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Sexy 26 year old.white girlfriend fucks first huge

I had a story that I wanted to share about me(37), my gf(26), and a black buddy(35) with a monster cock from college who came to visit and stayed at our house last night and ended up in a wild night!

A little background, he has a legit 11 inch dick with massive girth. He is a semi professional basketball player. 6 foot 10 with a dick to match . He Had never hooked up with a white girl and was excited to meet some of my gf's white gf's cause I told him we would break that curse this weekend.

He was a roommate in college and we had had sex in the same room before so I've seen his monster i... Continue»
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Slut: The Challenge part one

Slut: The Challenge:. (Part one)

I'm sitting at my laptop writing this down, still wearing my PVC lingerie with spunk drying in my hair and on my face while my antics are still fresh in my memory.
Hubby issued me a sexual challenge this morning, with no prompt or build up. His challenge was that I was to be the lonely housewife and have a tradesman seduce me, and the challenge must be completed before he returned home from work this evening.
Never one to shirk a challenge I immediately accepted and told him that when he returns home tonight I will have accomplished my sexual mission. Wh... Continue»
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Dear Diary - Waiting for mom to come home

Hi All - As mentioned a few times before mom and I lived in a small tattered mobile home in a run down trailer park when I was growing up
we shared a bed in the small bedroom.Mom worked evening as a waitress at a dinner. She got home normally around 11:30 PM. I would be laying in bed wearing my baby dolls, hello kitty night wear, night gown, slip, or any other female night attire.
.The first thing mom would do is come into the bedroom to see me. She would run her soft hand across my cheek and say "how was my special princess's day" . then kiss me and give me a hug. She would make hersel... Continue»
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Amisha's Night Out

Amisha was not having a good time. Two weeks ago, she’d broken up with Vikram, eliciting angry calls from her parents and leading her to fail her industrial psychology exam. The whole time, her friend, Simran, had belabored the point of moving on, and Vikram—Amisha’s boyfriend since high school—had been no loss.
“He’s just another desi business major,” Simran said earlier that evening in part of convincing her to go out. “You could pick another just like him if that’s what you want, and I’m sure you’re f****y wouldn’t know the difference. But really, Amisha, is that what you want? I me... Continue»
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Eatting cum out of my wife

It's nothing new for me to come in from work to a freshly fucked wife. In fact I've actually passed her lovers on my way home as they are leaving my neighborhood. On those days my mouth is sucking the cum from her swollen wet pussy only minutes after it was put there. Sloppy seconds is the only kind of pussy I get. I haven't fucked her when she wasn't loose and wet for over eight years. She has had well over two hundred different cocks inside her in the pasted eight years. She has nine regular guys that come visit a couple of times a week.

I asked her to suck the cock of one of my buddies ... Continue»
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Getting slutty

Lisa was pleased to be able to help her friend out at the exhibition but was nervous as it was her first time at a sex exhibition, let alone helping out at one.

Her friend Debbie tried to persuade her to dress up in some of her merchandise telling her that her blond hair, 5ft 4inch slim frame and large breats would help raise some much needed money. After a large gin and tonic, which her friend kept topping up when she wasn't looking, she agreed. Debbie picked out a daring black low cut mini dress for Lisa that showed far more leg than she had wanted to. Her friend had previously said sh... Continue»
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The Bar

The rain spattered down, Only a few lights from a nearby bar lit the otherwise deserted streets.

Jo couldn’t believe her luck. What a time for her car to break down. Her phone was dead. She was in the wrong part of town, and at this time of night...

Still. Maybe the place wasn’t as bad as everyone made out. She’d have a look in the bar. Maybe there was a phone in there she could use.

She entered the bar. It was unusually full. A thick smoke hung in the air. The bar went quiet as she opened the door. A few guys were playing pool. Some where playing cards. Other just stood at the bar.
... Continue»
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Fucking My 4th Girlfriend, Donna

This is the true story of the fourth woman I ever fucked, Donna.

Donna and I were soon-to-be-graduated University students on our third date and we were on a moonlit walk down the main University quad. The buildings surrounding the large open grassy area of the quad were silent and nobody was around. It was about 2 or 3am or so on a warm summer night. Because it was summer break the whole university was a virtual ghost-town. We had the entire large open area of the main campus quad completely to ourselves.

We walked hand in hand, which was as far as our relationship had got, so f... Continue»
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The Landlord's Daughter - Chapter 3

This is Chapter 3 of the Landlord's Daughter series. Please read 1 and 2 to get the background. Thanks for your interest. Your comments are welcome.


Mark wandered proudly around his new bar and the delights it was ready to offer to paying customers. It had been finished to perfection by Bill and his lads. They had now been paid and all were at home getting ready to come back for the evening.

Mark's phone had been ringing all day. He had put a lot of effort and the last of his cash into advertising the bar on the Internet and all around the locality. His careful phrasing o... Continue»
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Slut: Born To Tease (Reworked)

Slut: Born to Tease (part one). Reworked.

I’ve just completed my chosen ensemble for this evening and I'm now standing in my bedroom, looking at my reflection in my full length wardrobe mirrors.
I was just about to twirl around to view the full reflection of my pink PVC lingerie clad curvaceous body, when my husband walked into the bedroom, stopped at the doorway and sighed.

"Are you really wearing that lot tonight?" He said almost despondently.

"Of course I am!" I replied triumphantly.

I was standing before him, wearing a shocking pink soft PVC quarter cup bra which cupped my fu... Continue»
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Slut: I'm an exhibitionist: Deal with it! (Re

I’m an Exhibitionist...Deal with it! (Part One)

I know I have a good body. I realise that is quite a statement to open a dialogue with, but as my tale unfolds, you just have to agree with that statement!
I know other men lust after me. There I go again singing my own praises, but once you read my story you'll understand.
It’s not conceited, it’s a fact!
Ever since I can remember, ever since my body grew into a womanly curvy body, men have looked at me with lust in their eyes. I’ve watched men stare at my huge firm breasts. I’ve witnessed them sneakily eyeing my round pert buttocks. Wheneve... Continue»
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Gloria's Transformation - the Gym

Ed, a remarkably brilliant genetic scientist and doctor, worked diligently for many years at a major genetic research institute with one particular goal in mind - transforming his girlfriend, Gloria, into the woman of his wildest dreams. Finally, he secretively achieves the genetic breakthroughs he needs, the hardest of which is to get genetic modifications to appear in the test subject, rather than just their progeny. He is eager to proceed, even though he doesn’t fully understand the science. He doesn’t consult Gloria because he thinks she would be too scared. So he begins exposing her... Continue»
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The Landlord's Daughter - Chapter 2

To fully appreciate this story you need to read chapter 1 first, but if you don't it doesn't matter too much. This story is marked as BDSM because it is about male domination and female submission, but there is a lot more to it than that. There is i****t and fetish involved as well. If you don't like these things don't read any further. Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.


Still speechless, Mark was led across to Hetty by his wife. "Please fuck my mouth Daddy"

The shock of the situation caused Mark's dick to soften. Rose took it in her hand and fed it into Hetty's waiting mout... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

When I am driving, especially on long, boring interstates, it is probably the most advantageous time to 'free-lance' fantasize. Sometimes I will take my cock out of my shorts or pants, or sometimes I will just take them down and take my right foot out of them so I can still drive effectively, but play with my cock and balls, sometimes raising my left leg to finger my asshole. That can be dangerous though as it will put me into ... Continue»
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The Dugout: Who's on deck?

I was working as a receptionist job at a small real estate office in a relatively small down. I had not been there long when one of the agents told me that one of her friends had a guy friend who had seen me around and been asking questions about me. Before long Mike came in with a few of his friends who were friends with the agent from the office and we were introduced. I knew it was no coincidence and that the whole thing was probably pre-planned, but none the less I was somewhat flattered at his persistence and effort.

Mike and I talked regularly. He worked for a school nearby so he ... Continue»
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Sexy Indian Barbie Doll

Sun is too hot in bright afternoon. I am swimming in a sea with my 3 cricket club’s friends. Waves were pushing me towards sea shore, while sea face pulling me inside. “It’s enough! We have to go now” I said to Manish a body builder friend. He replied with funny voice “why are you scared of going in more deep” “no I am not, but I don’t wanna take a risk”. He asked everyone “do you’ll wanna move outside”. They all said in clashing each other’s voice “NO!!!”.. Manish & Gaurav are not so good looking. But are athletic shaped body builders. Their body had always made me jealous. My body is slim ... Continue»
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Tiffany on the table

Disclaimer: This is a repost. Original author is Dr. Wu (Google him).
Please comment below links to stories similar to this.


"I know what boys like, I know what guys want,
I know what boys like, I've got what boys like,
I know what boys like, I know what guys want,
I see them looking, I make them want me,
I like to tease them,
They want to touch me,
I never let them."

Tiffany Daniels sashayed down the hall of her high school, singing
softly to herself. None of the students could hear her; the song, an
old '80s tune by The Waitr... Continue»
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My wife turned out perfectly

If not for my vivid imagination my wife and I would be living a perfectly normal lifestyle. But shortly after we got married I started planting little ideas in her head about her having sex outside our marriage. In the beginning she would act mad that I brought it up but over time she got to the point that she would actually talk about it.

I found several guys advertising on Craigslist that looked like good candidates and when I showed her I could see the look of interest in her eyes. One guy was well hung and I asked if thought she could fit that fat cock in her vagina? She seemed to come... Continue»
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used by black friends

We had spent a wonderful day in the back yard, my husband, 3 of his friends, my folks, we had a nice BBQ, lots of beer, and wine coolers, the next day my husband and his friends wanted to drive up to the newly opened East Germany for a day and look around, since before it was all off limits to the US military, I stayed home since I had to work the next day, the guys left when I left for work at 6AM, when I got to work, I found out that I was not needed, great what do I do now, well since I was feeling the wine coolers from the night before my bed sounded like a good idea, so I went home, the s... Continue»
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The cocktail party

The evening began as a diner party between three couples at village 8 miles from
home. Sharon and I went with our neighbours Ian and Diane, the men in DJ`s and
the girls in cocktail dress's. Sharon looked great in her blue dress, under
which I knew she had new G-string and suspenders. The dress offered her 34D tits
adequate support so she was braless. The food was good and the wine flowed. The
evening included lots of fun and games, including dancing with each other's
partners. The girls all looked great, and enjoyed the attention that the sexy
dresses and underwear attracted! The came... Continue»
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