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Fun with Vanessa in the lab

It was going to be like any other day at the lab. Everyone was in a hurry since it was Friday and wanted to get his/her experiments done in time, so to go home and start the weekend early on. However, it didn’t turn out that way…

The week before the boss had accepted this new student from Italy. Her name was Vanessa. She was not so tall, had blond hair and a nice body. Since she just joined, she was still a bit shy, but nevertheless she was very attractive and I had noticed this early on after she joined. Her beauty of her body was further enhanced by the fact she was mostly wearing tight f... Continue»
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Doing it d***k

I made a d***ken mistake
but it was fun.

We had all been out for the day with my cousin in laws from my s****rs side f****y which is unusual as we don't really see them much, due to past f****y problems.
Jo is a very shy but very beautiful woman with 2k**s and her partner, who to be honest seemed more interested in himself and his phone than he did his f****y. Every Time his phone went off he would take his little walk then come back after he finished which he done every cpl of minuets. I had noticed it had got on her nerves so decided to ask who kept phoning him, she said it was work ap... Continue»
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knee pads

hello, can i help you find anything miss? the cute guy at the sporting goods store asked me as i walked down the aisle. oh, hi, yes, i'm looking for a pair of knee pads can you tell me where they are please? sure, follow me, we have several types, do you play volleyball? me? oh no. basketball? no, no. gymnastics, you look like a gymnast. i do? i asked him and giggled, no, i'm not a gymnast, then i remembered all the fun positions i've been in while having sex and smiled to myself. well, there are many types of knee pads for various sports, it'd help to know what you need them for when making a... Continue»
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s****r in Law While Everyone Else sl**ps

This took place while my ex & I were still together. We were 29 or 30 at the time, and her b*****r, Mike, was a year younger, and his fiancé, Lisa, was 26 or 27 at the time. We didn't all hang out on a regular basis, mainly because we were all busy with work and they had just had a baby about 6 weeks prior to this.

I'd won 4 tickets to a baseball game the week before at work, and knowing Mike or Lisa hadn't been out in quite sometime, Michelle thought we should invite them to go with us. We all got along so I had no issues with that. Lisa got her mom to watch the baby for the night since w... Continue»
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My First Online Hookup

I've never met anyone who has hooked up online. I've only ever heard about it. I know of a couple people who have dated from online, even married, and I've heard from friends that people date and marry online. I'm not into that, but I was very curious about hooking up online. It was a huge turn on for a while. So I checked out some sites, the typical ones: CL, AFF, SS, AM. Turns out that most of the fuck sites set up for hooking up are just scams. And CL has become a hotbed of scams and criminals. And CL only works in the big cities as I found out.

I was living in a major metropolit... Continue»
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Origins Part Two

I soon found myself busier, and going out as Danielle more and more often. I had also found I needed to expand my wardrobe too. I now had a lot of outfits, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, shoes, and accessories that had consumed a large amount of my walk-in closet. My shoes and boots had occupied a large rack in the closet to capacity. I also had several drawers full of lingerie and stockings and at least a dozen wigs of different colors and styles on their Styrofoam heads. One large drawer of the vanity held nothing but all of my makeup and nail products. I had also acquired severa... Continue»
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A Fine Meal - Chapter 2

This story crosses over to 'The Landlord's Daughter'. Read that as well to get a bigger picture.

When Clyde bought his drink he was the only person at the bar and the guy serving him looked miserable.

"What's up Mark?"

"Oh, trade's really bad Clyde. Since the economy went tits up I get hardly anybody in here. I am behind with the rent and the management company are threatening to terminate my lease."

"Well yeah, things are tough, but not every business is in trouble. You have got to have something special to pull people in."

"You're right, but I just haven't got any ideas... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW!

Fantasy is just that - fantasizing. I LOVE to fantasize!

I make it a point to say, 'Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am and Yes Sir and No Sir'.

But, in my mind, I add things.....

'Yes ma'am I wanna eat your husband's cum dripping out of your pussy...'

Or, 'No sir I wouldn't mind drinking your hot piss for you...'

Things like that, or even much worse. Much much worse, dirty, filthy and erotic!

Do you do that too?

I worked ... Continue»
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Celebrity Surrender:Leslie Mann/Catherine Keener

Ratings for Celebrity Surrender were going through the roof after the signing Ronda Rousey, and membership was had increased more than 1000 times in just over a month. With matches from reality TV stars and B-Movie queens adding to the popularity of the sexual consequences wrestling matches, Ariel was looking to push the envelope even more. She got an overwhelming amount of responses from former castaways of Survivor after the h... Continue»
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My Roommate's Strange New Appendage

When Gem fainted at my house I barely caught her in time. She was a much bigger girl than me at 5'4", but I still managed to prop her down somewhat steadily. She'd been complaining of lack of sl**p due to studying, so I went from panic mode to contemplative mode quite fast. In fact over the past few days I would be studying with her and look over within seconds she would be out like a light. I ran and got her a pillow. By the time I got back she was quite hot and starting to sweat, so I got a cold pack and started undressing her. I didn't have any romantic feelings for her-she was my best frie... Continue»
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Doris is starting to take on older males

Doris is starting to take on older males

When Doris followed the older man into the seedy bar that afternoon barefoot and just a skirt and blouse over her cum caked body, she saw the bartender /owner behind the bar and 3 guys sitting at the bar. It was still early that afternoon most of the men that came there came later after their work shifts were over.

The older man introduced Doris to the owner. This is the girl I was telling you about.

‘Doris, go with him to his office’. She followed the man into his office. When he turned around he had his dick out and it was growing, “Doris g... Continue»
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White Wife Turn on to BBC

"That's it, baby, roll that fat ass. Work my black cock. Make me cum in your pussy," Ray told the white married woman moaning beneath him, her hands on his dark ass, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. He tried recalling the middle-age slut's name. Yeah, she was that easy. The first time he'd ever really talked to her was less than an hour ago.

Ray had seen her before though. She shopped at the grocery store where he worked. Most of the time she came in by herself, but occasionally her pot-belly husband accompanied her. Today, she'd been alone.

While she stood scanning the shelves,... Continue»
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ambulance crew break down

We are driving back from a transfer when the truck breaks down. I'm sitting on the back bumper and we are both smoking. You keep giving me shit about how I'm in charge of maintenance, so why don't I just fix it. "Look" I say to you "I told them it was a bad idea when they gave me this job." I think to myself god she always smells so damn good. All the while you just keep dogging on me. I stand up and lean down grabbing your waist so you can't get away. I lean in and press my lips to yours. You go stiff for a second and then you start to kiss me back. I slip my tongue past your rose petal soft ... Continue»
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Making new friends

Met these two gorgeous studs at a bi-monthly party my friends and I held for years. It was their first time at our party, they came with two girls who were regulars. Everyone thought they were "with" the girls. Which I found out later, not to be the case. We were all sitting at a large, round table, lights low with a strobe light directly above, playing the drinking game quarters. We'd been playing for awhile, everyone was getting well lit. After people coming and going, taking bathroom breaks, doobie breaks, etc... I found myself sitting between them. After a couple more rounds of quarters... Continue»
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I like to tell you what happened other night.

My wife goes out once a week to friendship club she been doing this for last 2 years & last weekend, it was there party they do every now & then.
They put each week few pounds in a pot & they go out altogether & my wife put in over £40 this time.
This time they went had a meal & few drinks after when she got back home, she was 2 sheets to the wind & was moving around without moving her feet so to me I think she was bit piss out of her head.
I told we better get her into bed she said why not after good 5 minutes getting her upstairs & on the bed before she hurt herself, my wife said I think ... Continue»
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Accepting The Clean-Up

I saw her get out of the car, 1:30 am. She had been going out with friends for years a couple times a week. I stood there in the dark, cabin
light comes on and a kiss between friends. I get back in bed and pretend to sl**p, I don't know what to say. She comes in quiet and goes straight to the
bathroom in our bedroom. No shower tonight. She slips into bed and falls asl**p. I hear her softly breathing. I love her so much. I knew she had an active
sex life before we met. Living with her exboyfriend when we met. I wonder who was in the car. I have to pee so I go to our bathroom. She like... Continue»
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Alice's caning

Author's note: this is true life shit right here, my teacher had this done to her, i just changed her name and i went on with the story.

Alice Woodward ‘s Caning

If a girl is suspected of breaking school rules, there needn’t be a long and careful investigation.

By Scarlett Balimannie

My name is Alice Woodward and I attended a mixed Grammar school in 1968 to 1974. Corporal punishment was a regular sight, with boys and girls being spanked and getting the slipper in class. The headmaster also gave the slipper over underpants or knickers only. He would also, on rare occasions, also c... Continue»
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My first unexpected Milf experience while on holid

This is a true story of a holiday i had many years ago on the island of Tenerife when i was 27 years old and single at the time, all of this is as accurate as i can remember including the dialogue....

I had gone with a close friend during the summer break for two weeks, he was also an old school friend and we had known each other for many years, we both needed the time off from work and the weather looked good on the island, it was a last minute decision to go. We decided to hire an apartment rather than stay in a hotel as it gave us the freedom to come and go whenever we wanted, besides i... Continue»
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My Wife's Bitch

The best way to explain my relationship I have with my wife is to explain how I became a slave to my wife. My wife is 5'2 and 115 pounds and has a nice curvy figure. Basically she looks damn hot. I am 6' and 185 with an athletic swimmers build. Not to sound conceded, but I consider myself fairly nice looking man.

My wife and I married when I was 21 and she was 19, everyone said we were to young but we're in love and we're both ready. It is now been 10 years since we married and are still very happy with each other.

But our marriage hasn't always been bliss. About 4 years into our marriag... Continue»
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Club Slut - How I Earned My Nickname Part III

Part III

I stared into Shawn's eyes as his gaze followed my face on it's descent to his cock, now twitching with anticipation. He knew well what it would feel like once my lips reached his cock, and I could see his eyes
pleading for me to take him quickly. I let his cock brush against my face softly, then against my hair as I leaned further down to lightly tongue his balls. Like myself, Shawn kept himself shaved smooth, and I
loved that as my tongue lapped gently around his sac. His testicles were full and firm, his scrotum tightly encasing them. Moving back up, I licked my way up... Continue»
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