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The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #6 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

My relationship with the Nymphs had been developing quickly. We got on well, enjoyed chatting and shared common interests. The main interest was sex. Lot’s of hot, wet, energetic sticky sex anywhere, any time. Debbie a... Continue»
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The Next Day (followup to Day With Matt)

The Next Day

After my whirlwind day with Matt I was completely exhausted. I got back in my room and immediately headed for the bathroom and started to run the water for a bath. I glanced in the mirror and saw my face was still a mess.

There was dried cum in my hair and on my cheeks. I couldn’t believe my neighbor had seen me like that.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “perhaps it would lead to another fun day tomorrow.”

I stripped out of my clothes and peeled off my bra and panties and climbed into the piping hot Jacuzzi tub. I had poured in some of my favorite lavender bubble bat... Continue»
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Sex with horny girl ;)

My college just got over and i was leaving when i saw her standing next to my car furious. Mereko dekhte ghoorne lagi gusse mai. Maine kha get in and hum drive pe nikal gaye!
Me- kya hua… Itna kyu naraz ho..

Her- tum.. Tum chup raho.. Mereko itna pagal kar dia hai tumne!
Me- aray..

Her- ignore ignore… Tumse badi hu.. Lekin kitne mast tarike se bolte ho phone pe ki aaj mann nahi hai mera! Mann nahi hai? Phele to itni hawas hoti thi ki mere office se aate he ghr phonch jata tha.. Dost k ghar night stay ka bahana laga k raat bhar jabtak meri chut ka bhonsada na ban jaye tab tak lund chut ... Continue»
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Boy Toy

Growing up I was a normal k**, till I hit puberty. Then I shot up really fast. By the time I was sixteen I was six foot four inches tall. I was clumsy and the boys mace fun of my size. I quit taking showers at school as they would at point at my dick and make fun of how large it was. They called me moose. The girls did not want anything to do with me. I would cry to my mom. She always tried to make things good for me.
She worked cleaning house of rich white women. She was good and they paid her well. I would go along to help her as I was so much taller than her I would get the high space... Continue»
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Story Adult Forum and hot and exciting lived with

Story Adult Forum and hot and exciting lived with the wife of a very beautiful friend and that was Sexy Films and love Zub to the extent that it is has been harassing me and tempt me to Aneckha and they forbade woman buxom and great pizazz and very attractive, especially when put bra lifting Bazzaz especially where they become pathogenic form more attractive and sweeter, and I met her the company of her husband in a lot of special times and he was my friend and was our trade for a long time and the time I met with them in one of the commercial centers Vazmthma food and sat at the same table an... Continue»
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Jack of Spades PT1

I'm a white promiscuous cocksucker, meaning I've sucked so many cocks that
I've lost count, and never pass up a chance to suck another.

I have sucked a few black guys, and have loved it. My favorite porn
pictures are of white guys sucking black cocks. I have several online
friends I chat with regularly who suck black cocks exclusively. I would do
the same if I could find enough of them, but I've had to take whatever I
can get. Just the same, I give about 3-5 blowjobs a week, though I would
love to do that many every day.

I also chat with a number of black guys online. I'd love to b... Continue»
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Bored and at the Bar

I'm 45 but haven't ever been lacking to find some cock when I want it and when I arrived, I sat at the bar, ordered a cold beer and starting talking to some of the boys sitting around. I made sure my skirt was pulled up just a bit to gather some interest, and even though these guys were young, I figured that at least someone would take the bait and want to fuck around with me.

After about 20 minutes, I asked one of them if he knew anything about cars and that I didn't know how to turn off the switch that made my interior lights go off. The whole story was bullshit, but I knew that maybe he ... Continue»
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Last Tuesday my wife told me that she had invited Jim to our house for dinner Thursday night. Jim is a salesman that she deals with at work, and he has been asking her out for drinks for several months. She said he is black, very attractive and in his early thirties. My wife is 42, very pretty and large firm boobs. I have never considered myself a cuckold but do enjoy watching her with other men.

On Thursday my wife came home from work early to get ready and clean up around the house. When I got home she was very nervous and told me to hurry that Jim would be here any min... Continue»
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I never thought about trying to see a BBW body. Just nevervhad a draw towards them. But that changed when my wife went out of town. We had trouble in our marriage when my wife found pictures of me in her camera which I forgot to delete. I was in bra and panties with my face buried on a cock giving another man a blow job. One of her friends came by to bring her book back to her. We were just talking and I kept glancing towards her big boobies! She saw me looking and said that she didn't mind me looking at her. I apologized. She said, no, its fine. If you were my husband, I wouldn't care if you... Continue»
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My Cousin Jackie

Cousin Jackie
By Short Stroker
Here’s a tale about something that happened unexpectedly. My job required me to travel out of town with a co-worker for a job that would take a week. My mother suggested I look up one of her cousin’s k**s since she lived in the area where I would be working. I knew the girl and I figured I’d give her a call and fulfill my obligation. I made contact with her before leaving town and she was excited to hear I was coming to town. Once we arrived I talked to her by phone and she invited me and my co-worker to dinner. She picked us up at our motel and drove us ... Continue»
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my first few years in the military were unbelievable. being a "sissy", stuck out like a sore thumb. and to my delight, it didn't go unnoticed. i had heard that a few guys were placing bets on who could get me to give them head or make me take a dick up the ass. at first, i thought it was mostly talk, but soon found out that it was all true. most of the guys, as i soon found out, were either married or had girlfriends. but still they were curious i guess to see what it was like to have my brown lips around their shafts or see how it felt to "poke" a sissy. i don't have a deep voice at a... Continue»
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fine bp hoes dont mean good pussy

The last few months I been fucking some of the finest hoes on bp and it cost me a lot of paper and most of it was a waste because as we all no fine don't mean good pussy when it comes to hoes. The reason is the finer a hoe is the more shes in demand and bp is a high volume site. Hoes be fucking round the clock until they pass out from cock take a nap and do it all over again. Well that's kinda far fetched but its true in some cases especially the ones that get high. I have texted hoes at 3 am and they up taking cock so u no something wrong in her life besides being a bp hoe. The hoes I did la... Continue»
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A Night In The Car

Based on a true story.

Once Me and My Ex wanted to meet secretly to enjoy each other. So we thought of possible ways how to do that. I came to the idea of taking my stepfathers car and drive somewhere hidden, after I picked her up. Said and done. We chose a saturday night to it. I had to be the first one to leave the house, so she just waited for me to start leaving. Until that time we texted.

When my parents and s****rs and b*****r finally slept, I slowly and silently started to leave my bed. Putting on more than my pyjama and my socks would have been too loud cuz my room is underneath... Continue»
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Wife's lover young enough to be my son!

This is another of my hot wife's letters to an older man friend... it is about her recent second meeting, with Gary, 28. My wife has just turned 40 and I'm 20 years older than that! Anyway, this is what she wrote, please enjoy and comment.

Well Colin, today I am going to see my lovely boss and of course I am hoping that my slutty pussy will be the centre of his attention, but I am still tingling about that lovely ride I got from Gary, when he took the pictures. I told him they were for you and he said I was a kinky little fox.... he of course wanted to show his friends what he gets up to in... Continue»
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The beginning of the next level

I arrived back at my apartment that night, and had one last jerk off session, a quick shower, and I was out. The next afternoon I rushed into my apartment with high anticipation of an email. This was before social media, and text, and I could only check my email from home. It was there as I expected, and upon realization of that fact my dick rushed hard! All 7 inches of it.. I clicked on the email, and it just said. "Hello baby, last night was incredible! Tomorrow is friday, and I am completely free until Sunday evening. I will be alone at my lake property. Are you free? I hope so, because it'... Continue»
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From Saint to Slut in 9-1/2 Weeeks

By Hondo1906, Posted by Julie van {Julie_van01@yahoo.com

I can't believe I am writing this but I felt I had to because if I can become enslaved to black cock anyone can. I was about as conservative as they come, raised properly in the Christian faith, and active in the church and well versed in the sinful ways of the unrighteous and looked down at the immoral ways that society has turned. That's all changed now and I'm one of them and loving it. Billy Joel was correct when he said he would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. This my story.

I'm 34 years old, married an... Continue»
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a weekend away with my bitch

My wife Kelly and I first met back when we were in varsity. She was 19 and in her first year and I was 20 in my second year. Soon after meeting we went on a few dinners and parties and soon we were dating. The first 6th months of knowing each other had past and it was nearing our exams, when we decided to go for a weekend away together after a long year of studying.

I booked us into a quiet 2 bedroom farm house which was a near 2 hour drive away for the weekend after our last exam. Her last exam was on the thursday and mine on the Friday morning. Already the Thursday night Kelly and I had ... Continue»
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Gail turns it wide open

After sixteen years of marriage my daughter in law Gail come to the realization that her love life was extremely vanilla. At thirty three years old she looked at her still sexy body in the mirror and decided that she was going to change her Outlook on life. Standing five foot three and weighing an even hundred pounds she knew she had something to work with. She started getting tattooed ,but she had a game plan. Her ink would be sexy and help drew attention to her body. It worked and soon she was posing for several clothing lines that sell cute sexy outfits.

All the attention helped build h... Continue»
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Jessi at the Jacuzzi

Hi, I'm Jessi, and this really happened to me. Normally I'm a kind of shy person but after reading a lot of erotic stories online my natural shyness is starting to be overcome by my horniness! I can't believe this happened, but it did and now I often wish even more had happened, still I hope you all find reading about it exciting. Between what happened, and reading more stories, I now have so many fantasies about what else could have happened, and what else I imagine might happen that I'm thinking I might write down some of those fantasies as well and post them here. Meanwhile, this is what ha... Continue»
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The Nextdoor Neighbours son and his friends

Im sorry for my english! :P

On a warm saturday morning i was busy in the garden, and since it was hot i didn't feel like wearing to many clothes so i just put on a tight tanktop my string and a hotpants just cuase it was so warm today. While i was busy in the garden i coudnt stop notice all the noise coming from the nextdoor neigbor's garden. It was the son and some of their friends just being busy and making alot of noise there so i decided to take a look across the fench, they k... Continue»
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