting. The late nights, long bus rides or flights could really take it out of her but at least Hayley had the stage. At least she had the fans.

The fans.

Hayley closed her eyes, thinking of that night. The night she had invited four fans backstage to her dressing room after the show. She was so horny even after being used that night that she cou... Continue»
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Nasty Boy Creampie

I had already spotted her Adonis before she dipped. It wasn't long before he made his way over and began chatting her up again. We had been afraid that his knowing that she was married might scare him off. He wasn't going to wait in line for this chance. I saw some candid conversation and some obvious flirting. This was from both of them. Soon he ordered a drink and a re-fill for Cynthia. Everything seemed to be going on schedule so far. A little more drinking and a lot more flirting and I noticed a little change in the body language. He seemed to be making his bid. She seemed to be wavering a... Continue»
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